Friday, 29 May 2015


It may have taken almost two years, but this
has turned into this:
This is actually a pretty good pull now that I have the card, since it is an on-card autograph as a redemption. All the gold parallels at COMC appear to be stickers. So, this was more than worth the wait in that regards.
Here's the back of the card. Not only on-card, but /50 as well!

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Mailbag *3: Shoebox Legends, Condition Sensitive & $30 a Week Habit

Mailbag time! This time, a quick recap of a trio of packages that showed up so far this week.
Let's go through this sequentially, in the order of this post's title. This nice vintage Mets card isn't as poorly cut as this scam would make it seem. I just laid an egg when it comes to cropping this image.
Fortunately, I did much better when it comes to these. The top 3 are actually cards from the Topps Team Sets, complete with the NYM prefix on the card number. From there, there's Heritage and shiny among the cards on the bottom of this sixth. A nice mix.
And what better way to wrap the PWE up with a pair of Delgados.

The other envelopes were of the bubble variety.
After seeing that Condition Sensitive pulled this from one of his GQ boxes, I looked for a card that might pry this from his hands, succeeding with a Tulo all-star relic. I'll just ignore any mentions of "spinal stenosis".
Since it looks like I'll be building this set this year, as I await any news about how the SPs will be handled with Archives. Here are my favourites among the base cards i got. Nolan because it is one that even if it isn't SP, his are still tough to come by in dime and quarter boxes. And the Gossage is just a great photo that looks great in GQ form.
Painted Alfie! One of the cards I really wanted from this set.
And a painted version of an already painted mask. While I didn't like the one pack I had, I kinda like these base cards more than my original excursion. Which might lead to a base set pick up. Actually, be on the lookout for a few more posts from Masterpieces over the next week or so.
Random Bills! A pretty nice mix. Dancing Kenneth Davis wins this card battle.

And on to the envelope that just showed up today.
How about starting with some more Delgados. Robert wasn't sure how many would be needs, but I think there was a pretty good batting average with these.
And here's some more for my Alfie collection.
And a nice shiny mask card for that binder.
And to wrap things up, here is an auto from one of my favourites. While I like the cityscape back of the card...
and the fact the back of the card is an Ottawa history lesson, as opposed to a Peter REgin history lesson.

So, the only way to wrap up a Mailbag * 3 post is with a Thank You * 3.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Tales of a JBF Mega-Box - Chapter 3 (of 6)

Time to continue this 800 ct box worth of hockey with a division-by-division work through. LEading the way, the 8 teams of the Metropolitan division.

And I'll start with Washington, for the simple reason that...
it is a good place to post the second of the two Starting Lineups that were in the package. This is the Jim Carey. It does seem like a good addition to my mask collection, if it were flatter, since the (removable) mask mask that came with it does include a pretty good representation of the eagle/aces mask he wore around this time.

As for the individual cards, way too many to show, but I'll hit the by team highlights.
Leading off with the Capitals. A couple nice highlights here. There's a SP of Langway, a Scott Stevens for my Rangers alum collection, a Black Friday card, and an appearance of the Kolzig Godzilla mask.
Columbus did present a plethora of Rick Nash cards, but we had a couple 'Oh yes, Federov did play for them" reminders. And a three pack of gold/shiny parallels.
More Scott Stevens in the Devils portion. Brian Gionta seemeed towin this battle in terms of volume, but I like the Jeff Friesen for the same reason I like the Blue Jackets of Federov. I'd completely blanked on his stint there.
Wow. While I did remember Roenick's time in Philly, I'd blanked on that jersey style from that mid 00's time period. That's probably a good thing, in retrospect.
Their cross-state rivals had plenty of cards from the usual suspects. Malkin. Crosby. Lemieux. I had no clue what set that middle card was from. COMC research showed it to be from something called " In the Game Be A Player Signature Series Retrospective". While I love the Black Friday card and the great photo on the Malkin, the winner here has to go to the throwback uniform on Guerin.
There were Staal cards among the Penguins, but they were dwarfed in volume by the Staal cards with the Carolina Hurricanes. The big win here are the two new Brandon Sutters for my 2/14 collection, with these being my 21st and 22nd cards of his.
Unfortunately, this Gaborik was a dupe for my 2-14 Collection. But, this Rangers portion of the set does show the insane variety of sets that made at least one appearance in the box. BTW, that's a Kitchener Rangers, not a New York Rangers jersey on the Steven Rice. The local rink board advertising and his sudden ascending to the captaincy are the big giveaways.
The best "Photo on the back" goes to the Rangers.
The Islanders were the sparsest of this division for base cards, but there are some winners here. the fisherman jersey isn't a winner in the traditional sense, just a nice oddity. But the team recovers with a 79-80 Retro parallel, and the best photo of this division with the perfectly timed Ray Ferraro.
But the Islanders recovered nicely, with a pair of hits. Love that Butch Goring auto - one of the better names in the history of hockey. He doesn't have that many autos available, so I'm really glad to add this one to my collections.

8 teams down. 22 more to go!

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

This Way to the PWE

I'm not feeling the verbosity tonight, so here are the highlights from a PWE sent by Mark @ This Way to the Clubhouse, in return for various Mets, Bills and Gabriels.
Starting off with a nice shiny card. As I've said, since I'm not busting much Heritage this year, so I'll gladly accept any Blue Jays/Mets via trade. The regular Jose Bautista is a short-print this year, as expected, so this Chrome /999 is even nicer, as I've become somewhat of a Joey Bats completist.
Neat cartoon on the back as well!
First up, a Chrome variation. And now, a photo variation out of Update. This glove kiss squashes the generic pitching photo on the base card with ease.
Back-to-back days with 1998 Metal cards. AWESOME!
And a trio of Larry Birds for my Celtics collection. The easy winner in this one is the middle card, which features the style of jacket worn by many of the greatest enhancement talent on WWF, AWA and NWA television every weekend. Ah memories. Thinking that Tony Leone and Mario Mancini actually had a chance.

So, there's a trade recap. Thanks for these goodies, and I'll continue to keep my eyes peeled for hovkey Gabriels.

Monday, 25 May 2015

COMC Challenge Cards Part 98: Bills! Bills! Bills!

And now, time to show off the Bills that showed up as part of the most recent shipment from COMC. There were also set builders in this bunch that are already in the appropriate box/binder that I won't bore you with. You've seen one EJ Manuel Prime retail parallel, you've seen 'em all.
Let's open with a pair of autographs. While these aren't the most spectacular penmanship examples, these complete the foursome of rookies that had hits. While I haven't added a Sammy Watkins auto yet, a relic will suffice until prices reach a saner level. But, these two will join Cyril Richardson and finish off the year. Their 2015 draft wasn't that sexy in terms of likely rookie cards, but I guess Karlos Williams (5th round) will be my chase player of the season based on a couple early releases. Nick O'Leary (6th), Dezmin Lewis (7th) and Ronald Darby (2nd round, but a defensive player) also show up.
And what better way to follow up my look ahead to 2015 releases than with a flashback to 1998 with Thurman Thomas with Niagara Falls in the background.
And the more recent salute to that Metal set with a Southern California landscape. At least that since the Bills seem to be off the "move to L.A." plans for the time being, this card won't be prophetic.

And those are the 4 new Bills for the binder.

Close your mouth.

You'll catch flies.

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Football's Original Hipster!

Yeah, man. When I was starting out we didn't even use a real pigskin - they just glued a couple strips of bacon to a possum they found by the road. I didn't want to sell out to those corporate devils at Wilson.

Saturday, 23 May 2015

COMC Challenge Cards Part 97: Misc. vintage!

How about some nice older cardboard for a Saturday afternoon?
If only someone would wake Jose Cardenal up...
Woody Held. I was going to make some sort of tasteless joke about his name, but thought better of it.
Damn, Pedro is styling in this shot. But that was not the reason I got this card.
Woody Held. Cock Fighting. This post is going nowhere fast. Except right into the toilet alongside my mind.
So, how about a card I picked up just because his name reminded me of an addictive game show of my youth.
This one I picked up just because I liked the shoulder logo for the Orioles.
And yet another Len Gabrielson for my 2/14 collection.
And a nice celebratory Mets card to wrap up this post that was more show than tell.

Friday, 22 May 2015

Mainly Masks, in an envelope from 2*3 Heroes

Time to power my way through another large envelope that showed up, while a couple of smaller ones stay on the back burner for now.
Technically, this wasn't part of the trade. This goes all the way back to 'tis the season. One of my favourite names in hockey, simply because the last name is so much fun to say out loud. Clutterbuck. Clutterbuck. Try it!
While, as the title indicates, the package was mainly masks, it wasn't just limited to hockey. This pair of basketball cards also found their way into the bubble envelope.
As did some Sens for that binder. The Alfie is a dupe for my Alfredsson collection, but not my Sens collection.
I hinted at this yesterday, but this was the definite surprise of the mailing. It wasn't just these three - it was the complete set from this year's National Hockey Card Day release. I just hit the best cards for me. Johnny Hockey, a Senator, and a guy named Rocco Grimaldi. Sounds like the name for some bumbling gangster sidekick in a kid's movie.

But, now, the masks portion, of which there probably twice as many than I've scanned.
I think I got every netminder in the Fleer Showcase base set. There were more where these came from.
Here's some more cards for the post-2005 binder.
And some for the pre 2005 binder. As I've said before, I go by the photo as opposed to release date, which is why Potvin is here. And it is strange that I find the colourful Pro Set cards really becoming more and more interesting to me as time goes on. Maybe it is just because their second release was so bland.

So, thanks for these goodies.