Saturday, 18 April 2015

I Select-ed the Raptors in a Case Break

And here are the goodies out of 2014-15 Select. I think I would have enjoyed this post a lot more if they bothered to show up for overtime, or if they'd bothered to rebound on defense during any portion of the game.
This was the card I was the happiest to add to my collection. Lucas brings me perfectly up to date in terms of "To the best of my knowledge, I have at least one card of everybody who has had a Raptors card".  I have college cards for him from the previous season, but he was technically Atlanta Hawks property at the time. He came here as part of the Lou Williams/John Salmons deal. He hasn't seen much court time, but has helped as an interpreter for fellow Brazilian Bruno Caboclo.
And of course, I had to get another hit of his for my collection. I think his cards fall at a rate of one per case. This is my second auto/relic of his, the first with a stickergraph.
With a short team history, I wasn't expecting the Raptors to be represented among the veteran content of the set. Although a couple have shown up this year - Damon Stoudamire and Tracy McGrady, if I recall correctly. But to see someone that really seems to be more of a Archives Fan Favourites type like Jerome Williams was really cool.
I also landed this nice blue parallel of the JYD, this one numbered out of /199.
And he was also found among the shiny Prizm cards in the break, along with a blue/white parallel of Demar (not-#'d) and his base Prizm (which I landed two of). It also shows how nicely Panini makes the logo match the team era, with JYD's logo being more the purple era.
The rest of the base. Collation was typical for Panini. 7 Kyle Lowry cards (Could I sell them all as an ebay 1/1? It's his jersey number!) and only 3 Derozans. I do like the design, especially since the background isn't completely red, just shaded as such so you can see the crowd.
And the card backs.

Friday, 17 April 2015

2015 Adventures in Repacks: Part 13: Another Dollarama 15

Time to head into the weekend with a Dollarama repack. And because I see no reason not too, I'll scan all the cards.

Visible on the front:

2014 UD - Justin Faulk - A card I needed for my S1 base set.
1992 UD - Don Beaupre - And that's followed with your typically great UD photo.
1990 Bowman - Claude Loiselle - As required by the repack laws.
2000 MVP - Brendan Shanhan - This one was a pleasant surprise, a great player and a set I don't often see in these.
1990 7th Inning Sketch - Les Cataractes de Shawinigan Check List - I can't type up that full description and not show the card.
2001 Topps - Tyler Moss - 29 games over 3 seasons and 2 teams, and they still use the prospect tag.
1994 Parkhurst - Al MacInnis - WOO-HOO! A Rangers alum!
1990 Pro Set - Tom Kurvers - I'm sure the Leafs would have rather had Scott Niedermayer.
1994 UDS - Vyacheslav Kozlov - Not the Kozlov I power collect, but still a cool photo. I love it when none of the player is touching the ice in a shot.
1991 Stad. Club - Bill Berg - A photo so clear, you can see the Hartford Whalers shirt in the crowd.
1990 OPC - Rick Wamsley
1993 Classic - Darren Colbourne - My first Richmond Renegades card!
1995 Parkhurst - Kevin Dineen - Zistle tells me this card is bound for Shoebox Legends at some point. I think I sent the Emerald parallel earlier this year. Edit: Yessir!
1991 Parkhurst - Bobby Smith
2004 Ultra - Brendan Morrison - Wrapping it up with another card bound for elsewhere - this one for TMM.

Product Placement

I'm sure the fine folks that manufactured that stick are happy to see their brand appear on a card, practically dead center.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

COMC Challenge Cards Part 94: Bills! Bills! Bills! Bills!

Time to show off the Bills left in my COMC box. All 4 of them.
Starting off, my first Sport Kings card. And although this doesn't specify it as a Bills card, that is the most likely uniform based on the description on the back.
Definitely not Cleveland. Not Hamilton.  Toronto is close, but red isn't one of their colours. Denver is a maybe, but I don't think they went with mainly blue uniforms at that point. So that's a Bills card. And I guess I can kinda call this my first AFL Bills card. although I still want one from the 60s.
Ah, the optimism of the Trent Edwards era. This card was cheap, I'll say that.
This card was all about the back.
Since it commemorates that game. Still probably the last truly memorable moment for Bills fans. And that's really depressing. Still, hope for the Matt Cassel era is there.
And wrap things up with a hit. Although I'm not anxiously awaiting his contract ending and either his departure, or a salary cap assault.

And there you have it.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

COMC Challenge Cards Part 93: Hockey! Hockey! Hockey!

The playoffs start tonight, so this might be the best time to show off the hockey goodies still left in my COMC box, ignoring the fact I hit ship on another 100 cards yesterday.
Start with a 1/1? Why not. This is my third Daniel Alfredsson plate, but my first not received in a trade with TMM, and my first not used in the production of a Game Worn Gear Titanium card. Since Alfie was rocking the home reds on the actual card, it looks really nice with the Magenta plate.
From a magenta plate to a ruby parallel, here we have a Benoit Brunet card. This one came up during the challenges, and I had to have this one for my every Senator collection. I didn't even remember Brunet made a stop in Ottawa, but he did for his final NHL games, playing 13 games in Kanata. This card, and its parallels, are the only cards where he isn't pictured with Montreal.  So, I guess this is a sunset card (tm: Nick @ Dime Boxes) as well.
Hey! A card of a guy with a stat named after him! That's kinda cool. This card from ITG seems to be the only card from his career.
Because Bart Crashley is an awesome name for an athlete in any sport. Except for something like racing or ski jumping. Unless you dream in life is to be 'The Agony of Defeat' guy.
I added this guy to my inventory after seeing his Hamilton Bulldogs mask on his Young Guns card, but before googling him to find out this. Oops.
Let's see. Throwback uniform. MAscot in the background. Kids looking on. The Senators logo lurking in the background of a Canucks card. And taking a practice shot at BC Place? I'm sure if I kept looking, I'd find more ways to love this canvas card.
There's not as much to love about this card in terms of volume compared to the Kesler, but Bobby Holik blowing a bubble is still knda cool.
Now here's a nice photo from the famous 79-80 release. It is a nice photo that really emphasizes the size of the rink in comparison to the goaltender. This would have been a nice thing to have seen in other arenas, but for a Topps/OPC release around this time, you were pretty much limited to photos snapped during Washington Capitals games.
This was a Top 10 most wanted card for a bit, and I finally added it over the Black Friday weekend. A multi image of Kitchener Rangers alumni, and Marcel Dionne's brother in Gilbert Dionne.
And from a Kitchener Rangers alum to an alum of the city itself, wrapping this post up with a Milt Schhmidt autograph. He was part of the Kraut Line in Boston, teaming with fellow Kitchener residents Woody Dumart and Bobby Bauer. I'd been looking to add one of Milt's autos for a bit, and finally took advantage when this one showed up at a reasonable price. And for someone that was in his 90s at the time of this auto, the penmanship is still beautiful.

And that's it for the hockey in that box. Go Sens Go!

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Trading with a Junkie

Great trade packages come to those who wait. I dropped the Junior Junkie a package filled with T.J.'s (Oshie, Galliardi, Hensick) in a post Expo haze this past November, along with other misc. goodies. It was worth the wait for the return package, which rolled in a couple weeks back. Ever the punctual one, I'm just getting to it today.
What to lead with? So many possible choices, so I'll go in order with how I renamed the files after cropping - making this card from Topps laser named carter.jpg up first. It is a rather unique look for cards, I'll say that much, but the home plate on the bottom makes it a real pain to try and put it into a binder page. But, as usual, I'm picking nits.
I hate to repeat myself, but I must. I'm not building the Heritage set this year, and have purchased my last pack of the stuff. So send me your Mets!
Carter. Dekker. That means that Delgados are up next. The scene that the Metal Universe card has chosen to represent Toronto on the background are snow-capped mountain peaks. Which, of course, are prevalent in southern Ontario. But I still cannot question the insanity of the set under any circumstance.
Still stuck in the Ds for the next card - Duncan. As in Jeff Duncan.  I remember absolutely nothing about his run with the Mets, but he's now the head coach at Kent State.
Dae-Sung Koo I also recall. Mainly for the moments in this video, but still. It's hard to tell in the scan, but this green parallel is /25.
Masterpieces will be returning with an all painted hockey set this month. In the meantime, and in between time, this Vlad Guerrero card can get me ready for the release. In which I'll at least get my PC guys.
These 4 cards were just grouped together and named 'shinymets.jpg'. A perfect description, even though the X-Fractors aren't really as shiny as my file name would indicate.
And when you go alphabetically, it is only appropriate to end with a Vlad Guerrero card. And a bonus of it being a Diamond King and an Expo.

Thanks for these goodies, JJ! Maybe I'll have better luck finding a T.J. Oshie hit this time around!

Last Known Photo

As a bonus, this high quality photo looks like it was photographed off a TV set that was showing a fourth-generation VHS of someone's day at the Utica ballpark.

Monday, 13 April 2015

COMC Challenge Cards Part 92: Since the Opening Day Bunting is up in Toronto...

how about a trio of bunting cards for this evening's post?
Now this is a bunting pose that you rarely see on cards. Most bunting photos are of the player in the process of delivering the bunt, as opposed to the player signaling that the bunt is on the way. This card is also embossed (a given, since the set is Topps Embossed), giving it the feel on Action Packed card.
And the photo choice for the back may be more interesting than the one on the front.
And the last two of the bunting cards are both pitchers. Randy Johnson might be crouching in this photo to deliver the bunch, but he still looks really intimidating.
I like all the cards that feature a pitcher bunting, but I think I like them even more when they come from the era were companies didn't release dozens of sets per year. So, an Andy McGaffigan supercollector only had this and his Topps issue to choose from in 1986 (at least until he got second releases in Traded sets after joining Montreal).

And there you have it.