Wednesday, 15 August 2018

A Mid-Week Blaster

The local Wally World didn't have one of the Collector's Boxes (which I guess was their term for hobby boxes), so it was one of these as my Bowman choice. I didn't see any Bowman at a non-insane price point, so this will have to do. 7 regular packs, and a parallel pack. I'll hit the highlights.

Here's the base design. I've never been a fan of having the background of the photo wiped out, but at least there's still about 10 percent of it visible and it does work with the design.
The first of the inserts in this, and I really like this. Very 1995 Flair, and that's not a bad looking design to rip off.

Nothing much of note in pack #2, so here's King Felix.

I think this photo was meant to be used on a Panini release. How'd it get in here?

My first Mets card of the break.
And my second insert. Of the three I landed, this was probably the most interesting of the bunch.

Mets card #2. And it is one of the product's cover boys!
A lot of the prospects cards feature them in spring training gear or alternate logo caps. Of those, my fave is easily this Texas Rangers one.

The brightest of the inserts.

My only Jays card. If I'm going to get only one, and it is a prospect-themed set, you can't do any better that it being a Vlad Jr card.

And the bonus pack:

And there you have it. No hits, but no complaints.

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Weekend Pack Sampler

Like many, I did the LCS thing this past weekend. Who can turn down a free pack of cards? The Aaron Judge card came with it, so why not scan it as well? Even better, let's combine the Card Day goodies with some fresh football and hockey?
These were the cards that accompanied the visible Didi card. A Jays card and an Ohtani? No complaints here.
This was the veterans portion of the Donruss pack. This comprised 300 cards in the 400 card base set.  I do like when people you don't see much of in current sets get base cards. There's a couple in this group, with Juszczyk and Short, the former looks like his first card pictured with the 49ers.
Two rookies per pack as well, and darned if one of them wasn't 2/14 baby Tanner Lee. Even with base cards, it is always more fun to pack pull cards of PC guys rather than get them on the secondary market. And he's kinda, sorta in Jags gear in the photo.
The Gridiron Kings this year are really nice. Not too obnoxious, and a really great use of the team colours.
Here's the base on the MVP. Not many distractions in the design this year allowing for a very clean image. My favourite look for the front of the card for this product in ages.
Carey Price is part of the SP portion of the set. (50 SPs with 200 regular base). Jack Eichel is from the 20th anniversary insert. I'm amused that Eichel's deal with Leaf also means that Upper Deck can't even use reproductions of his signature on their cards.

But there you have it! 3 packs fresh from the LCS. Something more Dollar Store-ish in my next post.

Sunday, 12 August 2018

2018 Adventures in Repacks - Part 29.2 - Weekend Baseball

The other side!
2015 Bowman - Melky Cabrera - Both visible cards were White Sox cards. I guess this package should have ended up at a Dollar Store in Illinois.
2015 Opening Day - Jose Bautista - It didn't take long to get to the first Blue Jays card of this repack portion.
1990 Topps - Ken Howell
1995 Score - Albie Lopez
1991 Topps - Marty Clary
1994 Excel - Ray Durham - Both sides provide some minor league cards.
1993 Leaf - Jose Melendez - Must show the back of a 1993 Leaf card.
1992 Score - Bob McDonald
1988 Topps - Neal Heaton - Expos content.
1987 Topps - Willie Randolph
1994 Topps - Curtis Leskanic - My favourite photo of the repack.
1989 Topps - Curt Young
2012 Topps - Juan Nicasio
2012 Topps - Michael Martinez
1990 Topps - Dion James
1992 Topps - Kenny Lofton
1992 Stad. Club - Mike Jackson
1993 Triple Play - Steve Sax - Repacks need more appearances of 90s Triple Play, and fewer appearances of 2010's Triple Play.
1998 Topps - Jose Offerman
1985 Topps - Ricky Horton -
1998 Topps - Nomar Garciaparra
1985 Topps - Bill Russell
1992 Leaf - Charlie Liebrandt
1992 Donruss - Jerry Reed
1992 Ultra - Jose Rijo
1997 Col. Choice - Jeff Brantley
2012 GQ - RA Dickey - The only Mets content on either side of the repacks.
2009 UD - Dan Uggla
1992 Fleer - Scott Scudder - It's a dupe, but I can't resist the urge to show off a 2/14 baby.
1996 Fleer - Jon Nunnally
1993 Leaf - Phil Plantier - Yup.
1992 Topps - Jerome Walton
1992 Triple Play - Joe Carter - Another Triple Play card, and this one is a PC guy.
1999 Fleer SI - Mo Vaughn - The runner-up for the best photo in the repack. It's a Tattooine card (tm: GCRL)
1996 Fleer - Rod Beck
1986 Topps - Greg Booker
1993 Select - Luis Mercedes
1992 Topps - Gilberto Reyes
1992 UD Minor League - Brien Taylor - This might have been a great pull for the time. Now, it is repack fodder. But this is the 4th minor league card spread over the 80.
2013 Topps - Brett Jackson - 3 out of 4 visible cards were Chicago ones. Definitely a repack that should have gone to Illinois.

But, it was yours truly that bought it. And I got by $3 worth, and that's what mattered most.

Saturday, 11 August 2018

2018 Adventures in Repacks - Part 29.1 - Weekend Baseball

Time to spend the weekend in repack-land with a $3 hanger from the Dollarama. As usual, one 40-card side today, the other tomorrow.
2010 Topps A&G This Day in History - Gordon Beckham - A visible Ginter insert is a nice way for a repack to scream "Pick me!"
1989 Fleer - Earnest Riles
1989 Topps Update - Kent Anderson
1992 Topps Gold - Heathcliff Slocumb - Parallel!
1996 Fleer - Rod Beck - Scanning the back of the card isn't just for 1993 Leaf releases! A pitcher practicing a bunt. I wonder whose bat that was? Doesn't look like Beck's name on it.
1988 Sporting News - Carl Hubbell - Vintage! Kinda.
1990 CMC - Brian Hunter - Somebody didn't get a good night's sleep before photo day!
1984 Fleer - Mike Flanagan
1988 Topps - Vicente Palacios
1991 Stad. Club - Mitch Williams
1992 Score - Matt Nokes
1989 Donruss - Pat Borders - The first Jays content!
2007 Fleer - Andy Pettitte
2006 Topps - John Rodriguez
1992 Topps - Doug Piatt - Expos content!
1983 Topps - Al Holland - The oldest card on this side of the repack.
1992 Stad. Club - Ken Patterson
1990 Donruss - Jay Bell
1992 Leaf -  Dave Hollins
1988 Fleer - Goose Gossage - How very spring training.
1992 Leaf - Stan Belinda
1988 Fleer - Jeff Leonard
1990 Topps - Tim Belcher
1998 Topps - Livan Hernandez - Chromey!
1993 Triple Play - Chuck Knoblauch - I don't mind this Triple Play content in repacks.
1992 Stad. Club - Andres Galarraga
2012 Topps - Ian Kennedy
2012 Topps - Eric Thames
1987 Donruss - Jim Morrison
1987 Donruss - Nick Esasky
1991 Leaf - Steve Decker
1990 Topps - Luis Polonia
1991 Donruss - Scott Bradley
1989 Donruss - Scott Sanderson
1992 Topps - Bob Scanlan - Let's break up this wall of text with some ivy.
1989 Topps - Cleveland Leaders
1992 Donruss - Andy Mota
1991 Leaf - Craig Wilson
2010 Pro Debut - Kent Matthes - A Tri-City Dust Devils card! Awesome! Worth a scan just for that team logo!
2014 Bowman - Jason Rogers - And that ends this batch.

No complaints to start off! I'll have the other $1.50 worth of repack up next.

Friday, 10 August 2018


Mailbag time again, and these are some mailers from the card companies themselves.
I'd mentioned that I'd picked this one up with Panini Points in a previous post. I always love coming across ABA cards on modern releases. They're nice even though that seems to be the only photo Panini has of Larry Brown on the Squires.

I also had 300 more points to play with, so added a couple other cards to the shipment:
First up was an on-card auto of the late Walt Bellamy. 20000+ points. 14000+ rebounds. And a record that will likely never fall of 88 regular season games. That definitely makes for an interesting addition to the collection.
A 50 point Raptors auto is still a new Raptors auto for the collection.

I'd picked a little more Stadium Club to work on the set, and ended up with this:
Devers had live autos in a lot of stuff, but I'm willing to wait for one of the better rookie autos out of the 2018 releases.
And I didn't have to wait too long either. A nice photo to go alongside it as well.

There you have it. Next up, a repack!