Monday, 20 October 2014

2014 Adventures in Repacks: Part 59.2 Another 10 pack repack

So, after this morning, these are the packs that were left:

1992 Stadium Club
2003 Flair
2013 Archives
2013 Heritage
2013 GQ

I'm most interested in the first two, seeing as I never busted Flair, and have zero memories of Stadium Club from 1992.

Let's start with the Stad. Club.
And that isn't the best start one could ask for. Dupes in the same pack always sucks. The upside is that theis Kevin Bass was the only example of dupes in this pack.
I didn't really think that there would be that many posed photos in this pack. But, then again, it had been 20+ years since I last busted this stuff. Still, the spring training look of all these photos does take me back to the cards where spring training shots were the norm.
But once you got back to the in-game photos, there were some nice one. The Wally Joyner is a beautiful card, and you can see the Wrigley ivy behind Martinez. Not a bad pack at all from the junk wax era (usually in these, it is a pack of Donruss from 88 or 90).
I never busted any of this stuff, although I have found base cards from this in repacks. Getting cards for both my Jays and my Mets team collections out of a 5 card pack is definitely beating the odds. The design makes the cards look pretty nice when put side by side.
And now, the 2013 products. GQ brings a  couple interesting cards to my PC. Since the Verlander card references the no-hitter I saw in Toronto, that's a really great addition.The Glove Stories are also great cards for the interesting photo portion of my collection. The Cargo mini was added late to a care package I sent the way of Condition Sensitive. Since I can't just send football cards.
Heritage. I like the spring training photo for Ruiz. And another Mets card appearing. Pretty much what I expected.
And pretty much what I expected from Archives. I bult the set, but not the inserts, so I did need the Posey. Other than that, more stuff for my Zistle trade lists. Which I should get updated. Eventually.

So. When the highlight of a repack is a pack of junk wax era Stadium Club and a die-cut of Jackie Robinson, it really wasn't that spectacular. Tomorrow, I'll bust some more new stuff and show off either Hoops or Update, depending on what I can find at the LCS.

2014 Adventures in Repacks: Part 59.1 Another 10 pack repack

The post title says it all. Here are the contents:

1992 Stadium Club
2003 Flair
2008 UD First Edition Update
2012 Topps Series 2 * 3
2012 Topps S2 Rack Pack
2013 Archives
2013 Heritage
2013 GQ

Lots of S2 from 2012. I'll start with those, and get to the rest tonight or tomorrow. Sure, on paper, this might seem like a dull subject, but I can still find some nice inserts, as well as base cards for my various PCs. Blue Jays. Mets. And interesting photos. And, since it is Series 2, looking for the best (worst) Photoshop jobs. And since it is easier to divide things into groups of 5 as opposed to 4 and 6, I'll also include the the 2008 UDFE.

Time to look for stuff interesting to me.  Case in point:
Mets! Yes, I'll count that 'Ever wonder..." card as a Mets card. I could also include Fransisco under the Bad Photoshops.
Blue Jay content! Yup, that's all there was!
And some sketchy photoshopping! Actually, all the Miami Marlins cards in S2 would qualify. Ditto for the Blue Jays.

So, let's look some of the interesting photos.
Not bad, but not really a good ratio of interesting photos when you have about 60 base cards. Still, I'll work with what I've got. The stadium lurking in the background is the real start of both the Jeter and Upton. There are some nice cards featuring catches either being made or in the process of being made. A couple plays at the plate (even though the catcher is way too far up the baseline on the Mayberry to count). My favourite is probably the Phillips for the celebration shot.

And the inserts:
Lots of keepers here. A cut above might be a groan inducing name for a subset, but I can't hate against the actually look of the cards. Especially when one of them is a Jackie Robinson. Only 1 mini among the 4 packs? I guess I should have hung on to the packs to see if that ratio was typical. A classic Braves uniform highlights the Hank Aaron. And a nice shiny Kerry Wood. A nice photo choice for what would be his base card farewell.

And finally, Upper Deck First edition.
And wow, was it a bland one. Maybe I've busted too many baseball repacks (since every one seems to have one), but every card was a dupe. The only one that wasn't was the Yankee Stadium history card. So, that's what I highlight.
Especially since it is a guy named Moose.

5 packs down. 5 to go.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

2014 Adventures in Repacks: Part 58: Sunday Surprise Box

Since I haven't busted one of these in a while, why not grab one on my trip through Dollarama?

4 card related items for $2. Sound nice and cheap.

First up, and unscanned, is a 4 pack of hard toploaders. I have plenty of them, but always seem to look for them when I have goodies to send out. I'll likely forget about these as well when it is time for my next envelope.

The rest of the items were a 4 pack of goalie cards, a pack of 08-09 Victory, and an 8 card unthemed pack.

Let's do this in reverse volume.
The 8 pack was more interesting than usual. Although I had the O-Pee-Chee of Shayne Stevenson in my Kitchener Rangers alumni collection, I didn't have the Topps version. That Dave Gagner from Pro Set Platinum either has the best facial expression on a card, or the worst. I haven't quite decided. The card of the Gretzky brothers is interesting, and it was fun to flip to the back of the Rookie Checklist to see who lived up to the Star label and who didn't.
And it was a lot more of the latter than the former.  Who's the big name here? Simon? Zholtok? Smolinski? As best I can tell, his card in this set was the only NHL level one for Dan Ratushny.
Pretty standard pack of Victory. If I had to pick a favourite, it would be future Ottawa Senator David Legwand.
Here's the goalie pack. A couple dupes for my mask collection with Henrik and Olaf, but the other two are still new. In terms of mask competition, it will take a lot to knock off any appearance of Godzilla on the Kolzig mask, and these three won't do it. This was Dwayne's final O-Pee-Chee card, so that's a nice addition as well.

But there's more! The Dollarama also had little hanger packs of Teenymates. I thought I'd take the 1 in 15 odds and see if I could pull the Senators one.
Hey! I actually beat the odds!

Saturday, 18 October 2014

COMC Challenge Cards Part 56: More 2-14 Goodies - Wrestling, Hockey, and Basketball

What happens when you get only a couple cards from their respective sports for my 2/14 collection? Group them all together in one, and then wait to do the football.

Let's lead with the wrestling, and the third card of Ayako Hamada for my collection. With this, she also moves into the lead in terms of people outside the 4 main team sports, and moves into a tie with WNBAer Kara Lawson for the most cards of a female in my collection. Although it appears I have a lot more options to expand my collection of Lawson cards as opposed to Hamada, since as best as I can tell, Hamada only has one more solo card out there.
Only one hockey card in the COMC to be posted box, but it is a decent piece of vintage. Well loved corners, and the #5  written on the card for some reason. I'm not sure why, but it did make the card a cheaper purchase choice. Charlie doesn't appear to have ever wore #5 during his NHL career.

And for an indication how times have changes since the late 60s:
A) Helmet wearing being notable
B) Representing head injuries in cartoon form

And to wrap it up some basketball additions. The real problem with basketball additions is that there really isn't a lot of variety in terms of parallel. Only 13 different players. Only about three with careers long enough to have a variety of cards, and as best as I can tell, no active NBA players.

So, that means:
You're going to see Muresan cards.
Byron Mullens might make an appearance. He's the last guy with cards in recent releases, and is now playing in China.
And will also see Richard Hamilton. At least with him, you can get a nice variety of cards. The 1999 Collector's Edge of Hamilton is my first relic from the 90s in my collection. The card is actually pretty heavy for a relic, and the card almost seems to be put together in layers. There looks to be layers for the front and back, with heavy cardboard in the middle.

So, another nice mix of cards for my birthday collection, placing the total at 835.f

Friday, 17 October 2014

3 downs - 10 packs

As an avid fan of the three down football game, even preferring the style to the US counterpart, I was really, really excited when I learned that Upper Deck would be producing CFL cards this season. Pacific produced cards about a decade ago, and then for the past many years, they've been out, but insanely short-printed into only sets. No packs.

So, this was really anticipated, at least by me.
These are what the packs look like. I'm encouraged by the fact that 'Hobby' appears in the upper left - thus meaning I might have a chance to find these at Target or Wally World. Although I haven't seen any yet. I would have picked Darian Durant as the cover boy, seeing as the Argos really aren't a high profile team, even in Toronto, and the Riders fan base is fanatic.
I always say I can judge how much I'll like a set based on the first card I see. First card out was a Hamilton Tiger-Cat, so that's always a good thing to see your favourite team on the first card.
Here are the back of the base cards. The checklist is kinda strange. The first 100 are all offense players. The next 50 are defensive players, and they are kinda short-printed to a rate of 1 per pack. The final 30 are star rookies, and those a short-printed at 1 in every 4 packs.
Speaking of rookies, here is one. There are 'star rookies' of guys who have already had NFL cards, and even spent time there, such as with this Steve Slaton (put aside for Bob Walk the Plank). Chad Johnson (Ochocinco) is also a Star Rookie. This was the only I pulled from 10 packs, but since I really don't plan to build this part of the set, I don't really care.
The base cards are done in the colours of the respective teams, much like with some of the hockey releases. No complaints here, and I really like the double blue on the Argonauts team cards.
Of course, with Upper Deck, you're going to see some really nice photos. Here are my favourites from the base cards. I really have been highlighting Toronto Argonauts cards more than this Ti-Cat fan should.
Falling at a rate of 1:3, I picked up slightly more than I should by pulling 4 from this insert set of 50. They look far nicer when the colours match up with the team, as with the Lulay and Chiles. When they don't, they look not-so-good, such as with the Chad Owens.
The UD Game Jersey fall at a rate of 1:13, so getting two of these are pretty nice. I really like the fact that Offensive Linemen are used in this checklist. That is a really nice, bright orange swatch as well. I'll probably send that Ricky Foley off to Condition Sensitive at some point.

But, there was still one more pull that might have been even better.
The manu patches move over to this set, after being in the past O-Pee-Chee hockey sets. There are no odds concerning the rate these fall at, but there aren't too many of these on ebay so far, so they may be pretty tough pulls. They are thick enough to replace 5 cards in the pack. Unfortunately, these can easily be pack searched, since it was very obvious there was something thick in this pack, as there was no give at all.

So, that's a nice start on the base set. I'll probably at least complete the first 100 portion of this set, but I'm going to wait to see if the retail version shows up locally.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

The Manning Turnaround - Part 3

And now, some baseball with a randomizer, where I landed on and up with the Cardinals. Not one of my teams of choice, but there are a good number of Cards fans in Blog-land, so there will a few folks that consider this trade bait.
But I'm keeping this one. These are Fire Die-Cut inserts from Bowman Chrome, and are definitely unique with their curled over look, as if the card was actually burned. Shoebox Legends has already waxed poetic about the Xander Bogaerts version of this, and I will definitely second his opinion. These look great in hand. Who cares if it is pure gimmick?
The back, with the ashy border at the top is also great. What a keeper.

Even better, I was able to slip this into a sleeve and top loader with little trouble.
This one also went in easily, but I put in with the pointy portions towards the top of the sleeve. I think I'd still be trying it to put it in the other way.
Here's the rest of the base from Chrome.
More base - this time from Sterling. I've picked up some Mets autos from this, but no base cards (Toronto has no cards in this whole set). This is my first of those, and I really like the contrast of the white uniform against the black background.
But I also ended up with a pair of autographs as well from this. It is nice that one is a prospect and one is a current member of the roster and one is a prospect. A nice mix of two.

Immaculate brought nothing to me.
But I can't escape Oscars. This time, Taveras rears his head again with a base card from Triple Threads.
And I guess this was the big hit for me from this break. A plain white swatch and a sticker-graph. But, it is numbered to 99, and the auto is legible on the sliding scale of autograph legibility. And at least when you put Kolten's name into google now, there are no references to "picked off" autocompleting.

So, that wraps this up. While I probably didn't get my money back in terms of book value, that's the risk you take. And I still got a trio of hits that a Cardinals fan might not have too hard of a time prying from my hands. Maybe tomorrow, depending on the mailman, I'll finally be able to show off some of the Upper Deck CFL cards.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

The Manning Turnaround - Part 2

The mailman dropped of my second group break goodie bag from mojobreak coming off selling a previously pulled Payton Manning auto /5. These came from a couple randoms, one baseball and one football, and a late discounted purchase of the Jaguars. I'll just do the football.

I'll start with the Jacksonville stuff. They have a good number of rookies this year, plus there was some stuff from last year which might see a nice Denard Robinson for TMM.

While I didn't get a Denard hit, I think Dennis will like this card:
Pictured as a Wolverine and listed as a QB? Yes, I think that despite this only being a base card, it will be a nice addition to his collection.
Maybe posting this nice /75 Magenta parallel of Paul Posluszny is a make-good for posting a picture of the former Bill when he had been knocked on his hinder by Trent Richardson.
The most base cards in this came from a box of Finest. A nice mix of uniforms, that's for sure. And there really need to me more cards out there of people named Ace.
And if that Stephen Morris from Finest wasn't enough, here's a nice on-card autograph from him. If he were more than a practice squad squad, it would be nicer, but it is a legible first half of the auto, and it pops nicely from the white background.
And here's my second hit - last year's practice squad QB. And much like the Morris, it is also /99. But it is another aesthetically pleasing auto, so I can appreciate that as well.
But for me, this was the big pull, and the surest keeper for me. A drawn 1/1 card? Yes, please! This is certainly the first one of these in my collection, and my only complaint is that the stock is thinner than I would expect. If you've ever held one of those Upper Deck 20th Anniversary hockey parallels, those would be a good comparison. But that only means I need to pick up a slightly more secure case for it. And if that is my only complaint about adding a 1/1 to one of my mini collections in an unexpected way, I'll complain all the time.

I also picked up a slot in a random break of 2014 Prime. Even if I didn't get a hit, I'd get some great photos. The randomizer gave me a combo slot of the Rams/Falcons.

And I pulled a relic.
And that might be among the smallest single relic windows on a card I've seen in a while. But, when I get to posting the Richard Hamilton ball relic from 1999, it won't even be the smallest in my collection.

And, here are the base and the inserts:
More Falcons! I like the hand-off photo on the Ryan. It is something a little different for a QB's card.
And the Rams! While he might not play a game in the NFL, it is still good to get a couple Michael Sam cards out of the mix. And as much as I like the Matt Ryan, Zac Stacy easily wins this photo battle. While I didn't do as well in this break as with the Jags, I did end up with some nice keeper cards, and that's what is important.

Tomorrow, some Cardinals.