Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Finally, some Series 1

I've actually had these cards, from a group break of Upper Deck Series 1, in my possession for over a week. But, with the Expo posts, as well as the fact I'd actually had those Bills cards for longer, means that I had to wait even longer to post these. I'm just glad incoming mail has quieted down.
Here's the base set from S1. There seems to be a distinct lack of photos from game action this season. Only the Pageau appears to be from game time. But, you get the nice card of Mike Hoffman playing around with the puck in pre-game action.
The Sens get two regular Young Guns cards in the set. Surprisingly, Colin White isn't in this portion of the set. Both of these guys have already returned to their Junior teams, so at least I can welcome these guys early to the team collection.
I got two of the three regular canvas cards, lacking only the Craig Anderson. I'll finish the set when the epacks start, and these start going for 30 cents on COMC.
But I don't think one of these will be available for 30 cents. They fall at a rate of 1 every other box in the hobby. So, with 6 per case with a case break, and 30 in this portion of the set, I'm pretty lucky to land one of the two (Logan Brown is also in this set).

Portraits returns to the black & white design this year. Simple, but the B&W makes them look higher end than a flagship insert.
I missed Craig Anderson in the canvas, but I did land his Shining Stars insert. The goalies fall at a rate of one every other box as well, but it is a little easier to hit your preferred player, since this subset is only 10 cards.
Here's one more Karlsson insert to end it, this one coming from a historic-themed Centennial Standouts set.

There you go! A little more S1 to come, as I doubt I'll build the set. But I did pick up a blaster to get a slight taste of it. That's on the way tomorrow!

Monday, 20 November 2017

That Was Memorable

Before I start this, these zip codes should be on the lookout for post-Expo mailers.


And now, the card content.
So much for retiring on the strength of this card's value. While I thought he'd struggle, even I didn't think he'd crap the bed on that level. The only good thing about this card is that it was part of a group break, meaning that I'd at least land some other cards to go with it.
Such as this great, shiny, Thurman Thomas insert to go with a whole lot of base cards, regular prizms, and a couple numbered parallels.

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Expo Recap Part 8: Ending with the Beginning

Strangely enough, I'll end this with the first thing I purchased on the day after dropping off my submissions at the COMC booth.
How did I not know this existed?

I'm having another day where I'm not really feeling that verbose, so get ready for a wall of scans.
And #55 (technically NYM55) in the set, but #1 in your hearts:
That's a nice $10 set.

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Expo Recap Part7: Basketball and Baseball

As the Expo recap gets down to its second-last post of the show, time for some stuff from the baseball and basketball that didn't really fit into any of my PCs, but it just seemed like a nice inexpensive acquisition.
While the photo is the highlight here, as can be expected with Stadium Club releases. But, Ryon Healy was nice enough to add his autograph to the card. I did learn courtesy of the COMC Challenges that Healy is an Oregon alum, so I picked up a second card of his to send off to Kerry @ Cards on Cards.
Maybe the booth I came across with inexpensive autographs should have been set up in Northern California as opposed to Mississauga.
The only thing better than one Archives Fan Favourites auto is two of 'em.
While much of the 70s O-Pee-Chee stuff I picked up was destined for other bloggers, I did get a few for myself, mainly for interesting photos or for somewhat sketchy airbrushing.
Ditto for some 70s basketball. Do I really need an excuse to get a card of guy name Lucius? Or of World B. Free?
Completely random oddball Ginter relic! And yes, this got grouped with my baseball hits in that binder. Mainly because I don't have a Joggler binder.

There you go. One more post left!

Friday, 17 November 2017

Expo Recap Part 6: Hockey Miscellany

Most of the hockey acquisitions at the Expo consisted of set builders for the last two OPC releases. After all that, I'm 3 out total from both of the team sets. I hit my team collections, got some wax, helped out my trade partners, and then finally picked up some cards that I just liked for random reasons. And that's what's getting posted today.
My first Atlanta Flames hit! That's reason enough to get this card, right?
From one defunct team featuring a hit of a Guy to another. Blue Quebec Nordiques relics are high on the list of hits for guys that I find it incredibly hard to pass on.
That mustache! Seriously, if he wasn't wearing the hockey jersey, and this card didn't include the "Broad Street Boys" tag, this photo would look perfect on the back with him as the star of some incredibly sleazy porn tape.
Another Hall of Fame hit. Complete with the "I just joined this team" photo. Looking at other Fedorov cards in this set show a red swatch, so that's obviously not a Ducks jersey used, but since this is a white swatch, I can pretend that it is.
Now that's a great way to use a plain white swatch, especially when you don't have the NHL license.
And let's end with an auto from Garth Butcher - junk wax mainstay. As with the Bridgman auto, ITG did such a great job with sticker autographs.

There you go. Two more Expo posts to go!

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Expo Recap Part 5: For the team binders

Just as the title says, now you get some acquisitions for my various team collections, with little rhyme or reason. I avoided the home team premium at the show by not getting any Raptors or Blue Jays cards. That's one way to do it!
I thought I'd be relying on COMC or sportlots to get my mitts on this retail only card celebrating the Mets first World Series. I love the pennant visible right at the front, complete with Mr. Met! The Jays also have one in the series, but when you look closer at it, you can tell it is from the player introductions during Game 3 of the 1992 Series. Sheesh.
Contrasting styles! Gaudy vs. subdued.
And some vintage 70's goodness! You can't tell from the fronts, but both of these are O-Pee-Chee cards. I was able to get a nice selection of these from a 30 for $10 box, and some of my trading partners will be finding others in upcoming envelopes.
Also in that box - several 70's basketball cards and a couple of nice additions to my Celtics collection. Again, some basketball collectors on my tradelist could find some cards from this set in their bubblers.
Random Karlsson relic!
I guess this show seemed like a good time to acquire some relics from the Limited Edition subset.
I originally though this one would go nicely into my Bruins collection, but instead opted for it in the mask binder instead. My binders. My choices.
Bills! And the new starting quarterback! I didn't have any problem with Tyrod's performance (everybody on the team stunk last Sunday) so this just seems like desperation as the Bills undergo their usual mid-season implosion. Maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised.
A 2014 Rookie auto of someone still on the team? Wow. To add to the rareness of that little factoid, this purple parallel is /15. You've also got a nice look at the Ralph Wilson memorial patch.

There you go! Still more Expo stuff in the next post.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Expo Recap Part 4: 2-14 Additions (Plus a Sportlots one)

Time for a semi-regular post recapping some new 2-14 cards for that binder. I also received a new one in the mail via a sportlots PWE, and I'm throwing that one in here as well, since I don't really want to do a one-card-only post for it.
Finding vintage CFL at the Expo isn't easy, but it is a feasible mission. My google-fu lead me to learning that Nub Beamer was a 2/14 baby, and that he had cards. This one is from 1964, and according to his wiki article, he had already retired from the game in 1963 due to a pair of concussions. This is my first card of him, and is also now my oldest CFL card in this collection. I'd complain about too much border/logo, but I don't mind it too much here with the photo being a head shot.
And one that was on my Top 10 wantlist for a bit finally dropped off when a reasonable cost/shipping one showed up on sportlots. Jerry Marquis joins a handful of auto racers in the collection, as part of the miscellaneous section.
One of those cards I'm amazed I didn't have. But now this Classic of Bledsoe is there.
This is the second card of Nick Pivetta, and my first base card of his. He made his debut in the collection not that long ago with a Bowman autograph of him while he was still a member of the Washington Nationals. He's from British Columbia, so he could also move into the CanCon collectin as well. I think he became the first Canadian in the baseball portion of the binder when I added the auto, but I'd probably have to check it in a more detailed manner than relying on my memory.
And a sorta-shiny relic wraps it up. His football-reference stats remains blank, so I guess that means he has yet to receive a single snap so far in the NFL. That sounds promising. I guess he holds a mean clipboard.

And there you have it!

Monday, 13 November 2017

Expo Recap Part 3: Comfort Food Part 2

The other 5 packs!

Pack 6:
3 inserts in the pack, and one of them is the black sheep of the hockey Staals. But, at least there's a gold parallel among the Score cards as well.

Pack 7:
Another really good autograph comes up. While Hertl's signature isn't the WOW pull it was at the time, it is still a pretty good one, and he has a nice looking signature.

Pack 8:
More Hertl!

Pack 9:
And another hit. Sorta. I love the Silhouette designs, so it was disappointing this wasn't live. As best as I can tell, it doesn't appear to be live. So, I'll be heading to Replacement Land in March.

Pack 10:
And the last pack contained the Rookie Selection card. And it is another really good hit! Interestingly, the base are generally numbered to /249, but the Forsberg appears to be the only one limited to /125. Nice!

When the Hertl autograph is the 3rd best in the box, that's really good for a mid-range box.

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Expo Recap Part 2: Comfort Food Part 1

Whether it is 2013-14 Rookie Anthology, or 2015-16 Champ's that takes my title of a comfort food box really depends on availability. In the Expo's case, I opted for the former. As usual when I bust a box as opposed to a case of these, I'll do 5 packs with each post, the remainder showing up next time.

Pack 1:
Off and running with a shiny start! The gold parallels of the Select Update is numbered out of 10. This strong opening will turn out to be a good predictor of the quality to come as the box progresses.

Pack 2:
Another shiny card, and another Select card. It is early, but that's the last we'll see of Select the rest of the way home.

Pack 3:
There's a reason I'm highlighting the two insert cards separately here. Nothing against Jesper Fast...
but he really comes a distant second when compared with this autograph. This is actually the second of these Score Signatures of Jaromir Jagr I've acquired from this subset, with a previous one coming in a group break. If I'm pulling a dupe autograph, it might as well be of a future HOFer. I'll probably COMC one of the two (likely the first one, since there was a small bit of ink loss on that one), and it should cover the cost of the box.

Dupes can be nice sometimes.

Pack 4:
I pretty much would have needed this to have included a 1/1 for it not to be a major letdown from the previous pack. And then it still

Pack 5:
A pack tailor-made for an eventual envelope to Dennis @ Too Many Manninghams. Even though I'm fairly certain I've already sent that Trouba.

And there you have it. Halfway through with a really great, but there are still a couple more really good autos to come in the second half of the box. Until next post!