Thursday, 25 April 2013

The rest of the Fairfield repack

And now, for everybody who liked the first post ... the other side!

First up, my absolute favourite photgraph of the bunch. Poor Jacob looks absolutely terrified. "I didn't think he'd throw so fast and so close to me!" He did spend a few years in the bigs, so I'm happy to know that this wasn't his only card. He's got about 60 according to zistle.

Another card so nice, they gave it to me twice. Any Jack Lazorko fan boys out there?
A pair of painted cards for my binders. I never knew that they did minor league portrait cards.
Another pair of Hall of Famers on this side of the repack. It's neat that the honorary captains were given cards in the insert sets.
This parallel was another one of the visible cards. For those that care about such things, the others were a 2005 Bowman Heritage Matt Morris and a 60 Years of Topps Derek Jeter reprint.
While he's not one of the guys I collect, I always like pulling cards of El Presidente. It is all about the memories of watching Sunday afternoon 'El Perfecto'.
If you liked Joel Skinner Donruss cards, you'd have loved this repack!
In addition to the Stinnett posted yesterday, there were 3 other Mets cards in the pack. Not much, but a Met card is a Met card. The Leach is nice and glossy, and Jack Savage is what Dime Box Nick would call a Zero-Year card. Savage has appeared in the exact same # of major league innings for the Mets as I have. I blame the visible can of Skoal.

Finally, the package said to "Look for memorabilia cards!". I didn't expect one to show up, but there was one. Not one that I'm going to retire on, but I won't complain about it:

Not a bad haul for $5.00.

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