Friday, 19 April 2013

A Friday morning repack

$3.00 for 35 cards? Why not grab on a trip through Wally World?

This 2004 UD card was the only one visible in the hanger pack. I wasn't sure if I already had a Frank Catalanotto card in my alphabetical Jays set. I did, but I think I like this moment of impact photo better.
You knew there would be some '87 Topps or '88 Donruss in there. I drew the former. On the upside, I know someone who would want the bespectacled Porter & Davis cards. I have no idea who'd be interested in a card with a close-up of Otis Nixon on it. Here's a man I who could probably buy all the booze he could want and not have to show ID since he was 5 years old.
Gorman Thomas or everybody's high school shop teacher? You make the call!
1 of only 2 cards in the pack that didn't have at least one from the same set. At least it is of a guy most people have heard of.
Unlike this Baseball's Best of Scott Bankhead.
Some more '04 Upper Deck! A pair of Canadians in Koskie & Loewen. Brian Jordan's the card so nice, they gave it too me twice. At least there's a fan of bat barrel cards I'm aware of.
Some misc 91 Upper Deck. Mel Rojas would go on to become probably my least favourite New York Met ever.
To wrap it up, Conlon! I confess I hadn't heard of these guys. But that makes the back of the cards far more fascinating. Especially when there is a long paragraph about their careers. That makes the Bancroft and Moriarty cards my fave from this batch. But they're all binder-worthy.

A nice batch of keepers here!

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  1. Wow, those Conlon cards are sweet! I'd love to find some of those in a repack.