Thursday 12 December 2019

The 2/14 Remainder

Now, the cards from sports that have their own section in the collection, and not like soccer players forced to share space with politicians.
Can the AAF even count as one-and-done? Regardless, Topps issued cards for it, and I had the chance to add an on-card autograph of Jeff Luc into my collection. And since the AAF gave me the chance to add a new face to the collection, as well as possibly some more Christian Hackenberg.
The other gridiron card in this group was a lot more mainstream, but this is the 'minted in Canton' parallel.
Only one hockey card in this group, but it is still a 1/1. Bogdan looks to be back in the KHL at this point, but at least he spent enough time over here to get a Compendium card, and this cyan plate to go along with it.
A reprint allows Perry Lipe, and the Richmond Colts, to make debuts in the collection. A non-reprint of this is one of 3 cards from the era on my not-so-realistic wantlist.
Whether it goes in my 2/14 collection, or my Cancon collection, it is easy to find a home for Philippe Valiquette cards.
Abiatal Avelino reached the bigs in 2018 and 2019, but still has yet to get himself a Topps card. But Panini is still there in their unlicensed glory.
Despite all the Chronicles I've busted this year, I didn't come across this card on my journeys. So, I relied on COMC to add my first auto of him as a Giant, since he did have Bowman cards where he was a Yankee. He went west as part of the McCutchen trade.

And there you have it! 

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  1. You've got more than a couple 2/14s on their way from me!