Monday, 15 April 2013

Masked Mondays - Week #14

4 cards were picked up at the show yesterday that would have made their way into the mask binder. However, only 3 will make it, as I'm sure the 4th would find a happier home in Ann Arbor.

The ones this week aren't the most detailed in the batch. But they're definitely different. Starting off with this Grant Fuhr card from 1993. The interesting portion of this card is evident on the back.

A hockey card with your fish sticks? How very Canadian.
There are not a lot of goalie cards that show the back plate. But here's one of them! It's another card that I'm surprised wasn't in my collection previously. Another beautifully framed card with the narrow hallways of Rexall Place, and the hands at the end of the hall hoping to touch one of the hometown heroes.
And a guy who I barely remember (playing in Atlanta can do that to anybody). A nice use of the alternate logo in the mask design, though.
And finally, the card that will be destined for someone with Too Many Manninghams.

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