Wednesday, 14 March 2018

No Minor 2/14 Additions

The final new faces are on their way out of the 'COMC To Be Posted' box, and on their way into the binder.
This is the only MLB card in this group, although Tom Engle only made it as far as AAA. But, this is still a Mets card for the collection, and those are always welcome additions. Also, he did pitch an incredible 6 consecutive no-hitters in high school, so that's 5 more than the Mets as a whole.
This is likely the only other mainstream release in this grouping, coming from 2017 Panini Stars and Stripes. Justin Campbell was born in 2001, and is the second youngest member of the 2/14 collection, trailing 2002 baby Mac Guscette. Both had cards in the same S&S set.
And here's a whole bunch more of minor league cards for the collection.

With all these, I now have 231 different subjects in the collection, and 1817 cards in total. That still isn't enough, though! 2000 by year end seems doable.

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