Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Cardboard Conundrum Group Break/Trade

Another package rolled into buckstorecards Central. This one brought some goodies from a trade and a group break. I'll start with the latter.

Since my second-favourite team, the Bruins, seem to be more hit oriented than Ottawa, I opted for them. It didn't matter in the long-run, as I also got randomed the Sens as my second team.

Off to the cards, starting with 2007-08 Artifacts.

That's all of 'em! Sometimes, the chips just don't fall your way. How about 09-10 Black Diamond?
Although Ottawa did land a couple cards here, still no Sens jersey. Thomas will be on his way into the mask binder, and the rest will end up in my misc. binders. Actually, the numbers for this break worked out so perfectly with every card finding a home somewhere.

Off to Between The Pipes, which did l;and me my only hit from the break.
At least he's played a few games this season with decent enough numbers.
I also netted some great cards for the mask binder. I think both the Craig Anderson cards look great together, featuring both his Sens history mask, and the one that looks like it was inspired by some drug-addled Ed 'Big Daddy' Roth creation.

There were also some 2010 Score Traded/Rookies in the package. No hit there, but I did net a pair of gold parallels.
And one more drops off my quest for at least one card of every Senator.
That's it for the hockey break. Off to the trade. I sent some set stuff, and relics of Koivu and Letang that way. In return, some baseball.

A bat of a wall-climbing Blue Jay!
A jersey of a Met. If someone told me the Mets and Jays would have 5-2 and 2-5 records after a week, I could have seen it. But certainly not the Mets with the five win part of that equation.
And to wrap it up, a Canadian! With a hint of a pinstripe as well.

Thanks for the trade and the break!

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  1. Good call grabbing the B's, that Khudobin auto is great! He's a VERY solid backup to Rask with a long NHL career ahead of him in my opinion.