Saturday, 19 August 2017

Flea Market 2-14s

Back to the flea market this past week, and that's going to lead to a few days of showing off the goodies. Up first, 2-14 binder stuff.
Any time I can grab anything non-hockey for my PCs at the flea market, I'll jump on it. Here's a new card for the former #1 draft pick, as his cards now total 32 in the binder. That's 6th place, 5 behind David Garrard.
Hockey the rest of the way home, and I'll start off with a gold reserve of Milan Hejduk from 1999. That's 141 cards for him,
The best think about Boris Valabik is that if I don't need his card in the 2/14 binder, it can also land in my Kitchener Rangers alumni binder. Fortunately, this could go in either, thus he finally hits double digits there with his 10th card.
But, Gaborik remains the king of the binder in terms of volume, with 3 cards putting him at 156. First up, a slightly goofy card of the Slovakian Sensation!. If Pacific used an exclamation point, so will I.
1 year later, and a die-cut entry from Pacific. I really wish UD would rip this design off.
And the big hit, so to speak, for the binder is this /50 parallel from 13-14 Totally Certified. It is a lot shinier in hand than in scan, making it feel like a rewarding acquisition.

And there you go!

Friday, 18 August 2017

4 if by Sportlots

Another grouping of 4 cards from a sportlots seller where shipping costs exploded at the 5 card plateau.
Let's start with my 42nd card of Gheorghe Muresan. You've got a flashback to the first Hoops design, and you've combined it with a rare appearance of Muresan on the Nets.
The back also flashes back to the original design, with Muresan looking like a serial killer.
The other 2/14 card from this envelope. At least Roy looks saner.
The other 2 cards are on their way to my Alfie collection. 2003 MVP was one of the rare MVP designs I like, with the background shaded into one of the team colours.
And an insert from Crown Royale to make his 1000th point ends this mix of 4. It is also /499, so it can safely go in the front of his binder.

There you have it. More 2/14 stuff with the next post.

Thursday, 17 August 2017

One Card Only: Sadness

That's what Joe Hoerner feels when he looks into the crystal ball, and realizes Jay Johnstone will win the hat war several years later with his choice.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

PWE Chronicle

Time to recap a nice little envelope that showed up from Kerry @ Cards on Cards last week, as I try to catch up on mailings.
6 cards. 3 teams represented. Only one of the Toronto teams showed up, and it was this DeRozan from Excalibur. Thankfully, this wasn't one of the cards I landed in my case break Raptors purchase. And yes, it is die-cut to resemble a...column? Sorta. I guess.
While I haven't become a Nuggets super-collector, I have become a Jamal Murray super-collector. Gotta get cards of the rare local guys who get cards in something other than hockey. Which consists of Murray, and former KC Royal pitcher Ryan Braun.
More Jamal! This pink parallel, the second of the Optics, is numbered to just /25. A nice low print run for a desired rookie card from the '16 class.
Rediscover Topps? There it is!
Golden Tom! And there some more Topps I can rediscover as well!
And purple Yo!

Thank for the 6 great cards! I hope my most recent return package made its way to you safely.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

2017 Adventures in Repacks - Part 22 - Once, Twice, Three Times a Repack

A trio of $1 hanger bags from the Dollarama. And they all had cards from 16-17 UD flagship as one of the visible cards.

Repack #1:
2016 UD - Brandon Sutter - A visible 2/14 card! I was fairly certain I had this card already, but I didn't notice it in the binder when I searched. This is my 55th card of his in that collection.
1990 Bowman - Mike Bullard
1993 Parkhurst - Oleg Tverdovski (sic)
1991 Score - Trevor Kidd
1992 UD - Al MacInnis - A Rangers alum!
2000 Ovation - Tim Connolly
2004 UD All-World - Thomas Steen - The set from the lost season. If you couldn't do NHL cards, why not European cards? The stats on the back, naturally, are entirely from his NHL career.
1990 Topps - Zarley Zalapski
1990 Score - Scott Stevens - And a teammate of Al's from the Memorial Cup winners.
1990 UD - Randy Ladoceur
1992 Parkhurst - Cam Neely - A card of one of my favourite players is always welcome.
1990 UD - Kip Miller
1991 Score - Alexei Kasatonov
1991 7IS - Chris Crombie
2011 Heroes and Prospects - Zack Kassian - And a minor league card ends it.

3 cards for my PCs (although I think that Stevens is a dupe), and Cam Neely. An efficient start.

Repack #2:
2016 UD - Steven Stamkos - I was more interested in the card on the back, to be honest.
1990 Bowman - Carey Wilson
1991 OPC - Bob Carpenter
1995 Parkhurst - Jiri Slegr - The Oilers logo and colours work really nicely in the background with this design.
1991 UD - Tomas Forslund
1991 7IS - David Matsos
1991 UD - Ray Sheppard
2004 Heroes and Prospects - Bryan Bickell - I've found a lot of these in repack land lately. At least it is still rarer than 1990 Bowman.
2007 ICE - Alex Tanguay
1990 Score - Brent Ashton
1993 Score - Steve Konroyd
1990 Bowman - Doug Wilson
1993 Leaf - Todd Ewen - Must highlight card back of 1993 Leaf..
1995 Parkhurst - Ron Francis - Pens colours are less subtle than Oilers one in this design.
1991 7IS - Darren Hurley
2010 H&P - Alex Stalock - This was the reason I opted for this one - a mask binder card and a really great logo of the former Worcester Sharks.

16 cards instead of 15! WOO-HOO!

And the final repack, grabbed because it was on top.

Repack #3:
2016 UD - Louis Domingue - A nice little start with a mask binder card.
1990 Bowman - Jeff Norton
1991 Platinum - Alex Godynyuk
1990 Bowman - John Ogrodnick - 2 packs with 2 1990 Bowman. I hope that doesn't become a trend in future repacks.
1995 Parkhurst - Sergei Zubov - But if leads to more '95 Parkhurst, that's an acceptable trade-off.
2004 H&P - David Shantz - A nice mask binder card. Although drafted in the 2nd round by the Panthers, he never reached the NHL.
2005 Ultra - Patrik Stefan - Shouldn't this show the puck skipping past him with someone taking it end-to-end for a goal?
1990 Topps - Jeff Reese
1990 Score - Paul Ranheim - That's a pure early 90s rinkside look. Suit. Neon green cap.
1990 UD - Tommy Albelin
1991 Score - Dave Ellett
1991 OPC - Lev Berdichevski
1996 Donruss - Adam Oates
1991 7IS - James Storr - Pre-Jamie days.
2014 OPC - Tom Gilbert - A blah ending.

Lots of mask binder candidates in the pack.

And there you have $3 worth of repacks.

Monday, 14 August 2017

A Whole Buncha Raptors

I dropped a whole pile of random hockey guys on Billy over @ Cardboard History, and I got a bunch of Raptors in return. There were also some Vancouver Grizzlies, some drawn cards, and some mask binder goodies, but those will be combined in a future post.
My favourite card of the bunch seems like an appropriate way to start this post. Mascot cards are always great.

And now, a whole bunch of Raptor cards. Pictures only, as I'm not having the most verbose of days.
And that's a lot of Raptors! From Loren Woods to DeMar DeRozan, they're all welcome. Thanks for all these, Billy, and I hope you enjoyed the goodies I sent your way as well. I'll get to the rest of them in a future post.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

2017 Adventures in Repacks - Part 21.2 - But it (Still) Isn't Spring!

3 packs down, with these 7 still to go:

2008 Upper Deck X
2012 Prizm
2013 Triple Play
2014 Topps S1
2014 Golden Age
2015 Opening Day * 2

I'll go through them in the order they upload.
A couple of Walmart parallels and a nice use of a horizontal frame is a fun way to start this group.
I think Golden Age was the portion of this I was most excited about busting since I hadn't already opened any of it, and it does bring some variety. Golf, football, boxing and baseball in the same pack.
It is hard to tell because of the border colour matching the parallel, but the Guilder is a blue parallel.
Given the condition of the corners of a lot of cards in this group, I'm guessing Dinger is to blame.
Here's the Prizm stuff. Nothing shiny, and it is typical of me to land a card of someone who a trade partner collects just a couple days after sending off a trade package. In this case, the Willingham for jaybarkerfan.
Triple Play. It is an acquired taste, and I haven't acquired it yet.
And to end it, the X. I'm glad I'm not building this set, as a set with half the cards not being base probably would have annoyed me. The Kemp is a gold die-cut parallel, which is a little tougher pull than the regular.

And there you have it. I liked the first one more with the Halladay swatch among the packs, but this wasn't too bad. Some keepers, and the trade box got a lot more baseball content. Back to the incoming envelopes next time.