Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Group Break Goodies - Platinum Jays

More group break goodies from mojobreak, this time all the Blue Jays stuff from a case break of Platinum
Let's start with the base, which I got a nice pile of. Most of them were of the prospects, which numbered about 7 or 8 each. That came at the hands of the veteran content, which came in at only a few each. Although since I do have a lot of the former in my collections, adding more of guys I really don't have much of is nice.
A couple of parallels as well. Neither of these are numbered, but that blue is just a beautiful look for the Reyes. I got two of them, so some Jays fan might find the second one in a PWE they get shortly.
Another unnumbered insert in all its die-cut glory.
Now, the hit portion of this begins with a green parallel of Aaron Sanchez. Lots of him in this break. It isn't the best hit, but will be a nice addition to my Jays collection.
But, here's the big hit of the break for me. A sweet auto relic of Marcus Stroman. It is good to add one of his at this point, since his stuff is doing well locally.

I've got one more bubble on the way, and that will wrap up two more breaks. One didn't go so well, but the other one went really well. The envelope will be the perfect example of win some, lose some.

Monday, 18 August 2014

Welcome to the Sens collection!

It is always nice to welcome new faces to my Senators collection!
We open with a zero-year (tm: Nick @ Dime Boxes) Senator in Geoff Kinrade. Geoff signed with the Senators, but his only NHL experience comes prior to that in one game with Tampa. He spent two years in Binghampton, leading them to the Calder Cup title, but never got the call to the big leagues. He's been in Europe the past few seasons.
And in the same category, Alex Grant has yet to appear in a game for the Senators since arriving in a deal that sent Andre Petersson to the Ducks. Alex played two games for the Ducks in his NHL career, popping goals in each of them. Andre only played in 1 game for the Senators, but I still have one of his cards in my collection as well. If you're doubting his Sens credentials, look closely at the top of the card.
Hey! Here's a guy who has actually played for Ottawa! Hemsky played 20 games for Ottawa last season, arriving in a deadline deal in a failed playoff push. He signed with Dallas in the offseason.

Since it appears last year's rookie(s) cards have already shown up in product or the other, it looks like I'll be waiting to at least UD S2 to see any new faces.

COMC Challenge Cards Part 46 - Is this the Best Team Photo Card Ever?

Or merely the coolest?
And Bill Russell can make plaid pants look spectacular. Don't ask why. He just can.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Just one pack...of 14 Donruss Series 2 and 13-14 Select Basketball

A couple misc. packs from the LCS.
8 cards from the new lower end product on the shelf? Sounds like a good start.
5 regular base cards among the 8 in the pack. Nothing much of note photographically in this. 5 base cards are usually a bummer, but there were only 100 among the non-SP base cards.
And here's one of the SPs.
I guess this was the pack hit in this. It is incredibly gaudy, and /999, and at the same time, a perfect addition to my CanCon collection. It isn't quite as obnoxious in hand, but it is definitely the most garish addition in that mini-collection.
And one of these Elite cards. They seem to fall at one per pack, based on a couple of box breaks I've watched. Based on what I've seen, these wouldn't be too bad of a pick-up as a mid-range set.

Even though I call this post "one pack", I might get a few more at a later date.
Basketball time!
Pretty standard base. While it was nice to add a star like Leonard, how can I vote against Big Baby Davis as my favourite in this pack?
And this pack's hit is an actual hit. While these would be called pulsar if this were Select, here these are given the lengthy title of "Rookie Jerseys Autographs Prizms Purple". They're numbered to /99. Decent penmanship as well. I looked up cards of Glen Rice Sr. at COMC, and his penmanship isn't bad either. Although I wish Jr would have added that to the signature.

A bright auto-relic is always a good way to end a post.

Saturday, 16 August 2014

2014 Adventures in Repacks: Part 46: So much for variety

If variety is the spice of life, then this repack wasn't too spicy. Instead of an interesting mix of products, I got a very bland mix.

8 packs of 2013-14 Prizm Retail
2 packs of 2012-13 Prestige

So, definitely nothing in terms of variety, but I still might find some nice cards. Time to bust these packs!

Prizm does mean some nice coloured parallels, and I didn't do too badly pulling these. I didn't bust any basketball retail, but I only got a one or two from the retail packs of each sport. Based on that ratio, I'm more than happy getting three red and three green.
The red side completely wins this battle. While you'd think the red would be brighter, it is actually more subdued than the green, both in scan, and in hand. The players are pretty even, but Norm Nixon in the San Diego Clippers uni gives them the edge there as well. My only complaint that is that despite saying San Diego on the front of the card, it has the LA Clippers logo on the reverse.
Depsite all being recent content, the Raptors content wasn't there. The closest I came was Louis Williams, who was traded to the team this past off-season.
I hinted at with the Nixon, but one of the best things about Prizm is the usage of retired players in the set. While you'd expect to find guys like Kareem, Stockton and The Admiral, seeing Jason Kidd sporting a Mavericks variation, and the appearance of Ron Harper and Glen Rice (already put aside for TMM) were all pleasant surprises.
Prestige was a strange mix of horizontal and vertical cards - something I'm really not expecting with a basketball base set. The design works better when the team colours are more subdued, allowing the player to really stand out against the background. The Avery Bradley was the only Celtics card in the repack.
The design really doesn't work as well when it doesn't have the stands in the background, like this Jennings.
A slightly different design for the rookies. While I appreciate the obscurity factor, and it is a keeper for that reason, Donald Sloan isn't really the rookie you want to see when you see the Cavs logo.

So, while the variety wasn't there, I still found a nice number of keepers. Although I might avoid the next basketball repack I see with Prizm and Prestige packs as the only ones that were visible.

Friday, 15 August 2014

Trade w/ lonestarr - Part 1

I got an email from lonestarr looking for a good home for a bunch of cards. Bills. Raptors. Jays. Vlads. And the like. While I wasn't able to bring the volume in the envelope I sent, the quality was there and I was able to get a large bubble envelope heading my way.

Despite the large number of cards that went my way, I was able to break things pretty easily down into two categories. Buffalo Bills cards. And non-Buffalo Bills cards. Simple!
Opening up with a nice addition to my Blue Jays collection, and also my favourite card from this portion of the trade - a nice on-card autograph of Vernon Wells. Not the most spectacular penmanship, but does have an nice shininess to it. I'm not sure how autos worked in with the Pack Wars game, though.
And here are some more Jays for theat portion of my collection. Shiny! Parallels! Base! A nice mix.
Not much for the Expos collection, though. Still, it is always fun to welcome an oddball to that binder.
My Vlad binder made out much better.
Transitioning from Vladimir to the Raptors doesn't really make any sense, but I really didn't have any way to move away from or into baseball to any other groups of the cards. So, this will do. The Jimmy King is one third of a group of minis from '96 Collector's Choice. He was grouped with a pair of Fab 5ers, so when I first got this card, it went off to Dennis @ TMM. While another Demar rookie for my collection is nice, the most interesting one to me was the Villanueva in the upper left. For the card back.
Since when does a disease someone suffers from qualify as a "Fun" fact? WTF, Topps?
Thankfully, the Raptors are an easy transition to move from, with yet another Richard Hamilton hit for my 2/14 collection.
Followed be some base. This puts my total for his cards at 22. He still trails Muresan, but that gap should close sooner and Rip will resume the lead. After all, there are 8-9 times more cards of his to chose from.
Football also got a few new cards, and this puts the overall total at 798 overall. I wish I had just one more card in the binder, since the Miller is /799, and would be an appropriate card to put me at the goal. My goal for the year was to add 800 cards, and that will easily drop once I start posting the latest batch on COMC Challenge cards.
And to wrap it up, there were a nice collection of drawn cards for that collection. Considering my collection is mainly baseball and hockey, adding some football is nice. It is hard not to pick this '91 Score of Warrren Moon as my fave in this group. CFL alumni always get a slight edge in picking favourites.

So, that's half the envelope. The Bills portion gets posted sometime next week.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

COMC Challenge Cards Part 45 - Pick 6!

Another 6 COMC cards from a previous mailing(s) to celebrate a pair of packages showing up from COMC today. Despite the order being placed a week and a half apart.
I had never heard of Topps Marquee, but looking at the singles, there are some really nice full-bleed photos on this. I just grabbed this one because it came up in the challenges, but when I have some more time, I'm going to probably get a few more of these. Here, we've got what looks like a walk-off photo combined with a throwback uniform.
If I'm going to go for a Vlad Guerrero card from Topps Tek, it might as well be one that uses the Expos logo. I couldn't imagine trying to build this set and maintaining my sanity.
A nice Tatooine card (tm: GCRL) of Mike Stanley. It is an interesting photo choice as the reaction indicates this wasn't the most flattering moment of his career.
Don't laugh at his glasses. They all looked like that in the early 80, and nobody wore them in an ironic hipster way.
How many images on a card qualifies as too many images on a card? 6? Nah, you could still do more. Either way, it is a really nice turning two sequence.
I've been noticing El Cheapo rack packs of 2009 OPC showing up at Walmart lately. Since I didn't bust any of that at the time, I've considered grabbing a pack. But, as of yet, I haven't. In the meantime, here's an always interesting card of a pitcher running the bases. I'll accept the rarity of this, and ignore the fact that I've also for to look at the third-base coach's hinder each time I want to examine the card.

So, there's 6 down, and there are, as of this mailday, over 100 more back in my "to post" COMC box.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Trading to the Clubhouse

A good day as a pair of trade envelopes showed up. I'm going with the lazy option and doing the pack with fewer cards. Plus, I'm not feeling too verbose. First up, an envelope filled with cards from Mark @ The Way to The Clubhouse, in return for all sorts of Gabes and Gabriels I've hunted down for him (mainly Landeskogs).
Hitting on lots of my personal collections, I'll open with one that stood on its own. A nice addition to my Expos binder, which doesn't have too many not Vladimir Guerrero cards from the later years.
Next up, someone of whom there were only 2 cards - 2/14 binder member Drew Bledsoe.
1-2-3 and here's some Vlad Guerrero, wrapping up the smaller collections of cards with the trio of Vlads.

And now, the volume:
Lots of Thurman Thomas.
Lots of Doug Flutie, pretty much the only Bills QB that hasn't given my fits post Jim Kelly. EJ Manuel has to play at least one more season before he joins that cavalcade of misery.
And last, but certainly not least, a nice pile of Raptors cards. It is always nice to add some more obscure guys into the binder, such as Pape Sow and Oliver Miller, alongside a fan favourite such as the JYD.

So that's it. I'm tired, but I won't forget to thank you for these cards, and say I'll be on the outlook for some more Landeskogs in the 2013-14 releases.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

COMC Challenge Cards Part 44 - Pick 6!

Since I'm determined to get through the group of COMC cards I have now before the next two packages arrive. So, today I've got a 6 pack of Upper Deck cards.
I don't remember much about his 2003 tenure with the Giants, but at least he used his time on the bench their productively. I'd be forever disappointed if I later learn that Andres used some gum to perfom this nifty trick. But, I'll still believe until I learn otherwise. This might be one of the most creative cards usage of bat abd ball in a baseball photo. I won't call it the most creative, since I'm sure there will be competition.
Staying with the same set, here's another great photo. It is another perfect usage of the horizontal option for the photo, since it captures both the ball and bat as both the former and remnants of the latter sail away from the former Met. Depressingly for Jay, the bat appears to me getting more distance than the ball.
This was the only card for today's Pick 6 that I didn't get for the photo. It is a nice companion piece to the Adam Greenberg from last year's Topps release.
I don't know if Brady Clark made this catch. Searching for Brady Clark and catch did show he did several wall climbs during his Brewers career.
Not to be confused with the other Adam Eaton. It is a fairly standard autograph shot, looking like it might be against the bricks of Wrigley. But, I do wonder what is on the other side of that binder/clipboard that he's adding his signature to. It did inspire me to head over to COMC to compare the penmanship of the Adam Eaton's. Based solely on this, I'd prefer this guy's auto to the current player.
And to wrap things up, what more could you ask for with a pitcher's rookie card than seeing him practicing his bunts?