Friday, 16 March 2018

The Best Mets

I'll stay with the mailbag for this post, and show off some Mets from a group break that goes back about 2 1/2 months, and of cards that have been waiting to be posted here since then.
These were the base cards. These were pretty much the three you'd expect from a base set mixed with vets and prospects.
A shiny parallel. Even in hand, they can be a slight challenge to tell the difference. The colours on the bottom are lighter here, so I'll just be content that keeps me from having to flip the card over and look for "Refractor" text.
At least the Atomic Refractors are easy enough to tell apart from the base.
A+ Prospect? That sounds just perfect for making a Met fan overconfident. Just like with the Bills.
One more shiny card with a flashback to 1997.
And my only hit from the case. Still, it is my first auto of PJ Conlon, so I can't complain about adding that to the hit binder.

There you have it. Next up is a short break from the mailbag for some Opening Day celebrations!

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Cracked up Mets

It is time to show off part 2 of the box I received from Julie @ A Cracked Bat. Nothing but the Mets this time!
Hostess cards are always a fun way to start any post. They'd be enough to have me devouring Twinkies at the time.
I still haven't removed this Topps Laser card from the sleeve it came in, for fear that I'd never be able to get it into the album pages.
Mid 00's Fan Favorites are always fun to acquire and show off. Even if Gregg Jefferies doesn't look old enough to shave on his.
Lots of Degrom!
Lots of Syndergaard!
Lots of Wright!
Numbered cards! The blue parallel on Wheeler looks so nice with the blue Mets uniform.
And a whole bunch more! There were still about 20-25 more cards that I didn't scan. The Rally Caps Reyes card was actually lurking on my zistle wantlist for quite the while. So was that Gallery of Alfonzo. I love that '69 card from 1987, especially since Agee gets so little love in recent releases compared to Jones and Swoboda.
And a trio of hits to wrap up the box. Both signatures are pretty nice looking as well.

There you have it. I've started slowly reloading for a return package, but that's probably not going out until after the Expo in early May. More Mets tomorrow!

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

No Minor 2/14 Additions

The final new faces are on their way out of the 'COMC To Be Posted' box, and on their way into the binder.
This is the only MLB card in this group, although Tom Engle only made it as far as AAA. But, this is still a Mets card for the collection, and those are always welcome additions. Also, he did pitch an incredible 6 consecutive no-hitters in high school, so that's 5 more than the Mets as a whole.
This is likely the only other mainstream release in this grouping, coming from 2017 Panini Stars and Stripes. Justin Campbell was born in 2001, and is the second youngest member of the 2/14 collection, trailing 2002 baby Mac Guscette. Both had cards in the same S&S set.
And here's a whole bunch more of minor league cards for the collection.

With all these, I now have 231 different subjects in the collection, and 1817 cards in total. That still isn't enough, though! 2000 by year end seems doable.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Cracked Up CanCon

Time to open the mailbag, not for a bubble envelope this time, but a box of goodness. Julie @ Cracked Bat sent a box my way jammed full of Expos, Jays and Mets. Enough so that it will take two posts to cover it all. And another box showed up about an hour ago from Jeff @ 2*3 Heroes. That's another post or 3 worth of mailbaag posts.
A perfect item to start this recap of the Canadian teams in the box. I've already bindered the card, but I think County Stadium was on the reverse of this. For some reason.
The Jays content was pretty sparse volume-wise, but this is a pretty nice Players' Weekend commemorative patch, especially since the nickname is visible.
I think I busted exactly zero Chrome packs last year, so these are very welcome. The red alternates look nice in this form.

And that's it for the Jays. There were also a lot of Expos in here as well.
Studio from 1993 and 1994 easily brought the numbers to the Expos binder, with 14 of the 15 cards from those two sets. And not a dupe among them.
This was easily the oldest card in the bunch. I can still smell the Twinkies!
The only dupe in the whole Expos collection was this Vlad from Gallery. However, this was only a dupe in he Vlad binder, and, much like with David Wright and Daniel Alfredsson, can move into the team collections.
Since Gallery didn't provide framed parallels, I guess I have to rely on XL to provide one.
And some miscellany to wrap this up. There were still at least two more scans worth of Expos to go, but this is a nice enough semi-random mix of them. I always loved how when I'd head up to Montreal when the Mets were in town, they'd introduce Peter Bergeron with the most francophone pronunciation ever. Which made perfect sense for a player from Massachusetts.

And there you have it. I'm not sure what's up next. Maybe the Mets from this. Maybe some COMC. Maybe the 2*3 box. Something from a box at least.

Monday, 12 March 2018

2018 Adventures in Repacks - Part 11 - Surprising

This Dollarama excursion ends with a pair of Surprise Bags.
Thanks to these repacks, I may never run out of snap holders.
I guess the snowy Zac Rinaldo is the photographic highlight in here.
My 1000 pt card was the Hossa, but I love those Going for the Gold cards that have been making appearances lately in these repacks. Sarah went for the gold, and got the gold in her two Olympic appearances in '06 and '10.
And the Superstar pack. As with the 1000pt pack, the highlight for me wasn't the promised card (I'll assume the Getzlaf) but one of the additional cards which sees Shayne McCosh make his debut in the Rangers alum binder.
No toploaders? No snap cases? What will I do?
The Score pack did hit a PC this time with the John Moore becoming the second card fro the Rangers alum folder. And a Sens card. Sorta...
The 90s pack despite being junk wax era stuff, wasn't bad at all. Although my Rangers binder didn't get a third new card since Rice was a dupe, I did land a drawn card for the Ottawa 67s, and an appearance of blood on the Basil McRae. Just a trickle, but still something pretty rare to see.
The 2000s bring a retro-ish C55 card. No complaints here.
How premium was the Premium Pack? I'm not going to do the book value thing, but that was very likely my first Topps Pristine hockey card. Sejna played a handful of games with the Blues over 4 seasons, so at least he wasn't one-and-done. The card is /1199 too. Two of the other three cars were McDonald's issues as well, so they get the obscurity factor.

A good number of keepers here make this a worthwhile pair of repacks. Back ot the mailbag tomorrow!

Sunday, 11 March 2018

2018 Adventures in Repacks - Part 10.2 - Another Spring Training Repack!

The other 40 cards!
The second group starts off with a sorta shiny card of a former Blue Jay. It gets really interesting for me with the final 3 cards as the oldest card shows up with a 1982 Topps, a Mets card and a Jays card. Campusano is a Traded card as well. Bonus!
More Jays content in the second grouping, although it wasn't exactly a mint card. That gets offset by a higher end card with a Flair of Salmon and an Upper Deck card where Tim Hudson is doing...something.
There's my 3rd and my 4th 1985 Kevin Gross in this repack. All 3 of my team collections hit here. I'm still doing the zistle thing, for some reason, and that Bill Almon was my 30000th baseball entry.
More repack dupes with the Henderson and Lankford. Sheesh. Takashi Saito is a 2/14 baby, but much like the Dravecky last time, it is a dupe. That's a nice enough photo on the Ordonez and Jays card #5 of this portion.
And the end. I'm kinda surprised that an insert card with the Taylor was one of the visible card on this side. And a bunting photo! And a couple Expos! That's a nice way to wrap this up.

I'll wrap up this trip to the Dollarama with a pair of Surprise Bags in the next post.

Saturday, 10 March 2018

2018 Adventures in Repacks - Part 10.1 - Another Spring Training Repack!

This weekend, it is back to the Dollarama and another 80 card hanger. I'm really not in the mood to type up everything I got, so I'll scan everything instead. That's convenient, since 40 cards per side splits nicely into five scans of eight each.
The visible card on the first side was some Ginter, which leads into some late 80s releases. But, there's an Expo and a Blue Jays card lurking in there, so no complaints about junk wax stuff. Vance Law wasn't a dupe as well! Bonus!
Some more recent stuff in the next batch. A managerial card and the only horizontal card I pulled in the whole repack highlights this one.
If I wanted to start super collecting 1985 Topps Kevin Gross cards, this repack would have been the perfect place to start.
I've been seeing that Henderson and that Lankford quite a lot in repacks lately. At least here those constants are offset by a pair of Upper Deck cards from the 00's,
This half of the repacks ends as it starts. A retro-ish design. A Jays card. An Expos card.

Not the most spectacular grouping of 40 cards, but there were still a couple keepers in this portion. That's really all I ask for.

Friday, 9 March 2018

New 2/14 Faces, courtesy of COMC

I've still got about 100-ish cards in my COMC box, so today I'm going to knock that down into the double digits with a 2/14 posting, and a bunch of new faces to go along with it. I've got a bunch of minor league baseball stuff as well, but this is all the other stuff.
My first UFC card! She's not a fighter, but was a round card girl at one point. She's now Natasha Kingsbury, and has a child and an instagram filled with yoga photos.
Staying in the combat sports realm, here's my first boxing card. Perez ended his career with an impressive 61-6-3 record. That's the WBC Bantamweight title across his waist.
This aren't my first cards from the auto-racing world, but these are my first of a guy nicknamed 'Banjo'.
OHL love!
This is one of the odder die-cut cards not only in my 2/14 collection, but in my binders as a whole. There's definitely a jigsaw puzzle piece vibe to it. Also, while I was updating my spreadsheets, this became the 1800th card in the collection. WOO-HOO!
Soccer additions, both from recent and older sets.
It's going to end with some cards from the other type of football. I'll assume someone with Too Many Manninghams has at least one of Walt Teninga, so this one is all mine.
My first Arena League card. Even better, Terrance Joseph is my first non-baseball perfect match in the collection, hitting both date and year with his birth date.
I'll end with a non-debut card for the 2/14, but still a first as this is my first auto of Alshon Jeffrey. There was a slight spike in his prices for autos after he picked up a Super Bowl win this year, so I'm glad to have got this before hand. Also, it represents one of my favourite releases in Field Access. Bonus!

And there you go! Repack time up next!