Thursday, 26 March 2015

2015 Adventures in Repacks: Part 10 - Early Morning Dollarama Hockey Repack

Because why not?

2006 UD - Adrian Aucoin - The visible card. I went for the one with the most interesting visible photo that I doubted I already had. And that was this.
1992 Score (American Edition) - Pat Conacher - I don't think I busted any of the US packs at the time, so I like adding this one.
1991 Score (Canadian) - John MacLean
1991 UD - Leafs Checklist (Dave Ellett) - Drawn cards are always welcome.
1991 Pro Set French - Georges Vezina - Pro Set might be the junkiest wax of the junk wax era, but these cards are highlights.
2002 Topps - Lukas Krajicek - Looking at COMC, this might be the factory set foil variation.
1990 Pro Set - Bob Kudelski
1992 Parkhurst - Gary Leeman
1989 O-Pee-Chee - Leafs Team
1993 Stad. CLub - Matthew Barnaby
1994 Score - Craig McTavish - A Very 90s base design.
1991 UD - Corey Millen - An a very UD photo choice for the back.
2005 Rookie Class - Keith Ballard - I guess this is kinda unexpected for one of these.
1990 Bowman - Shayne Corson - Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
2013 SPX - Andrew Ladd - And the last visible card. Horizontal designs on front and back. Kinda neat.

And there you have it.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

COMC Challenge Cards Part 88: 2/14 Football additions

Time to take a nice chunk out of the 2/14 box, which, in reality barely makes a dent in the content. At least  I haven't hit ship on the cards currently in my inventory.
Only one hit among this group of football cards, but it is kind of a nice one. A relic of the Hefty Lefty himself out of this year's UD releases. But the back is kinda strange.
"Jersey worn by Jared Lorenzen for Upper Deck". Which I think translates to UD ordered a bootleg Wildcats jersey from Hong Kong, and sent it to him for wearing while he hit the Chinese buffet. Either way, it is my first Lorenzen hit.
The only other card close to a hit was this /499 Strength parallel of Jadeveon Clowney. The second card is a chrome that was exclusive to their 2014 Football Megaboxes. 
Most of the rest consisted of going to the various players in the collection, and selecting the cheapest card I didn't have. Such as this.
And this. At least with these two, where they aren't pictured on the Bills, make it an easy decision of which binder they get stored in.
It is always nice when the cheapest option is a base card from a mid-range set. Despite severe warping in this card, I can always hope that this will straighten out in the binder.
Yet this Finest release was nice and flat. I guess you take your chances as to the quality of the cards in random years.
The big additions in terms of volume was the David Garrard portion of the collection, which jumped by 3 cards. Both the Chrome cards were warped, with the Bowman less even than the Topps. The shared Fleer Tradition card might actually be my first rookie of his. I'm more certain it is his first base rookie, surprising for a player that isn't too expensive to collect.
And the big winner is Steve McNair with 4 cards. I love that collector's choice, with the photo being so clear you can count the snowflakes.

At least I've got some give room in the box now.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Sampling '15 Donruss via the Group Break

I was going to hit the LCS to sample some of the new Donruss, but since mojobreak had a good price on a random case break of the stuff, I figured I'd get in on that instead. The ol' randomizer landed on the Twins, so let's show off what the Twins brought forth.
Here's the regular base cards in this. The Rated Rookies don't appear to be SPs in this year's release.
But these are numbered as if they part of the main set, but I only landed one of each card in the break. At least they've brought back the tradition of garish backgrounds to the Diamond Kings.
That's it for the base, so let's move on to the inserts. Of which this might be my favourite. The Rated Rookie logo is one of the iconic ones of the late 80s. Why not make it part of a die-cut card?

This also a sign we're moving to the shiny portion of the cards.
These are pretty much a copy of the insert set from Donruss basketball. Same background as well.
These are new, though.And they're actually pretty nice looking, and if I didn't get that RR of Vargas, it would be my favourite design in the set. The lower right in the card is not scanner filth, it is a second photograph of the player. And it isn't a re-used one either!
More shiny, this time the base parallels.

And the only thing left is the only hit I picked up. Which technically isn't a hit, since it lacks an auto or a relic, but since it is going for silly amounts on ebay, I'll probably be shipping it off to my COMC account sometime next week.
I love the blue uniform on this so much, I just wish this was the photo on the base card as opposed to the SP. But at least you aren't looking for a tiny sparkle, or even the regular base card to see that there's something special about this card.

So, with the SP, it looks like I made my money back, and got some nice cards to go along with it.

Monday, 23 March 2015

COMC Challenge Cards Part 87: A non-wrestling wrestler card

Just one card, but this one card is an interesting addition to one of my smallest mini-collections, and appropriate with Wrestlemania on tap for this Sunday.

Said mini-collection is cards of professional wrestlers outside of the wrestling ring. Usually, that means football cards. I've got an Angelo Mosca. I've got a Wahoo McDaniel. I really want to add an Ernie Ladd to that collection. And despite not being a football card, I'd give up a kidney to get this card, if it were an actual baseball card and not a mock-up.

And, while going through COMC Challenges, this card came up:
I entered the requested data, went on, but then went back to the card.

Hey, I know that name from somewhere.

That's not just Samuel Blackwell, as portrayed by Robert Maillet.

That's the wrestler formerly known as Kurrgan!

Kurrgan had a short run in the WWF in 1997ish, and was probably best remembered as one of the Oddities, and in Hollywood as the big guy who fought (and legit knocked loopy) Robert Downey Jr. during Sherlock Holmes.

Either way, this a far cooler addition to my collection than just the base card (and not much more expensive than that.).

Sunday, 22 March 2015

The First 2015 Trade w/ Too Many Manninghams - Part 1 of 3

Technically, this is actually two trades. The envelopes just arrived so close to each other that I didn't make time to make the first post. So, they get grouped and posted together. Fortunately, they're easy enough to split into 3. One baseball. One football. One "and the rest". That's also the order I'll work my way through the boxes - probably on Sundays.
Leading with a great Stadium Club photo? Sounds like a plan! As a bonus, this parallel is /99, and a blue parallel is perfect for a Blue Jays card!
Also of note was pretty much every mainstream card John Mayberry had as a Blue Jay, including his O-Pee-Chee cards. Any package that includes Diamond Kings as part of them is also great. John Mayberry Jr had a cup of coffee with the Blue Jays at the end of last season, but didn't appear to get any Toronto cards out of the deal.
I guess Brett Lawrie will be migrating into the Cancon collection at some point.  Although he is the Canadian Blue Jay that I probably have the most cards of. And that's combined. Unless I come across a secret stash of Paul Spoljarics.
Speaking of CanCon, here's a couple shiny additions to that collection.
Only one new Delgado for my collection, but it is a nice shiny one numbered to 664, courtesy of Donruss' odd numbering scheme that goes along with the Production line portion of their sets.
But my Vlad binder expanded by 4.
Over to the Mets portion of this trade. There was that shiny Bay. There's also this. Sure, it is a buyback, but I doubt there is a better card out there with the Gil Hodges armband. And GCRL agrees.
And last, but not least, a foursome of autographs. I continue to be a magnet for Lind's signature. But, at least he's got nice penmanship, and I'll kinda miss the lug in a Jays uniform in 2015. But the big winner for me is the Brogna. He's another guy I'd love to see, along with Dave Dravecky, show up as part of the Fan Favorites portion of Archives in 2015.

And that's 1/3 of a trade!

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Small Envelopes! An Underdog and a Plank Walking

I've had several trade envelopes show up lately. And I've been slacking on showing them off. So, it is finally time to dent the "to post" piles.

Firstly, a surprise package from the Underdog. It had a lot of Mets base cards in it, but there was one I really wanted to show off.
On first glance this looks like a 1992 Topps card. Then you look at the upper corner.

That's an O-Pee-Chee card! Although I picked up a base set about a year ago at the Expo for $10, I haven't broken it up (or even replaced the damaged cards from the sealed set), so it is nice to add this one to my Mets binder.
See! Look at the back in all its partially-bilingual glory.

And that reminded me I really should sort that box completely before it has been in my possession for a year, and at least get replacements for the damaged cards.

I've got a return package being worked on, and I'll try to see if I can find an Anaheim Ducks hit or two at the local show next weekend.

And the other envelope:
It starts off with a nice numbered card for the mask binder. The red parallel works perfectly with the jersey and Montreal colours.
Here's another bright numbered card. The strange thing about this turquoise parallel is not that Lastings is pictured as a Met but listed as a National - it is that there is a year of a Nationals stats on the reverse of the card as well.  So, Upper Deck had a complete season to get a photo of him on Washington, but failed. Way to go!
Unfortunately for Mike Cameron, the most memorable moment of his as a Met was probably the collision with teammate Carlos Beltran. Still, this is a great Mets patch. All patch. No jersey. I'm not sure from which specific part of the jersey this patch came from. Something with a straight line in it in one part.
Is Travis  still the Mets catcher of the future? Or will Kevin Plawecki overtake him at some point? Either way, this is my first hit of the current Mets catcher, and it will be my first hit of his in my collection.

As with the Underdog, I'm working on a return package, and have a few cards set aside already. Hopefully, it goes out after next weekend.

Friday, 20 March 2015

Just One Pack...of 2014-15 Fleer Showcase

I hit the LCS this that I've found Opening Day at before. Alas, that wasn't happening as that product was nowhere to be found on their shelves. Since I couldn't leave empty handed, I had to get a pack of something. I have some '15 Donruss on the way, so the only other option there for new stuff was this:
One of these. Your standard Upper Deck mid-range release with 5 cards, usually with 4 being base and one being an insert/parallel of some sort. It is also kinda nice to see a cover boy other than the usual ones for this release.

So, I'll start with my base cards.
For those of you that are horrible at math, that's 7 base cards in a 5 card pack. I'll give my hypothesis on why that is when I get to my final card. Of all these type of releases, this might be my favourite of the year in terms of design. The background isn't completely obliterated, which is always a plus for me, and the scripted last name on the side really gives it a feel of a higher-end product. The foil on the name is my only beef, but since it isn't silver, it tends to show up nicer in the scan.
The backs. Standard UD hockey back for their non-flagship/OPC sets with reduced stats and a reused photo albeit shaded in the teams colours.

That's it for the base, but since 2/14 baby Milan Hejduk has both a base and a Flair insert in this set, I'll still have a couple cards I'll wait until the Expo to chase down.

And the 8th card in a supposed 5 card pack?
How about a nice two-colour relic numbered to 36? The red makes it really hard to read, but this is a card of Pete Peeters. Actually, this is a red glow base parallel of Pete. This is a really cool pull, being of someone without a whole lot of relic hits available. Searching ebay shows nothing of that nature prior to releases from this season, coming from this set as well as SP Game-Used. These also seem to be a very tough pull, since I watched a half-dozen box breaks on youtube, only to see one of these parallel hits pulled from them.

Pretty good card for just one pack. A definite keeper for me!

As to my hypothesis why there were additional base cards. This hit doesn't seem as thick as the more common auto/patches that are in these packs. It also isn't as thick as their dummy cards. So, in order to disguise the fact this pack contains one of these low-numbered parallels, they add some extra base.
And this is my first "Richard P. McWilliam Family" relic card as well. WOO-HOO?

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Wallet-card Bruno says goodbye to the Target card aisle, and tries some Turkey

It does seem appropriate that I'd break out my rarely-carried wallet to make one last (Really! They close Saturday! It has to be the last one!) trip through Target. The sports portion of the card aisle was practically bare. I could have got either a blaster of WWE Wrestlemania or a box of Turkey Red., both of which you can see exactly to the right of the card. With my interest in Mania this year at its lowest level in ages, I opted for the football.

I said with the first one of these I tried that I'd wait for the product to drop to 60 percent off before trying it again. Well, it did. So I did.

And, depending on how you look at things, I did better this time than the first time.
At least in terms of base. I grabbed 2 of the 6 product cover boys with this, getting Johnny Football and Terry Bridgewater. Although it is a Rookie Premiere photo on the Archer, I do like that it shows someone listed as a running back receiving the ball. Something different. Also, all the orange on the Sims might seem like too much. But it doesn't seem too obnoxious in hand.
Getting a mini of a card you already pulled isn't exactly good for the collation. But, if you liked 1991 Fleer, you'd love the yellow.
And my sticker-graph. Not the most spectacular one, especially since I already had an on-card auto of Janis' from a random group break of Chrome. And I'll probably include it in my next package, whenever that is, that I send to COMC, but at least it does give me the opportunity to post a like to this video again.