Saturday, 13 April 2013

A pair of small zistle trades

A bunch of set filler (mainly) on the way out, and only about 20 cards coming my way. Let's look through some of my goodies that came this way.

I'm really happy to bring this one into my collection. I've hinted at my love for game shows before, even proclaiming that Chuck Woolery was my favourite card in the 2011 A&G set. Yup. Not my favourite non-baseball card. My favourite card. Another piece of cardboard with game show greatness? Come to my home! I hope in 2033 to find an Alex Trebek card in a Heritage set.
I already have this one in my 2013 Mets team set. But the "Los Mets" jersey made it a must-have for my Mets team binder as well. Sure, Manny's time in Queens was forgettable at best, but the uniqueness of this photo will be memorable.
And a mascot card!
3 new additions came in for my 2/14 binder as well. The regular Bowman of Willie Ponder (sounds like a gag Tube Bar name) joins the Chrome version. And another Kelly Stinnett Mets card. He's the only one in the binder who has spent time on either of my favourite baseball teams to earn a card.
4 new members were also welcomed into my alphabetical Jays collection. I haven't added any of the 2013 guys to my wantlist yet. I figure they'll end up in there soon enough on their own. And yes, DJ Boston is Darryl's brother. His 6 ft 7 in. brother. I saw him play some games for the Blue Jays then A affiliate in St. Catherines.
And a few Mets for my Mets binder as well. My first Dave Telgheder! WOO-HOO! (I'd love to know why waterlogged is a suggested correction for the spelling of his last name).

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