Saturday, 20 April 2013

The Days of Allen & Ginter - Day 6

Wrapping things up with my favourites in the final 50 of the non-SP set.
252 - Callix Crabbe. The third member of the 2/14 club in this set. Coming up with 3 cards that match up with that in a group of 300 cards definitely wins when playing the odds.

273 Jay Bruce. With the rookie card designation attached to Jay Bruce, Johnny Cueto and Joey Votto in this set, the Reds sure had a loaded base around this time period.
276 Oscar Wilde. "Picture of Dorian Gray" is probably my favourite novel. Seeing this card in the set, cribbed from what was the most famous picture of Wilde, is incredibly cool.
#261 - Bob Motley. I had never heard of this Negro League umpire prior to coming across this card. Just the picture on the front and the brief write-up on the back had me looking for more information about Motley. He's got a book out, and it immediately went into my cart over at The photo used here is the same one that appears on the cover of the book. For making me want to learn more about this person, and also for the great picture, this one is my favourite card in the entire set. Which happens anytime you find yourself saying "Wow!" when you see a card.

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