Wednesday, 10 February 2016

[SUPER TRADERS] It seemed like a good plan

Other folks are busting boxes for the Super Breakers and sending out the goodies, so I thought I'd do the same. I grabbed a box of Hometown Heroes and planned to send out the autographs to those that landed them, along with all the base cards that went along with the autographs.

Such a great idea...

On the plus side, the box promised 3 autographs, and I landed 4. Ditto for the Sportdiscs.

Let's look at the autos:

Mookie! Unfortunately for the fellow traders, I've got the Mets among the Super Traders. But, that's the way things work sometimes.

Alright! A team other than the Mets. Who gets this?

Alright! An on-card autograph! And it is a pretty interesting one. Jeff's last certified auto was in 1996 Leaf, and he hadn't even had a card since 2000. He pitched 868 2/3 innings in the bigs, all but 19 1/3 with the Royals. This should be a nice addition to a Royals collection.
Ugh. Part 2. Electric Boogaloo. There were 3 unassigned teams in this (KC, Cleveland and the Marlins). Also considering the Mets being in my possession, the first 3 autos landed in the worst possible position for others in this group.

I just busted the packs, I didn't make them.

Thankfully, someone on the spreadsheet is tied to the Rockies.
So, congrats go out to Infield Fly Rule, the only person in this break to land themselves card. Unfortunately, most of my extra Rockies get sent to Condition Sensitive. That means all that I can send are the additional base cards from the set:
I'll try to have this in the mail by Friday. Edit: Already mailed out as of about one hour ago.

The video doesn't seem to want to link, so click here to see the box break where things didn't quite fall as I hoped.


It was off by this much! What's wrong with you?!?

On a more admin of a note, the box of Hometown Heroes should be here later today, and I'll hopefully have video to go along with the busting of it for Super Traders. 3 autos at least await.

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Just One Pack...of 2015 Topps Fire

Since I didn't have enough cash on me for a third jumbo pack of Series 1, why not try this gaudy option?

Here's your pack, with yet another appearance of Jameis Winston on the pack. Last year, it was Johhny Manziel. We'll have to wait another year to see if that looks like as bad an idea in retrospect as Johnny Football.
First card out. The backgrounds would not seem out of place behind any 80s Diamond King. For me, that's always a plus.
The appearance of Earl Campbell makes this pack very Houston based so far. I really like how this background works with the stripes on the helmet.
WOO-HOO! New Alshon for the 2-14 collection! This is the green parallel, numbered to /199 and falling at a rate of about one per every box and a half. I can't complain so far.
This is an Into the Wild insert. Switch the Broncos with Elway's name and this would not look out of place on the wall of a young Elway fan. There are several Bills in this insert set, and I can see myself chasing down at least one of them.
Another parallel - this time a Silver one. These are one per pack, thus making collating the 150 card base set more challenging.
And there's the promised rookie card to wrap things up.

Despite the palette swapped backgrounds, (compare Cobb/Tate and Watt/Jeffrey), I do like this enough to at least chase down my PC guys from this.

Monday, 8 February 2016

2016 Set Build - Part 2

Time to dig into Jumbo Pack #2.
And it starts with an interesting photo in terms of it being a nice celebratory photo.
Starting my way through the pack, I get my first (and only) Mets card in this pack. The rest of this group is pretty generic, but at least I landed an alternate uniform with Benoit and a big name I won't have to look for in the secondary market with Stanton.
Nothing much here except cards for the set build.
Now we're talking as I reach the horizontal portion of the pack. So many folks have waxed poetic about the bat flip card, so I have no need to join them. Considering the card was all over the local newscasts and newspapers last week, I'm really glad I won't need to look for it at the LCS or shows to finish the base set. It is unfortunate for the Castellanos and the Gomez that their nice entries are lost in the cardboard perfection that is the bat flip.

Another great entry in this subset.
This really was a Dodgers 2-pack break in terms of landing Berger's best cards.
What's this base card doing lurking among these inserts? This is the camo parallel, falling at a rate of 1:25 packs. Check out the Boston across the jersey. I like how the ball is visible as it easily drops into the glove.
The way this card is designed with the border makes it seem that Bruce Sutter is rising out from behind Wrigley field like Godzilla.
And my first card from this subset, another one I can see myself completing as the year goes on.
I never was a fan of Wacky Packages back in the day, so I'm not the target audience for these. But the presence of Sluggerrr on the card makes this a little more palatable.
This will probably be the last time I post every card in the pack(s), so I'll just finish with all the rest of the vertical photos in the set. This is all pretty generic in terms of picture content, but the turning two cards from Hardy and Semien are nice. I also really like how the bat on the Lucroy is perfectly framed with the top of the card, almost making the card look like it has a border where there isn't one.

After only 35 base cards in pack 1 due to the silver frame, it is nice to get some more here. With these, I'm now at 79 cards in the base set.

Sunday, 7 February 2016

2016 Adventures in Repacks: Part 6 - A Super Bowl Sunday repack

And this repack is a flashback to the last repack from 2015, one I picked up at the local card shows. $3 lands a repack with two visible hits, and some cards in the middle. I grabbed two at the last show, one football and one baseball (although this one didn't have two hits, only one, but that's for a later post).
There's the first hit. As a fan of drawn cards, picking up this one was an easy decision. And I get this card, which included a nice coloured swatch to go alongside it. Unlike the base cards, which does include information on the artist, here, all you get is the 'Congratulations!' spiel.
The cards in the middle lead off with this hologram. I really miss these inserts.

From there, a bunch of 2010 Platinum.
These ones were the most interesting to me of the bunch. A Bills card and Creamsicle uniforms start off. The Ronnie Brown passing photo is an interesting one to me, since he was a running back who would occasionally pass the ball out of the Wildcat formation. I love how the ball is highlighted away from Maclin's body on his base card.
Here's the rest of the platinum.
And the other hit. 2011 was not a good year for Lions second round draft picks, but at least he had a slightly better NFL career, and the first image that comes up when googled isn't a mugshot or an article about being arrested for assault, again. Instead, you get an article that he's bound for the BC Lions. Welcome to the 3-down game, Mikel!

And there you have it.

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Commence 2016 Set Build!

Time to finally get my hands on some Series 1 down at the LCS, and to commence working on this set. After working on Archives and Heritage in '15 and '14 respectively, it is nice to return to flagship for the first time in a few years.
Unlike the other blogs that gave you Bryce Harper's mug on the package for their cards, I figure you've seen enough of him, and will instead show you my first card of 2016.
And since it worked out pretty nice in terms of fitting cards on the scanner, I think I'll just scan everything in this pack. The first group of your standard vertical cards is pretty bland, but I did get my first Blue Jays card of the year. Josh gets one of the positions of honour in the set, with the #200 on the card back.
Things get much better with the horizontal cards, photographically speaking. The Ben Revere was nice, but the Puig is even nicer. The white background in the advertisement gives the card a complete full bleed feel.

Commence inserts!
These perspectives cards are gorgeous, and really the only subset I could see myself making an effort to complete.
With the back of the card giving some information on the player and the set this was from, I kinda like this reprint set, and could at least see myself going for the interesting designed cards from the past. Although I would rather not see current players in the reprint set.
Rainbow parallel!
Given that this particular card does salute 90's players, I like that the middle of the card has quality on par with trying to watch a RealPlayer video from the 90s.
Miss California first pitch.

And if you thought the first part of the pack was a little short on base cards, you'd be right, since this thick card was right in the middle of the pack.
My first metal framed card! I love the photograph on this as well, so despite it not hitting one of my PCs, I'm still pleased with this pull. Of course, should there be a Braves/Maybin fan out there that has a Jays/Mets version of one of these, I'd be all ears for trading.
And there you have my first Mets card of 2016 (although since I was in the Nachos Grande break, I'm not too concerned about acquiring their cards). The Goldschmidt is probably the first vertical card in this that I really like.
And more Mets as the pack wraps up. Nice farewell card for Cuddyer.

And that's the pack, with exactly 10 percent of the base set done. More next week.

Friday, 5 February 2016

Thursday, 4 February 2016

2016 Adventures in Repacks: Part 5 - Back to the Dollarama

Let's stay true to the name of this blog with a hanger repack and a surprise bag from the Dollarama.

Starting with the 15 card hanger:

2014 MVP - Dennis Wideman - It wasn't this one that made me opt for this repack, but it is of someone who has been in the news lately.
1989 OPC - Allan Bester
1995 Upper Deck - Pavel Bure - 5th Anniversary - This one threw me at first, since the font seemed off at the top of the card for UD's first hockey release. I turned it over and was reminded about this subset.
1991 Parkhurst - Evgeny Davydov
1990 Score - Tommy Albelin
1991 Parkhurst - Rick Wamsley - A great photo from the junk wax era.
2008 UD - Petr Sykora
1991 Score - Jaromir Jagr
2014 OPC - Drew Doughty
1990 Score - Vincent Damphousse
1991 UD - Jason Cirone
1989 OPC - Brian Mullen - It is pretty rare to get more than 1 card from the same set in these. This repack had that happen 3 times.
1993 Parkhurst Emerald - Mike Rathje - The one per repack emerald parallel I've been seeing lately.
1996 UD - Wayne Primeau - Why does it look like he's wearing an airbrushed Oilers jersey?
2005 MVP - Martin Biron - And here's the reason I got this repack, a new mask binder card.

A few keeper cards in here, but that's below average for me in one of these.

Let's see what the surprise bag brought forth.
Up first was a 2008-09 Collector's Choice pack. Very Carolina and Detroit in this one, but some good stuff in this pack. I've heard of Boychuk, and he's still active on this side of the Atlantic. So that is always a plus with the rookie card.
90s means junk wax in this universe, and it was for the most part. But I did land a Senators card, and a parallel rookie card of a decent player. And there were a couple of mid 90s cards. And the look with the white on the border on the Arnott makes me think of the white portion on some of the corners in the new flagship release.

Dennis @ Too Many Manninghams would be happy to know that the repack makers now consider Max Pacioretty is now considered a Superstar.
And the goalie pack saves it for me. 4 for 4 in mask binder cards. I like that average!

Maybe I'll finally bust and show off some 2016 Topps by the weekend.