Tuesday, 27 March 2018

The Champ's Is Here! - Box 1

This was something I really wanted to do, and when I saw a decent price on this, I thought I should pick up a case of it before I could talk myself out of it. My goal in all this was to complete the regular insert sets, as well as the 1-315 base set. All in all, when combined with the boxes I'd busted previously, I ended up ten cards out. One trip through COMC later, and I'm one card out. I'm pretty happy with how things turned out on the whole.

I'm just going to do these in the order I busted the boxes, starting with the first box, and utilizing the top 10 cards format I've been using to this point when doing Champs posts.

Box #1:

A fish card is always a great way to start off one of these posts, especially when it is the only one of the 4 in the box you needed for this portion of the set.

Random Ginter-ish base card of an explorer.

Hits should be higher on the list, but it is just a plain white swatch. At least it matches the photo, though.

The Northern Wonders insert set, with its postcard-esque photos, are easily the most colourful of the insert sets in this.

While he hasn't set the league on fire, or even emerged as the #2 name from the 2015 rookie class, I was really happy that I won't have to purchase this to complete the 1-315 portion of the set.

The Traditions insert set makes a stop in Calgary with an award of sorts that is given to the hardest worker in each game.

Mikko is having a pretty good season, being on a pace of slightly above a point-per-game, as the Avs are contending for a playoff position.

Gold back parallels (I know you can't tell) fall at a rate of 2 or 3 per box. Getting one for my Rangers alumni binder is a sweet bonus.

The Excellence of Execution!

A tough pull for this set wraps up this post. I'm always hesitant to post a card I likely won't be keeping as the best in a box, but I figure something that falls at a rate of 1:1800 packs, (1:9 cases) is worthy of showing off. There are only 5 cards in this subset, with the Tatar specifically being 1:9936 packs.

And there's still an even rarer pull to come in a future box!


  1. Tater Tots Great pull! Let's Go Red Wings!

  2. I live in Joliet - I FRIGGING NEED THAT CARD!

    Man - nothing on eBay or COMC.

  3. If I ever bust a box of hockey, it'll probably be this stuff. Great product. Congratulations on pulling the super rare autograph!