Monday, 11 November 2019

One Card Only: Lest We Forget

Just an appropriate card for 11/11. Cards like this mean even more to me after my battlefield tour this past spring.

Sunday, 10 November 2019

2019 Adventures in Repacks: Part 29.2 - Sunday Surprise

Here's the other one!
Here's the content within. Two of the repacks are the same as the previous one, but the Superstar repack replaces the 1000 pt one. Also, the hinged box comes in handy, as I've got a booklet card to ship out.
The random 6 card pack is pretty good compared to the previous one. Isbister is actually a red parallel out of 2000 Crown Royale. The linesman card definitely counts as random, and there's a legend card as well from 2008 Between the Pipes. That's a fun bunch.
Your original 6 pack also defeats the previous one, based on the celebratory card of the Wings from the Stanley Cup, albeit without the Stanley Cup in the photo.
And your Superstar pack. I'm gonna assume that Tarasenko is the star the repack hypes, but it might be the least interesting to me in the pack behind a mask binder card, a patriotic card, and an alternate jersey.

There you have it!

Saturday, 9 November 2019

2019 Adventures in Repacks: Part 29.1 - Saturday Surprise

Last weekend was a Dollarama hanger bag, this week is a pair of Dollarama Surprise bags.
Your contents within. Both contained similar groupings of 3 repack items and a container.
Despite the familiar appearance of 1990 Bowman, the content in the 1000 pt pack was pretty nice. I really like how the border change throughout the Beehive release to match the primary team colour, and it looks really nice when matched with the dark uniform. That Bernier photo would look so much nicer if it was a Flyers goalie, though.
That's definitely 4 cards of an Original 6 team in that pack, even though none of the players are among the first you think of when you think of the Bruins. I do like the obscurity of Alberts and Rohloff in the overall scheme of things.
And that's a pretty random grouping from the miscellaneous pack.

There you have it. The Lidstrom is the big winner here, but what will the other Surprise Bag hold?

Thursday, 7 November 2019

Series 1!

It isn't a national holiday like it should be, but I still made my way to the LCS early to get the box.
And what goodies will this box contain? Let's see!
My first card of 2019's flagship release? A Leafs card. Ouch. That's a bad way to start the series for a Sens fan.
The backs? Exactly what you expect. Full stats, a familiar font and a re-used photo.
Here's the rest of the base from the first pack, which featured way too much Leafs content for my taste.
In fact, it took 18 packs in until I landed my first Sens base card.
For some of my favourites among the base, there were these where I'm certainly looking for dupes for the mask binder.
Here's one made by the crowd in the background. Rakell and a Ducks fan are celebrating, while a Sharks fan looks none-too-happy.
And here's a few more. Alternate jerseys. Low angles. Celebrations. They're all here. I put the Leo in this because he looks about 60 years old in the not-so-flattering photo. My only complaint is that while they did show a photo of the Whalers throwbacks on Teuvo card, but they don't show the team logo.

No, the tiny one on the helmet does not count.
The Young Guns. At least I landed one of the better ones with Quinn Hughes.
And a final one before I leave the base set behind, here's a parallel.
I was not impressed when I saw the portraits on the sell sheet for this, and while I still wish they'd cease as an insert, at least they are far less derpy in hand.
The Canvas insert set also makes its return, sometimes with more interesting photos than the regular cards, sometimes not. The Brannstrom was actually my first Sens card in the box, and it was nice to add the somewhat rarer Canvas YG.
Also making their return are the Shooting Stars inserts. They're only about 1 per box this year, and the defense cards in particular are tough pulls, with the base falling 1:8 hobby boxes.
After a break since 07-08 , Generation Next cards return. I wish they hadn't re-used the photos on the front.
The final familiar insert set is the Game Jersey. I really like the design with the window in a Stanley Cup silhouette. Rangers alumni too!
What's new in Series 1? A flashback set saluting 30 years of the releases with 1 card each featuring each design, with either Gretzky, Roy or McDavid on them.
And the only notable difference on the backs is the 19-20 Series One listing.
And here are the final inserts of the box. Just your usual way to get more cards of star players in the release. As usual.

There you have it! After all the scanning and sorting, I need a nap.

Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Bills! Bills! Bills!

Another base heavy release, another case break with the Bills.
It is Prizm this time, and although these are training camp photos, the three players pictured in them are making their debut in my collection. This is probably the closest Brown and Beasley have gotten to actual Bills uniforms so far, but they have had photoshop and 'now with' cards so far.
The Legends portion of the set gives me yet another chance to add a Jim Kelly card to the Bills collection, as well as a dupe for the 2/14 collection.
And your rookies. Tyree didn't make the team, but the others are still there.

As for coloured parallels, which are a Prizm staple, I struck out. Despite there being at least one per jumbo pack, numbered or not, not a single Bills card went my way. But, I did land some autographs.
The lowest numbered (/49) of which was this Tyree. I guess they have to dump the stickers somewhere at this point, and this is as good as any unless Panini lands the XFL license.
Dawson Knox, however, did make the team and is becoming one of the more popular Bills on the team this season. If he'd throw himself through a flaming table in the parking lot post-game, he'd move even further up the list.
Devin Singletary had a few key runs in the game against Washington this past weekend, picking up his second touchdown of the season and over 100 total yards rushing/receiving as he returns from injury. Even with sharing the RB job with Frank Gore, he's looking the real deal.

There you have it!

Monday, 4 November 2019

Oh Canada!

This was the final of the boxes I picked up alongside the H&P boxes and the RA. I guess this is the equivalent of NCAA sets in the other sports, with the chance to get non-NHL cards of prospects and legends. Kinda like Heroes & Prospects, just patriotic.
The base set of 100 is split into three parts. Legends, women's team and current propsects who play in international tourneys. I really like the legends portion for the variety of jerseys the players have worn over the year.
Each pack contains an insert or parallel. The unnumbered golds are the most common. I can't complain if Carter Hart is among the group of 6.
And both of these Exclusives were of players who are still in the league, even though Strome really hasn't lived up to the draft hype.
Program of Excellence are a pretty generic insert, repeating much of the players from the base set, just with a shiny background. The Brodeur is pretty sweet, though.
Here's the final insert before I get to the hits. These 1993 Retros fall 1 every other box. I really like how the logos, especially the Upper Deck one in the corner, match the ones from the time.
These are the base relics. Cameron Morrison was a second rounder of the Avalanche, but opted to play for Notre Dame instead.
Now this is a much nicer relic design, but I love anything that gives me 1993 Leaf vibes.
If you live north of the border and are a huge fan of the New York Islanders, here's a dual relic card for you!
There's one autograph per box, and here was the one this box contained. Skinner was a third round pick of the Oilers, but hasn't played beyond the AHL yet. I do like that he signed the sticker with his Lethbridge Hurricanes number, but that obviously doesn't match his number from the World tourney.
With me putting this card last in this post, does that mean that I'm proclaiming that a manufactured patch is my favourite card in the box? Yes. That is exactly what I'm doing. These fall 1:120 packs, and are the perfect card for the front of the clear box I've put the set in. The patch in the photo places the Yzerman photo from the 1996 World Cup.

I'd suggest I'd be waiting until the Expo to bust boxes again, but Series 1 drops later this week.

There you have it!

Sunday, 3 November 2019

2019 Adventures in Repacks: Part 28.2 - A Baseball Weekend

The second half!
2015 Diamond Kings - Jim Gilliam - I'm perfectly fine with missing logos if it means more obscure players like Jim Gilliam get cards.
1993 Donruss - Craig Grebeck
1991 UD - Ken Dayley
1997 Pinnacle Xpress - Jay Buhner - This repack's entry into "card from set I'd never heard of".

1989 Fleer - Manny Lee - Jays card #1.
1986 Topps - Jay Johnstone
1990 ProCards - Andujar Cedeno - My third random minor league card of the repack, and the late Mr. Cedeno had himself a respectable big league career.
1993 Fleer - Billy Hatcher
1990 Topps - Bobby Valentine
1990 UD - Bruce Ruffin
1995 Stad. Club - Mike MacFarlane
1997 EX 2000 - Gregg Jefferies - 2 of the same card from the same repack-rare set.
1993 Donruss - Jay Howell
1991 Bowman - Mike Fitzgerald - Expos card #1 on this side
2008 Topps - Hanley Ramirez - Bunting mojo!
2007 Topps - Angel Berroa/Andres Blanco
1990 UD - Steve Jeltz
1991 UD - Dave Gallagher
1989 Score - Ernie Whitt- Jays card #2.
1990 Topps - Jerry Reuss
1993 Select - Charlie Hayes
1987 Fleer Update - Lance Parrish - Two 87 Fleer Updates in the repack. Both Phillies.
1989 Fleer - Chris Sabo/Bobby Bonilla
1989 Fleer - Luis Alicea
2013 Topps - Ivan Nova
2013 Topps - Michael Young
1993 Pinnacle - Dave Fleming
1990 UD - Jay Buhner
1991 Score - Doc Gooden - Finally this side sees a Mets card.
1987 Topps - Darrell Evans
1992 Donruss - Jim Gantner
1991 Bowman - Gary Scott
1989 Topps - Charlie O'Brien
1989 Topps - Tony Armas
1994 UD Minor League - Matt Brunson - Minor League card #4, even if it isn't as obscure a release as the first three.
1992 Donruss - Gary Gaetti
1991 Fleer - Wilie McGee
1987 Topps - Jody Davis
2019 Topps - Richard Urena - The most recent card in the repack, and it is a Jays card, and one I don't have.
2018 Heritage - Joey Gallo - And this also ends on a Heritage card.