Wednesday, 17 April 2013

The Days of Allen & Ginter - Day 3

The 101-150 range might have been the least interesting group for me in the set. But, there were still some  fun cards in this portion of the set.

#102 - Ray Durham. I loved the casual nature of the Manny Ramirez card in the first grouping. I might love this one even more.
#103 - Kerri Strug. Kerri probably wouldn't have made my list of cards had I not picked up a rack pack of A&G just days prior that included the Bela Karolyi short print. It is nice to combine cards of people who you can associate with each other when you search through cards.
#129 Joey Votto. Nice to add this rookie card of the superstar from Etobicoke. It's my first one of these from the Topps family of cards.
At least the 3 landmark cards in the set are together.

Yeah, I got nothing.

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