Monday, 1 April 2013

Masked Mondays - Week #12

Another three members of my beloved mask binder get showcased today. Firstly, one I shelled out $2.00 to add, and I was very happy to add this beauty into the binder.

A guy with a dog nickname, playing for the desert dogs? Combined with a great side shot of the mask? Worth every cent I paid for it.
I've mentioned Antero's Frank Nitty mask as one of my favourites. A dime was all that it cost to add this one to my binders.
And finally, with Wrestlemania this weekend, I might as well post another card with Jason LaBarbera's mask that originally highlighted Wrestlemania 26 taking place Phoenix. Not surprising that a Canadian player would make sure that Bret Hart was a part of the mask. I only hope that one of his cards from next season gives us a great photo of his CM Punk mask.

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