Sunday, 7 April 2013

Another Sunday, another Surpsise Box busting

As you know, $2.00 nets me four random small repacked packs. Let's dig in.

The 2010s pack was very red, white, blue and orange. At least I know someone who will appreciate the two cards on the bottom.
The other decade pack of the 90s was far better. A pair of great photos on the Roberts and Roy shot. I already had the Roy in my set binder, so this is a nice addition to my misc. binder. The Kypreos card is as miscut as it looks, but the back of the card is perfect.

The card in this pack that truly stumped me was the Bure card. A search through COMC and zistle produced no clues. Finally, my third choice of sportlots gave me this: "1997 Pacific Crown Collection Team Checklists #25 Pavel Bure". $3.00?! If you say so. It is a neat look with the white around the Canucks logo being see through. And the set itself seems to be pretty rare.

This was the pack with the guaranteed HOFer. That's Dino, and it is the dullest card of the pack, and the only one that won't end up in a binder. Draper's on his way to the mask binder. Kontos was probably the first hero in the early days of the Lightning franchise. I love the way the puck looks like it is coming right at you in the Andersson picture, and the beauty of the Lidstrom one speaks for itself.
And a Superstar Pack. Who's the superstar in question? Luc? Jason? Teemu? Can't say I know. The Teemu is my second card today with a transparent element. Another keeper there. I'd actually posted the Shaun Van Allen one previously as an example of "Uniforms of the Damned.". So that's that.

Definitely better than last week's entry. I got a little over a page worth of binder goodies, and a couple others that will find a nice home in Ann Arbor after the Expo.

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