Sunday, 17 December 2017

Stacks of Wax December 2017 - Part 13 - Field Access Case Box 7

Pack 1:
Bills content opens this one as well. Looks like from a game under the lights as well.
I guess there were a lot of Ka'Deem Carey stickers around Topps HQ. This is his second appearance.

Pack 2:
Just like in hockey, I really like photos of the player when their feet are not touching the ground.
I can't imagine why Topps opted for this photo.
Not a bad autograph here of a high draft pick. It might be the first auto in my collection of a player born in Ghana. /50 too!

Pack 3:
A Connor Show hot pack!
Really using that All-Access literally here, with this amazing suit from Super Bowl weekend.
The auto may look like hieroglyphics, but he gets an exception to the rule under the long-name corollary to my penmanship criticism.

Pack 4:
The always-popular photo of JJ Watt saluting makes an appearance here on another gold parallel.

And the auto is of guy who likes to throw flags as much as officials.

2 autos of defensive players still in the league, and 2 of offensive players now out of the league. That's an interesting mix.

Saturday, 16 December 2017

Stacks of Wax December 2017 - Part 12 - Field Access Case Box 6

Up now, the box that put me at the halfway mark.

Pack 1:
Bills content opens this pack with the perpetually-suspended Karlos Williams. Sounds about right in terms of a team approaching 18 years of playoff absence.
A beautifully done photograph starts the numbered cards in this box. I love the helmet in the foreground on the bottom with the stadium rising behind the player. This green parallel is /50.
Nice effort, Zach.

Pack 2:

An interesting all-access photo here as well. Looks like a tip of the helmet from Super Bowl 43.
That's better in terms of aesthetics and being a Titans QB autograph. I pulled the gold parallel of this previously, and sent it off to Kerry @ Cards on Cards for his Ducks collection. This one, I'll be keeping. Since I should keep at least one of the two.

Pack 3:
This one was pretty bland, but the autograph is of someone still on the same team that drafted them. That is no easy feat for the class of 2013.

Pack 4:
If an offensive lineman gets a card, it is always worth highlighting.
Not a bad player to get a rookie card parallel of. Golds are /99.
And your auto.  At least he's still on the team. The second gold parallel in this pack.

Halfway there!

Friday, 15 December 2017

2017 Adventures in Repacks - Part 38.2 - A short break

The other side!
2014 Bowman Draft - Michael Mader - Starting this one off with a prospect still working his way through the Marlins system.
2013 Bowman - Zach Bird
1988 Donruss - Willie Randolph
1990 UD - Bill Doran - With all due respect to yesterday's Ryne card, this is a turning two photo.
1989 UD - Mitch Williams
1989 Topps - Mark Thurmond
1990 Score - Jody Davis
1993 Leaf - Todd Ziele - 1993 Leaf. Must show back of card.
1986 Fleer - Lee Smith - Back in the day when those bleachers were empty.
1989 Donruss - Ken Johnson
1989 Fleer Glossy - Frank White - I was not expecting this shiny parallel when I noticed the tell-tale stripes of 1989 Fleer. That's a repack surprise.
1987 Donruss - Greg Mathews
1992 Score - Kevin Ward
1992 Stadium Club - Steve Frey - Expos content!
1988 Donruss - Darryl Strawberry - A dupe from the first side.
2005 Champions - Rafael Furcal
2007 Co-Signers - Jered Weaver - Another unexpected repack set.
2002 Rookies & Stars - Javier Vazquez - Another Expos card!
2003 UD 40 Man - Mike Fetters - This is why repacks are fun. I had no idea Mike Fetters ever played for the Twins until this pull.
1988 Fleer - Pat Sheridan
1978 Topps - Tony Armas - The oldest card in the repack.
1987 Topps - Craig Reynolds
1990 Donruss - Mark Parent
1991 Donruss - Alex Fernandez
1999 Topps Traded - Choo Freeman - How can I not scan a card of a guy named Choo?
1994 UD All-Time Heroes - Roy Campanella - As the bottom of the card states, this shows Roy tagging out Billy Martin in the '53 WS. Another nice vintage photo on a repack.
1991 Classic - Dmitri Young
1987 Topps - Mike Smithson
1992 Topps - Bob Tewksbury
2002 Donruss Fan Club - Aubrey Huff
1993 Fleer - Joe Boever
1988 Score - Milt Thompson
1989 Pacific Legends - Edd Roush - More retired content.
1994 Topps - Denny Hocking/Oscar Munoz - At least one of these guys carved out a decent career in the bigs.
2001 Topps - Brad Radke
1995 Stadium Club - Pedro Astacio
1989 Topps - Scott Medvin
1991 Fleer - Randy O'Neal
2010 Topps - Emilio Bonifacio
2011 Bowman - Tyler Colvin - And we're done.

3 solid candidates for my favourite card here with White, Campanella and Fetters. That's a really fun repack. Campy edges out Fetters, but it is really a closer competition than you'd think.

Back to Field Access next time!

Thursday, 14 December 2017

2017 Adventures in Repacks - Part 38.1 - A short break

Time for a short break from the wax busting for some repack busting, and another $3 for 80 from the Dollarama. One half at a time.
2017 Donruss - Ian Kinsler - We're off!
2010 Topps - Chris Coghlan
1993 Topps - Mike Hartley
1982 Donruss - Gene Nelson - This was the oldest card on this side of the repack.
1988 Topps - Danny Darwin
1990 Donruss - Keith Miller - Mets content!
1995 Leaf - Rich Rowland
1987 Topps - Jim Deshaies
1992 Stadium Club - Tom Glavine
1988 Fleer - Rick Rodriguez
1987 Topps - Craig McMurtry
1992 Fleer - Pete Harnisch
2003 Topps - Bruce Bochy - A managerial appearance.
1994 Ted Williams - Bob Feller - This is easily the best card in this first half. A vintage photo of a pitcher at the plate? Yes please!
1989 Donruss - Erik Hanson
1988 Donruss - Bruce Hurst
1987 Topps - Darrell Evans
1994 Pinnacle - Jeff Russell
1988 Donruss - Mark Williamson
1994 Stad. Club - Jim Thome
2003 Topps - AL Strikeout Leaders
1990 Donruss - Will Clark
1997 Leaf - Ryne Sandberg - Not the most action-filled 'turning two' photo, but a 'turning two' photo nonetheless.
2005 Donruss - Jae Seo - Met #2.
2007 UD - Matt Holliday
2006 Opening Day - Derrek Lee
1992 Stad. Club - Chris George
1988 Donruss - Darryl Strawberry - Met #3.
1991 Stad. Club - Scott Servais
1992 Score - Rheal Cormier - An addition to my CanCon collection. The write-up on the back noted the Jays or Expos would love to have this Canadian product on their roster, and the latter would actually have him.
1991 Pacific Nolan Ryan - Nolan Heat
1989 Donruss - Al Nipper
1990 Donruss - Tracy Jones
1992 Bowman - Sam Militello - "I swear. The shirt and that pose were totally the photographer's idea."
1990 Topps - Atlee Hammaker
1989 Topps - Giants Leaders
1990 Score - Paul Molitor
1990 UD - Al Newman
1990 Donruss The Rookies - Pat Combs - Not a set I see in repacks a lot.
2012 Heritage - Rays Team
2013 Heritage - Aaron Crow

I can't say anything bad about a repack that included that Feller card, and there were enough other interesting cards as well. A fine way to start off my $3.

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Stacks of Wax December 2017 - Part 11 - Field Access Case Box 5

The next box!

Pack 1:
I'll start this pack with another photo I've highlighted before here in a previous break. Much like the Silas Redd from earlier, it also deserves a solo appearance.
A Bills card!
And the autograph. He's already out of the league, and is now a college football commentator. He's also someone with wildly different autographs. He has a nice full-name auto on some cards, and initials-only on others, including within this very subset.

Pack 2:
I'll start this one with a unique trophy photo. He's holding what he received for becoming the all-time rushing leader.
The auto here was much better, although this flashes back to two boxes ago as he's also out for the season. At least Hill made it to mid-season before that. This green parallel is /50.

Pack 3:
Starting off with a really great photo for the weather types.
Another gold parallel.
Another appearance, this time on the base version, of that Len Dawson photo.
And the auto. Much like with the Cassius Marsh auto from Turkey Red earlier this week, Field Access is the only option available for someone who wants a certified NFL auto of Anderson. Much like Hill, he's out for the season after a mid-season injury.

Pack 4:
The stadium might be the real star of this Eli Manning card.
A green parallel /50, but it is a green parallel of a guy named Greenberry! Perfection! Mind you, he was undrafted, and never played a game in the NFL.
And the final autograph. The only player of the 4 in this who played last week.

And there's another box recapped. Next up, I'll probably do the repack thing to take a short break from the Black Friday breaking.