Saturday, 19 January 2019

2019 Adventures in Repacks - Part 2 - Volume

After 1 Surprise Bag from the Dollarama in my first repack post, let's try 4 this time! Those were the contents, but if you prefer to read rather than discern, these were the contents:

Toploaders - 1
1990 Score - 1
2008 Victory - 1
Goalie - 1
70s/80s - 1
2010s - 2
Rookie - 2
Superstar - 2
1990s - 5

For anything where the total # of cards is less than or equal to what will fit on my scanner, I'll show everything. For the others, I'll hit the highlights. Simple!

So, that basically means just the highlights of the Score pack and the 90s repack, and everything else appears.
I'll start with the packs. There really wasn't anything notable in the 1990 Score pack, so here's a classic Nordiques jersey.
I was hopeful for a new insert for the Victory set, but all I got were base cards. At least there was a Sens card in the mix.

As for the repacks in the repack, I'll just do these in the order they uploaded.
As expected, the 70s/80s pack didn't contain anything 70s, and had the usual pair of 1989s appear. But at least the third card does trace to the early as opposed to the late 1980s. And more Nords blue!
These were the most interesting cards from the 90s packs. Lots of early 90s Bowman and Score, but still some good stuff. French UD! A Sens card! A patriotic card! The Eagle mask! Rangers alum Al MacInnis! That's not bad for all the early 90s stuff.
The first of the 2010s pack was very New York, as all 3 cards came from the teams there. The Mika card is an acetate Ice card. 
Hey, 3 of the 4 cards in the goalie pack were mask binder cards. I have no complaints about a 75 percent hit rate.
The two rookies in the rookie pack were bland, but the pair of Tony Horaceks, 1 per repack, was at least interesting in terms of collation. As for my favourite card, it surprisingly is the Leafs card, as I love when a card features a smile from a player missing a tooth or 4.
And this ends with the Superstar pack. While the Superstars portion was interesting, based on landing a Tim Horton's card as one of them, I was intrigued by the Grigorenko, mainly because I couldn't place it. I'd recognized the flashback to the 1989 Score design, and knew it made plenty of appearances in that year's football release. But hockey? Turns out this was from a retail insert set called Rising Rookies. I guess it is pretty obscure, since it doesn't even appear on Panini's own checklists on the site. 

So there you have it! 

Thursday, 17 January 2019

Too Many Hockey Cards

Looks like it is back to the recent mailer from Dennis @ Too Many Manninghams/Verlanders today. This is post #3 featuring content from it, with at least two more to go.
While this doesn't hit any of my PCs other than my unofficial "holograms rule" PC, that's enough for me.
Now the 2/14 collection is an official one, and it gains two cards with these additions. Milan remains 7 up in the player lead for the collection, 192 to 185.
Al's chase of Stanley wasn't as successful with the Blues as it was with the Flames, but this is still a great addition to my Rangers alum collection.
One more Rangers alum.
Now to switch over to my Sens PC, with a pair of cards destined for hits/numbered cards portion of that binder. Volchenkov is numbered on the back, and is out of /299.
Only one relic card in this group of hockey cards, but at least it was nice enough to include three of them!
From a Spezza relic to a pair of Spezza plates. One Dallas, one Ottawa. Will we be able to break this tie?
Yup! After having zero in my possession a month ago, this is now my second framed plate relic coming from a release of The Cup. Unlike the earlier Matt O'Connor, here the relic comes from an actual Cup card, and is of his base /249 card in the release.

Thanks so much for these cards, and keep your eyes on your mailbox as I'll be dropping something off at the post office today, and have some COMC goodies on the way for a second mailer.

Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Monday, 14 January 2019

Pack Sampler

No LCS trips for me so far in 2019, so I'll dip into my collection of already scanned cards for a pack from December, a single jumbo pack of 2018 Bowman Draft.
I always judge a product by the first card. In this case, it is guy named Osiris so it is an amazing start. This should indicate a high enjoyment level of a product, but I haven't busted any packs since this one.
There are chrome parallels.
And the shiny refractors.
And a numbered parallel. How can a photo, where the player is pitching the ball, have the baseball look more photoshoppped than the jersey?
Here's an insert. I guess I can't complain about landing a Yankees card here when I get a Mets card in the Chromes.
And I landed an autograph! Lynch was a supplemental first round pick, and the interesting design to the 'D' in the autograph probably puts him in the upper echelon in terms of penmanship among the 2018 draft class.

There you have it!

Sunday, 13 January 2019

One Card Only: Mr. Goalie

This is another day when I'm not feeling too verbose, so here's a nice on-card autograph of an Iron Man, if not necessarily an iron stomach. And yet another example of a beautifully legible autograph from someone in his 80s.

Saturday, 12 January 2019

One Card Only: White Whale in the Mail

This was a recent addition to my "less than reasonable" want list. I didn't have this specific 2/14 card on the list, just any autograph of Danai Gurira would have sufficed. With her having appearances in The Walking Dead and Black Panther releases, I figured that an autographed card of someone from one of the biggest movies of the past year would quickly shoot out of my price range.

But, Dennis came through in the latest TMM/TMV mailer. WOO-HOO!

Thanks so much for this totally unexpected addition! I've put a few things into my COMC inventory as a thank you for this, but will likely be dropping you a  mailer beforehand. And I still have a pile of cards still to get to from this!

Friday, 11 January 2019

Having a Blaster

I am not used to seeing any basketball products on the shelves at my local Wally World, so I just had to take a chance with one. Since my Raptors case break was pretty sparse beyond the base cards and parallels, I was also looking to get my hands on some of the other inserts.
First card out. I don't think I'll get used to seeing Tony Parker on any team but the Spurs.
I prefer these draft day jersey photos to the supposed action photos from the photoshoots. This card will make its way to my small 'Canadians in the NBA' collection.
A couple of the 'City' alternate jerseys also made an appearance.
Here's three of the inserts.
Shininess! The green here is not one of the /25 green pulsar parallels advertised on the box. It is just a simple green parallel. None of these cards are numbered variations. I love when the colour on the parallel goes with one of the team colours, as with the purple and the Stoudemire.
And the hit is actually kinda interesting. I was wondering where that gray would have come from on a Mavs jersey. They sported alternate jerseys that had a city skyline on the top portion of them. I really didn't think I'd be playing "where is this from" on the blaster hit, but I guess I had to.

There you have it!

Thursday, 10 January 2019

Too Many Bills

I guess it is finally time to start working my way through an envelope from Dennis @ Too Many Manninghams/Verlanders that showed up just before the calendar turned over to 2019. As usual, it was pretty hefty, so I'm breaking it up into several posts. To start off, here's the Buffalo Bills portion of the envelope.
Usually I'll end the post with a 1/1, but this time I'll start with one of them. JP Losman was one of many reminders that it is unwise to get to excited about any Bills QB coming out of the draft.
A common theme with recent Bills draft picks is that many of them have already moved on from the Bills. Sammy Watkins is now in Kansas City.
Here's a scanner bed worth of base cards. That Lee Evans out of Platinum sure sticks out, but it fit best in this group.
8 swatches here, featuring jerseys that were at once point worn by members of the B uffalo Bills. Zay Jones is the only one still with the Bills. But at least Robert Woods has developed into a great receiver for the Rams.
I guess I could have held out until I start getting into the 2/14 portion of the envelope, but there was a lot of 2/14 football content contained within.

And that's it for this portion of it. I've got at least 3 more posts to come from this envelope. But there you have it!

Wednesday, 9 January 2019

2019 Adventures in Repacks - Part 1 - A simple start

I haven't done a repack post since before Christmas. So, despite having some trade envelopes to get to, I probably should get this year's repack adventures started off with one.
A simple start with a single Dollarama Surprise bag.
I wasn't able to squeeze any of the 1990 Score cards into any of my PCs, so here's a nice horizontal photo from the pack. I love how much of the rink is in the background, and the snow flying up from the ice by the sticks.
It is odd how 2 of the 3 players in the 2010s pack were not active in the NHL during the 2010s.
The 1990s pack was all junk wax era cards, but there was some nice stuff there. Despite there being enough of them to wallpaper entire neighbourhoods, a Hasek rookie was unexpected. And Marcel's younger brother Gilbert is a Kitchener Rangers alum. Rookie Shooting % Leader might be an obscure stat used only to get an extra card in a set, but I'll still add it to the alumni collection.
Not one, but two 1000 pt guys in the 1000 pt pack. Both of whom will be bound for the HOF in the future.

There you have it! Another fun year of busting repacks is underway.

Tuesday, 8 January 2019

The Football Randomizer

Now, a switch to cards from some inexpensive football randoms. These are from breaks of 18 Optic and 18 Rookies and Stars.

The R&S break randomed the Chiefs and Browns in my direction.
KC doesn't really have any major rookies, but the stars portion was solid for them with these two relics.
Rookies and Cleveland means that you're probably going to see a lot of Baker Mayfield. And he certainly showed up.
And although an autograph of his wasn't in the case in question, a patch from a jersey that he may have worn for 5 seconds did.
But there were a couple of pretty good rookies with their stickergraphs in the case. If I don't get their first pick, their second and fourth picks will do fine.
Here's all the numbered parallels from the case and the half-case. As you can see, one of the teams I was randomed in the Optic case was the Giants. I also got the Lions, who were a big *womp* *womp*. But the Giants came through with a card that I believe was a case hit.

It's a rookie.

It has a patch.

It has an autograph.

It is limited to 15 copies.
*womp* *womp*

At least his time on-field wasn't as bad as Peterman.