Wednesday, 18 October 2017

2017 Adventures in Repacks - Part 32 - Another $3 for 80 hanger

These are addictive. I still have one of these to post from my original discovery of these at the Dollarama, and 2 more beyond that one. So, here we have another 'scan every card' post.
Prizm is an interesting way to start off, but that Domingo Jean wins this group based entirely on the haircut. At least he isn't wearing your typical 1992 Bowman hideous shirt.
I was not expecting any Bowman's Best to come out of these, even if it isn't of a major name. Ditto Gold Label.
Garibay is one of the more obscure members of the 2/14 club, but that card is a dupe. A really great repack variety here with some minor league cards, a double play throw and the always welcome 1981 design.
Even with a Jays card in the group, it really is hard not to proclaim the sidearm windup photo on Kim the best of the lot.
If Ryan Raburn didn't catch that ball, I'm sure the guy in the yellow shirt did snag it with his mouth. That card also wraps up the first half as the second of the visible cards.
A gold parallel? That's another unexpected card. Bobby Wilson is still active, having spent last season in the Dodgers organization.
Two Mets are nice, but they're both dupes. The Mel Ott should be the easy winner here with sorta retroish Vintage Legends insert, but I admit I like the printed facsimile signature on Silva.
1993 Leaf!
Must show card back!
It took this long to get to a horizontal card? The Rick Cerone proves that the player doesn't have to be perfectly cropped to the middle of the card for it to be an interesting photo. And this is all the way back in 1990! The last card of the break is the most recent card in the repack,

There you have it!

Monday, 16 October 2017

Hobby Pack Sampler

Stepping off the repack kick I've been on lately, and into the hobby shop with packs of some recent hockey releases.
Yes. This means I bought a Maple Leafs pack. I'm not proud, just a completist.
Artifacts was the first one of these released, so I will lead with that. Here's the base cards in the set. Pretty standard look for the set, with the foil returning to the top and bottom of the card after last year's left and bottom design.
Here are the backs. A little different than the usual with the re-used image on the side instead of the middle.
The final card in the pack is either a hit, a redemption for a rookie or a numbered base card or parallel. I got the numbered base card. At least the Senators base card saved the pack from being a total wash.
Team Canada Juniors is the suitably patriotic set, in all its red, white and black (black?) glory. I'm not sure why it is called Juniors when the Sakic is obviously from post-WHL. And hey, my first Nolan Patrick card!
The card back. Interestingly, the guys' cards get the re-used photo, but not Emerance. I wonder why that is...
And the one-per-pack insert/parallel is another photo of a player taken during his NHL playing career.
And the dreaded Leafs pack. No complaint about the design. If you're going to zap the background, using the team logo and colours is a pretty good choice for the replacement. The standard base set is 100 cards, so I admit I'm surprised to see cards of guys like Reid over guys from the Original 6 era. I don't think guys like Bill Berg, Allan Bester or Kyle Wellwood would make too many Top 100 Leafs lists.
The second 100 cards are SPs, saluting Captains, trophy winners, and similar things. Here's a card honouring Leeman's 50 goal season.

And that's it. 3 packs. No hits, but enough in terms of nice cards. The Team Canada is the only one I'd consider getting a box of, though.

Sunday, 15 October 2017

2017 Adventures in Repacks - Part 31 - Fleas!

It has been too long since I dropped by the flea market, so in addition to the tasty treats I picked up, here's the $5 brick of cards I got.
2016 Platinum - Jeff Skinner - One of the visible cards was this Rangers alumni card on top. It was a need, so this seemed like the logical purchase. Jeff played in his 500th game last night, a loss to the Jets.
2016 Platinum - Drew Doughty
2015 Contours - Logan Couture
2015 Contours - Tyler Seguin
2015 UD - Portraits - Jakub Voracek - To start a theme from this repack, there were a surprising number of inserts and parallels.
2015 Contours - Thomas Vanek
2015 Contours - Filip Forsberg
2015 Contours - Jordan Staal
2012 Black Diamond - Brendan Smith - A double diamond insert as well in this repack. Even nicer is that it is a rookie of a player still in the league.
2013 Black Diamond - Mike Ribeiro
2013 Black Diamond - Andrew Shaw
2013 Black Diamond - Alex Pietrangelo
2016 Parkhurst - Centennial Salute - Braden Holtby - Another insert. The 'pose with the puck' is a favourite theme on hockey cards.
2016 Showcase - Red Glow - Vladimir Tarasenko - And the first of my parallels.
2016 Platinum - Tyler Johnson
2013 Rookie Anthology - Teemu Selanne
2016 Platinum - Jack Eichel
2013 Black Diamond - Shea Weber
2016 Parkhurst - Centennial Salute - Alex Ovechkin - Another insert. I'm not the biggest fan of etching on cards like this and Black Diamond, but it looks nice here where Ovechkin is only in a small part of the photo.
2016 Overtime - Steve Yzerman - A Legends card out of Overtime was also pretty unexpected.
2016 SPA - Marc-Andre Fleury
2010 Zenith - Jamie Lanngenbrunner
2016 UD - Shining Stars Blue - Joe Pavelski - This insert looks even nicer as the blue parallel, to go along with the Sharks colours.
2016 Platinum - PK Subban
2013 Select - Dustin Brown
2013 Select - Alexandre Burrows
2016 Trilogy - Ryan Getzlaf
2016 Trilogy - Torey Krug
2016 Trilogy - Sam Bennett
2016 Trilogy - Tyler Seguin
2013 Trilogy - Shane Doan
2013 Trilogy - Dino Ciccarelli - A classic uniform.
2011 Artifacts - Logan Couture - And here's the one-per-brick hit.
2016 Trilogy - Blake Wheeler
2016 Trilogy - Martin Jones
2016 Trilogy - Tuukka Rask
2016 Trilogy - Anze Kopitar
2016 Trilogy - Dylan Larkin
2014 Trilogy - Claude Giroux
2014 Trilogy - Vladimir Tarasenko
2015 Portfolio - Cory Schneider
2015 Portfolio - Jarome Iginla - A nice helmetless photo from what I'll assume is the All-Star skills competition.
2015 Portfolio - Patrick Sharp
2013 Ice - Pekka Rinne
2013 Ice - Matt Duchene
2013 Black Diamond - PA Parenteau
2013 Black Diamond - Brandon Saad
2013 Black Diamond - Devin Setoguchi
2013 Black Diamond - Jimmy Howard
2015 Fleer Showcase - Johnny Gaudreau
2016 Showcase - Red Glow - Tyler Seguin
2016 Showcase - Red Glow - Pekka Rinne - Two more parallels. The red glow parallels are so much nicer than the regular, obnoxiously gold base cards.
2015 Showcase - San Gagner
2013 Score - Gold - Niklas Kronwall - This is how you do gold on a card and not have it look abrasive.
2016 SPA - Morgan Rielly
2016 SPA - Tomas Tatar
2016 OPC Update - Rainbow - Milan Lucic - Shiny!
2012 Artifacts - Pavel Datsyuk
2012 Artifacts - Daniel Alfredsson - Although this has to be a dupe for the Alfie binder, I still love getting cards of my fave player.
2012 Artifacts - Mike Modano
2012 Artifacts - Ryan Nugent-Hopkins
2012 Artifacts - Jordan Eberle
2016 Showcase - Rick Nash
2016 Showcase - Henrik Zetterberg
2016 Showcase - Kris Letang - And the final card. As I said, obnoxiously gold.

That's a darned good $5 brick. The inserts and parallels throughout really provided a good variety in the break. I probably won't be heading back until December, so this will hold me over nicely.

Saturday, 14 October 2017

2017 Adventures in Repacks - Part 30 - The Mystery Machine

Hey! A new repack at Wally World!
In addition to what is advertised on the front, the back advertises a mystery item , an auto/relic, and a 1:10 chance at an encased card. I assume I could have searched and shook every box to find that, but I just opted to pick the first one. It didn't have an encased card.
Here's the auto. Adam Creighton was a junk wax era staple, so this isn't too bad for someone who busted wax at the time. It is also the only certified auto he has.
Here's the bonus item, still wrapped in the plastic. Only Matt Carle is no longer active in the NHL. A pretty good job picking players for this jumbo card.

And the packs:
2 each of the flagships and Parkhurst, and I guess that 99-00 is the bonus pack. I'll just hit the highlights chronologically.
And the oldest is pretty good for my mask binder. I really like the Esche, as he's still sporting the mask of his OHL team in the Plymouth Whalers. The Bourque is a Crunch Time insert, for those that don't want to sacrifice their eyesight to read the red text.
The flagship does give a chance at some Young Guns from a pretty strong class. While I didn't land McDavid, I did get a pretty good YG from one of the two packs. I could just as easily have landed a 1 game wonder.
And a nice mask binder card in the other pack.
No YG in the series two packs, but that Fabbri will go out in a future trade package and that Ehlers will be my 14th card of his in my 2/14 collection.
Ray Bourque makes a second appearance in the break, this time with a great photo highlighting his Stanley Cup victory. I can't hate any card that features an appearance of the trophy. That was probably the first card for Subban with the Predators, and I'll wrap it up with the only rookie in the pack.
And one of the better rookies from last year comes out of the second pack. It is sandwiched between a pair of Penguins, both of which aren't bad pulls on their own.

While on the surface, the value really wasn't there when the packs came out, it did make up for it with the contents of the packs. I looked up some of the cards on COMC, and the selling prices, the Panarin, Marner, Crosby and the rookie jumbo would actually cover the cost of the box and then some. So at least there's that.

Next up, more repack fun!

Friday, 13 October 2017

One Card Only: Friday the 13th

The hockey mask theme doesn't translate as well to baseball jerseys as one might think.

Thursday, 12 October 2017


And now, the expected portion of the trade with The Collector. While this is a 50/50 trade with some random basketball heading my way, there were actually 54 cards in the mix. Plus the cards from a previous post. Plus I sent about 60 in my trade envelope. So, 60/60? 60/64?

Either way, since 9 cards per scanner does end up as a facotr of 54, I'm scanning 'em all.
I'm leading with the loudest card in the group, a red/white/blue Prizm of Ty Lawson. The bottom row is pretty interesting, with that, a die-cut card, and a nice rejection from the Admiral.
While that isn't the super famous rookie card of Robinson from 1989 Hoops, that still counts as a rookie of a HOFer. The grayish portion of the Shaq card features a hologram, but you rally need to hit the right angle to see it.
Who wore the suit better? Mutombo or Jordan?
Jordan. Bird. Pippen. Mourning. You could pick anybody else on this page to round out a starting 5 and still have a team that could run the table.
Raptors content! WOO-HOO! And that Nate Archibald seems like it was a Celtics one photoshopped away, so that's two each for my PC teams.
A couple horizontal cards in the final batch. The Courtside will fit nicely into my binder with the past several years of Hoops.

Thanks for the randomness! It felt just like busting a repack, which is always great!