Thursday, 18 December 2014

The Pelicans didn't

So, how did things turn out for me when the randomizer landed on the Pelicans for me in a cheapo group break of Totally Certified?
4 whole cards.

You'd think after getting skunked with the Bills and the Raptors on a choose your team case breaks from '14 Totally Certified products, I wouldn't touch the stove again.

So much for that.

But, let's see what comes out of the "you got no hits" hobby pack.
From a set where most of the shots are geenric courtside pictures, these two really stand out nicely, especially Jordan Hill's.

But, lacking a hit from the break itself, one did come from the pack of Panini 13-14.
And it was a pretty nice one at that. I'm not a big man of manupatches outside of ones for the teams/guys I collect, but add some ink to it and you've got a nice card. Even better, just a week before Christmas, I get an on-card (or at least on something other than a sticker) autograph of someone named Noel.

And that wraps up the cheap Black Friday breaks. Now I've got to post the Black Friday on Black Friday breaks that included Black Friday packs.

And I still have about 200 cards that I hit ship on just before Black Friday at COMC. I'll have to check if the mailman is a hunchback yet.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014


Although I am a Bills fan, I have developed a slight loyalty to the Green Bay Packers. There is one reason for that.
Yup. One of my favourite MST3K episodes is Giant Spider Invasion. It is ingrained enough in my memory that whenever I see a movie or TV show with someone running around nonsensically, I always think to myself  "WOOO! Packers won the Super Bowl!"

And that is my segue into showing off some of the cards I got when I was randomed the Packers in an El Cheapo random of 2014 Topps Chrome.
A base set of 220 landed the Packers 10 base cards. Definitely above what they should have based on per team. I'd rather it had stayed at a page friendly 9 at most. I got enough for 2 team sets, lacking only a Jordy Nelson to make it 3. I got 3 or 4 of every other card though. That's decent collation. Any Packer fan want the additional team set?
Chrome means Refractors, and I got 6 of them. The Adams doesn't look like one, but is one. The borders just scanned stranger than the others.
Even more parallels! The blue wave, green and pulsar are not numbered. The camo parallel of Rodgers is /499, and the black of Mathews is /299. That green is just a beautiful card. I probably just think that because of how it co-ordinates with the Packers unifrom, though.
Here were some insert sets that were familiar to me through the regular Topps flagship that I purchased.
And some rookie inserts I didn't see in any of my flagship busting. An attempt to brute force me into becoming a super collector of Davante Adams.
With only 1 auto per box, therefore 12 per case, luck was on my side as I ended up with this one. He was a 7th round draft pick that hasn't seen much action this season, but it is on-card. That's always a plus.
And even better, I ended up with 2 autographs, with this being one I really wanted. Not for any reason other than the guy'd name is Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, but I do I really need any reason beyond that? And another on-card auto as well. The Packers definitely hit above average by getting 2 of the 12 autos. Who needs legibility? But, if my name were Ha Ha Clinton Dix, I might be tempted to half-arse it with my auto as well.

So, this break went really well for me.

In the meantime, please enjoy more Wisconsin jokes from Mike and the Bots.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Shiny Happy Raptors

aka All the Raptors content from a group break of Prizm where I grabbed the Raptors.

From a 300 count base set, the Raptors landed 8 cards. But, with a set that has a significant portion for retired players, an expansion team probably should be glad to have one, getting a dino uniform era Vince Carter. The other noteworthy card for me is the Will Cherry rookie card. Because that is a zero year Raptors card. He never played a regular season game for Toronto, and is now in Cleveland. That's with a season that isn't even two months old.
Here are all the card backs. As always, Panini makes the design match the era of the photo, with the Damon getting matching purple.

Prizm means parallels, and I picked up a 5 pack of them.
Standard Prizm.
2 Blue and Green Prizms.
And a /139, oddly die-cut parallel.
Like with the Hoops break, I ended up with a sticker-graph of their #1 draft pick, Bruno Caboclo. He might not be the Brazilian Kevin Durant yet, but since Ujiri is a wizard that was able to get something for Andrea Bargnani, I'll trust him that he grabbed late first round steal.
But, wait! There was more! One of the boxes was missing an auto, so a box of Totally Certified was added when that was discovered. And that box was missing an auto, and a box of 12-13 Limited was added to finally land the missing auto. But, this was the only notable Raptors addition to my collection from that.

And that was the only break I was in around Black Friday that was a pick your team style. I've also got goodies from a random of Totally Cert. basketball, Chrome Football and a two spot in Certified football. All of which would (eventually in one case) produce good results.

Sounds like a good plan for the week.

Another set building Update attempt

I bought one of the Mega Boxes in a failed mission to damage my set building want list. Failed as in a grand total of one card dropped off. But that was somewhat mitigated by a Giancarlo Stanton relic and a gold parallel of Andrew Heaney. If only I were a Marlins super collector. So, it is this hanger box of Update that will be my last chance to pull a base card for the set.

Since I'm thinking this week will be busy when it comes to mail, I'm posting this one early in the morning.

Matt Thornton - First card out is a need! WOO-HOO! Even if it is a Yankee! Actually, this might be the one of the only things that could get me to lead with a Yankees card.
Jesus Guzman - As is the second card! I'm already ahead of things two card in. I promise. No more individual needs. Just interesting cards.
Lyle Overbay
David Freese
Jonathan Herrera
Jeff Francis
Joba Chamberlain
Pedro Ciriaco
Bobby Abreu - I actually had the SP variation of this, but not the base.
Josh Harrison
Chris Coghlan
Chris Taylor
Austin Jackson
AJ Pierzynski
Chris Dickerson
Tony Watson
Hector Rondon
Jake McGee
Ramon Santiago
Huston Street
Jose Bautista - Blue Jays content as well!
Eugenio Suarez
Michael Choice
Juan Perez
Matt Davidson
Oscar Taveras
Brandon Moss
Greg Holland
Paul Goldschmidt
Freddie Freeman
Mark Reynolds - I admit that I don't have too many "throwing from his knees" photos.
Andrew Brown - But my pick for the best photo prior to the insert portion was this Mets card. Mets fandom bias.
Clint Barmes
Juan Francisco
Jose Molina
Tyler Pastornicky
Tommy Hunter
Garrett Jones
Josh Satin
Wil Nieves
Zelous Wheeler
Kelly Johnson
Chris Capuano
Jair Jurrjens
Mike Adams
Kevin Frandsen 1130/2104 Gold - Looks like 1130 is not a need for serial #'d insanity. Too bad.
Justin Upton Power Players
Gerald Laird Red Foil - Cards with only the player on it always look the best with these foil/sparkle/red hot parallels.
Jose Abreu Future Is Now
Roy Halladay Fond Farewells - I guess I had to use Stadium Club to get his Toronto farewell card. Which, since he did sign a one-day contract with them, would have been more accurate.
David Freese World Series Heroes
Yordano Ventura Future is Now Relics 54/99 - A numbered relic is unexpected. Especially in retail. But that does mean I've pulled hits from my past two forays into Update. So, Yay? Even if the photo is questionable.
Chris Coghlan Red Target
Chris Taylor Red Target
Austin Jackson Red Target
Chris Withrow
John Lackey
Marcus Stroman - Blue Jays content!
Oscar Taveras - After getting the Chrome version of this in the Mega Box, it is nice to add the regular one to the set build. It isn't too often that I'll say this, but I think I like the Chrome better with the white uniform's contrast on the shiny background.
Matt Shoemaker
Luis Sardinas
Rubby De La Rosa - And my last normal card before thumbing my way through a run of All-Star cards.
Robinson Cano
Jose Altuve
Max Scherzer
Jonathan Lucroy
Josh Harrison
Francisco Rodriguez
Koji Uehara
Salvador Perez - And this was the only need card I pulled from the Mega Box.  Making the box a perfect skunking in retrosepct.

Started with an 80 card wantlist. Finished with a 55 card wantlist. That's a decent turnaround.

Monday, 15 December 2014

A 2*3 Trade - Part 3 of 4

Continuing with the 300 count box that showed up at Chez Buckstorecards as I continue working my way through the mask binder additions. Still with the pre-lockout lost season additions.
You can't go wrong with any Young Gun to lead things off. A nice mask featuring a Bulldog from his AHL days in Hamilton. I've said before that if allergies didn't limit my choices, I'd likely be the daddy of at least one of those beautiful dogs. Minard only has one NHL game to his credit, so that's also kinda interesting.

Then I googled his name. Oopsie! If I'd done it a couple months ago, as least I would have had an address to send this card for a TTM auto.
I needed a cheering up after that one, and Roman Turek's masks usually do it. While I'm the furthest thing from a fan of Iron Maiden, I love Roman Turek's commitment to his fandom with Eddie the Head being a constant on his masks. This might be the one design of his that looks the best with the overhead shot.

These were nice. But these were even better.
Complete with Vin-toons on the back!
Complete with Heritoons on the back!

The latter toons being so much better than the former.

And that leaves only the post 2005 masks to go. Next week!

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Pack Sampler - 2014-15 Prizm Basketball + An Archives Auto

Time for the other two packs of five cards each picked up on a Saturday afternoon.
Here's pack #1. The wonderfully loud Jerry West is not numbered. Counting the base version, each card has 17 different parallels. And that isn't counting the printing plates that might make an appearance in National Treasures. For the base, I really like the how the silvery background works with the hint of silver on the Spurs jersey.
Recycled picture, but nice looking backs. They're a reverse of the football, which had the player on the left and the logo on the right.
Pack 2 has another multi-coloured Prizm, again not numbered. I'm now 2/18th of the way to the Jerry West rainbow, two packs in. I really love the Ralph Sampson base card, since he hasn't really shown up in the retired portion of many sets. And the fact it is a Houston card can act as a segue into the Archives auto I picked up.
Because you just can't go wrong with any on-card auto on a 1987 themed card. Any on card. Whether it is a guy who would have been coming off a Cy Young winning season in 1987, or some guy who was coming off a career-ending injury.

Comparing the two types of packs, it is more even. I did hit something for my PC in the Black Diamond, and picked up a card that a Blackhawks fan will probably see in their mailbox in 2015. But aesthetically, I really like the Prizm. Either way, all of the base cards will be in my misc binders for their respective sports.

Tomorrow, part 3 of the 300 count box 2*3 Heroes sent my way.

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Pack Sampler - 2014-15 Black Diamond

Away from the LCS today with 2 hobby packs each of some recent releases. Black Diamond hockey and Prizm basketball. 5 cards each pack. No hits from either, but I still want to show off the goodies from all 4 packs, starting with the hockey.
Here's the first pack. Black Diamond cards rarely scan well due to the design, so I'll have to describe the look of the cards, since they're clearer in hand. On the image portion, the left 2/3 of the cardis actually a pretty clear photo, with the other 3rd being a foil stripe pattern. Think a black and foil version of 1992 Score baseball. As for the players, there's a Pacioretty set aside for TMM, and a Clarke McArthur for my Sens collection. The multi diamond SP was Rick Nash. Koivu and MacKinnon round this out.
Can you have too much black on a card? The Fowler and Koivu really don't work that well with the design, and it seems that way due to the uniforms. The white of the Carle and Wheeler contrast and therefore pop so much better on the background. The rookie card has an entirely shaded back. It is also hard to read the name as it reverses from black on silver for the text. It is Trevor Van Riemsdyk, younger brother of James.

So. A triple diamond rookie, a Senator and a trade card highlights this. Tomorrow, Prizm basketball.

Friday, 12 December 2014

Free Pack Friday at Mojobreak - Part 2

A couple weeks ago, I autoposted a rundown of the football goodies picked up during Free Pack Friday at mojobreak. Today, the baseball.
With the football, I closed with a pair of cards that were adds to my PCs. Today, just one add to my PC, and it isn't a direct one. Michael Conforto wasn't yet a Mets draft pick when this card was released, but he is now, and this card is definitely heading into my Mets hit binder. It might not technically be a hit, but it is numbered to 25 and nice and shiny, and that's good enough for my binders.
USA baseball came up quite a bit, and I actually have a pretty decent collection of swatches. I've sent a couple off in trades (A Trea Turner bat piece is on his way to someone who I hope won't have a Breakdown when it arrives). In addition to this one of a promising slugger, I've got a Josh Elander, David Berg, David Berg and an Austin Cousino. All are nice blue swatches that work well with the design and theme.
But, I've ended up with a pair of autos as well from this, with a pair of stickergraphs with odd numbering. At least I know how many stickers they had around for each subject. 855 and 473 each.
This year's Donruss didn't bring me a hit, but did land me some low-numbered parallels and an insert. That Altuve looks really nice in hand.
Only one player has showed up twice for me - that being Alex Meyer. He's a pretty strong prospect in the Twins system, and some have him as part of their starting rotation coming out of 2015 Spring Training. So, that makes this orange /10 parallel a pretty interesting addition. And a second minors relic for my Heritage binders is also a nice addition. In fact, the pinstripe makes this far more interesting than the plain gray Kris Bryant.
Surprisingly, the two USA cards of Lee and Green were the only stickergraphs among my baseball autographs. Even though Lee was the only auto of a non-prospect, there were some promising ones among the minor league guys, such as this Henry Owens. It isn't licensed, but it is a bold and interesting signatures. I appreciate the S in the middle of the O to make it a little more than just initials.
Here's my second on-card auto. Andrew was a second round pick, but he has struggled at A ball this past season going 7-9 with a 5.38 ERA. At least the photo here is more flattering than the one on his Sterling card.
And a couple shiny autographs to wrap up this up. I have no idea if Jason Hursh has potential in baseball - but I do love his signature on 2013 products. Although he has gone down a bit in terms of his Bowman cards in 2014, with more focus on just the J and the Hs.

The best cards in life are free, and these were some nice ones.