Thursday, 27 October 2016

Mets in the Mail

Time to wrap up a trade with Too Many Manninghams, and fatten out the Mets content with some cards in a mailer from #supertrader Waiting 'til Next Year.
Only one hit among the group, and it is an autograph of Generation-K alum Paul Wilson. Ah, what coulda been. Has it been long enough that we no longer hate Dallas Green for wrecking those arms?
I will never tire of pulling Action Packed cards from mailers or repacks. Probably, if the embossed cards like this continued well past the early 90's that wouldn't be so.
Must highlight Metal Universe. Even if they scan so poorly as to obscure the background in scans, some of the background choices are a bit out there. Sure, Rey Ordonez straddling a subway is kinda unique, but does it really compare to a bug-eyed Tony Womack diving out of the way of a plane?
I had no idea an all-framed set existed until I opened the WTNY mailer.
The big winner here was the Mike Piazza portion of my binders, adding 5 new cards to their pages, even if he shares the bill with Robin Ventura on one of them.
And to end things, some miscellaneous Mets from the binder, with a slight emphasis on chrome-y, shiny cards.

Thanks for all these goodies. It was nice to finally be caught up on the packages.

And then a package from COMC showed up this morning.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Pack Sampler

Not exactly the newest stuff on the shelves, but I'll still try at least one pack of these. Although I'm slightly disappointed that Heritage Minors wasn't available.
A Mets card always makes a pack worth busting. Also, a pretty decent rookie with Urias (who surprisingly isn't a SP) and the Lincecum is a nice deviation from 6 other base cards with generic poses.
As for the Elite, the base sure was shiny. And the pictures sure are re-used. (And yes, they show up a third time on the reverse of the card).
But at least the insert was a Jim Kelly card. The only problem is that I have to decide whether this one goes into my 2/14 collection or my Bills collection. 1st world problems!

No more pack busting tomorrow. I promise.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

2016 Topps Update Jumbo Box Break - Packs 9 to 10

Time to bring this box to a close.

Pack #9:

This was yet another pack where the were no dupes. The collation was strange, but at least I got a complete set from it.
More All-Star cards of people who didn't get into the actual game highlight this one.
There were a trio of cards, all horizontal, where the photo worked perfectly with the card design.
Jays content!
Mets content!
Insert content. Jeremy Hellickson is the eye-straining gold card.
And here's my autograph. It's one I didn't have before so that's a good thing. Although I don't want to try and parse that signature.

Pack #10:
A few needs left in this pack. This here is the last new Mets card for the set.
And the last inserts. Miguel Cabrera is on the gold card.

There's the box. A quiet ending, but at least I've got a pile of new base to fatten up the next packages I send out, along with the complete set. That Aaron stamp was pretty nice too.

Monday, 24 October 2016

2016 Topps Update Jumbo Box Break - Packs 7 and 8

Pack #7:

Remember pack #6, which had 35 of the 45 base cards within being dupes. I can't say anything bad about collation after opening this. This one was entirely dupes. 45 dupes in this pack.
But, when the pack also contains one of these beautiful 'stamp' cards in it as opposed to the standard manufactured relic, it isn't that bad. I really like that this is for an event that took place in 1968 (Hank's 500th home run), and that date also appears on the stamp. A look at ebay shows all the ones there have this Illinois stamp on them, so I commend Topps on their ability to find 375 of this stamp.
And the rest of the inserts. Surprisingly(?), the Clemente does note the sad aftermath of Clemente's 3000th hit.

Pack #8:

In contrast to pack #7, this pack was entirely needed cards. I have no idea how I managed to complete the base set from this box, but I did.
Contenders for the best photo in this pack include this not-quite All-star game photo of Steven Wright.
But, it makes sense, since when you flip the card over, you realize he didn't get to play in the game. So Fenway does seem to be the better setting.
Getting a 'play at the plate' photo as your rookie card? Sweet. Jett Bandy sounds like a name from a create-a-player in a Madden game.
Your winner is this beautiful Brandon Moss card that makes the stadium and its surroundings as much of a star as the player featured. A horizontal variation on the Randal Grichuk Stadium Club card.
Mets content!
Jays content!
And your inserts. So you don't strain your eyes, it is Ian Kennedy on the gold parallel. The Franklin is a really unnecessary subset this time around, but at least I get a card of a post-homer Edwing. Plus, I know at least one blogger who should be interested that Plaza ended up in the First Pitch set.

And there you have it. Final packs up next, and that should land me the autograph in the box.

Sunday, 23 October 2016

2016 Topps Update Jumbo Box Break - Packs 5 and 6

Pushing past the halfway mark.

Pack #5:
And the first card in this pack is card #1 in the set. This is the second card in the set where I feel I must highlight the spectacular ASG socks worn my the player.
Favourite photo here is this Buster Posey. I don't know exactly what he's doing, although I'd bet he's trailing a ball down the line hoping it rolls foul.
Mets content!
And the only pack where Jays content surpassed the Mets content among the base cards.
But I did land a Mets among the inserts. It is quite orange and blue. Mark Trumbo is the gold.

Pack #6:

35 base dupes from Pack #5. That was not a typo.
Here's all the base that didn't fall into that category.
And the inserts. Trevor Cahill is the gold card that you can't read. That has to be the most weather visible on one of those 'First Pitch' cards.

And there you have it.

Saturday, 22 October 2016

2016 Topps Update Jumbo Box Break - Packs 3 and 4

Back to the box for some more pack busting.

Pack #3:
First card is a Tatooine card (TM: GCRL).
These two cards were back to back in the pack. Not quite as interesting as the time I pulled a Mike Carp and Mike Trout back-to-back, but still interesting collation with comparable photos.
Eduardo Nunez takes this pack's "best framing with the smoke design" nod.
Best photo is a no-doubter in this. A beautiful farewell photo.
But this Mark Trumbo is really close.
Since I probably was the only Mets collector who didn't get the Topps Now of Bartolo's home run, at least I can still add a card to my collection in checklist form.
And the Blue Jays content of this pack.
And your inserts/parallels. Tommy Joseph is the barely-legible gold /2016.

Pack #4:
Here, the dupes started to make their appearance. But, in this case it meant I landed a Tyler Clippard for the base set, and one for the 2/14 collection. As best as I can recall, he's the only 2/14 binder member among the base.
While I got dupes of Robles and Niese in this pack, I did add some new Mets as well. Back-to-back packs with Bartolo content as well. Not bad in a pack where maybe 10 cards were new.
And one of the newer Blue Jays.
Here's my first hit in the box of the promised three. I thought this might be the first brown swatch in my collection, but then I recalled having a dual Kiko Alonso/Barkevious Mingo relic sitting in my Bills binder due to the former.
And the rest of the inserts. The Burke Waldron (a 92 year old Navy veteran of WW2) wins this one easily. This is the first pack so far lacking a gold parallel, but that rainbow is pretty nice.

And there's two more packs down. Next up, moving past the halfway mark.

Friday, 21 October 2016

2016 Topps Update Jumbo Box Break - Packs 1 and 2

Time to dig into an end-of-season box. 2 packs at a time.

Pack #1:

My first card of update is...
Byung-Ho Park
All-Star photos can be bland at times, but this one nicely recreates Bartolo Colon's entry from 2013.
But in terms of casual photos, nothing beats AJ Ramos, since the card gives you a chance to see his ASG socks.
As expected, the big winners photographically in this pack are the horizontal entries. Celebratory photos. There are a couple great catches in there, including a beauty with the Wrigley ivy as a co-star, but I love the Trout, as it is beautifully framed and everything seems placed just perfectly to work with the smoke effect.
Blue Jays content, much like their offense in the ALCS, was absent in Pack #1. Fortunately, I did get a trio of Mets. Not sure if Niese really belongs in this, though. He had a Mets card in Series 1, and his only Pirates card seems to have been in Heritage. Jose Reyes' return makes it in, and Hansel Robles makes back-to-back appearances in Update.
And the inserts and parallels. Pink parallels are 1:51 packs, so getting one of those /50 cards is a nice pull. It is of Derek Law, for those that don't want to risk their eyes on the foil. Golds are 1:2 (Adam Duvall), but I ended up with 8 from this 10 pack box. It is interesting that two media types from other sports, both of whom are famed for gaudy attire, have shown up in First Pitch sets dressed in a relatively understated style. The set is 10 cards deep, and each pack has that as the final card. Complete subset in this box! WOO-HOO! Fire makes its move over from football with an insert set that falls 1:2. I can see myself chasing this insert set once prices drop.

Pack #2:
Starting this pack off with what will likely be Jose Fernandez in his final Topps base card.
Much like with the Trout in pack 1, there's a card here that works perfectly with the smoke effect.
Finally, a Blue Jays card.
And here's a Met card to keep it company.
Ji-Man Choi is the gold among these. Jeff Bauman, who did get a first pitch card of his own, is shown alongside Jake Gyllenhall on his card. The Padres are yet another team that I totally blanked on Rickey Henderson spending time with.

2 packs down! 8 more to go!