Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Expo Recap Part 3

Time for some more Expo boxes with a pair of Artifacts boxes. There was nothing really of note in the bonus packs.
Classic Nordiques blue in 2018? And on a Wilf Paiement card to boot? That's an obvious way to start off the post.
My PCs saw some love with these parallels/hits, as I added a new relic and numbered card to my Kitchener Rangers alum collection with the Kadri and Landeskog, along with a new 2/14 card in the Ehlers.
Here are my rookie redemptions. Some of these were announced last week, and the Rangers one will turn into a Brett Howden card at some point. My guess is the Panthers one will be Juho Lammikko, but I'm holding out hope that it will be Bogdan Kiselevich, a 2/14 baby. At least the auto should be a top 10 rookie.
A sampling of some of the other numbered cards. Only the Johnsson is a base card. Fuhr and Niku are ruby parallels, Backstrom is an emerald while Ekam-Larsson is an aqua.

Here's a couple more relics.

When I show off blue, white and orange swatches in a post, they tend to be along the lines of Mets relics. This time, I got a pair of Isles boxes where both the big hits were their cards.

And there you have it! I assume 6 months or so from now I'll be showing off the redemptions when they come through. But there's more Expo goodies up next.

Monday, 12 November 2018

Expo Recap Part 2

Let's start digging into some of the wax I busted over Expo weekend. I'll probably devote one post to each product as opposed to each box, as I did do multi boxes/blasters of several products. This was not one of them. In fact, this was the only product I didn't do multiples of. So, I'll start the wax fest with one box of:
This product couldn't have been that Limited, as there were still boxes available. Let's see these 7 cards.
That is a Rangers-intensive pack, but 3 of the 7 cards within hit my PCs. Limited was an early season release, so much like with Artifacts, the rookies would come in the future. Turns out that all 12-13 rookies ended up being delayed until 13-14, and the only true rookies in 12-13 were the late season debuts from 11-12. But, generic ream redemptions were still allowed, and that got this Senators redemption, which will turn into a card of Jean-Gabriel Pageau and Cory Conacher.

An appearance of Stanley is up next, and always elcome no matter who it is alongside. Alongside a mask binder card of a HOFer is even better. Then there's not one, but two Marian Gaboriks. A base card and a silver parallel. Amazingly, I didn't have either in my 2/14 collection. That's the base card and the silver parallel. Those are 2 of the 9 cards I acquired for the 2/14 collection on Friday.

Off to the bottom row, we start with a beauty of a patch of Carl Hagelin. I didn't pick up too much in terms of volume for a future package to Dennis @ Too Many Manninghams, so this will be part of the next eventual mailer. I don't know what that substance that is on the diagonal in the patch, but the more I think of it, I really don't want to know. After that, a HOF dual relic. I don't have much in terms of silvery Kings relics. So, there's that. The final card is technically a base card, but it is a nice looking one. And Prout's still playing on this side of the Atlantic, now in the Flames organization.

And there you have it! Probably some more boxes tomorrow with some Artifacts.

Sunday, 11 November 2018

Expo Recap Part 1

I've never really been that crazy about Young Guns, so I was pretty disappointed to find this particular Expo, more than ever, focusing on Series 1 dropping. Very few singles on the whole towards the lower end of the spectrum, so I ended up buying more wax than I would have liked, and have spent the past 48 hours or so slowly busting my way through them. This might have been the fewest singles I've ever bought at one of these.

So, over the next few days, you can look forward to recaps of 17-18 Artifacts, 12-13 Limited, 2018 Topps WWE Women's Division and a bunch of 09-10 O-Pee-Chee. But, I'll try and work a couple of singles acquisitions into the mix. Like this post.
I probably overpaid for this, but it was the set completer for the 2016-17 O-Pee-Chee set. Lindgren has been back and forth between the parent club and the AHL for the past several season. So, it isn't a big card in terms of the set, but it was for me putting this set to bed.
What's better than finishing one set? Finishing two! Technically, this isn't finished, as there are about a dozen SPs I need, but I'm happy enough with this being the finale.

And there you have the first two acquisitions I'm showing off from the Expo. Probably Limited with tomorrow's post.

Friday, 9 November 2018

2018 Adventures in Repacks - Part 36.4 - Pre-Expo Repacks

One last repack, as the doors have yet to open, this still counts as pre-Expo.
Here are the contents within:

2000 Victory
2008 Ice
2009 OPC * 2
2012 Score * 4
2013 Score
2014 UD S2
2015 UD S2
2016 MVP * 2
2016 Artifacts
2016 Platinum

For those bad at math, that's only 15. #16 was...
A little Rangers goalie guy and a little Hurricanes goalie guy.

The teenymates joins 3 other packs I'm seeing for what I think was the first time in one of these:
I'll just hit the highlights of most of the packs, but will show everything from those three. Given I'm going chronologically, that means I'll be closing and ending on complete packs.
Starting off with a Senators card in the pack is a great way to open a repack. Throw in a Kitchener Rangers alum, and a couple mask binder cards and I'm happy with these standard 9 vertical cards.
And here's the horizontal cards. I've just done back-to-back posts with cards featuing Maxim Balmochnykh.
3 of the 5 guys in the Ice pack from 2008 are still in the league.
As for the O-Pee-Chee, none of the guys there were still in the league, but I'm impressed that Teppo was still around and getting cards in 2009 releases. Both the Legend and the Rookie were SPs. I'd never heard of Lisin before pulling his card, so I figured I might as well post it.
The 2012 Score packs were surprisingly good to me. Mark Stone was one of the better rookies from the rather compact 12-13 rookie card class. Then there's a parallel of a 2/14 guy, and one of the rarer inserts with The Franchise.
A couple more golds from 2013.
A good repack for back-to-back Ducks, as this is not only the second straight post with a Palmieri, both contained that same card from 2014. But it is a great photo at least.
A couple MVP SPs.
Just base in the Artifacts pack, so here's the reigning Hart trophy winner.
Finally, the Platinum. A Crosby and a die-cut. Not a bad way to end this!

I'll probably start on Sunday showing off Expo goodies! Until then...

Thursday, 8 November 2018

2018 Adventures in Repacks - Part 36.3 - Pre-Expo Repacks

Time to switch to hockey, and the Dollarama two-step of a 15 for $1 hanger, and a Surprise bag.
Here's the first visible card in the hanger. That's a great photo, perfectly framed with the puck behind the goalie.
Sens content among the first group of the remaining 7. Brady scored the first goal in the history of the new Senators run. And there's a Lindros rookie. Brett Lindros.
And the other visible card was an entry from Ice. In all its acetate glory. Upper Deck sure loved photos with goaltenders being barreled over.
The contents of the Surprise Bag.
I was surprised I didn't already have that Hedberg in the mask binder collection. Aside from that, a fairly blah pack.
The Canadian pack contained a quarter of Oilers. I've found that Taylor Hall card a lot in repacks as of late.
The Hall of Fame repack did add a new Al MacInnis to my collection of Kitchener Rangers alum, but also turned this into Esa Tikkanen hot repack with his second appearance.
And the Superstar in the pack is the latest saviour in Leafs Land. That's accompanied by a pair of guys I'd never heard of. Balmochnykh played 6 games in the NHL, while Sip's North American experience was a pair of seasons with Lethbridge.

But there you have it! One more repack to go, and hopefully I'll be scanning Expo goodies by the weekend.

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

2018 Adventures in Repacks - Part 36.2 - Pre-Expo Repacks

The other side!
2016 Update - Johnny Cueto - And we are off! With the most recent card in the repack.
1987 Update - Al Newman - Back to back Update! Random 80s update stuff is always fun in a repack.
1988 Topps - Tim Hulett
1989 Topps - Robin Yount
1988 Topps - Phil Garner
1995 Finest - Tim Salmon - Random Finest card.
1987 Topps - Dale Sveum
1989 Score - Wally Joyner
1987 Topps - John Denny
1982 Topps - Dave Roberts
1996 Choice - Shane Andrews - Expos content!
1989 Topps - Norm Charlton
2007 Bowman - Michael Eisenberg
2008 Topps - Andy Laroche
2006 UD - Paul Konerko - MY favourite photo in the repack. There's an angle you don't see a lot of on a card.
1991 Topps - Dave Justice
1987 Topps - Dave Righetti
1988 Topps - Tony LaRussa
2008 Bowman - Justin Verlander
1989 Topps - Brian Harper
1988 Topps - Jack Morris
1989 Score - Bill Buckner
1991 Topps - Todd Hundley - It took more than 60 cards in, but finally a Met shows up.
2007 UD - Francisco Cordero
2008 UD - Ian Kinsler
2006 UD - Julio Franco - Yes. This is a Mets card. The logo makes it count.
1987 Topps - Glenn Hubbard
1982 Topps - Denny Lewallyn - One of two 1982 cards in this portion. I opted for this since Denny looks more like an industrial arts teacher than Roberts.
1994 UD - Alan Trammel - A Tatooine card! (tm: gcrl)
1987 Topps - Bruce Bochy
1988 Topps - Todd Benzinger
1987 Topps - Jeff Russell
1989 Topps - Rich Gedman
1990 Fleer - Bob McClure
1990 Fleer - Ron Jones
1991 UD - Cal Ripken Jr - Both sides contained an Upper Deck Ripken from 1991, so I might as well highlight one of them.
1990 Fleer - Fred Manrique
1989 Topps - Dave Schmidt
1987 Update - Dickie Noles - More 1987 Update content!
2013 Update - Chris Narveson - And that's it.

Some hockey up next.

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

2018 Adventures in Repacks - Part 36.1 - Pre-Expo Repacks

With the Expo this upcoming weekend, this is a perfect time to tone things down a little bit and work my way through a few of my favourites. I haven't gone one of these 80 for $3 baseball hangers in a bit, so this is as good a time as any.  One side today, with the other tomorrow.

2012 Heritage Minor League - A.J. Kirby Jones - If you think I'm leaving a repack on the hangers when the first visible card is from Heritage Minors, this must be your first time here.
2014 Bowman - Roy Halladay
1990 Classic - Dave West
1985 O-Pee-Chee - Al Cowens - O-Pee-Chee! In all their bilingual glory!
1989 Topps - Bobby Thigpen
1991 UD - John Olerud - Jays card #1.
1993 Topps - Dave Martinez
1993 Donruss - Jeff King
1990 Fleer - Shane Rawley
1994 Choice - Brad Fullmer - Expos content!
1991 UD - Cal Ripken Jr
1987 Topps - Bobby Witt
1987 Topps - Greg Harris
1990 Topps - Ken Griffey Jr - This would have been an amazing pull back in 1990. Now, it is repack filler.
1989 Topps - Wade Boggs
1992 Topps - Ray Lankford
1988 Topps - Harold Baines
1990 Topps - Junior Felix - Jays card #2.
1991 UD - Matt Williams
1996 Ultra - Greg Swindell
1988 Topps - Bud Black
1985 Topps - Kevin Gross
1991 Topps - Mark Salas
1988 Topps - Danny Tartabull
2008 Topps - Yorvit Torrealba
2010 Bowman - Anthony Morris
2012 Topps - James McDonald
2008 UD - Troy Glaus
1988 Topps - Garth Iorg - Jays card #3.
1989 Topps - Bobby Bonilla
1987 Topps - Doug Drabek
1991 Score - Stan Belinda
2008 Topps - Trevor Hoffman - It is somewhat surprising in these that a HOF appears and it isn't a junk wax card.
1982 Topps - Ben Oglivie - The oldest card in this portion.
1989 Topps - Roger Clemens
1984 Topps - Dan Quisenberry - There's always room for a 1984 base card.
1993 OPC - Andy Van Slyke
1991 UD - Jack Howell
1988 Topps - Storm Davis
2013 Topps - Mark Reynolds - And this one wraps up the first half.

Another list of 40 cards up tomorrow!