Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Just One Card: Topps Now^H^H^H 2.5 months later

I didn't even make it out of the first weekend of the season without being unable to resist the urge to grab a Topps Now card. At least having it shipped to my COMC mailbox made me have to resist the urge to post it for a while longer.

Sunday, 17 June 2018

Not as (n)Ice, but still (n)Ice

I decided to try out another box of 17-18 Ice. I didn't expect it to be as incredible as the box I busted at the Expo, which would have been a major challenge, it was still pretty good.
No Sens cards in the box, so the base card I'll show off this time is someone who will be getting himself a Stanley Cup ring in the near future.
Like the last box, I landed a trio of Ice Premieres cards in it. While there wasn't anything major like last time, at least there will be a couple of new faces in the masked binder.
One pack contained both a Subzero card and an Ice Premieres card, which kinda threw off the insert count.
While both of the hits in my previous box were of the Exquisite variety, here they were both Ice. While it isn't the Bruins rookie you want, I'll still welcome a new relic from my pre-Sens favourite team.
More Bruins love with the auto. The rink portion of the card is acetate, which looks beautiful when scanned, although I'll have to put some sort of white paper behind the card when I store it so the auto shows up nicely when I revisit it.

And there you have it.

Saturday, 16 June 2018

PWE Chronicles: The Collector

I hooked The Collector up with some CFL and CHL cards for the Sports Card Tour, and this was the return PWE, which hit a whole bunch of my PCs.
My Vancouver Grizzlies collection is small, but I'll welcome any additions to my small container of Grizz cards, although I wonder why a Rewind set goes back one whole season.
The same problem appears with the Raptors entry in that subset. He's joined by Muggsy for the Raptors collection.
Canadians in the NBA is another small collection, although slightly larger than the Vancouver one.
The final basketball card in this is my 62nd card of Rip Hamilton, who remains in the lead for that portion of the collection. Drew Bledsoe is in 3rd place in football with 77 cards, and Hejduk leads the hockey (and overall) portion with 183 different cards.
I have to throwback to the Drew Bledsoe card in my previous scan to use my usual Bills! Bills! Bills! reference with this.
A couple Senators end this post. I'm guessing Mike Hoffman has played his last game for the Senators. Just a hunch.

And there you have a PWE. I'll probably hit you back with a Devilish PWE within a month.

Thursday, 14 June 2018

2/14 Baseball

The latest COMC box contained a lot of newness for the 2/14 folder. I've already covered all the new faces on their way in, now it is time for some familiar names on their way to the baseball collection.
Expos content is always a nice way to start off any post. Will was traded to the Expos in the 76-77 off-season, and while he remained on the Reds in his 1977 Topps release, OPC was able to get him as an Expo. Will moves into double digits with his 10th card.
Earlier this year, I learned that the member of the collection with the most baseball cards, Derek Norris, had picked up the domestic violence special last year. So, I had to replace him in the lead. These 4 Marzanos put him in the lead, 35 to 34. The top 2 are Tiffany parallels, and the 1988 card is a blank front card, hence the scan of the back.
This is my second card of the youngest member of the 2/14 card collection (2002 birth).
Tyler Clippard has moved on to the Blue Jays this year, so if he makes an appearance in later sets, I might finally get a chance to add a Jays card if he makes an appearance in Update, although with him in Series 2 as an Astro, I'm not going to hold out hope.
More Tyler Clippard, with this being from his original run with the Yankees. Even better, this is my first baseball 1/1 in my collection, coming from 2007 Bowman Heritage. Tyler now has 21 cards in the collection, and if I get serious about chasing parallels, I probably could vault him past Norris as well.

But there you have it!

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

2018 Adventures in Repacks - Part 22.2 - Another New Repack Type

These 8 packs are the ones left. They'll be posted chronologically, as I usually do. Also, since all these packs have fewer than 9 cards, I'm scanning everything!
This pack heads all the way back to 2007, and it gives an oddly-named insert in the Luongo. That isn't what I'd call Ultra Action, or even any sort of action. But it does add a new card to the mask binder.
O-Pee-Chee does land me one of the short-printed rookie cards. I'd never heard of Grant Lewis before pulling this card, but that's likely because he played in one more NHL game than I. I was legitimately amazed that Radek Bonk still landed a card in a 2009 release. This was his last appearance in North American sets as an active player.
Sens content in the third pack. It's the glossy parallel too. And I doubt it will age as badly in the next 24 hours as that Hoffman I posted yesterday.
WOO-HOO! A Prizm rookie of a 2/14 baby with Mrazek. I was surprised to check my list and find out that it was a need. It is my 19th card of his.
Hey! A Young Guns card! Alas, much like with Lewis, I hadn't heard of this player either, but he managed two more NHL games than Lewis, and hasn't played since 14-15. But he is a former Senators minor-leaguer, and made his NHL debut in his early 30s. Another former Senator, Jakob Silfverberg, wins the photo war with a great shot from an outdoor game.
After going 0-for on the Young Guns in yesterday's packs, I'm 2-2 today. Simon has been back and forth between the Pens and the AHL, but that's still pretty good for a 5th rounder on a top team.
I got 2 parallels among the 5 in the MVP pack. Silver signature and a puzzle back. I guess that makes up for the lack of variety on the teams featured.
3-for-3 for Young Guns! WOO-HOO! Barring a return to the team, that's a pretty nice swan song photographically for his time there.

And there you have another repack busted!

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

2018 Adventures in Repacks - Part 22.1 - Another New Repack Type

New repack type at Wally World! Let's bust it!

16 packs! And these were the 16 packs:

1999 MVP Stanley Cup Edition * 2
2007 Ultra
2009 UD Series 2 * 2
2009 O-Pee-Chee
2011 Score
2012 Score * 2
2013 Prizm
2014 Series 1
2016 MVP
2016 Parkhurst * 2
2016 Series 2
2017 Series 1

9 different years in the break. Looks like fun! I'll start with the 4 sets I got two packs each from, then hit the singles next time. I like attacking these chronologically, so I'll start with 1999.
I'll lead the way with this trio of cards for a very specific reason. In both of the packs, they were the exact same final 3 cards. I definitely could have done worst than with a card of a Hall of Famer, a certain 2018 inductee, and 2/14 binder perfect match Viktor Kozlov. This is my 48th card of his.
The interesting thing about going back to 1999 is getting cards of players I barely /don't remember, such as these two.
Sheldon Keefe is another player that falls in that category, but I'll keep it separate to remind of a time where you could find CHL cards in the same pack as NHL ones.
Silver Signature parallels fell at a rate of 1 every two packs. I lucked out nicely landing one, and one of a blueline legend.
The base portion of the 2009 Upper Deck packs were fairly dull. The only notable base card for me was a Jose Theodore bound for my mask binder.
No Young Guns, but a couple Victory Update inserts came from the pack. While I'd be happy for a Sens card, the Michalek was a dupe.
But I did land a card that allowed me to use the 'ladies' label on this.
2012 Score was fairly blah as well, but it is the only time in recorded history that anybody will seriously use the term "Ryan Wilson hot repack".
I'm fairly certain I've already sent this Al Montoya to Dennis @ Too Many Manninghams at some point. Therefore I'll keep this card featuring a kinda/sorta flashback to the fisherman logo. Although far more bad ass.
The gold parallels.
Parkhurst brought me the only Senators card I didn't have previously from this break. And for Hoffman, even if it wasn't a dupe, 6 games are still enough for me to call him a Rangers alum.
Mask binder cards.
And shininess! The background makes it a little hard to tell, but both these gaudy cards are /999. Not a bad way to end this portion of the break. 8 more packs next time!

Monday, 11 June 2018

Mailed Mets

Courtesy of P-Town Tom.
OK. So this isn't the best photographic entry into Mookie's cardboard history, but any chance to start off a post with some Mookie cannot be ignored.
I guess I could have used this Mookie from this grouping of early 80s Mets instead. Maybe I was just leaning towards the first one being just slightly off-center.
There's always room in posts for any sort of 1998 Metal Universe. If you don't want a card that appears to feature a 100ft tall Carlos Baerga using Times Square as a batter's box, then what is wrong with you?
Sportflics! It was McDowell!
I had no idea that there was a Kevin Mitchell starting lineup card with him on the Mets until this showed up. And am thankful for it.
I'm using two cards I was completely unaware of to wrap up this post. I knew of the regular Donruss and the Baseball's Best version. I didn't know about the all-star version until it showed up in the mailer.

And there you have it! Thanks for all these goodies, and don't be surprised if an envelope with some 70's OPC Cubs heading to Peoria in the near future.

Sunday, 10 June 2018

2018 Pro Debut Box Break

Better a day late than never, right?
After busting the pack of this last weekend, I'm not going be repeating stuff from that. So, the only true base design I'm going to show off is this photo variation of Gleyber Torres, which come in at a rate of 1:100 packs.
Both of my green /100 parallels were of pretty good players, with both going in the top 10 of the draft. I didn't even realize the Beck was a parallel until I started collating the set, due to the green matching with the A's team colours.
And another top 10 pick on this /25 parallel. I really killed it with this portion of the break getting numbered cards of half of the top 6 2017 draft picks.
Leaps & Bounds seems to be this set's insert set designed for the sole purpose of making more cards of the big prospects.
Fortunately, the Promo Night uniforms insert set returns.

Let the hit parade begin!
Here's the first of the two autos. Chris was a 4th round pick of the Angels, but has yet to see any action this season due to injury.
The first rounders make their return on the second autograph, with an orange parallel of Nick Pratto.
This might be one of the few sets where the relics are more interesting than the autographs. Would you rather have a piece of a championship banner or a plain white swatch? My only complaint is the card doesn't include a photo of the banner itself. The Spikes are a Cardinals affiliate, so this will likely be jetting its way to Kerry @ cards on Cards.
It wouldn't have been a hard to do so here. Tim Tebow did sport the Buddy the Elf jersey for a game, and there are several photos of him wearing it. So, why just a generic photo? But, this is my first Tebow hit. So at least there's that.

And there you have it! Back to the mailbag tomorrow!