Friday, 12 April 2013

Trade w/ Too Many Manninghams 3.0 Part 2

On to part 2, and the non-COMC cards portion of the trade.

The 2/14 binder got some more goodies! The highlight of it was a Viktor Kozlov autograph. I have a relic of his already, so this will look nice beside it in the binder.

I hinted at this yesterday, but 2 rather sparse members of the binder got a bit larger.
A six-pack worth of Richard Hamiltons. That Gold Label card sure scans beautifully. But that was dwarfed by:
An octet of David Garrard cards. I generally try to not have two cards from the same set or of the same player on the same page in the binder, but I made an exception for the two Football Heroes cards. They do look really nice together.
Only 1 Jim Kelly in the pack, but it was one I didn't have. Therefore it is another welcome one of the only Hall of Famer in the bunch.
A trio of Jason Bay cards for the Canadian Collection. That Padres card sure is photoshopriffic!
Some fresh Vlads as well.
And to open sandwich the cards of this post between hits, here's a nice mini relic of Alfie.

Great trade! I'll keep my eyes peeled for interesting cards at the Expo.

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