Thursday, 29 March 2018

The Champ's Is Here! - Box 3

As I continue working my way though the case, Box #3 has the toughest pull of the break.

But first...

I'll start this countdown with a non-hockey card from the SP portion. In a sport with a bunch of names that are a challenge to pronounce, this one easily surpasses any of the Scandinavian ones.
Perhaps it should just have just been Poundmaker on the front of the card, with Pitikwahanapiqiyin on the back. At least it might have made things easier for group breakers that came across this card.

If you can't pull a card for yourself, you might as well pull one for someone else. This is the gold front version of the Michigan alum's card.

Back-to-back cards of two guys that I was happy to land here instead of having to pick up the from the secondary market.

My second card in the top 10 with an Aboriginal theme to it. I do like that it isn't the typical 'scenery' photo that is used on the other cards in this set. If you search for Haida Gwaii boat on google images, this Getty photo is the first one that comes up.

Another Traditions card, but unfortunately for the collection, another dupe. Boo.

Mmmmm. Chicken wings.

Even though much of the 15-16 rookie class gets pushed aside for the spotlight of one player, here's yet another player that is developing into a solid NHLer.

Thankfully, his move to the Islanders hasn't bit the Senators in the arse. Yet.

But a Sens hit only in the #2 spot, with the auto already posted? What is #1?

I don't quite know.
Seriously. I don't quite know. All I know is that this is an oversized card, and it should be some sort of fishing relic. The actual subset is the Canadiana Oversized Vintage Fishing Relics, and these fall at a mere 1:2600 packs, or 1 in 13 cases. It looks like I pulled this just in time as well, since this redemption must be submitted before tomorrow.

So, it is off to watch the mailbox!


  1. "It looks like I pulled this just in time as well, since this redemption must be submitted before tomorrow."

    It's June already?

    1. You must submit your request by March 30, 2018. I don't know why there are two dates on the card, but better safe than sorry w/ redemptions.

  2. Perfect timing. Congratulations!