Tuesday 30 April 2013

A new type of repack? Must try it out!

A trip through Wally World's card aisle showed something new for me. It was a cube of cards. The sticker on the side read that it contained 75 random cards, 7 packs of stickers, and 5 packs. Sounded like fun for $13.00. Sounds like a lot of fun to bust. There was another one that contained more packs, no stickers, and a relic card. But that was twice the cost, and I'm in this for the fun. Let's bust it.

Surprisingly, the 75 random cards was very low on junk wax. Just 2 90-91 Bowmans (Coffey & Leetch) and that was it. Much of it was stuff from the last few years. A blast to go through at quite the reasonable price. The stickers were 2 packs of 08-09, and 5 of 09-10 Panini. The packs were 07-08 Victory, 97-98 Donruss, 98-99 Collector's Choice, 10-11 Upper Deck S1 and 08-09 Ultra.

Time to show off the Top 20 spoils. In alphabetical order.
08-09 Ultra Derick Brassard. No hits in the cube, but this one would be the closest thing to one. He's been putting up pretty good numbers since his move to New York this season in the Gaborik trade. The only card in the bunch that was toploader worthy.
2011-12 Upper Deck Daniel Briere. A nice interview shot, but the bonus is the guy on the left recording/photographing Briere during this. A card of someone taking a picture
2010-11 Score Rookies & Traded Evan Brophey. He's part of my top 20 for MST3K related reasons. As soon as I saw his last name, I thought to a riff from Being From Another Planet. As the name for actor Kevin Brophy appears on the screen, Servo riffs "Brophy! That's when your brother wins a trophy!"

Yesterday, a Rifftrax reference in my post. Today, MST3K. I hope I can think of a Cinematic Titanic one for Part 2 of this post.
2011-12 Upper Deck Braydon Coburn. My second Flyer from the same set to make this list. Poor Jeff Skinner.
2010-11 Upper Deck Sidney Crosby. I've started to enjoy a nice intense face-off photo lately. I can't really figure out why.
1997-98 Donruss Grant Fuhr. Not so much for the mask shot, although this one will move into the binder at some point. It's for the Blues player (Richard Persson) sliding in and trying to block the shot and appearing even to try to poke the puck away from Keith Tkachuk. I love Fuhr cards, but this card would be more surreal and even better if it was a card for Persson, who didn't have many over his career.

2008-09 Panini Stickers - JS Giguere. This will be my second sticker in the mask binder, joining an OPC insert from this year of Ondrej Pavelec. In fact, it might be the best shot in there of Giguere's two faced duck mask.
2011-12 Upper Deck Thomas Greiss. 3 mask cards in a row? Sure thing. Although I'm almost certain this a mask binder card already. 2 more to come in the second half of the write-up.

 1997-98 Donruss Dave Hawerchuk. The great Dave Hawerchuk. Yup. Dave. They did get it right on the back for some reason.

 2011-12 Upper Deck Nathan Horton. I love ice level shots. Makes everything seem larger than life.

Halfway through. 7 more cards and 3 more stickers next time for a repack that I definitely got my money's worth in terms of entertainment value.

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  1. Love that Braydon Coburn card, I hadn't seen that one before.