Tuesday, 16 April 2013

The Days of Allen & Ginter - Day 2

Continuing to work my way through the next 50 cards in this great set.
#52 Carlos Delgado. Surprisingly, I don't have this one in my Delgado binder. But I'm not breaking up this set to move this one over there.
54 Takashi Saito. Another honoured member of the 2/14 binder. The first of 3 (as best as I can tell) in this set.  Oh yes. Speaking of the birthday binder, I might be missing out on the probably the most famous candidate for the binder.

Hockey-reference lists him as being born on 2/16, as does IMDB. However, wikipedia, hockeydb, and the Montreal Canadiens website lists him as February 14th, 1931. So, it does look like I'll be hunting down reprints and other inexpensive options for cards for "Boom Boom" Geoffrion. I did discover a second name as well, and I moved one of his cards into #9 on my Top 10 list.

71 Fausto Carmona. That's the expression he gives when you use the name Roberto Hernandez in his presence.

#75/76. Travis Hafner and Jim Thome. The Thome card gets a lot of love. As it should, it is a great card. The Hafner card before it is almost as beautiful and another great use of the horizontal medium. Together, they make a great 1-2 punch for set builder types.

89-93. A 5 card run with players from my two favourite teams. And Dan Jansen.
#100. David Wright. Starting with a Met, ending with a Met. David Wright ends up in one of the Topps positions of honour in this set.

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