Monday, 8 April 2013

Masked Mondays - Week #13

Card Boarded refers to cards like these as "Goaltending Gallimaufry". Basically, they are cards which feature goaltenders where the equipment doesn't match the uniform, as seen in trade or call-up situations. Sometimes, they even morph into nicknames for the player, as when Johan Hedberg debuted in Pittsburgh after a trade, then call-up from the Manitoba Moose.

For the purposes there, it can be any part of the equipment, including the pads. However, I'm just interested in the masks. Surely, I've got 3 of those for a masked Monday? Yup. I've got at least 3, but these were the first I came across.

First up, Andy Moog. The cityscape backgrounds used by these and their baseball set from this time are among my favourite card backs ever. Actually, any set that incorporated a postcard view of the city would qualify. But here, we have a 1993 example. Fresh from his time with the Bruins, Andy made his way to Dallas. It looks like this photo was snapped at Maple Leaf Gardens. Looking through the schedule, their second game that season was in Toronto. So that would definitely fit for a mid-season entry into the card market.
And since I've shown the before, I might as well pair it with after shot.
From one Dallas mask to another, we have Mike Smith. Mike's current mask of Wile E. Coyote with a mouth filled with roadrunner feathers is my current favourite. Now, we go back to his previous jersey of the Tampa Bay Lightning. Over at card boarded, there's a card from the same set that featured Johan Holmqvist in Dallas, but still sporting Tampa Lightning coloured pads. Here's the other goalie part of the trade, with Mike Smith still sporting his Garth Brooks mask from Dallas while in a Tampa uniform.
And here's Mike in a more appropriate mask.
And here's the final one that I found. We are staying Florida for this one with yet another Tampa example. Since this is a Pinnacle set, the write-up on the back will give you the actual date of the photo. It is from January 4, 2011, 3 days after being traded from the Isles.
Dwayne would eventually get a mask in Lightning colours before he retired this past off-season.

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  1. Nice Smith and Roloson! I still need to get copies of both of those cards for my Gallimaufry project. The Smith would look really cool next to the Holmqvist.