Thursday, 11 April 2013

Trade w/ Too Many Manninghams 3.0 Part 1

After sending some more Wolverines relics his way, his reaction was "What's in your COMC cart?". Unfortunately, it was pretty threadbare at the time. But I did list what was in there, and sure enough they were part of the trade once everything came through. There were more surprises in the package (2 rather sparse members of my 2.14 binder got rather numerous) but I'll just focus in today on what was in my COMC cart at the time.

This one came from way back when I was looking for Viktor Kozlov (we'll hear from him in Part 2) cards from the KHL. I immediately fell in love with this logo. It might be my favourite logo in professional hockey. It's for Traktor Chelyabinsk. There were several cards from Traktor, but this one featured the best photo of the logo, and I can also add another oddity to my mask binder.
Here's another card that seems out of place. But, Vicente Garcia was in the cart for the same reason I chase cards of Damaso Marte. Based on a search through baseball-reference using google, Vicente became the third player for whom there are cards of that match exactly with my birth date. He never made it above AA in the Rockies system, but his card will definitely have a place of honour in my 2/14 binder.
And another first-time entry to the binder. There is an error on the card, as it lists his birth year as 1920, but every source I can find lists it as 1918. Oh well.
There was only 1 baseball card in the mask binder. One that commemorates Charlie O'Brien's debut usage of said mask. This one will be the second, as it features just the perfect photo of the mask. A little more design beyond the Cubs logo would have made it perfect. This was one of two that have dropped off my Top 10 most-wanted list.
2003 Topps would be the only year that the late Cory Lidle had a card where he's in a Blue Jays uniform. This card knocked my list for the alphabetical Blue Jays project down to 23.
And this was the other one that dropped off my Top 10 list. 88 Donruss (OK, Leaf) was one of the first sets I went for, not caring about overproduction or anything. And it is a card of a memorable Met. Bonus!
This was the only relic card in my cart. I'm really surprised that this see that this appears the only relic card out there for a popular Mets. And he has to share the card with Jeter! That is a total bummer. But I'm still really happy to add this card to hit portion of the Mets binder.

Thank for the first round of goodies. More later today or tomorrow!

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