Wednesday, 17 January 2018

A Therapy Blaster

Last week, I obviously needed a pick-me-up. I considered a repack, but instead opted for my second blaster of Series 1.
Nothing beats a cardboard pick-me-up.
There's the prominently-promised oversized Young Guns card. While he's probably not in contention for the Calder this year, he's done quite well in his rookie season with Columbus.
My favourite base card is a non-mask binder goalie card. Apparently there are soccer balls in Vancouver Canucks colours.
Back to the Young Guns, here's the first of the two promised ones that came out. Nathan Walker is one of a handful of Welsh-born NHLers, and almost certainly the first Welsh-born, Australia-raised one. He's already bounced around, getting waived and claimed by the Oilers, playing a couple games for them, getting waived again and returning to the Capitals organization.
DeBrincat, on the other hand, seems to be more solidly entrenched with the Hawks.
Another solid rookie comes up in the one-per-blaster portraits card. While these are more common in hobby releases, they aren't in blasters, falling at 1:120 packs, or about 1:10 blasters. McAvoy is definitely one of the names in contention for the Calder with the season past its midway point.
And a pretty tough pull for the Shining Stars. There's one per box here as well, but these red parallels fall at 1:72 packs or 1:6 blasters.

Some tougher pulls,

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

I'm Gonna Have a Piazza! I'm Gonna Have a Piazza!

I'm gonna have a lot of Piazzas to post as I start posting the goodies from my latest mailer from Dennis @ Too Many Manninghams, along with some team goodies.
Mini Piazza!
Horizontal Piazza, both rectangular and not!
And a whole buncha regular vertical Piazzas, some shiny, some acetate, but all welcome additions.

But wait, there's more! There were also a handful of cards for some of my other collections, and this seems to be as good a place as any to post these.
A random Black Diamond card of John Olerud to start.
A random Larry Walker for my CanCon collection. The home plate portion on this scans louder than the card really is.
Only one Blue Jays card in this bunch, but it is an interesting looking Jose Cruz Jr.
A couple Vlads wrap up this baseball portion.
Miscellaneous Sens content!
Two of my last three posts wrap up with a Bruce Smith card. He's worthy of the honour.

And that's about 1/3 of what I have to post. I've still got a pile of stuff to get to. 2/14 stuff is next, although perhaps not tomorrow.

Monday, 15 January 2018

Hobby Pack Sampler

I showed off some retail busts before my somewhat hiatus, so here's a couple packs of the hobby variety.
Lower end hobby packs, but still hobby packs.
A Raptors card is always a great way to start a break of a basketball product.
A punny insert.
And the rest of the base. Brown is not a good choice for a border colour. Or copper. Or whatever they call it.
From a set called Playoff, it is apropos that none of the teams in this pack are still playing. Heck, only 2 of the people among the 6 base cards played in 2016. Jim Zorn is sort of an odd pull for 2017, so that's nice. Ricky Williams seems to bounce between shown as a Saint and Dolphin on his card, but as a Bills fan, I prefer the former.
An insert.
An auto too! He has a really nice signature for a sticker auto as well. The J looks a little like a 2, but the rest of it is really clear. And if the whole football thing doesn't work out, he can just fall back on his degree in aerospace engineering. Like any young prospect.

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Redeemed and Replaced (Kinda)

Getting back into things, and hitting the mailbag with a mailer from Panini.
Up first is this, which I received in a box break of 2012 Totally Certified. When it wasn't fulfilled right from the start, I assumed it was never made. I was half-right. It was made, but the video didn't work. Since I had this put aside for Wes @ Willinghammer Rising, I'd requested it be replaced with something Crimson Tide related. So, Wes will be getting the non-functional Richardson video player/card, along with these.
A Flawless card? That's well above what I expected. I hope to finally be able to get to a post office by mid-week to get these sent out, along with some other goodies.

Next up, this group break redemption:
I was sorta tempted to send the code to Dennis @ Too Many Manninghams just for the reaction when he entered it. Instead, I entered it, and requested something Bills-related.
This will do. He may have gone a bit off the sticker, but this is still a really nice addition with a new auto and relic of my favourite Bills alum. I love that Panini tends to help out with getting replacements that fit into your PC. Also, this is /15, so I'd think there might me more colours on the swatch, but I won't complain too much with the auto.

There you have it!

Saturday, 13 January 2018

One Card Only: Another First

The Raptors had two first round draft picks in 2016. In group breaks, I was a magnet for getting Pascal Siakam autos, and have 6 of them in my collection. Jakob Poeltl, on the other hand, eluded me. So, this COMC acquisition is the first hit of his in my collection.

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

One Card Only: Am I Blue?

Due to circumstance, I'm going to probably be unable to post much until the weekend, so I'm just going to pre-write a series of one card posts. And this is as good a time as any to show off my first Jamal Murray relic.

Monday, 8 January 2018

Retail Sampler

One hanger pack of 2017 WWE Woman's Division and one hanger pack of 2017 Topps Gallery. That's quite the contrast of products, and ones I've been waiting way too long to finally post. Let's get to the scanning.
I'll start with the first of the two packs I busted. It opens up with an insert from the Moments set, and features an Aussie import.
Here are the base cards. Nice design - they look like something from a higher end set with all the white. My only complaint is that the image on Ivory's card has the belt covered up - although that purple scarf was also pretty iconic for her.
A rivalries insert, supposedly exclusives. I'd rather have had more base cards, TBH.
A couple more cards from the Moments insert set.
And some more base. At least they didn't recycle the image on the Billie Kay card.
Topps Gallery is up next. As a fan of painted cards, I was disappointed there were no blasters at the local Walmart, but a hanger pack will do. I really like the mix between images from games alongside the posed ones.
The canvas parallels. I was kinda hoping for a Court Kings feel to these, but they have the feel of the standard base cards.
Retail ends with a pair of inserts. I really love the look of the McGwire, with the action/portrait combo nicely reminding me of the 80s Diamond Kings. They just needed a hideously loud background. The last card is Expos content! And blue uniform Expos content as well! That's a great way to wrap up a post of two interesting, and interestingly different packs.