Thursday, 20 November 2014

3 Lisita Envelopes. 3 cards.

First and foremost, I've got my 1994 Collector's Choice blog up and running and a little more filled, having covered 3 cards. I'm stuck in the pretty bland photography of the rookie portion now, but that is the peril of a numerical card by card go through of a set. Check it out!

And now, back to my never-ending quest to unload my listia credits.

At shows, I'll often take a look through cheapo bins that contain the UD Canvas cards, since the photography choices on these often tends to be more interesting than the base cards. I've never seen this one, because I certainly would have grabbed it. This is the type of card that my mask binder was meant for.
I pulled one of the LA Kings version of this from a retail pack, and kinda wanted to add one from my second favourite team. I was probably going to look for one during the Black Friday sales, but this one seemed to be a better option when you're trying to unload credits.
And here's a relic/sticker-auto of a one season Blue Jay. Because why not?

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Just One Pack...of 2014-15 Prestige Basketball

Although I knew that Prestige would be exclusive to Target this season, I was still somewhat surprised to see them show up and locations in Canada. I considered trying a blaster, but then just opted for a single pack.
Here's the first card out of the pack. A pretty nice looking design - my only complaint is that the border on the bottom is a little too big, and the name can be hard to see in scans with all the foil, but that's it. The overall feel with the B&W on the left and the photo on the right reminds me of the rookie portion of the Prestige from a couple years back.
And the back gives you a reused photo, a year of stats, and a slight geography lesson. Plus that "Michigan" means this card is set aside for TMM.
And there was a Raptor in this. Even though Bruno has yet to see the court this season.
And for players that played outside of North America last season, you get a small write up on the back instead of stats. Although most rookies have the stats in the usual place, and a write up where the silhouette is. At least they have a silhouette of Ontario, and not just a maple leaf like they used on '13 Hometown Heroes.
I'm guessing there's one insert per pack, and this was the one I got. While it is nice to get one with LeBron on it, I'm far happier to see the Cincinnati Royals logo with the Oscar Robertson portion. I often say one of my favourite things about Panini's products is that the team logos match the era of the photo.
Interesting collation seeing two players that were part of a trade for each other show up in the same pack.

And to round out the base, Dion Waiters, Pau Gasol, Roy Hibbert, Joe Harris and Carmelo Anthony made appearances. A very Knicks and Cavaliers intensive pack, but not a bad pickup while in Target.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Guilt-free Blue Jays!

As I said this morning, it wasn't just Raptors goodies that came my way. There were also cards for the other Toronto team I root for.
I have no memories of Lukasiewicz with the Jays, even though he is listed as being with Toronto on the back, and there is a part view of their then-affiliate Syracuse Sky Chiefs on the front of the card. He never did play in Toronto, but had a brief stint with the Angels. His major league experience is irrelevant, and I'm happy to add this to the hit portion of my Jays collection.
Aside from the hit, this card might have been my other favourite of the Jays portion. While I have plenty of Pat Hentgen in my collection, I had nothing from his second stint with the team. Until this one. Sure, he's only listed as a Jay, but that's a minor complaint.
And here's a Pat Hentgen from his original stint with the team, along with a Joe Carter for that PC, both all in their Sportflics glory.
The most disappointing 2014 card, mainly because DeRosa isn't playing catch with a CFL football. You're telling me they could not find one proper-sized football around the Dome?
I've added this one before as part of a 1991 Topps Traded team set purchase - and it is nice to add this one to the rest of my Jays set. It really is a nice look at the open roof at the Dome, back when that was still an amazing thing for a stadium.
I didn't bust much Archives this year, but what I did was pretty good to me. While I'd got a bunch of Mets from this set, my Blue Jays content was pretty sparse. Their portion of the set consisted of Bautista, Reyes, Dickey, Lawrie and Pillar. Now I'm 60 percent of the way to that team set.
Parallels are always nice additions to my team PCs.
As are die-cuts.
And Ginters!
Lots more, but I think I'll wrap things up with a Heritage minors of Marcus Stroman. Much like with Archives, I busted several of these last season, and much like with that, Blue Jays content was minimal. At least I've finally got 1, and it is one of the more desired ones for my collection.

Thanks for all the goodies! I'll keep hunting for stray Blazers around K-W!

Guilt-free Raptors!

More new goodies for my Raptors collection courtesy of Cards on Cards' Guilt-Free Basketball Club. If your favourite team is available, sign up!
A nice sized relic of Rudy Gay was the Raptors hit of the package. I found it interesting the card specified that it is from a Memphis Grizzlies uniform when a plain white swatch could have come from any uniform. But, I looked this hit up on COMC, and one did show up with a blue swatch. So that was an appropriate part of the card.
I'm guessing this isn't technically a Raptors card, but if it came up in a group break, it would go to the Raptors. So that's close enough for me.
Budinger. DeRozan. Harden. Not too bad of a threesome, but is there some sort of connection between these three? They are all Pac 12 guys (Arizona State, Arizona and USC), but that's about it.
While I had these 4 base cards in my base set, I didn't have any of these in my Raptors collection, so they're all welcome (despite the repetitive angle on the photos).
Die-cut Damon!
And acetate Bosh!

There was also a bunch of Blue Jays in this package. I'll get to those tonight, or tomorrow. Or sometime.

Monday, 17 November 2014

A Trade Made in 3-Down Heavem

So, I busted a bunch of packs of the new Upper Deck 2014 CFL release. So did Condition Sensitive. In one of my packs, I pulled a nice green relic of Saskatchewan Roughrider Ricky Foley. The Riders (and I still find myself calling them the Green Riders on occasion, almost two decades after the demise of the Rough Riders in Ottawa) are CS' favourite CFL team. In one of his packs, CS pulled a nice black relic of Bakari Grant of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. The Ti-cats are my favourite team.

Clearly, at least one card in each of those packs was meant for elsewhere. I sent off the Foley. I got the Grant.
You gave it a good home.

But, as always, there are more cards in a trade than just the promised goodies.
Such as Bills! Bills! Bills!
A pair of new additions to my 2/14 collection of perfect match Viktor Kozlov. Cross referencing with zistle shows I'm only about 90 base cards away from having each base card he's ever had. But that's counting local sets, so I'm thinking the true number is a bit lower. These are my 29th and 30th cards of Kozlov.
Here's a couple Senators cards. I knew of Sidorkiewicz, but had no idea who Marc Moro was. Although drafted by the Sens, he never played for them. He did have a short career with time in Anaheim and Nashville.
And a nice group of cards for my <2005 mask binder. I didn't know about those two die-cut cards until they came out. They're from a set featuring AHL and IHL from 1995-96. The cards are pleasingly cheap at COMC, and I've added to my collection by throwing a Pokey Reddick into my inventory.

Thanks for all the goodies! I'm now upset I didn't pick up any vintage Riders stuff at the Expo.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Not Just Common to Me! Part 4 - And The Rest!

Let's wrap up yet another bubble envelope of goodies!
Yes, I picked up a card from an umpire set. Because why wouldn't I? And if I'm going to do such a thing, I might as well go all in and get a two for one umpire card saluting a family of umpires. A third Runge was also an umpire in MLB until a year or so ago.
And you even get a write up on the back! I'm now upset I didn't get more of these!
Otis Nixon always seems to make the lists when people list some of the ugliest people ever to play baseball. Someone in a Herb Tarlek suit should be hanging out at county fairs trying to lure you into a booth simply to look at his cards. "And you can see Serpentina, the Snake Lady, too! Cmon! It's only a dollar! I'll even let you take one his 1987 Topps home!"

So, does this Hannibal Lecter helmet make things better by obscuring his face? Or does it amp the nightmare factor up tenfold?

Either way, sleep tightly!
At least the back features a bunt photo!
I didn't pick up this Conlon card for the subject matter on the front...
but for the story of the spitball on the back.
A throwback uniform!
And to end things, here's just 3 cards out of 2003 Upper Deck. There are a good number of interview shots out there. I don't think there could be a better one for the subject than an interview after winning the World Series. There's a whole lot of butt on Odalis' pitcher at the plate card, and the stadium and the city behind is the real star of the Mike Cameron card.

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Not Just Common to Me! Part 3 - I Love The (Mid) 90's!

Time to reach back into the COMC and pull out some more cards. The only ones left that I can combine into some sort of theme is a small collection of 1994 Topps and 1995 Pinnacle.
Definitely not a major acquisition when it comes to 1994 Topps. Mainly, it was a quick look through COMC for a few interesting photos in the set, and add a few cards into my shopping cart that intrigue me. I think those two cards are among the top cards when ranked in terms of the number of batting helmets visible in a card. A throwback uniform makes an appearance. We can google around and trace this to a game from August 1, 1993. Roger Mason picked up the win that day.
In terms of non-set building volume, 1995 Pinnacle was the leader in terms of cards for a set build. First up were these standard vertical cards. I love the inset use on the Belle. It almost looks like he's dreaming about at bats. The Ken Hill is an interesting perspective. The Otis Nixon might be the most photogenic he has ever appeared on cardboard. There's a great aftermath of a PATP on Alomar. I would have rather had the Todd Ziele base card for the clearer photo, but I still like the perspective on the play at third. Jeff Granger must amuse easily. There's my second 'donning the tools if ignorance' card in this justcommons run, and how could you not want a card with Pedro Martinez enjoying a lollipop?
But there were also a three-pack of horizontal cards as well. Autograph signings. Donuts. And they couldn't have superimposed John Burkett's head in a better place to give a view of The Ballpark.

And there's another 15 cards from that envelope.

Friday, 14 November 2014

Not Just Common to Me! Part 2 - Am I Not Stadium-y enough for the Stadium Club?

I hope I am stadium-y enough, since much of this bubble envelope consisted of a significant addition of card under the Stadium Club banner being moved into my misc. interesting photo binder.
The earliest S. Club card in my envelope was this one from 1995. Just one, but is the only card in my collection featuring a player catching sunflower seeds in his mouth. At least I'm hoping that's what they are.
In terms of volume, the big addition was 1997 cards.  There's a couple of Mets cards in there, including a Gilkey that makes Shea Stadium a costar on the picture. The empty stadium is also the star on the Jaha. Thankfully, the photo on Keith Lockhart was snapped a split second after a moment that would have made the card much more than a double play shot to those who are juvenile. Actually, the bunt practice on the Gilkey is as offensive as these get, as the rest of these game-used are all defensive plays.
1998 cards were next, and there's at least one blog famous one there with the laptop photo. Plus, we've got a pitcher at the plate, someone donning the tools of ignorance and an appearance of the on-deck circle. But, despite the rare appearance of said circle, the stadium is once again the star of the card.
Another gorgeous overhead shot in this release as well, joining an Omar Daal with a similar photo from the same year's release. I wonder if they were snapped the same day. There's another entry in the great cardboard legacy of Jose Lima. A throwback uniform, and a pair of batting pitchers round out 1999. And that Ashby wild flail is exactly what I expect from a pitcher at bat.
And here are a pair of Pirates cards from 2002. Looks like someone is going to get a memorable souvenir courtesy of Jason Kendall.
And finally, here are some of this year's Stadium Club cards. I think that might be Curtis Granderson's non-photoshopped Mets debut on cardboard. That Gattis speaks for itself as one of the stranger entries ever. The only way that the David Ortiz card could be better is if they used the actual selfie as the card. And to wrap things up with a couple cards that wrap things up, the farewells of Todd Helton and Roy Halladay. I'm not sure what game the Helton was from, but the Halladay was from where he tossed out the opening day pitch. Both are absolutely perfect choices for the last cards of a player's active career.

2 more posts to go to wrap up this envelope!

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Not Just Common to Me! Part 1 - Adding to my PCs

It has been a few weeks since this package showed up - seems like a good time to finally show some of the contents off. Much of the cards were of the set building variety, but I did add some cards to my personal collections, grabbed a small pile of Stadium Clubs from various years for my "neat photo" collection, and then still have some misc. cards for the rest of the bubble envelope.
To start, here's one of the newest cards that I could add to my Joe Carter collection. Surprisingly, he hasn't shown up in any Topps product for a bit, so it is off to Panini for one of his cards. At least this one doesn't need any airbrushing. And by "for a bit", I mean that his last card in a Topps product I can find at sportlots is 2005 Pristine.
Off to the 2/14 collection, and this is the card that leaves me only 2 base cards away from having all of perfect 2/14 match Damaso Marte's solo base cards. Only 2003 UD 40-man and 2005 MLB Showdown remain.
I'm a little further out from completing Larry Milbourne's base card collection, but many of those are Topps Tiffany and local giveaway releases, so I'm not incredibly concerned about adding those.
And here's a nice 8-pack of Carlos Delgado cards There's a good variety of stuff here. From a bilingual Pacific release, to an incredibly loud 1998 Thunder card to a nicely subdued 2002 Upper Deck flagship release. I think that Zenith is a dupe, though. I really do like the design on the 2000 Victory cards, and that's my pick for favourite card with that.

So, there's a 15 card dent in my justcommons package.