Wednesday, 19 June 2019

In Which I (sorta) Build My Own Repack - Part 1

Since my most frequent repack busts through the dollar store as of late were of the 80 card variety. I decided to build my own 80 card repack through sportlots, consisting exclusively of additions to my 2/14 collection. Find a seller with a lot of hockey cards, then don't stop until I reach 80 cards. Simple!

Leading the way in this post is the most recent card in the mailer, out of 18/19 Overtime, and the only Ehlers appearance.
Compare and contrast 1 Ehlers with players like this, who would get more than one appearance with basically the same design. While these two look very similar...
turning them over shows one is the Canadian/bilingual version.
Or, I could go the more common route for recent releases, and just get the base card and a bunch of parallels. It was the strength of these purchases that pushed my Milan Hejduk collection into the 200s, the first player to reach that plateau.
Here's another logical group of cards to bunch together that aren't cards at all. A quartet of stickers from Panini's annual release. The Sutter is out of 10/11, which the others go back to 1988. Since pretty much all of Calle Johansson's releases have him as a member of the Washington Capitals, I'm happy to welcome this one most of all from the group. Despite hair poofiness.
But, you can still have modern stickers, such as this Gaborik insert from 13-14 OPC.
Or a card that is about as thin as a sticker, the unfortunate parallel series from 10-11 UD.
How to end part 1 of this? Why not a few more vertical entries? With all the 13-14 Score I've busted, I'm somewhat surprised I didn't pull that Pyatt already. Gaborik is another insert card, and then there are a couple base cards on the right. I'd probably like the Vintage more if both photos didn't feature the flaming-snot logo.

But there you go. More to come!

Tuesday, 18 June 2019

More Packs

A few days off does give me a chance to hit the LCS and sample a few more packs beyond the original. So, 4 different hobby packs today - Big League, Diamond Kings, Pro Debut, and some football with Legacy.
Looks like I'm starting with Big League. It is nice, it isn't too expensive, but I'm still bitter about the fact that doggy cards weren't included in last year's release.
A parallel and a drawn card. That's just fine for that portion of an inexpensive pack.

The base of Diamond Kings was a nice mix of legends and current players. Since he doesn't make a lot of appearances in modern sets, the easy winner of this group is Walter Alston. The same could be said for Hubbell, but I'll give a manager's card the nod.
Just like with Big League, there's an insert and a parallel in the pack. The Sisler is a 1919 Diamond Kings insert.
Next, some minor league cards. Here, the easy winner is the Lazardo, for the "Music City" jersey sported as a member of the Nashville Sounds.
I guess this was an Alex Kirilloff hot pack, as he appeared on both a base card and on an insert. If that uniform were any more tropical, I'd think he was a Marlins prospect, as opposed to the Twins.
Let's end with the football pack. Legacy appears to be replacing Classics this year, with a smaller 200 card set (100 current players, 50 rookies, 50 legends), and you can see all the different designs for the base cards. I'll have some Bills content from a group break show up shortly, so I'll be able to get a little more detailed then.
And the only numbered parallel of the 4 packs. Better than zero, I guess.

And there you have it!

Friday, 14 June 2019

The Raptors are Champions

So many ghastly bad teams and bad memories over the years are finally vanquished. And I still thought they'd manage to blow it even up by 4 with .9 on the clock.

Because that's how I just expect things to work out.

Anyhow, when I was away, I did pack a single card with me for 'luck', bringing along this Kawhi card out of Court Kings. Why? Why not? And I was able to watch this game without having to wake up at 3:00 only to not find it on the hotel TV and still follow the game via google.

See you in a few days, the high should have ebbed by then.

Thursday, 13 June 2019

Bowman Sampler

I guess the logical post(s) to return with are cards from packs I busted from before I went away. I could have done these via autopost, but I guess I really don't value your time.
Bowman had pretty much priced itself out of my desired range immediately, leaving retail as the only option. I assume they're pretty similar in terms of configuration between veterans and prospects, just with hits being harder pulls. Photography is pretty generic, so here's my favourite pic, with Ronald Guzman looking like he might wipe out after the swing.
There were only 5 paper prospect cards among the packs, so I lucked out with one being a Met that is showing some a lot of promise early on in his MLB career. This was the only Mets or Jays content in the packs.
The chrome parallels.
This insert proclaims that Austin Riley is ready for the show, and since he's already made his MLB debut, I guess it was right.
And another insert out of the Scouts Top 100 set. Unsurprisingly, it was Vlad Jr that lead the way in this set with the #1 spot.
You do get a 5 pack of green camo parallels in the retail packs, so at least there's that.

But, yeah. There's some Bowman. That I probably should have just left on the shelves at Wally World. Maybe some LCS packs tomorrow of Big League and Diamond Kings will be better. Or at least more interesting.

Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Final Vacation Final Vault

My last previously written post. And a box of buyback miscellany The Final Vault from ITG. This featured 10 cards, 9 of them hits, from ITG's previous releases.
The only non hit is one that would still offer congratulations to the puller of said card. For a mask art fan like myself, this is still enough of a cool card.
Rather bland in terms of design, this still does offer a 3 colour patch. While Delmas was drafted by the Avs, he never played in the NHL. But, this is my probably my first Lewiston MAINEiacs hit.
The different colours of the stamp does signify the print run for each buyback card. I'm too lazy too look up what that means for these, but these were limited, but not numbered, to 500 originally.
Fuck this guy, and the fact companies keep putting him in products.
Sean was a third rounder of the New York Rangers, and just finished his first season in their minor league system. If he reaches the NHL, he will be just the second player (Jan Benda) to do so.
There always seems to be a Signature Series card in one of these. And here's this one. Kinda neat to land someone who was a staple rookie from the junk wax era, and still had a notable career.
This one is really cool, as it is someone who is a very important name in the history of the team, and also someone without a lot of autographs out there. He'd play every minute of NHL action he would see for the team, and also go on to be a coach and GM.
One final autograph before two more relics, and the distaff side sees the love here with Canadian Women's Team mainstay Maghan Agosta. She has 3 Olympic gold medals in her possession, so another great little addition.
It is a Leafs card, but a Leafs card that any patriotic Swede would be proud to own. Much like the Rafalski, these were not numbered, but these were out of 70 originally.
WOW! Those are some great patches and swatches! And 2 of these swatches were of players who are pretty big names still in the league on the left side of the card, both with the Flyers. Not bad for a card from 2007 originally. And one really didn't need to add the 1 of 1 to the front of the card...
Since this was already a 1 of 1.

There you have it! My next post will be composed when I return to home soil. Let's see what packages showed up over my absence!

Tuesday, 11 June 2019

One Card Only: Glittering Penmanship

He didn't have the most illustrious NBA Career, being limited to only 7 games more than me, but at least he has some really nice looking autographs out there. Strangely, he's initals-only in most products, but has the full-name in all Gold Standard releases. There's probably a pun there, but I won't try it.

Monday, 10 June 2019

2019 Adventures in Repacks: Part 19.3: Still Hanging Around

Staying with hanging packs, but switching to a couple 15-card basketball hangers.
Visible card #1 was unexpected in terms. But, I like that with my repacks. I wouldn't think I'd be bringing out the 'ladies' label for a hanger repack, but there you are! What type of cards would be found alongside it?
Here's your expected 90s content. Those Cavaliers ones are still among the ugliest ever sported by a team on a regular basis.
It is a Wayman Tisdale hot pack! But at least I landed a Vancouver Grizzlies card.
The other visible card was an issue from this year, coming from Contenders. It is very similar to the football design, just with the elements of the design mirrored.
I guess 2018-19 Contenders base cards were pretty cheap for the repacks, as here is another one to lead off the second of the two.
The opening group is definitely more interesting than the group. A coach card, and another WNBA card are nice. But I really like that Retro of Joe Dumars. as he is in Ft. Wayne Pistons throwbacks.
Get as excited about something as McCann is to get that rebound.
A nice action shot ends it. The above the rim photos are always welcome.

And there you have it!

Sunday, 9 June 2019

2019 Adventures in Repacks: Part 19.2: Still Hanging Around

2018 UD - Jamie Benn - Visible card on top is from this year's release! Good, quick turnaround!
2009 H&P - Michael St. Croix
1993 Pinnacle - Greg Paslawski
1992 Score - Vincent Damphousse
1992 Score - Pierre Turgeon
2000 UD - Jamie Pushor - That's one way to showcase a player on a new team.
1995 Parkhurst - Gerald Diduck
1992 Bowman - Jeff Odgers
1990 Bowman - Kevin Stevens
1990 Bowman - Larry Murphy
1990 Bowman - Peter Zezel
2003 ITG Action - Chris McAllister - A player who has a name that ends in 'ister' mixing it up with another player (Brad Isbister) who also has a name ending in 'ister'. Trippy.
1999 Premier Plus - Jorgen Jonsson- This might be the worst font ever used on a card.
1999 MVP Stanley Cup - Taylor Pyatt - My favourite CHL uniform. Still.
1991 UD - Zarley Zalapski
1993 Parkhurst - Jozef Stumpel
2001 Topps - Mike LeClerc - A nice celebratory card.
1996 Pinnacle - Bryan Smolinski
1995 Pinnacle - Nolan Baumgartner
1996 Leaf - Tommy Soderstrom - Best photo in the second half of the cards? No contest.
1993 Donruss - Doug Weight
1997 Pinnacle Inside - Peter Bondra - Another appearance of Inside inside this repack.
1993 Donruss - Ilya Byakin
1991 UD - Scott Stevens
1994 Pinnacle - Brett Hull - I guess that's one way to show the team will be debuting new uniforms. But red? Red?
1992 Premier - Theo Fleury
1990 Score Canadian - Steven Rice
1990 Score Canadian - Dean Evason
1990 Score Canadian - Guy LaFleur
1993 Parkhurst - Marc Bureau
2003 Bowman - Pierre-Marc Bouchard
2008 OPC - Jason Pominville
1994 UD - Bill Ranford
1990 UD - Michel Mongeau
1993 Donruss - Geoff Smith - With all the 1993 Donruss I pulled in these, I figure I shold scan at least one of them.
1993 Donruss - Stephane Matteau
1990 OPC - John Kordic
1992 Score Canadian - Bill & Kevin Dineen - Family-themed cards are always fun.
2015 UD - Matt Moulson
2014 UD - Slava Voynov - And we end on an absolute garbage human. I ain't scanning it. He doesn't even have a great jersey to justify it.

Not as many keepers here, but still enough to make it a worthwhile little break.