Friday, 5 April 2013

Catching up with Sportlots cards - Part 1

Let's see. Some of these cards actually arrived in February, with a couple more arriving in March. I put these to the side thinking "I'll get around to these eventually". Eventually translates to today and tomorrow, evidently.

And I lead with an '89 Donruss? Huh?! It's simple, really. It's another card that mentions something I'd seen in person:
I was sitting down the right field line, watching that grand slam against Detroit clear the fence and bounce its way to the Argonauts end zone on a chilly September evening. While it definitely had a distinctive look in retrospect, I still miss Exhibition Stadium approximately not at all.
Another strange choice for me, but again, the answer is on the reverse.
The little write-up about Joe mentions his time in the Canadian Football League, specifically during the ill-fated US expansion with the Memphis Mad Dogs. The Mad Dogs might have my favourite football logo ever.
This one was a screw-up on my part. I wanted a new Jeff Graham for my 2/14 binder. Wrong Jeff Graham. It is still a neat card for a defunct league, though.
These caused a quartet of Blue Jays to disappear off of my alphabetical wantlist. While some might be struck my the Cognac-y goodness of the Shawn Camp card, it is probably not my favourite of the bunch. David Corrente's last name reminded me of one of my favourite wrestling loudmouth ranters, the great Jim Cornette. Click here to enjoy 7 minutes of Cornette talking about everything and anything.

As for Luis Leal, he looks like the guy in my high school that you could buy a fake ID from. Or so I heard that you could buy one from him. I never had a desire to call myself Brian McGee and stay up listening to Queen.
I didn't think John Gibbons had any Mets cards. I like this version far more than the standard hold the bat pose from his 1985 entry.

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