Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Hunting McDavid

Time to go back in time a few years, when everybody was chasing card #201, the Connor McDavid Young Guns card. And while I didn't find that, there were other interesting contents.
Such as this base card, where Popeye totally wants some of that.
The other interesting base card in the box was this one that perfectly captures the puck chase.
The McDavid hunt wasn't a total failure, as I did land a card of his in the Parkhurst bonus pack.
The other two cards in the pack were also of notable players, but it is really hard to go wrong with any member of this 10-card set. That Ehlers has to be a 2/14 binder dupe, right?
The usual inserts. Portraits.
Shining Stars also made an appearance. The Mario looks really nice in hand.
And the canvas cards.
The Young Guns chase is the big draw, and I'll go through them in reverse order of quality. Despite the lack of McDavid, placing Subban in third place is indicative that I did really well in spite of missing out on the big name.
The box also had Subban's Canvas Young Guns. That's a decent way to double up.
And this is second place. A good sign. Who's #1?
Just the NHL's current leading scorer. Looking at COMC, this is the most expensive S1 Young Gun of a guy not named Connor, so this is a pretty good consolation prize.

And there you have it!

Monday, 17 December 2018

Mailbag Catch-up

In the aftermath of the postal strike, packages are starting to show up once again. That includes Panini redemptions that were mailed out in October. I'm 3 for 4 in terms of expected redemptions, so I'm going to wait until #4 arrives to show off all of them. Until then, here's a couple PWEs. The first from Julie @ A Cracked Bat, the second from Gavin @ Baseball card Breakdown.
Julie had one of those "pick a card (or 3) from this group" things going on at some point, and these were the three I opted for. Al Newman blowing a bubble, with two HOFers for the team collections beside them. I thought I might already have that Gary Carter, but it was a need.
And of course, there was some randomness thrown for the Mets PC. Thanks for these, and I'm glad you liked the package that was sent your way as well!
While there was an autographed card that was more of a showcase item in the trade that will show up later on, this was a surprising contender for the favourite card in there. A team card if their then AAA affiliate in Norfolk? Perfectly odd!
A little bit of randomness here as well.
And this was the main feature of the trade, an autograph I sorta chased out of Archives this year through a group break, only to completely whiff on it, and any Mets content whatsoever. But, I have one now, and not only is the penmanship gorgeous, the classic Shea scoreboard in the background. Both great bonuses as I welcome this to my Mets hit collection.

And there you have it! Another one of my Black Friday/Cyber Monday boxes to show off in the next post.

Sunday, 16 December 2018

2018 Adventures in Repacks - Part 38

Just the Dollarama usual today. One 15-card hanger. One Surprise bag.
I'll start with the hanger, under the rule that it is really hard to pass on a card with a visible all-star uniform card.
Behind it. 7 straight junk wax cards. But at least that Sault Ste Marie Greyhounds card will give me the chance to use the 'dogs' tag on this post.
1994 Leaf was one of the less legible designs of the 1990s. That's a Stephane Matteau card. If I had to pick the set that a Senators card would come from, ITG Signature Series wouldn't be it. The other visible card in the pack was the Hall/Martin card. 2011 Between the Pipes appears to have been the only set with cards that featured the late Seth Martin.
The Surprise bag's contents.
The 90s pack. That is one quality mullet that Rick Tocchet is sporting. That's a 9/10 on the Jagr scale.
The promised rookie card comes from a rookie-only set, but I guess it still counts.
And the miscellaneous group of 6 is the final one of the repack. The Hextall card is actually a foil parallel, so that's more than what I expected.

But there you have it! Mailbag time next!

Saturday, 15 December 2018

How to Start a Brewers Prospects PC

It is quite simple. Either purchase the team slot, or get it randomed your way in a case break of 2018 Bowman Tek. Then await mail day!
Sure, there were base cards in this set, but this was the only true base card I added.
Since everything else in the envelope was either a numbered parallel, or an autograph.
Corbin Burnes was the big winner here, as his initials-only signature made 3 appearances in this case. He made his debut in the bigs this past season, and his stats were really good as he came out of the bullpen. 7-0, with an ERA of 2.81 and a perfectly even 1.0 WHIP. I even checked the WHIP at two other sites because I didn't believe it.
I even have one more autograph of his from the boxes of Heritage Minors I busted. I love how he realized that the black jersey wouldn't work for a blue pen auto, so he snuck it in at the top.
Keston Hiura, who lead off this post also makes a couple appearances in autograph form. He was a Top-10 draft pick in 2017, and was already in Double A ball at the end of the 2018 season.
There were 3 Brewers players in this set, and I got multiple  autographs from all of them. Great collation for me, but not so much for anybody else.

But there you have it!

Thursday, 13 December 2018


Coming off wins on a back-to-back on the west coast, including a Kawhi-less victory in Oakland, I figured this time was as good as any to catch up on a quarter of Raptors case breaks I was in. There's a pile of base cards for the team sets in all these, but I'll only hit the highlights.

And this was a big one for me:
Thanks to 2018-19 Certified, Fred VanVleet finally got himself a base card as a Raptor. All he had prior to this were autographs, and his only non-auto was a Wichita State Shockers card that he shared with fellow undrafted teammate Ron Baker. This was one of the cards I was considering for my card of the year pick, and it probably would be top 5.
Base cards mean parallels, and here's one to /99.
He also gets cards in Prizm, with these being the base, the Hyper Prizm and the Ruby Wave parallels.
Although I did get a couple more Ruby and Hyper, I only landed one of the more standard silver Prizms, this Pascal Siakam.
Donruss was actually the first of these products to drop. And more parallels, this time of the two new faces in town.
I'm guessing that this All-Stars insert from this will be the last DeRozan cards of his active career where he's listed with the Raptors.
Tracy McGrady only spent a few seasons with the Raptors, and didn't exactly leave on the best of terms. Still, we're a forgiving bunch, and I'll still welcome post-career cards of the HOFer.
Finally, some Absolute. The Raptors have little rookie content so far this season. There's a Deng Adel card in Contenders draft, but he's with the G-League 905 team. I'd love for Chris Boucher to make an appearance in something, but I'll guess that's a long shot. But because of this lack of rookies, their slot tends to be dirt-cheap in case breaks. That leads to this card. It's a one-colour swatch, but this is a more limited one, being /49. There are various levels of these, from 1 to 5, with 1 being the most common, and 5 being a 1-1.

Speaking of that...
There's a Level 5 1-of-1 right now! That's a great way for me to welcome Danny Green into my collection. The only Raptors autograph in the whole product is Danny Green, so this might be the best single card available for the team across the product! And it is mine, all mine! Now that's a great way to close out a post!

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Bills! Bills! Bills!

I haven't done a Bills post in a bit, so let's show off some more cards that have shown up recently for that PC. Some from COMC, and some from a group break.
With December fully underway in Buffalo, here's a perfect card for that. 2010 Rookies and Stars had a small subset in the base set of 15 cards, all of which feature outdoor games and weather at its snowiest. A perfect Buffalo card!
As is this. Reggie Bush spent a season in Buffalo, and set a record for futility when he finished the season with -3 yardage. Yup, that's negative yardage for the lowest yardage for a player with at least 10 attempts. His only Bills card appears to be relics (and their parallels) from Select and National Treasures in 2016.
Wipe out the helmet logo and SAGE makes a card of Zay Jones commemorating his first TD. I'd rather they honoured his Star Wars themed TD celebration.
Off to a case break of Rookies and Stars, and these were the three Stars in the set. Only McCoy is still with the team. Yeesh. So many cards in this post that perfectly represent the franchise.
At least the rookies are still around. But now they have game photos at least.
This is probably the best card in this post, a parallel of 1st round LB Tremaine Edmunds numbered to just 5. I'm still more interested in his development than Josh Allen's.
And since seems better here than in the COMC portion, here's one of his autos.
Josh Allen, speaking of him, made a couple appearances in the base set. And yes, the foil is designed, for some reason, to look like a glitchy video feed.
And those have parallels as well.
And he also has relics. I've already got his auto, so a couple relics can go nicely alongside those. Zay Jones joins him on the first of the two.

There you have it!