Monday, 25 July 2016

Outgoing Mail Alert!

Canada Post and the union are in a cooling off period right now, meaning any labour disruption might be on hold for a bit. So, if these zip codes seem familiar, a package/PWE is on its way to you.


Still, for the meantime, hold off on returning fire, as I don't trust the post office to get it across the border and into my hands before cooling off period ends. I'll post something when it is officially settled.
ObCard: If I felt nastier, I could say lots worse about J.P. Arencibia.

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Just one pack...of 2015-16 SP Authentic

I'd say this was probably the most anticipated mid-range release of the season among hockey collectors, so maybe I should at least grab one pack.
The base are really nice this year, mainly because it is nice to see some colour to go along with the usual silver background. Two straight years of this.

The packs contain 4 base cards and an insert. I didn't land a hit.
But I did land an Authentic Moments SP card featuring Connor McDavid and Taylor Hall. Now, a slightly awkward acquisition after the trade with the Devils.

But there's the pack!

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Sportscards From the Drug Store?

My closest post office is a small branch situated inside a Shoppers Drug Mart. While there to drop off a couple small packages on Wednesday, I noticed a small area with cards/stickers. This was the cheapest option:
The last time I busted one of these packs turned out quite nicely. This time around?
While no Bossy autograph was in this pack, it was still pretty nice to land a numbered card in the pack. An interesting trio of regular base cards as well. When Jean Beliveau is the dullest of the bunch (since Stevens is a PC guy), that's a fun little pack, and easily worth the cost.

There was also a pack of stickers in there.
7 stickers, and 3 of them have Blackhawks content. Interesting.

And there you have cards from my latest oddball source for them.

Friday, 22 July 2016

COMC Pick 6: Cards with Dogs

As a dog person, I'm required to pick up cards with any sort of canine reference on them. Here are 6 from my COMC To Be Posted Box.
I don't know if this as far off the mission statement of this post as I can get, but it still fits. An insert from 15-16 Panini Complete from the NBA Cares subset. Most of them feature the players building houses/playgrounds, but here's a nice casual one of Kyle Korver from the Hawks reading to children. And a doggy on the book is enough to count it towards this collection.
Logos also count, as this is my second card featuring the Peoria Chiefs changed logo. James does appear to be out of baseball now.
Danny is still around in baseball, and still in the Mariners system. He's been battling injuries, though, and missed all of '14 due to injuries. Great logo, though.
Moving on to real dogs, with one of those "How did I not already have this card?" cards, as Brian Bogusevic protects the dogs in the stands with a great catch.
And a couple dogs making appearances on hockey cards from the sometimes oddball photos in the Be A Player releases. This is actually the second appearance of dogs on an Uwe Krupp card, as his sled dog training also appeared on a 1992-93 Pinnacle release. This is the first canine card for Curtis, though.

And there you go.

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Good Grief! Another Champ's Post!

I promise this is the last one for a bit. These are group break cards when I grabbed the Bruins and Senators.
With the two teams, I landed a grand total of one non-hit insert. This Traditions card of Ray Bourque was the one.
And here's the tradition.
Lots of gold parallels from the Bruins side. The top 3 were the gold front parallels, while the 4 on the bottom were gold backs. You'll have to take my word for it on the latter.
And your hits. My third auto so far, and the on-card autos continue to look beautiful in hand. The Rask means that I really only need the silver /25 parallel to complete his rainbow for this set. (Don't!) Two mask binder cards are nice bonuses. And now, onto the Sens.
Not as many gold parallels in this. The Neil is a gold back parallel, and is a dupe from my box break.
I've got to be close to having a complete jersey of one of these guys by now. Right? Off to the Sens binder with you! Or the Rangers alumni binder. Either way, there's another Champ's post. I'm about halfway to the 180 non SP base set by now. I'll probably make an effort to complete that at least.

I promise. No more Champ's tomorrow.

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

2 More Packs of Champ's

A couple more packs of Champ's from the LCS.

Pack 1:
Pack #1 yields my first dupe of this set. Fortunately for the set build, the dupe is the gold parallel of Zucker. The short print is Kurri.

Pack 2:
But pack #2 was much better. Firstly, an autograph. This is my second autograph of local product Mark Scheifele, and both are on-card autos. The autos in this product look really nice in hand. To go with it, there's a fish card, a card with my favourite rookie mask of 15-16 (Ullmark's Minion mask) and the big volume member of my 2/14 club in Gaborik. It is almost like I packed this pack myself.

Although I probably would have subbed the poutine food card for the fish. But there's two more packs of Champ's.

Monday, 18 July 2016

Sunday, 17 July 2016

2016 Adventures in Repacks: Part 28 - More Sunday Surprise

Sunday has become my traditional repack day for the past few weeks. Time to continue it with Surprise Bags from the Dollarama.

Two packs. Two repacks. One Jumbo Pack of 1991 UD, 1 pack of 2010 Victory, 1 70s/80s pack, 1 Superstar pack.
With the Upper Deck pack, the best you could hope for is some keepers. And there were some interesting ones. That Don Gibson is (along with the French parallel) his only NHL level card. So, that's kinda cool. There are a pair of interesting goalie photos as well, even though some might consider the Beezer's photo an example of cross-checking. The Euro Stars inserts were one per jumbo pack.
At least Brian Pitton got a respectable rookie card in this set. Big improvement on his Score card.
I guess Max Pacioretty is the Superstar in that pack. At least Montreal hopes so after the Subban trade.
And once again the 70s/80s pack is limited to 80s card, but that is a nice looking card of the late Doug Wickenheiser. I really liked the double image cards that Topps was using in their hockey and baseball releases at this time.

And there's $2 of repack.

Saturday, 16 July 2016

The Champ('s) is Here! - Box Break - Packs 16 through 20

The hits ended with yesterday's post. But, that doesn't mean I'm not going to wrap up the box. After all, I'm still due a couple fish cards.

Pack 16:
No fish cards in the first pack, but there's a nice gold parallel of Chris Neil for my Sens PC. Luongo was the SP in this one. I also love the look on the Williams card, as the horizontal photo isn't as tightly cropped as usual, and it allows more of the ice to be shown in the faded format behind him.

Pack 17:
Bergeron SP and Virtanen gold. That's about all of note here.

Pack 18:
There's my second fish card of the box! The Rinne is one of those high # SPs (which differ from the regular SPs as there are only 4 per box). But I got a fish card!

Pack 19:
So, that's my third Derek Forbort card in this box. So, I've got 50 percent of his Champ's rainbow in one box. And I got both rookie Connors in the same box.

Pack 20:
Why not wrap it up with a final fish card? No mention of the Steelhead's status as the team name for an OHL franchise on the card. Boo.

And that's it for my Champ's break. The standard base set is 180, and I'm about halfway to that. I'll try to do some more damage over the next couple weeks and try to post a wantlist.

Back to the dollar store tomorrow!

Friday, 15 July 2016

The Champ('s) is Here! - Box Break - Packs 11 to 15

More hits as I start the second half of packs.

Pack 11:
And the second half opens up with the autograph that the box promises. While the penmanship is awful, it still looks nice with an on-card autograph. And Forbort is my favourite name to say out loud of the 2015-16 rookie class. Try it! As for the rest, you can't go wrong with a Gretzky appearance. These Traditions inserts fall 1:33, and this one salutes his post warm-up drink ritual of diet pop, ice water, sport drink and another diet pop.

Pack 12:
Well, there's a surprise. A third relic hit from a box that promised two. This also had a SP with the Holtby. I think Lindberg is the rookie I seem to be a magnet for cards from this year.

Pack 13:
The only all-base pack of this group of packs lands me a Sens card. The SP in this was the Voracek.

Pack 14:
Hey, there's my Famous Foods card. I was so hoping for the poutine card. Or Montreal Smoked Meat. For some reason, the poutine card is associated with Ottawa as opposed to Montreal, but I guess they couldn't give two foods to the same city, and it was a lot easier to transfer the one without the actual city name in it than one with. As for the hockey portion, the Jagr is a gold back parallel. The rest were all standard base cards.

Pack 15:
It is back-to-back packs with gold back parallels, as the Neil also falls into that parallel set. And it is a Sens card! Bonus! The Petan SP is the other card of note here.

So, that should be it for the hits, but I still have some fish cards to show off from the final 5.