Sunday, 23 April 2017

Stacks of Wax - April 2017 - Part 4

Time for some retail stuff. This could also function as a stand-alone set, as all the base cards, parallels and inserts were exclusive to these boxes. In addition to the promised hits, there are 10 base cards, 2 parallels and an insert.
These are the base cards from the 50 card set (subset?). I hope you like that background...
since you see a lot of it. Not too much of interest among the base cards, but at least the Robinson and Stauskas will find a new home. Unfortunately, I just sent out a bubbler last week, so it will likely wait until after the Expo.
Not much different about the parallels. Blue foil and numbered /499.
The only non-rookie card in the box was this flashback to Carmelo's time with the Nuggets. This theme was continued in this seasons release, as this subset returned in box topper form.
Devyn Marble is already out of the league, playing in Europe last season. I can parse all the letters in his last name, though. That's always good. He might be the only person who has a more legible sticker auto than for on-card autos.
The relic does fall into my PCs, since Tyler Ennis is one of the Canadians in the NBA. He's bounced around since this card, with stops in Houston, Milwaukee and LA.

And there you have it. Next up, I stick with the retail theme and a product that was originally Target exclusive: 2014 Threads.

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Stacks of Wax - April 2017 - Part 3 - Video Killed the Cardboard Card

Time for the final 3 packs.

Pack 4:
A very Raiders pack. I guess I'll have to wait a season or so to get 3 Raiders locations in the same pack. But only 3 cards?
Here's the hit. Still in the league, and he's just signed with the Giants. But what's the 5th card?
Wow. While this obviously would have been even better a couple years back, this is still an insane pull. This is for a video trading card. The base version of this is limited /40, with there also being /10 and /1 auto parallels. You can take a look at the Andrew Luck version of it here:
The Luck is obvious one you wanted from this set. The others were Ryan Tannehill, Robert Griffin III and Justin Blackmon. At least the one I pulled wasn't the perpetually suspended member of the fivesome. While this was entered into Panini's redemption site without any problems, I'm still doubtful it will come through. But if it does, a Crimson Tide alum-collecting JayBarkerFan will be getting it.

Pack 5:
This will be a step down from the previous pack, but here's the base.
Another redemption. This one does look to be live. I'm more than willing to wait to land an auto/relic of a guy nicknamed Muscle Hamster.

Pack 6:
Larry Fitzgerald's card is way too red.
And the final hit is actually a parallel autograph. The blue versions are /99. Bruce is a West Virginia alum, and this final card of the break is on its way to Bob Walk the Plank as I type.

And there's the box. Nice keepers. Nice trade bait. Tomorrow, the basketball starts.

Friday, 21 April 2017

Stacks of Wax - April 2017 - Part 2

And now, I start with the boxes. I'm continuing this chronologically, starting with 3 of the 6 packs from this box:

Pack 1:
The base cards are very red. Platinum Red, in fact. The final 3rd of the 100 card non-hit base is for a legends portion. Somehow, Jake Plummer was considered as such, but I do like the oddness. Other more obscure choices for this included Fred Jackson and Bernie Kosar.
The hit isn't the most spectacular. Terrance Ganaway played one season in the NFL, the retired to go to grad school. So, he's definitely smarter than the avarage bear...ram.

Pack 2:
3 out of 4 from this pack were from the legends portion, with only Marshall being a current player. The McMahon looks really nice with the red background as the dark uniform offsets some of the loudness in the background.
More Rams love in the second hit of the box, with a relic from Steven Jackson. At least it is game-worn.

Pack 3:
A Bills card! WOO-HOO! At /199, the Lewis parallel was the only base parallel I landed.
And I leave St. Louis, but stay in the state of Missouri for the final hit. And when I think of Joe Montana, I think of his time with the Chiefs. Still, despite it being a tiny swatch, and it being shared with Matt Cassel, Joe Montana is probably the biggest name I have a football hit of. The card is oddly-numbered, though. For some reason, it is /93.

And that's 3 packs. The other 3 are tomorrow, where things get redemption crazy, but also even more interesting, with what would have been an insane pull for 2012.

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Stacks of Wax - April 2017! - Part 1

The COMC challenges have been very good to me the past little while, and I was able to accumulate enough for another Blowout Cards $250 shopping spree.
If you don't want to decipher the boxes in the photos, here's the list instead:

2011 Between the Pipes Pack
2012 Totally Certified Football
2014 Threads
2014 Court Kings Retail
2016 Court Kings
2016 Black Friday Football Packs *10
2017 Opening Day

The single pack was picked up when I was just under $250 for the content, but at $250, you could save $10 on the order. So, it was like getting a free pack and a couple bucks more off the cost.
I'll go through this chronologically, starting with my weakness - cards for the mask binder from 2010-11.

One of those 9 was one of those puzzle piece/blocker cards that started showing up in ITG's later releases. Time for the actual cards.
The Future Stars portion really hasn't come true yet, at least in NHL terms. Sateri got to sit on the bench for San Jose, and earned some NHL cards that way, but he's over in the KHL now. Makarov did get into a game for Buffalo, but he's also in the KHL now. As for Anderson, he's bounced around between the AHL and ECHL in the Devils system.
Now here's a mask card worthy of the binder, even though it is already in there. Ilya hasn't seen action since 14-15, but had a solid enough career.
The Decades portion is always fun in an ITG release, giving a nice trip through time to various designs on masks. The big winner here is obviously the stitches mask from Cheevers.
An autograph is the perfect way to end a pack. Laurent has also been back and forth, but, unlike Anderson, between the NHL and AHL. He even saw some action in the playoffs when Cam Talbot get shelled in Game 4. These is a sticker auto, but ITG did such a great job with stickers that you don't notice that it is.

And that's the pack! I'll start with the Totally Cert. football next time.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

One Card Only: Crossover

This card featuring Darnell Nurse throwing a football is a really appropriate choice. His father Richard was in the Canadian Football League (and that is a CFL ball Darnell is using), and his uncle is Donovan McNabb. A basketball would also have been appropriate, since his sister Kia plays at UConn. There does not appear to be any baseball players in the family.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

2017 Adventures in Repacks - Part 11 - A legendary mullet.

Even Jaromir Jagr himself would bow down in appreciation of this one. Party in the back for days!

And the best thing is, there were 14 more cards accompanying this one! The notables (at least for me):
The outdoor game card, with the accompanying toque, was the reason I got this one. Team Canada cards are always fun additions to my misc. binder, especially the more obscure cards from the women's team. The front of Barry's card doesn't give a hint as to how spectacular the back will be. Emerald parallels and signature series base cards don't show up that often. I like the compact photo on the McCarthy. That's the second straight Top Prospects game card in one of these repacks. And even the junk wax added two cards to my Rangers alum binder. That's a mighty fine dollar!

The second of the two hangers was't nearly as amazing, but still had a few interesting cards:
I grabbed this for the Landeskog that ended up as the 3rd Rangers alum of this break. How did Mogilny spend 3 years with the Leafs, yet I still blanked on his entire stint in Toronto? The backs of 1993 Leaf must always be highlighted, and a goal-scoring celebration from Domi is a fine final card for this post.

Monday, 17 April 2017

Look What I Found!

In a drawer that probably hadn't been opened in about a decade, this was contained within:
Time for a trip down memory lane!
The inside of the cover recaps the '88 season. Only two stickers here, those being the puzzle pieces that formed the trophy.
Highlights from the season on page 2. Lights at Wrigley, 40/40 Canseco, and Browning's perfect game are among them. Doug Jones' record for consecutive saves at 15 shows how things have changed concerning bullpens since this was released. LCS on page 3.
The World Series gets 2 pages. I like that Game 1 shows the celebration with the team as opposed to Gibson's famous trot, just for being something different. The 4 sticker team celebration is the only 4-sticker puzzle in here.
This is what a completed team page looks like. Logo, stadium and team lettering in foil across the top, with the paper stickers starting with "Tomorrow's Headliners", followed by pitchers, catchers, infielders and outfielders. Since the TH portion included the 88 Rookies of the Year among them, these are more second year players as opposed to entirely rookies. There were 3 future Hall of Famers among them - Roberto Alomar, Craig Biggio and Randy Johnson.
All-stars as the centerfold - and positioned nicely so the staples don't ruin it.
Along with the various league leaders on either side, before the AL portion of the album starts.
Closing with award winners. I doubt that supplies have lasted long enough to use the information on the back cover to complete the album, so I've added the needs to my set wantlist at the side. No better time than 28 years later to finish the thing!

Sunday, 16 April 2017

2017 Adventures in Repacks - Part 10.3 - Memories of Repacks Past

Wrapping up this repack.

1990 Fleer - Pierce Holt, Christian Okoye, Tim Manoa, Mark Kelso, Pete Holohan, Bubby Brister, Erik Howard, Bob Golic, Mark Duper, Chris Doleman, Seth Joyner, Mike Kenn, Dan Majikowski, Jim Dombrowski, Brad Muster
Okoye gets scanned simply because I loved the nickname 'Nigerian Nightmare'. A Bills card also appears. The scans wrap up with a pair of 'rare for 2017, not so much for 1990' OL guys.

1991 Score S1 - Mike Mularkey, Jerry Ball, Ferrell Edmunds, Dan Saleaumua, Dan Mosebar, Sam Clancy, Riki Ellison, Bruce Matthews, Mike Prior, Roger Craig, Reggie White, Jeff Herrod, Gary Anderson, Joey Browner, Dalton Hilliard, Bruce Armstrong,
We start with a future Bills coach, followed my another position you don't see much in 2017, nose tackles. Some more OL cards end it, along with a grea photo of Jeff Herrod ready to pounce.

2011 Score - Terrell Thomas, Jason Campbell, Fred Jackson, Marshawn Lynch, Matt Schaub ITZ, Kris Durham, Joe Thomas (Glossy)
Another Bills card and glossy OL parallel. Not bad. Schaub hasn't been In The Zone for a few seasons now.

2013 Prestige - Christian Ponder, Malcolm Floyd, Darren Sproles, Percy Harvin, Terrance Williams, Aaron Dobson, Scott Chandler, JJ Watt, Andy Dalton, Jonathan Baldwin
At least there was a Bills card in the final, none-too-exciting pack. I wish the Tickets insert looked more like a ticket (ala Contenders), but its OK as the second most interesting (to me) card in this.

And there you go! And I still have about a half dozen Target remnants repacks to post.

Saturday, 15 April 2017

2017 Adventures in Repacks - Part 10.2 - Memories of Repacks Past

And now, the 2009 packs from the repack. 2 packs of Philadelhpia and 1 of Bowman.
Philadelphia has a kinda Heritage-y feel to it, with the cards being more cardboard-y than usual, and the backs not being very colourful. There's a Bills card lurking in this, and for those who lamented the lack of a Packers clip earlier this week, Rodgers and Driver give an excuse to show one:
Another Bills card in the second pack, although Lynch appearances just remind me of how he was given away to Seattle for a couple draft picks that didn't amount to much.
I usually balk at scanning the entirety of 10 card packs, but these are divided up nicely enough to make logical separations of the groups. There were 5 veteran cards in the Bowman pack. The Dallas Clark card, with the photo including a stretch outside of the border, is nicely done.
A quartet of rookies. Darius Butler is the only one of this group still active, as James Laurinaitis hung up the cleats earlier this week.
Finally, an orange parallel. And another opportunity to use the other Packers clip.

Friday, 14 April 2017

2017 Adventures in Repacks - Part 10.1 - Memories of Repacks Past

Yup. I still have a handful of repacks around from when Target Canada was a thing, just waiting to get posted. The next few days are as good as any to revisit this. 10 packs in the box, and these were them:

1990 Fleer
1991 Score S1
2009 Bowman
2009 Philadelphia *2
2010 Gridiron Gear
2010 Topps Prime
2010 Absolute
2011 Score
2013 Prestige

I'll start with the 2010s.

Absolute: LaDainian Tomlinson, Ray Rice, Brandon Marshall, Miles Austin, Darren McFadden, Donovan McNabb, Hines Ward, Cedric Benson, Pierre Thomas and Matt Ryan
And the first pack is base cards only. A pretty bland grouping photographically speaking as well, but I do like that Tomlinson's card isn't a photoshop special and Cedric Benson's straight-ahead rush. Still, if those are the highlights, bland is the word I have to use to describe it.

Gridiron Gear: Chad Ocho Cinco, Brian Hartline, Beanie Wells, Marc Mariani, Chris Cooley, Malcom Floyd, Santana Moss, Roscoe Parrish, Matt Schaub, Anquan Boldin

This one is a little more interesting. Firstly, you have a guy named Beanie. Then there's a Bills card as well, and a rookie card (albeit of someone who is no longer in the NFL). I also like the Hartline, since it seems the photo has a slight Gypsy Queen filter applied to it.

Prime: LeSean McCoy, Darrelle Revis, Matt Ryan, Maurice Jones-Drew /1379, John Skelton, Jermaine Gresham, Ndamukong Suh
Hey! 7 cards means I can fit all of them onto the scanner! And probably the best of these three packs. A bronze parallel starts things up in the corner. I really like that the Matt Ryan doesn't have a close crop with the photo, setting up a nice contrast with the sideline wall. One the bottom, an interesting photo, as that's not an angle you often see. And one of the #1 draft pick as well.

And there you have it. 2009 packs tomorrow.