Friday, 9 October 2015

2015 Topps Heritage Minors Box Break - Part 1 - Packs 19 through 24

Time to end this box. After adding a few more base cards from the LCS, I'm now only 6 cards away from the base set. Unfortunately for me, one of those 6 is the Michael Conforto. And that's appropriate, since there were no Mets or Blue Jays in this portion of the break. This will have the fewest scans of all the posts so far, seeing as I've already given many cards a spotlight so far.

Pack 19:
Sure. This looks like a generic base card.
But it is my second gum-stained card of the break. These are 1:17, so I definitely hit above average with those.

Pack 20:
A Ryan McMahon hot pack!

Pack 21:
A great logo in the Montgomery Biscuits, and probably the worst photo in the set with the Logan Moon. At least that can end up on a Panini product as well with minimal airbrushing.

Pack 22:
A couple more great logos, and a pretty good player to get an insert card of with a Correa.

Pack 23:
And here's the second auto in the box. A good prospect and an above-average signature. At least in terms of penmanship, this has been a pretty good box.

Pack 24:
And the final blue parallel comes from the final pack.

As always with this product, a fun break. When you ignore the SPs, it is nice to put a major dent in the base set with a single box. Plus, you have enough hits/parallels to maintain interest.
Back with some repack related tomorrow. Or something else.

Thursday, 8 October 2015

2015 Topps Heritage Minors Box Break - Part 1 - Packs 13 through 18

Here come another 6 packs.

Pack 13:
After no Blue Jays content in the last six packs, it is nice to land one here with the Tirado. Best logo in the pack is the Round Rock Express one.

Pack 14:
And the best minors logo in this pack is the Lancaster Jethawks one. That is despite the valiant effort on the RTTS card with both the Cedar Rapids Kernels and the Chattanooga Lookouts.

Pack 15:
Here's the one relic card I was expecting. Not on par with the Kris Bryant from last year, but still a pretty good player to get considering he saw some action this year.
But, a jersey swatch can't even touch this card where Daniel Mengden rocks the most Heritage-y facial hair ever featured on a Heritage card.

Pack 16:
A great minor league uniform. A Blue Jay. A blue parallel. A fine pack.

Pack 17:
Here we get my 4th and final SP of the box with the appearance of Jose Peraza. Amed Rosario means the second-last pack of the group finally got me my Mets content. There have been some interesting photos, but this casual dugout photo of Luis Severino might be my favourite in the box.

Pack 18:
Nothing much in this one, but a comeback from a 17-1 deficit to win a game by a very football-ish 20-17 is definitely worthy of a cardboard salute. Unless you were a Burlington Bees fan, I guess.

The final 6 packs go tomorrow. See you then.

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

2015 Topps Heritage Minors Box Break - Part 1 - Packs 7 through 12

Time to work my way to the halfway point of the box.

Pack 7:
No hits in the first quarter of the box, but the second one leads off with an auto. It is really nice to pull an autograph where the guy actually signs his full name. The middle portion of it is small, but still legible. That's enough to make it to the penmanship binder. Grant was actually on my want list for that purpose, so pulling his card was really nice.
For the rest of the pack, here are a pair of great minor league logos.

Pack 8:
And the first parallel of this portion of the box. At least these are easier to spot than the gum damaged.
And here are the two Mets cards in this pack. And that's it for the Mets content in this portion of the break. That is still better than the Blue Jays content, though. No appearances for them at all among these 6 packs.

Pack 9:
A short print in the Austin Meadows and a great minor league logo and team name with the Biloxi Shuckers highlight this pack. A previous inductee in the penmanship collection, ex-Met Barry Lyons, was part of the drive to bring minor league baseball to Biloxi, and this past season was the team's move from Huntsville to Biloxi.

Pack 10:
Cubs prospect hot pack!

Pack 11:
Another short-print appears with the Berrios. The Pawtucket Red Sox and Lake County Captains win the logo wars this time.

Pack 12:
Here's another parallel. These fall at a rate of 1:34 packs, and are numbered to 25. Tim Berry had a dreadful 2015 season with Bowie, but the card looks really nice with the orange border matching with the team colours of the Bowie uniform and the parent Orioles club. So, while this isn't a big hit, it is aesthetically pleasing.
Not much else in the last pack of the day, but the Cedar Rapids Kernels get my vote for the best logo in the pack.

That's the halfway point of this box. One more relic, one more auto, one more SP and two more blue parallels await in the second half. More tomorrow!

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

2015 Topps Heritage Minors Box Break - Part 1 - Packs 1 through 6

I didn't bother with regular Heritage this past season, but since I've been a fan of the Minor League product since I returned to collecting, I had to pick up a box and build the non-SP base set. This has 24 packs with 9 cards each. 1 card is either an insert (hits and otherwise), a parallel, a short print or the contest entry card and the remainder are standard base cards.

Pack 1:
This will be the only pack that I show entire contents of the pack. It's what you expect if you've picked up any of the MLB Heritage. It is nice to start off with a pair of Mets in the first pack. The Matz is even nicer.
It is the gum damaged parallel! These fall 1 in 17, so I might have one more awaiting me in this. Getting a parallel for my PC in the first pack? What a great start!

Pack 2:
The big highlight for me in this is the minor league logos throughout the set. In addition, there is a bunting photo as well in this pack. As I worked my way through the packs, there did seem to be many more in-game photos as opposed to the standard posed photos. The Minor Miracles inserts fall at a rate of 1 per 8 packs.

Pack 3:
Another Mets card, and a couple more great minor league logos. This one included a contest entry card. These fell at 1:12, but I only got one instead of the expected two.

Pack 4:
Here's the other insert set in the set. Last year they used an actual road through the motif, this year it is street signs. The Reid-Foley in the first Blue Jays card in this break. Plus, the Charlotte Stone Crabs logo is another one worth scanning and showing.

Pack 5:
The Crawford is a short-print. They're 1 in 6. Two more Blue Jays are on either side of it. The Daytona Tortugas is another great minor-league logo. They were the Daytona Cubs until this past season when they changed affiliation to the Reds. The Tincaps one is pretty nice to show off as well.

Pack 6:
No hits so far, but another insert shows up. As a Simspons semi-addict, I did have to show what does seem to be my first Albuquerque Isotopes card. Two more great minor league logos and an alternate camo uniform as well.

That's 1/4 of the box. I still have two autos, a relic, and a trio of blue parallels that I was due that need to make an appearance. Some of them should show up tomorrow.

Monday, 5 October 2015

2015 Adventures in Repacks: Part 39.4 - Wrapping it up

One last pack to go to wrap up this repack. Last up is a rack pack of 2007 Upper Deck Series 1.
Erik Bedard - A really nice start for me. A Canadian, and an interesting photo of an off-the-mound play.
Alexi Casilla
Brandon Webb
Ichiro - Signing autos in an All-Star uniform? Yes, please! While not on par with his 2004 UD base that featured a cameo from Mr. Met, this is still a keeper.
Jorge Julio
Ambiorix Burgos - A Mets card (Check out the left side). Considering the last we heard from Burgos was when he was charged with kidnapping and poisoning his ex-wife back in 2010, one I could do without.
Jose Bautista - Early Joey Bats! Another keeper!
Oscar Villarreal
Brandon Backe
Adam Loewen - Another Canuck!
Matt Cain
Wes Helms
Hank Blalock
Travis Hafner (Checklist card)
Darin Erstad - About time I got another keeper photo.
Alex Rodriguez - Star Power insert - There were one of these behind each of the two portions in the pack.
Nick Johnson
Alvin Colina - I've posted this one at least once before. I still love the positioning of the player with the military members on the field for their pre-game ceremony.
Jonathan Broxton
Trot Nixon
Jim Edmonds
Steve Trachsel - Another Met. Sporting the heroes cap, this Trachsel is much nicer than the previous one.
Doug Mirabelli
Jose Castillo
Joe Nelson
Scott Elarton
Ben Broussard
Gabe Kapler - And another Gabe card bound for This Way To The Clubhouse. Considering the last pack didn't include any Gabriel Landeskogs, it is about time.
Daniel Cabrera
Ryan Zimmerman - A photo so clear you can see every speck of dirt flying up.
Jason Michaels - The final base card.
Freddy Sanchez - Star Power insert - And the final insert.

A few really nice cards for my PCs in here. For hitting my Mets collection with a Heroes cap card, the winner is the Trachsel, but the Bautista and Ichiro additons were also nice. No major hits from the cards, but enough keepers to make me happy as I leave this repack behind and post something else tomorrow. Maybe another repack. Because why not?

Sunday, 4 October 2015

2015 Adventures in Repacks: Part 39.3 - Through A Codeine Haze

Sure, I'm whacked out of my mind on migraine and Bills-induced misery, but I'll still do my daily post, continuing to work my way through the repack that I bought back in January.

Today, the other 4 non-rack packs left in the box.
2012 Topps wasn't the most exciting of a pack break. It landed me this shiny card and not much else. But at least I can say I've got a parallel of Fukudome's only White Sox card.
2010 Upper Deck was what it was. While it was nice to pull them, they were both dupes. But that Dodger Stadium card, complete with palm trees, is a beauty, much like that whole subset. And there's a die-cut insert that isn't affected, photo-wise, by licensing questions.
The best thing about the Bowman Chrome pack is that I can post a scan of the entire pack.
I'd say the same thing about this pack of Topps Chrome, but at least that included a nice shiny X-Fractor.

And that's the post you get when I'm not exactly coherent.

Saturday, 3 October 2015

2015 Adventures in Repacks: Part 39.2 - Ultra!

After a short break to show off a beautiful redemption that came through yesterday, back to the repack! Today, the rack pack of '07 Ultra. Or fat pack. Whatever they called them.

First card out:

Mark Grudzielanek - One of my favourite names. I love the full bleed photos, although the choices would beome repetitive from the vertical shots as the pack went on. Like batting shots? Like hitting shots? I hope so! Because the photo pickers for this set sure did!
Mark Buehrle - But at least there were some horizontal shots in for variety's sake.
Jason Varitek
Todd Helton
Aubrey Huff
Garrett Anderson
Craig Biggio
Melvin Mora
Felipe Lopez
Kenny Lofton - At least he's not at the plate. A few feet away still counts, right? I'd also completely blanked on his time with the Rangers, so that's a nice addition.
Randy Winn
Jose Reyes - Mets content!
Yadier Molina
Francisco Cordero - I love the dark jersey's contrast against the sea of Cardinals red. Number two in terms of photography choices in this pack.
Barry Zito
Carlos Lee gold parallel - The pack contained two of these parallels. Both /999. As you can see, the only difference on the front is the gold as opposed to the silver around the name.

And the other side:

Jeff Kent
CC Sabathia
Takashi Saito - Dupe for me of this 2/14 baby.
Rich Hill
Paul Konerko
Andruw Jones - My favourite photo of this pack.
Scott Olsen
Reggie Sanders - I forgot that Reggie Sanders, who debuted during the junk wax era, had such a long MLB career.
Dan Haren
Kenjo Johjima
Johnny Damon
Jason Bay - Cancon!
Bobby Abreu
Carlos Delgado - WOO-HOO! A Delgado card I didn't have!
Akinori Otsuka
Johnny Damon /999

No complaints about anything that lands me a new Delgado! More goodies from this repack tomorrow!