Tuesday, 22 July 2014

2014 Adventures in Repacks: Part 39: Flea Market Repack

I mentioned picking up a different one of these repacks this past weekend at the flea market. It is a usual $5.00 for a brick of recent cards, but there was also a guaranteed relic in one of these. Since these have worked out pretty nicely in the past, let's dig in. These had the usual 50 or so cards in it, mostly from the past year or two. So, I'll limit it to the highlights.
These were the two visible cards. Both Red Wings, but I'm far happier about the new card for my Alfredsson collection. This is now my 8th card of his as a Red Wing.
Other PC additions? My 65th Marian Gaborik card in my 2/14 collection was one of them. My binder needs more die cut content, even if it is a base card.
2 new cards for my Senators collection. Why do so many of the cards featuring Craig Anderson's heritage mask feature the duller side with the logo, instead of the incredible Clint Benedict side?
A pair of Kitchener Rangers alumni were also found in this repack. It is nice to add the new Derek Roy card, since it doesn't seem like he'll have too many as a St. Louis Blue, being off to Nashville for next season.
And here's a page worth of new cards in the mask binder. Despite all the rather detailed masks here, I'm all over the Grant Fuhr as my favourite in the bunch. Just a simple usage of team colours and logo is all he needs. We also have Goaltending Gallimaufry (tm: Card Boarded), as Ben Bishop is still sporting his Ottawa Senators mask in the photo.
As always with recent sets, we get a nice mix of retired stars in with the current crop of players. That Orr is just beautiful, and I'm really surprised to see Andy Moog as part of a modern base set. He's well-known enough, but he just doesn't seem to be the type. Then again, I was pleased to Harold Snepsts as part of this year's Artifacts base, so why would I complain?
Here's a couple cards for my tentative set-build of the base from Anthology. I should probably stop calling a tentative set-build when I'm highlighting base cards from it. 28 more to go!
And finally, my promised hit. I guess this is close enough to a Senator to call it a Senators card. He doesn't seem to have any hits that aren't from his time as a Coyote, so I'll gladly add this to my Senators hit binder.

Not bad for $5!

Monday, 21 July 2014

Masked Mondays: Week 32 - More TMM goodies

I said I'd continue with the trade post on a day that seemed appropriate. Among the pack goodies was a complete subset of Les Gardiens from 2010-11 Donruss. 15 acetate cards sounds good to me.
It isn't too often that I sort cards by language, but that is the most logical way to do this. The first 5 cards in the subset are for the Quebec goaltenders. Sadly, the least of the quality mask shots lead the way in this subset.
But things pick up when you get to the English portion of this subset in terms of mask quality. All of these would be certain keepers for the mask binder on their own. Interestingly, Cujo is the only one of the English portion of this subset that isn't American.
Alright! Now I know what Goalies translates to in Finnish!
And Swedish!
And Slovak!

Thanks for this surprise!

Sunday, 20 July 2014

COMC Challenge Cards Part 39: Misc vintage

When you still have a couple bucks left on the account at the time, why not plug a year from the 50s into the search engine at COMC, then search by lowest price and grab a few random vintage cards. These cards are all my first ones from their respective years.
First up, a somewhat well-known card through the blogosphere. Some might love this due to the massive unibrow, but I'm equally in love with the classic Orioles logo on the card.
And of course, you've also got fun cartoons on the back of this card, and the factoid of the Noodles nickname.
Working backwards chronologically through these 3 cards, here's a 1955 Bowman card. I love anything with a wood-grain border, especially when they have the TV theme.
And finally, a vintage Washington Senators card from 1954 wraps this little bit of vintage fun up. This is my oldest card for that team, and my 6th vintage one overall (7 if you count a Paul Casanova buyback from a pack of this year's flagship).

Each card isn't exactly mint, but isn't exactly in dire condition either. And neither one set me back more than 55 cents of credit.

2014 Adventures in Repacks: Part 38.2: 4 basketball packs to go

Let's wrap up the basketball pack repack that I started posting earlier this week. Still left to look through are packs of 09 Adrenalyn, 08 and also 09 First Edition and finally a rack pack of 10 Classics.

First up, an actual hit from the rack pack.
Terrico White isn't the most spectacular pull, but an on-card autograph is still a nice surprise. Unfortunately, Terrico got injured in his first NBA preseason game, and never played a regular season game in the NBA. He's been playing overseas the past few years.

But, in terms of COMC value, this wasn't the most valuable card. This was:
If someone told me that the most valuable card would come from the Adrenalyn pack, I'd laugh. But I could pick up the cheapest Terrico White autos there for the cost of the cheapest Stephen Curry. I'd still rather have the auto, though.

Now, the important things for me in this portion of the repack: The Raptors content.

That's it! It is also a dupe for me. But, considering the lack of Sonny Weems content where he is a Raptor, it is still a nice one to have a dupe of his.

Celtics content?
A little better. Rondo wasn't the only player to make an appearance in both packs of First Edition.

Although this one didn't quite have the same star power.
Best photos? You pretty much have to default it to Upper Deck since they were the only cards with the backgrounds still in the picture. These are nice, though.
And finally, although Too Many Manninghams missed out on the Eric Nystrom I picked up at the flea market today, so hopefully this Jamal Crawford will be a consolation prize. I didn't know Crawford was a Wolverines alum until I read the card back, so I've got someone else to look for hits of

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Flea Market Alfie (and more!)

Back to the flea market again this morning. This time I picked up another flea market repack (this one contained a promised relic card to go alongside the brick of recent hockey base). I'll show those off later, since I also grabbed a few new cards for my Alfredsson collection, and one more for the 2/14 collection.
Hologram cards! Hologram cards always rule! Except when it comes to try and get things even when you're scanning them and the cards have round edges on all sides. But seriously, hologram cards are always awesome.
Die-cut cards? Also consistently awesome.
Prizm cards from the Prizm set that never was but then was kinda sorta. Yeah, these are pretty nice to. Even if this is the base and not the shiny.
And finally, among the singles was this new addition to my 2/14 collection. Sorry that I only found one of these, as this would also be a nice bright addition to Too Many Manninghams' collection of hockey hits. Should I find another one of these, it is yours!

So, not a bad haul at all. I'll get to the flea market repack with a relic at a later date.

Friday, 18 July 2014

Another TMM/TMV trade - Part 1

Yup. Another pile of Wolverines/Tigers went Michigan-ward, and the goodie bubble envelope returned this week. Among the stuff was a complete Update set from 2000 Tradition as part of his cleanup giveaway. But, I'll focus more on the cards that I wasn't expecting (along with saving some for a rare masked Monday).
Opening up, a vintage card that dropped off my Top 10 list. as you might have guessed, Dobie Craig is on his way into my 2/14 binder. I also love that the card features a position you haven't seen on football cards in ages - the flanker. This might also be my first card featuring that designation.
The only other 2-14 card in this package was an on-card/manurelic auto of Richard Hamilton. It is nice to finally start to add autos of Richard Hamilton to my collection. This is my second auto of his for my collection, with my third on the way.
And here's someone making his debut in the hits portion of my CanCon collection. Getting both a relic and an autograph on the same card.
And to wrap up the hit portion of this, a beautiful Blue Jays patch from Shannon Stewart. Surprisingly, this thick three colour patch is /300. I won't complain about that since it is a beautiful addition to my Jays collection.

And to wrap this up, goodies for my team collections:
One lonely Raptors card. But, it takes me back to the original uniforms and home games at the Skydome. And one Raptors card is still better than zero.
And these two for my Marlins team collection. OK. It's just two of my favourite players who happened to be Marlins at the time. This is actually my first Piazza Marlins card, kinda surprising for someone like me that likes the odder cards of my favourite players.
Only three Blue Jays base cards in the package.
Here's the Bills content. There's a pair of inserts from 2013 Topps I'd been looking for, as well as a /299 shiny parallel of Chris Gragg.
And to wrap things up for this post, the Mets content. There's another orange parallel in this one, but this is /250 of for Matthew Bowman. But, I'm most excited about the card of Gary Sheffield. Much like with Piazza and the Marlins, this is my first card of his as a Met.

Thanks for part 1 of the trade, Dennis! I've got at least two more posts to come out of the deal as well.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Mailday: Group Break basketball goodies

Finally, both my expected envelopes showed up today. A huge envelope of cards as part of a trade with TMM (much of that was a 2000 Fleer Update set), and the second envelope being from mojobreak, containing the goodies from a basketball random I entered. Luck was on my side as I ended up with the Celtics through the ol' randomizer. That's a pretty good team to end up with a mix of products, especially considering that the products have a nice mix of retired stars and current stars. And since they were my favourite team before the Raptors came into existence, that's also a bonus!

Unfortunately, I only got one autograph out of the break.

But it was a beautiful one.
The Chief! If you only get one autograph with the Celtics, Robert Parish would be high on the list of ones to get. Perhaps behind Bill Russell and Larry Bird, but he'd certainly be in my top 3. As a bonus, this card is a die-cut numbered to 10. A definite keeper for me.
This was the only other low-numbered card that I got. I had to look it up to find out what specific parallel this was. It's an onyx.
There was a third numbered card - the teal parallel of Pistol Pete was /249. Shiny cards!
Crusade base! At least there aren't too many choices if you want a Vitor Faverani card.
Knight Court? Much as I like a third Rondo card out of Crusade, I'd rather have a card of Markie Post. Or Dan-Dan Fielding.
And to wrap up Crusade, here's a pair of cards from the Royalty subset. Seeing Larry Bird was expected, but Cedric Maxwell was a more surprising find.
Only card out of Momentum.
Off to last year's Select. This is yet another example of a card that looks awful in the scan, but looks gorgeous in hand. You can't read the name on the card. You can't read the name. You can't read the subset. So to fill in the gaps - this is a Dave Cowens card from the Hall Selections subset. This might be most border ever on a card, but for a Hall themed subset, it works.
Other select cards included this shiny, Prizm-y Jeff Green
And the base. And this is why having a team with a long history in a basketball break can be fun. Finding a card of John Havlicek and Rajon in the same base set.
And finally, Hoops. I ended up with a complete base set. But, since that worked out to 10, scanning the team set would be a challenge. So, here were the gold and the red back parallels.
And finally, the Hoops inserts. The Bill Walton Hall of Fame Heroes was the only dupe I got in the whole break. And since it was my favourite subset of the set, and the fact that it is Bill Walton, I really don't care that it is a dupe.

So, a good break in terms of both quantity of cards and quality of the hit. Now I just need to find a more secure home for the Chief's stickergraph.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Two bubble envelopes - Two cards

Neither of my expected envelopes showed up today, but a pair of them still did. Two envelopes for a pair of cards. One was expected. One wasn't.
Firstly, the expected card. I'm certainly expecting Sammy Watkins to be all over the various releases this year, so adding at least one hit of his shouldn't be too much of a challenge. Cyril Richardson on the other hand? He was a 5th round pick. He's also an offensive lineman. I doubt he'll even have base cards in other sets. So, it is Bowman and Bowman only for adding his cards to my collection. Unless he also signed a bunch of stickers at the same time as these. In which case, at least this one was on card.
And the second, unexpected card. This one comes from the fact I filled out one of those No Purchase Necessary things at Upper Deck's website. Not a bad free card at all. Considering the only one I can find for sale online is going for $29.99 at COMC, I'll take a free one gladly.