Wednesday 24 April 2013

The ol' "What Game is that from?" game!

This was among the 50 cards lurking on the other side of the Fairfield repack. It was quite junk wax, but I still worked my way into the teens for keeper cards. But, a closer examination of one of them made me decide to have some fun.

Using only baseball-reference, is it possible to determine when the photo on this card was taken?

OK. So it is a 2006 Upper Deck card, so it can be surmised it was from the 2005 season. The player on his way to first appears to be a Cleveland Indian on his way down to first. The Twins are in their home whites, so we can whittle things down to a home game against Cleveland.

There were three homestands against Cleveland during the season. Santana didn't start in the first one, but did on 6-2-2005 during the second one. That appears to be a "C" on the jersey. The only player on the Indians with a "C" as the first letter in his last name was Coco Crisp. Against Santana, he struck out twice, and hit a home run. Santana never fielded a ball in play with Crisp at the plate in that game.

Off to the final homestand. Santana started the second game on September the 3rd. Again, Crisp is the only "C" playing that day.

The first two times to the plate, he flied out. The third time? "Bunt Groundout: P-1B (Front of Home)".

By jove, I think we've got it!

On the first pitch of the 7th inning, Coco Crisp dropped down a bunt, which Santana fielded and threw on to first for the out.

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