Sunday, 19 January 2020

Familiar 2/14 Faces

After a bunch of newcomers yesterday, here's some names that have made at least one previous appearance.
This is practically pack fresh as an addition to the collection, and is the only card in the bunch that wasn't a COMC acquisition, instead being a pick-up from the LCS when I picked up some Trilogy. At least Alshon still qualifies as an addition to the more limited base sets out there.
Staying with Contenders, here's Tanner Lee from last year's release. He was released by the Jags this past off-season, and didn't catch on anywhere else.
Given Luminance's tendency to use darker photos on their cards to contrast the silver foil text, getting one with all the white on it tends to throw you. Like Tanner, he was a late round draft pick, but unlike Tanner, he saw a little action this season.
A one-card switch to hockey. UD's epacks have allowed for inexpensive additions to the collection, and this is significantly the cheapest option to add a new Mrazek relic to the binders.
It wouldn't be a Topps release if there weren't a few dozen parallels of each card. Here's the Walgreens yellow parallel.
I will not pretend to know the first thing about soccer, but I do know these are the first two soccer hits in my collection. Dillon wins the signature quality battle, since I can recognize more of the letters on his.

And there you have it!

Saturday, 18 January 2020

New 2/14 Faces

I'm determined to get through my COMC to-be-posted content before I hit ship on the latest order. So, this weekend I will be getting caught up on the content in that box.
I'm opening with the newest wrestler addition to my collection in Lin Byron or her masked alter-ego of Ray. This also a pretty depressing entry, as she passed away from a brain tumour in August of 2018.
Two new ladies for the collection! I thought cards of her would be more plentiful, but realized I'd confused her with her sister Magdalena. A third sister, Katerina combined to make them the only sisters ever to be ranked in the Top 10 simultaneously.
A 1976 set that highlights the 1887 World Series adds Charles 'Pretzels' Getzein to my collection. He does have a vintage Allen & Ginter card, which will probably be my next add to the unreasonable want list.
A card of a team's general manager? Thanks, Smokey! Poile is now in that role with Nashville.
Cooperalls! Questionable hair! It must be an 80s hockey card! This does appear to be the only card David Lundmark got in his career. He's with the OHL's Kingston Canadians here, which, after a one-season stint as the Raiders, became the name they're still known as today - the Frontenacs.
And here's your big winner - a quartet of Bates Motel cards featuring Freddie Highmore. Unless someone starts releasing cards for The Good Doctor, this might be what his content is limited to.

There you have it! Familiar faces up next!

Friday, 17 January 2020

Mailbag Wrap-up

I started posting the most recent envelope from Dennis @ Too Many Verlanders before the 12 RA Boxes of Christmas. With that well in the past now, I might as well wrap it up. I posted all the 2/14 content before, now I'm just going to do the rest in the order that the scans upload.
Starting off with a Kitchener Rangers alum. With hockey hair like that, you knew this had to be a card from the 80s.
We have a quick move over to baseball and my Mets collection with this swatch from Michael Conforto.
And although this is not obvious from the front, this is another Kitchener Rangers alum card, with that being Connor Bunnaman. He made his NHL debut this season in the opener with the Flyers, and got a Young Guns card in the first series. This 1/1 plate goes back to the Genesis release from 15/16 Leaf.
Both of my main baseball player PCs, Carlos Delgado and David Wright, have been neglected over the past season. Here is to hopefully getting it back going again.
The late James Hardy provides an on-foil autograph. This is from the mouthful of a subset named "2008 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia Rookie Premiere Materials Embossed Hologram Team Logo Signatures". Whew.
2006 Mets and Jays miscellany!
Hologram Eric Moulds! YES!
For the first time in the post, two groups of scans go together with some CanCon basketball. What is that made Nash and Rubio such an intriguing pair? They were skilled ballhandlers. That's all.
A trio of cards of a Canadian player lead into some from a Canadian team. That Ultra base card of Vince Carter is a beaut.
Sure, this isn't a certified auto. Who's forging Ed Sprague autos?
I might as well throw a Sens card in here as well with all the other miscellany.
Ending on acetate.

And that's a coffey.jpg through watkins.jpg ending to a mailbag. I've sent a return fire package, and that might even be posted between the time I write this and the time this goes live.

Thursday, 16 January 2020

Jamal Murray is Impeccable

Along with my earlier Daniel Alfredsson post, I noted that I was in the lead with over 400 cards of his at TCDB. I also noted that the only collection I've completely entered there were his, my 2/14s, and my Jamal Murray. I only have 66 cards of his in comparison, but I'm also in the lead there when i comes to collecting the local product.

And here's two more!
You know a set is high end when the base cards are /99. But we do have a really nice design here using multiple photos, and it is really nice that they do not use the same jersey on both the photos. The way the photos are positioned almost makes it look like he's passing the ball to himself.
And one high-end base cards deserves another. 

There you have it!

Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Finally Flawless

As in, I've finally got a card from Panini's super-high-end Flawless in my collection.
Despite being a fairly obvious choice for inclusion in products like Archives, or in World Series themed subsets, Joe has been absent from Topps products, not counting Rediscover buybacks, for about 15 years now. Which basically gives me the choice of either paying an absurd amount for an older card, or not caring about licensing and buying something from Panini.

I think I made the right choice.
The back does describe his most famous home run, so at least I've got that to go along with it.

Joe's penmanship? Also flawless.

Tuesday, 14 January 2020

The First Box of 2020

We head back to 13-14 for my first box of the year. While it isn't my personal favourite product from that year, it did give me one of my better pulls of last year, one of two Gordie Howe autos I landed in 2019. What will this box contain?
Again, the colour on the base card is so nice to see in a higher end set.
Well, that's not a playbook card. That's a Classics card, but it isn't out of the ordinary to find older cards dropped in future products. I'm really surprised that this concept of having card dedicated to a player's social media presence isn't something that is done. They tried to do so with their most recent National Treasures baseball, but it seems only one player understood the concept.
You generally only get one autograph per box, but I got two. This is the more standard design for the Social Signatures set in Playbook, and it nicely features a hit of a Kitchener Rangers alum in Derek Roy. Landing a PC hit in a box is always nice.
Which kinda means that the book will only feature relics. But let's check it out.
8 windows. 8 multi-colour seams. That's still pretty nice. And one of the two guys is still active in the NHL, but Etem doesn't appear to be playing anywhere at this point.

No Howe this time, but those were still some nice cards.

Monday, 13 January 2020

Allota Alfie

I've got a few things to catch up with - namely a couple box breaks and some mailings. But I also have some COMC and Sportlots mailings to get to, and I'll do damage to both of these as I show the latest additions to my Daniel Alfredsson PC.
OK. This technically isn't an Alfredsson card. But it is a logical enough place to show off this manufactured team logo patch as an intro.
After going through the process of entering my collection over at TCDB (I've really only done it with my 2/14 collection, my Jamal Murray collection, and this), I did jump into the lead there with more than 400 different cards of his in the collection.
It was the 90s. You had to experiment with everything. The Rated Rookie logo? That probably should have stayed as is.
Your example of alliterative insert sets - Calling All Calders.
Stickers? There was one of those as well.
I got a couple inserts as well, with this being a card commemorating the debut of the Shootout, and Alfredsson scoring goal #1.
A couple parallels.
Whether parallels or base cards, these were the numbered cards in the mailers. The Priority card is /3000, the Certified is /250, and the really gold Gold Label is /199.
And a whole bunch more base cards in the Sportlots mailer.
And if relics are your thing, here's a bunch of 'em, featuring all 3 of the possible colours for a jersey swatch. Markus Naslund is on the other side of that Titanium card, a nice Swedish combination.

There you have it!

Sunday, 12 January 2020

2020 Adventures in Repacks 1.4 - Straight from the Source

2016 Showcase - Johnny Gaudreau - From Showcase's era of "there's no such thing as too much gold on your base cards".
1998 Gold Reserve - Hnat Domenichelli - When all you need is a slight tint.
2005 Black Diamond - Alexander Frolov
1991 7IS - Terry Chitaroni
1996 Fleer - Felix Potvin
2006 SPX - Pavol Demitra
1993 Leaf - Cam Stewart - 1993 Leaf. Card back. Although this one of a local product will be winging its way to ann Arbor at some point.
1994 Select - Wyatt Smith
1993 Stad. Club - Glen Wesley
1989 OPC - Ron Tugnutt
1990 Score - Dave Taylor
1997 Dynagon - Paul Laus - This seems like a perfect time to point I've added Phil Crowe's card from this subset to my Top 10 list, since it was his only Senators card.
1990 UD - Rich Sutter
1997 Paramount - Rick Tocchet
1990 Pro Set - Mikko Makela
2004 UD All World - Kent Nilsson - Woo-hoo! Swedish hockey!
2013 H&P - Robby Fabbri
1996 Pinnacle - Mike Grier - Black pen and a dark jersey don't make for an immediately recognizble hit in hand. But here's the third. He's probably the most recognizable name of the 3 I got in this box.
1994 Score - Ron Francis
1994 Pinnacle - Ted Donato
1995 Donruss - Sylvain Lefebvre
1997 UD - Kirk Muller
1989 Topps - Gino Cavallini
1992 Classic - Cale Hulse
1991 Score - Dean Evason
2015 MVP - Jarome Iginla
1991 7IS - Detroit Ambassadors Team - Appropriate that a company called '7th Inning Sketch' uses drawn cards, at least for team checklists.
2015 UD - Nick Spaling - A Rangers alum.
1995 UD - Kelly Buchberger
2006 Ultra - Dainius Zubrus
2003 Bee Hive - Michael Peca
1992 Pro Set - Andrew McBain - Sens content.
1993 Score - Sergei Nemchinov
2011 BTP - Felix Potvin
1989 OPC - Craig Muni
1995 Pinnacle - Glen Wesley - Why would you use a photo of a player falling on his own hockey card?
1993 Pinnacle - Jason Allison
1992 UD - Kimbi Daniels
2001 UD Mask - Pavol Demitra
1996 Donruss - Larry Murphy
2007 SP Game Used - Brett Sterling - The only numbered card in the repack.
1997 Coll. Choice - Petr Nedved
1990 7IS - Scott Hollis
1993 Leaf - Tony Granato - 1993 Leaf. You know the drill.
1991 Score - Mike Modano
1991 UD - Igor Ulanov
1993 Premier - Kirk Maltby
1991 Pinnacle - Rick Zombo
2002 Vintace - Jocelyn Thibault - Considering his mask, which features the Hawks loo as it would look like from the front, is nightmare fuel, I'm glad he has it off on the larger photo.
1992 Norm Maciver
2006 Ultra - Kimmo Timonen
1991 Pinnacle - Michel Goulet
2011 BTP - Bernie Parent
1991 UD - Corey Millen
1994 Pinnacle - Josef Beranek
1994 Donruss - Mike Ricci
1994 Pinnacle - Arturs Irbe - This wins the photo wars here, as I love how Irbe is just eyeing the flying puck.
2017 Parkhurst - David Backes
1992 Score - Dave Reid
1990 UD - Gord Murphy
1997 Score - Ron Hextall - A very Philly mask.
1992 UD - Brian Noonan
1995 Parkhurst - Derek Plante
1990 Pro Set - Paul Fenton
2002 Honor Roll - Joe Thornton - Here's a set I don't see much of in repacks.
2011 Pinnacle - Alexander Semin
2015 MVP - Roberto Luongo
1996 Limited - Curtis Joseph
2000 MVP - Scott Mellanby
2007 GftG - Justin Pogge - He went for and got the gold. Then was doomed to comparisons when the Leafs kept him and traded Rask.
2009 UD - Jason Arnott
1992 UD - Donald Audette

2012 OPC - Jason Pominville - Fin.