Saturday, 27 April 2013

Trade w/ The Card Chop

Two weeks ago, at a card show, I came across a bin filled with team sets. 3 for $5.00. Sure! I might find some trade bait here. I ended up taking 3 with me. A 1991 OPC Giants set (already in the mail), a 05-06 Parkhurst Columbus Blue Jackets set  I have no idea why, but, I got my first ever Duvie Westcott card!
This will be the only time I will ever have a reason to post this card. I'm taking advantage of it.

Back to the team set pickups, the 3rd set was a '91 O-Pee-Chee Braves set. Yes, that's the team set that includes the pretty rare Chipper Jones OPC rookie card. It was in there, but had a dinged corner to take it down from mint condition. I had no intention of keeping the set. I just knew there was someone that had that  card on their most wanted list. I googled my way to the blog in question, and ended up trading a few cards for a few cards. Since I didn't pay a lot for the Chipper originally, I didn't want a lot. I could have ebay'd it, but I figured a fellow card blogger would get more joy from it.

I still ended up very happy, trading $1.66 worth of cards for these:

One of the two 70s Blue Jays cards I needed for my alphabetical set. It isn't numeric, so I'm not sure if it counts as a Frankenset. Yet. This one was on my top 10 list, and it has been replaced with the last 70s card I need for that.
While I am building the base set of Archives, I'm ignoring the SPs and inserts. Still, a nice Mays from the 3D inserts is nice. Although I feel very drunk looking at the card, and I'm a teetotaler.

And to wrap it up, 15 cards from the base set get crossed off my list.

I was certain I had the Dickey card, but my look through the set showed otherwise. Despite their weak start, the city is still interested in R.A., so I'm glad I don't have to grab this one at the Expo. I also love cards with secondary jerseys on, so the Strasburg is another one I'd be glad to have even if I wasn't building the set. And even Mets-loving me can welcome a Yogi Berra card.

Thanks for the great cards!

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