Friday, 26 May 2017

1989 Panini NFL Stickers Box Break - Part 4

More sticker packs!

Pack 26:
To start, here's the foil sticker from the most recent Super Bowl for this album, and it is joined by the game's MVP and a fellow HOF receiver.

Pack 27:
The Noga who wasn't referenced in a riff during Mitchell.

Pack 28:
A HOFer and another Bills sticker.

Pack 29:
One of the more fun names to say in NFL history, and my favourite design of the Seahawks logo.

Pack 30:
When in doubt, scan the foil sticker.

Pack 31:
Dolphins hot pack!

Pack 32:
Most of the photos in this set are cropped so closely to feature only the subject. So, this one that shows Rathman slips past some anonymous Cardinals.

Pack 33:
Chargers hot pack!

Pack 34:
A Bills sticker! Even better that it is of one of the two 2/14 babies in this set.

Pack 35:
Things get kinda interesting in a collation sense as this bunch of stickers wraps up, especially coming off a 49ers SB victory. The first of the final 3 contained their logo.

Pack 36:
Their QB, and the product's cover boy in the second of them. It is strange to hit the magical 36 pack plateau, and still be barely 1/3 through the box.

Pack 37:
An action shot of the game-winning TD in the last pack.

And there you have the highlights from a dozen packages.

Thursday, 25 May 2017

One Card Only: So much for that hypothesis

Namely, my hypothesis that photos on college themed sets are always bland. A great action photo. A memorable play. A gorgeous setting. Now that's what I love to see on a card.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

1989 Panini NFL Stickers Box Break - Part 3

Mostly, I'm just hitting the per-pack highlight(s) the rest of the way home.

Pack 16:
WOO! Packers won the Super Bowl! Yes. I know it wasn't really the Super Bowl back then. But I'm not skipping a chance to link to that.
Pack 17:
Bills content the highlight here. Wide right notwithstanding.

Pack 18:
Kicker card sticker!

Pack 19:
Chuck Long might be the best name ever for a QB.

Pack 20:
2 photos captured at the moment the ball arrives to the receiver. Interesting enough to be the highlight here.

Pack 21:
Pretty Vikings intensive.

Pack 22:
Some QBs and creamsicle uniforms.

Pack 23:
Cardinals hot pack!

Pack 24:
I don't think there are too many photos in this album that show off any sort of memorial patch (Art Rooney) with an almost close-up. So that's the interesting one here.

Pack 25:
And since I'm now at the 1/4 mark with this box, I might as well scan all the stickers. 3.5 appearances of the old NFC Norris, and a HOF QB. Not bad.

And there you go.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017


In which these...
turn into these...
A Bruin, and a really nice emerald parallel that is perfect for a Dallas Stars card. But, like Columbo, I must ask about just one more thing.
A package from North Carolina, bound for Ontario, had this sticker on it. Did this really detour through Germany?

Sunday, 21 May 2017

2017 Adventures in Repacks - Part 13

My repack posts have definitely been lagging behind their usual rate this year. Time to get back into it and post another Dollarama two-step. 1 hanger - 1 surprise bag. Starting with the hanger.
2010 Heroes & Prospects - Sergei Bobrovsky - While this is not a mask binder card, it will do just fine as a random addition.
1991 - 7th Inning Sketch - Brent Pope - Random Guelph Storm card for the Storm collector on my trade list = Good pull!
1991 OPC - Russ Courtnall
1992 Parkhurst Emerald - Kelly Kisio
1992 Parkhurst Emerald - Kelly Kisio - Not an error. I really got two of these.
2000 UD Heroes - Henrik Sedin - A set I don't see much of in repacks.
1991 Score - Kevin Todd
1991 OPC - Doug Evans
ITG 1972 The Year in Hockey - Garry Unger - I'll never tire of pulling these cards from repack. Great flashback to a great design.
2008 Collector's Choice Reserve - 3rd (or 2nd, depending on how you look at it) parallel.
1991 OPC - Uwe Krupp
1994 Parkhurst - Owen Nolan - Fleur-de-lis mojo!
1992 Pinnacle - Curtis Leschyshyn
1990 Bowman - Craig Simpson
2011 Certified - Ryan Smyth

A few interesting cards, but a dupe and 3 1991 OPCs dull the pack. Off to the Surprise Bag.

Your contents:
And the contents of those:
Pretty good Score pack. The First Goal of Johansen is nice, but there are two PC cards among the rest. Kitchener Rangers alum Gregory Campbell is nice, but a gold parallel of 2/14 baby Brandon Sutter immediately makes this a better repack experience than the hanger.
The HOFer in question is a rare helmetless photo of Dino. And a guy named Hnat!
A nice one here in the 2000s pack with Nagy. This is from the 2004-05 All World release, which came out in lieu of there being a season.
And another Rangers alum in the 2010s pack with a snowy Boedker. An easy win for the Surprise Bag this time around.

Friday, 19 May 2017

1989 Panini NFL Stickers Box Break - Part 2

Yesterday's post was fun, time for another. This will probably be the last of the posts where I'm going to scan all the stickers in each of the packs. I'll definitely putting asides dupes for sending to the various team collectors, both college and pro, on my tradelist. So, expect something non-card related in future mailers if that describes you.

Pack 8:
An old helmet style seems like a fine way to start off this trip back to 1989. And a couple of Jays back from when the whole state wasn't worthy of the Cardinals.

Pack 9:
The photos in these generally are not the most memorable, but that O'Neal really stands out as something different in this.

Pack 10:

For all I praised the collation of individual packs in the first post, here's an almost complete dupe pack of my 7th pack. Sub Warren Moon for Thomas Everett.

Pack 11:
Bills content! I love that kickers get stickers in this as well. In an interesting comparison to card sets of today, 2 teams, San Diego and Dallas didn't get a sticker of a quarterback with their team set. The fact I had to look up who was their primary QB the previous year (Mark Malone and Steve Pelleur) might be the reason why.

Pack 12:
2 Sterling Sharpes within 3 packs. Because of course.

Pack 13:
The first of the Super Bowl stickers. These were on a 4 page poster within the album. All 24 games to this point were featured, but only 16 in sticker form. Half a Bills sticker is better than zero. And it is BRUUUUUUCE!

Pack 14:
There were only two puzzles in the set, one being a pair of two foil cards that make up the Super Bowl XXIV program on the front, and two that make up the celebratory photo on the back. This features half of Bill Romanowski, with the rest of him, and Greg Cox on the other side. Neither have base stickers.

Pack 15:
That's Scott Case on the leader card. Via Sikahema's position, listed in the album, is listed as Return Specialist. He might be the only one.

And there you have it.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Look what I found!

About a month ago, I came across a 1989 Panini Baseball sticker album that was about 90 percent complete. Shortly thereafter, I came across this:
The only problem was this was only about 25-30 percent done, so I thought up a solution better than adding to my wantlist:
Howzabout a 100 pack box? At 6 stickers per pack, and collation likely being as bad as I remembered, I probably still won't finish the album, but should at least get well into the 90 percent range. I'll start with 7 packs.

Pack 1:
Each pack contained a foil sticker and 5 regular paper ones. The foil is either a team logo, a helmet or a Super Bowl history. If I use the 'first card out will tell me how much I enjoy the set' rule, seeing the old Bucs logo as the first bodes well. The Rice sticker is his Super Bowl MVP one.

Pack 2:
There's the helmet sticker. A variety here in terms of types as well. The Walker is a stat leader sticker, the game photo highlights the first TD in SB 23 and Singletary is an All-Pro. And a Bills one! WOO-HOO!

Pack 3:
One thing I did notice is that the teams seem to bunch together in packs. Hence a pack that is half-Cleveland Browns.

Pack 4:
Shane Conlan with a hockey-esque missing tooth? That's how you make a Bills sticker even better!

Pack 5:
And I get a dupe before I'm even 5 packs in. The one good thing is that the collation is such that the stickers really aren't grouped in a specific order, meaning that just because you get one, you don't get a pack of the exact same ones.

Pack 6:
And there's another dupe. I didn't think Too Tall Jones was still active in 1989.

Pack 7:
And here's the final pack of this portion of the break. While I don't think I'll be showing every sticker in every pack the rest of the way home, rest assured that the sticker of someone named Garin whose last name is not Cecchini will always be highlighted.