Saturday, 6 April 2013

Catching up with Sportlots cards - Part 2

Because something needs to take my mind off the fact I probably saw Jon Lackey's career come to an end today in Toronto. Let's finish off the sportlots cards I got and haven't posted about for weeks/months.

Even the dog seems embarrassed to be posing with Scott Stevens while the latter is wearing that sweater. Still, I did intentionally purchase this card. It'll look nice in the defenseman portion of my Kitchener Rangers alumni binder. A section that would include Stevens, Al MacInnis, Larry Robinson and Paul Coffey.
Staying with the animal theme, a classic picture of 'The Rat'. This is another card that qualified for my most wanted list, but not quite my Top 10 most wanted list.
And to wrap up this theme of three animal cards, some 1998 Metal returns to blog after way too long. I'm guessing some non-standard usage of Drain-o was involved when the design for this particular card was envisioned.
This is a card I saw show up on several blogs. I'm not sure where I first saw it, but wherever it was, it immediately put this card on my radar. For 18 cents, why not add it to one of my misc. binders?
How long ago did that Niekro card arrive? I saw this one appear back when that Goudey set was part of a Dimwit group break. For the brief moment the card was on the screen, I immediately placed the card on my mental wantlist. Plus, since one awesome knuckleball card deserves another, I added the Candiotti card as well. Even though I thought I already had it.
And to wrap the orders up, a new Carlos Delgado card for the binders.


  1. Shame about Lackey, he was actually pitching halfway decent too.

  2. Whoa. Heavy few cards there to lead off with. Siberian tigers would definitely inspire some quick base-running.