Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Trolling for Inserts

I realized I had a little bit of space left in the box where I'd stored the base set for 2018 Score Football, so instead of grabbing some dummy cards to fill it, I opted to pick up one of these instead. I'd watched a couple of breaks of this on youtube, and had seen that there were a lot of inserts spread over many of those sets in it. Let's take a look!
No inserts to start off, but here are three more of the unnumbered Scoreboard inserts. Interestingly, none of these three players are currently on the team they're pictured with. Martin and Williams are now with the Raiders and Chiefs respectively and Bryan was drafted by Jacksonville.
The box-promised purple parallels never materialized. However, this Showcase parallel /99 of Marcus Mariota did. Did I just send a package to a Ducks team collector a couple weeks beforehand? Of course I did.
I'll just cover all the inserts in the order they uploaded. It might be a cynical way to get more rookies into the set, but I do like the 80s Diamond King-esque background here.
This was definitely the best insert set for someone looking for in-game photos. as best as I can tell, this is also Maurice Harris' first NFL card, having only appeared on Sage cards prior to this.
Signal Callers produced the only Bills card of the break, even considering base cards and draft picks.
One of only a couple insert dupes for me was this Celebration one.
A salute to alternate uniforms!
Back-to-back Cam Newtons. I could have done worse.
A hit! And a hit so obscure that I had to search to find what insert set this represented. This comes from the creatively-named "College Jerseys" set.
Another dupe.
Although defeating the Bears in 2017 wasn't the toughest feat, it is an easy way to include a card of the latest 49ers quarterback of the future.
I didn't like Fantasy-football themed cards when they were base cards in Topps' releases. Changing the company and making them insert sets hasn't changed that.
This draws to a close with two Sidelines cards featuring players standing on the sidelines.

I got a hit. I got a Bills insert. I got some trade bait. More importantly, there might not be room for even a single base card in that box anymore. That's the best thing about this break.

Monday, 21 May 2018

Happy Victoria Day!

Even though I really don't see the resemblance in the drawing, her signature is interesting.

And the reference now goes away until 2019.

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Random Autograph Sunday

With a significant order from COMC likely to arrive before the end of the month, I might as well continue to work my way through my to-be-posted box. Today, all the autographs within.
This is the only auto in the group that had a relic attached. I added this to my inventory last November, after Posey had been named MVP of the Grey Cup. He's trying the CFL pit-stop route back to the NFL as he's signed with the Ravens in the off-season.
Mr. Irrelevant 2015!
Football brings several of the candidates for the penmanship binder. Perry brings a perfect signature to the table with every letter visible. The 'y' looks like it might be a case of going off the sticker, but it isn't as the crossing line is separate from it.
There was only one hockey autograph left in the box, and it is one of my favourite names to say out loud - Jean-Jacques Daigneault.
When I noted that Lenny Randle had added a happy face drawing to his autograph I realized he had to join Jimmy Mann in terms of adding that particular bit of art to their signature. He's #3 in terms of penmanship binder candidates.
The late Wally moon is the final penmanship binder card. I love it when people in their 80s and older still have/had beautifully legible signatures.
This one has been in the to-be-posted box for about 2 years now. He was coming off a great year as a Rule 5 draft pick by the Mets, but the rest of his Mets career was not memorable, and he's now in the Cardinals organization.

And there's a bunch of autographs!

Saturday, 19 May 2018

PWE Chronicles: Cardboard Clubhouse

It is time to finally recap an envelope that arrived a day before the Expo, which means I've been too lazy to recap this for more than two weeks.
70s Mets! A whole team worth on one card!
Only one other Mets card in the envelope - can't complain when it is a great design and features the late, great Rusty Staub.
The rest of the envelope? All Expo! A nice variety in here as well. I've got so many 1990 Bowman hockey cards because of repacks, but so few of the baseball ones in comparison. My other favourite here - Sportflix! That's Pedro Martinez pitching and signing on the poorly-scanned card.

There you have it!

Thursday, 17 May 2018

2018 Adventures in Repacks - Part 18.2 - While I was Expo-ing

I'll follow up the Wally World baseball goodies with some Dollarama hockey goodies, namely a pair of Surprise Bags.

Contents of #1:
Storage, and 3 mini repacks to start off.
There's already an interesting card to start this off. That Black Diamond card of Rob Shearer appears to be his only solo NHL card.  I also get a card of my one of my favourite jerseys in Sudbury's.
The Canadian team package. A pair of 2013 OPCs was unexpected.
I'm not sure whether the Kissing Bandit or Andersen is the promised Superstar, but I did finally add my first 2017 Tim Horton's base card to my collection. Or perhaps even my first '17 Timmies card period. In addition, there's a mask binder bonus card with Grahame, and the Granato is the French version, so if the promised star is Marchand, it is easily #4 overall in this pack.
Repack #2!
And more Oilers! I guess the Joe Murphy 1990 Bowmans were extra cheap! A great photo on the Smyth makes up for that.
Time to find something interesting to write about 1991 Pro Set. OK. Mike Eagles is a Kitchener Rangers alum, spending time with the '82 Memorial Cup winners. Mario shows the worst possible placement for the card company logo.
When the HOF pack provides the 4th 1990 Bowman of the break, it is a boring break.

But there you have it!

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

2018 Adventures in Repacks - Part 18.1 - While I was Expo-ing

Today and next post, I'll highlight some repacks I've picked up last week while I was recapping Expo related stuff. Up first, another one of those baseball repacks from Wally World with 10 packs, and 5 bonus Triple Play packs. Here's the non-Triple content:

3 2014 Golden Age
1 2015 Stars & Stripes
1 2015 Elite
1 2016 Series 1
2 2017 Honus Bonus
2 2017 Series 1

Looks like Golden Age replaced Prizm, and one Honus Bonus replaced one '17 S1. I'd rather bust GA than Prizm, but would rather bust S1 than HB. So I guess one the surface, this one wins in terms of pre-busting content. As before, I'll do this chronologically.
No Mets content in the Triple Play, but I did get a Jays sticker.
And a Jays card.
As well as a hit! It is game-used, but that game was probably just some beer league softball.
A nice variety of baseball and non-baseball in the Golden Age. Curt Flood and Haystacks Calhoun are my favourites among the former and latter.
Minis! I guess they can use logos with Negro Leagues photos.
8 cards is just right to scan everything in the Stars & Stripes pack. Base cards and parallel cards were all it had to offer, but the /99 is of an interesting player. Armstrong might be the next ambidextrous pitcher to come along.
A nice looking insert from the Elite.
And hit #2. I couldn't have told you where or even if Rymer Liriano was playing at this point without breaking out google. Yes he is, and he's with the Angels minor league system.
A nice Wrigley Field insert was about all the 2016 pack had to offer.
I did get this 1/1 from the Honus Bonus though. I wasn't too excited, as I'd remembered that there were many 1/1s from this set over at COMC. Turns out this really is a 1/1 as there is one for every occurrence of the stat that lead to the milestone.
I did a little better with the 2017 Series 1 packs in terms of inserts.

And there you have it! While I didn't land any 1:1773 autographs like last time, this was still a fun little break. Hockey from the Dollarama up next!

Sunday, 13 May 2018

Expo Recap - Post #8 - Odds and Ends for the End

And it draws to a close with a small selection of randomness.
I assume I could have just picked this card up for forty-some cents over at COMC with all the available cards from the e-packs, but getting it in hand right away was worth the extra dime. A retro card is a nice way to wrap up Jagr's career on cardboard.
More OPC retro and a Young Guns card are the next ones up, and on their way to the Senators collection. Yes, that Rich Parent is a Senators card, despited the Tampa jersey and Blues mask.
See? He never played a game for the team. Also, he has a rather painful sentence in his wikipedia entry.

"During the season, he received injury after taking a slapshot by teammate Al MacInnis and was diagnosed with a ruptured testicle."

And now, more cards:
Just a couple more 2/14 cards. I was surprised I didn't already have that Young Gun of Tom Pyatt. That's my 16th card of his. Matt O'Connor moves up to 8 with that /100 black foil parallel.
A trio of additions to my Kitchener Rangers alumni collection are the next ones. I've picked up the base version of that Faksa card earlier, and here's the prime version. It is a thick seam that's practically bursting through the card. That's Ryan Murphy on the 1/1 yellow plate out of Contenders. Much like with the Malcolm Subban auto I pulled earlier, it is nice to add an auto of his from before he started abbreviating it.
Just a random nice double relic of HOFer.
To end the recap of the Expo, my first Colorado Rockies hockey hit! I think I just need a hit from the Kansas City Scouts to wrap up a Frankenset of defunct NHL teams from the 70s/80s.

And it is done for another Spring. I might not be able to make the November one this year, so it might be a year before I devote a week of posts to a card show again.

Back to recaps tomorrow!