Friday, 19 April 2013

The Days of Allen & Ginter - Day 5

Now into the 200s.

#227 - Frederick Douglass. Considering all the non sports cards in the set, I decided to do some googling to see if any of those subjects fit into my 2/14 collecting needs. While the exact date of his birth doesn't always show in his biographies (understandably), there are several that give the date as 2/14. That's good enough for me in this. The searching also revealed another non-athlete of whom there is a card of, and he's replacing the recently acquired Jordan Nolan in my Top 10 list.

#213 - Brendan Harris. I'm really loving all the visible shoulder patches in this set. Even more when it is on an obscure player's jersey.
#215 Aaron Harang. A second appearance of Mr. Redlegs. A shame that this photo was taken at the same time chocolate milk was dribbling down Mr. Harang's chin.
#202 Jeff King, When I just saw the name on the back of the card, before reading the biography, I was wondering why an obscure 90's infielder would have a card in a set in 2008.
#233 Pluto. I love this card for the surreal nature of having a card for a planet (It's still real to me!) in this set.

Only 5 of these 50 get scans? It's Friday evening. I'm busy flipping between Smackdown and the news coverage. I'm just glad the baseball game is a blowout otherwise I probably wouldn't have gotten this posted. I highlight my faves of the last 50 tomorrow, including my favourite card in the set.

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