Friday, 24 October 2014

COMC Challenge Cards Part 58: Kitchener Rangers Alum

People stateside like to collect cards featuring the alumni of their alma mater or local university. Since north of the border, University sports are barely a blip on the radar of their students, (and I can't think of too many U. of Waterloo alum that have cards in anything), collecting hockey players who went through your favourite junior hockey team is the substitute.
But, sometimes when guys don't get NHL level cards, getting cards of them in the Rangers' colours is the only alternative. Justin has been in the KHL for the past few seasons, after spending time with the Kings affiliate in Manchester, so maybe I'll have to look overseas for something. He does have a stickergraph on ebay, but I don't want it to the tune of $20 and shipping from Finland.
This is almost impossible to read due to the foil, but here's another one of This Way To The Clubhouse's favourite non-NY Ranger in Gabriel Landeskog.
Mikkel jumped into my alumni collection with a beautiful 3-colour logo patch from Prime via a mojobreak random, and I've been looking to add a rookie of his. This one was cheap, and as a bonus,
the Rangers get a mention on the reverse!

Enough of the base- time for some hits!
The only relic of this bunch was this one, with a stickergraph attached. Even though the Hurricanes are winless this season, he looks to have stuck around with the big club this season.
Here's the second stickergraph of this collection - one of the more recent players to make the jump to NHL card status. I don't think there will be any more until Radek Faksa starts with Dallas, but Akeson made a couple appearances in sets late last year. Like Murphy, he's stuck around with the team to start the season, after only 1 appearance in the previous 2 seasons.
And the only on-card auto of the bunch was this Paul Reinhart. And the best penmanship by far of the three. Paul was a local guy who played for the Rangers before being drafted by the Atlanta Flames. His three sons, Max, Griffin and Sam are or have tasted the NHL, and the latter two being 4th and 2nd overall draft picks. Although since Paul was living out west my then, they cut their CHL teeth with WHL franchises.

Not bad additions, and I don't think any broke the $3.00 mark.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

COMC Challenge Cards Part 57: Meet some more Mets!

A Mets post yesterday. A Mets post today. Maybe if I finally find some Update at Target or Wally World, I'll finally do a proper update post. Just one pack from the LCS doesn't seem to really make a worthy post.  Or maybe it does.

But, here are some more Mets from the latest COMC mailbag (and still another one to come, seeing as I've got 60+ cards in inventory), with a good number of non Mets to go. I'm just trying to wait until after Black Friday sales to get free shipping. Yup. Piles of cards, and I'm trying to save $3.00. Eternally a cheapskate.
I confess that I had no idea Sam Sheepdog was ever a Met. Or that Ralph Wolf played for the Reds, for that matter.
The only Met I got two of in this run were Jose Reyes. With one being a Heritage card and one being from Triple Threads, that is definitely a contrast in terms of sets chosen.
Firstly, it is a nice horizontal card. Secondly, it is so much fun to say the name Telgheder. Telgheder. Sounds like Tail-Gater, but still not quite. Telgheder. Telgheder.
This great photo of Olerud has been lurking on my zistle wantlist for quite some time. It was nice to finally cross this one off.
Just a standard base card of Piazza. But like the Olerud, one that was on my zistle wantlist.
And finally, yet another Mookie Wilson card. Perhaps I should have waited a couple of days until the October 25th anniversary to post this, but, for whatever reason, I just opted for tonight. As a Mookie power collector, and a Mets power collector, it just seems a good combination for my collection. Surprisingly, there just seem to be a couple cards that are dedicated solely as a salute this memorable moment. This one and one out of 1988 Fleer SI World Series Fever. Sure, it gets written up on the back of recent Mookies, but this is just better. Kind of like how I prefer pictures of Joe Carter's 1993 jump around the bases to cards that just mention it.

Darn. Now I think I've only got about a half dozen or so more posts to get out of the COMC challenge cards that I've got around here so far. Maybe then I can dig into my Just Commons goodies.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

A Slight Detour

Way back at the start of September, I grabbed the Mets in a mojobreak mixer which landed me some nice additions to my Mets collection. The package was sent out on 9/9. It took about a month and a half to arrive, since for some reason, the USPS felt it had to travel the world first.
And by tour the world, I mean it went back and forth across the Pacific and the Equator.

Meaning it finally arrived today.

But, it was worth the wait, especially since the main card was a redemption, and I had no plans to sell the card.

But, I'll start with some of the other goodies from the long awaited envelope.
These were my first cards out of Finest 2014 to enter my collection. They're colourful, I'll give them that. This break was really good to my David Wright collection, with this being the first addition.
I've only busted a little bit of Prizm this year, but did end up with a Matt Den Dekker base card. No dupes of that here, as this added 4 more card to my Mets binder. A decent job working around the lack of logos, but it might get tiresome in greater numbers.

The Chrome content was the best to my David Wright collection, though.
A base card.
A nice refractror-y 1989 insert.
And then the Topps Shelf (groan) insert.

Both 2011 Finest and 2013 Sterling didn't even land me a base card, so it was up to Panini America's Pastime to save the break.
First up was this /125 of Lenny Dykstra.
While I like adding the card, I don't think his style of play really makes him a character of the game. I think more along the lines of Bill Lee or Turk Wendell in terms of characters of the game.

So, it looked like I was going to get skunked. But the very last item was this:
A dual autograph book of two people who will seemingly anchor the Mets pitching staff for the near future. I can't wait to get this booklet into my hands. Looking around, this will be numbered to 25, and the signatures will be on-card (or on-book). It looks like Zack Wheeler's cards are all live, while Matt Harvey's autos are all redemptions. So, I guess that's who I'm waiting on.

I really can't wait to get this in my possession. If I overlook the lack of logos, this could be the one of the more spectacular additions to my Mets collection. And if it comes through, it will be worth the wait.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Hooping it Up

When deciding between purchasing some Update or some Hoops at the LCS, I opted for the latter, seeing as I am less likely to see Hoops on the racks at Walmart or Target. I've already got a pile of Raptors cards on the way through a mojobreak 10 box break, so I was kinda happy not to pull any Raptors cards from these packs. I'm not going to build any basketball sets this year (unless I can find a box at a good price at the Expo), so this and the group break cards will probably be all the Hoops I bust, since I think I'll focus more on building my Raptors collection this season.

While it isn't fair to always judge a set by the first card I see, it always sets a tone for me. This time, the first card out was this card of this card of Shelvin Mack. This photo is from the playoffs, and I really like the contrast of the red jersey against all the yellow in the stands. The card is pretty much a reverse of last year's design. "Hoops" with a team colour background on top. The team logo and the player's name on the bottom. The silver is new for the player, having been used last year on the 'Hoops'.
Not much different about the backs either. But it does give me a chance to show off the new Hornets logo. Other than the Panini logo shifting around (it appears on the bottom on cards of people with shorter careers, and in the upper right for others). The top and bottom have black bands that weren't there last year.
No photoshopping here for new uniforms. Either posed shots or a logo change with a small note of the transaction. Rookie cards generally have photo shoot shots as well, although those are usually posed action shots. If that makes sense.

Case in point:
This parallel of Andrew Wiggins numbered to 99. Much as I would like to put this into my NBA Canadians collection, I'd rather ebay it and turn it into something else. So it is there.
And one parallel deserves some more. The Redick is a green parallel. McCollum is a silver parallel, numbered to /399. The gold parallels return from last year, a little shinier than before, and the red back parallels also return. There are also blue parallels, red parallels, and black 1/1 parallels.

Lots of insert sets as well:
Class Action returns, featuring some of the more successful players from a various years. They are in their draft uniforms, so Tracy McGrady and Vince Carter are Raptors.
Sports photography buffs like myself can enjoy the End 2 End insert set, which is loaded with shots like this, except for the Kevin Love, which is more like something you'd find in a Studio set.
Lights Camera Action is there for some great full bleed photos. It is interesting that they went for an older LeBron photo on a card where the back write up only references a game while he was still with the Heat.
Moments of Greatness commemorates major games for particular players, including some from yesteryear. Elgin Baylor is a part of this subset. Terrence Ross' 51 point game from last year is in this, but I'm wonder if I'm a glutton for punishment because I also want the Kobe card commemorating  his 81 point beatdown against Toronto.
And my final insert was from the High Honors set, which features players with their awards from over the years, although there are some game photos used with a couple players. I'll probably try to get the Dirk Nowitzki from this, since it features both his finals MVP trophy, as well as the championship trophy. The Kareem is also pretty sweet from 1971. Although if this pic of Glen Davis ever made cardboard, I'd proclaim it the greatest card ever.

Monday, 20 October 2014

2014 Adventures in Repacks: Part 59.2 Another 10 pack repack

So, after this morning, these are the packs that were left:

1992 Stadium Club
2003 Flair
2013 Archives
2013 Heritage
2013 GQ

I'm most interested in the first two, seeing as I never busted Flair, and have zero memories of Stadium Club from 1992.

Let's start with the Stad. Club.
And that isn't the best start one could ask for. Dupes in the same pack always sucks. The upside is that theis Kevin Bass was the only example of dupes in this pack.
I didn't really think that there would be that many posed photos in this pack. But, then again, it had been 20+ years since I last busted this stuff. Still, the spring training look of all these photos does take me back to the cards where spring training shots were the norm.
But once you got back to the in-game photos, there were some nice one. The Wally Joyner is a beautiful card, and you can see the Wrigley ivy behind Martinez. Not a bad pack at all from the junk wax era (usually in these, it is a pack of Donruss from 88 or 90).
I never busted any of this stuff, although I have found base cards from this in repacks. Getting cards for both my Jays and my Mets team collections out of a 5 card pack is definitely beating the odds. The design makes the cards look pretty nice when put side by side.
And now, the 2013 products. GQ brings a  couple interesting cards to my PC. Since the Verlander card references the no-hitter I saw in Toronto, that's a really great addition.The Glove Stories are also great cards for the interesting photo portion of my collection. The Cargo mini was added late to a care package I sent the way of Condition Sensitive. Since I can't just send football cards.
Heritage. I like the spring training photo for Ruiz. And another Mets card appearing. Pretty much what I expected.
And pretty much what I expected from Archives. I bult the set, but not the inserts, so I did need the Posey. Other than that, more stuff for my Zistle trade lists. Which I should get updated. Eventually.

So. When the highlight of a repack is a pack of junk wax era Stadium Club and a die-cut of Jackie Robinson, it really wasn't that spectacular. Tomorrow, I'll bust some more new stuff and show off either Hoops or Update, depending on what I can find at the LCS.

2014 Adventures in Repacks: Part 59.1 Another 10 pack repack

The post title says it all. Here are the contents:

1992 Stadium Club
2003 Flair
2008 UD First Edition Update
2012 Topps Series 2 * 3
2012 Topps S2 Rack Pack
2013 Archives
2013 Heritage
2013 GQ

Lots of S2 from 2012. I'll start with those, and get to the rest tonight or tomorrow. Sure, on paper, this might seem like a dull subject, but I can still find some nice inserts, as well as base cards for my various PCs. Blue Jays. Mets. And interesting photos. And, since it is Series 2, looking for the best (worst) Photoshop jobs. And since it is easier to divide things into groups of 5 as opposed to 4 and 6, I'll also include the the 2008 UDFE.

Time to look for stuff interesting to me.  Case in point:
Mets! Yes, I'll count that 'Ever wonder..." card as a Mets card. I could also include Fransisco under the Bad Photoshops.
Blue Jay content! Yup, that's all there was!
And some sketchy photoshopping! Actually, all the Miami Marlins cards in S2 would qualify. Ditto for the Blue Jays.

So, let's look some of the interesting photos.
Not bad, but not really a good ratio of interesting photos when you have about 60 base cards. Still, I'll work with what I've got. The stadium lurking in the background is the real start of both the Jeter and Upton. There are some nice cards featuring catches either being made or in the process of being made. A couple plays at the plate (even though the catcher is way too far up the baseline on the Mayberry to count). My favourite is probably the Phillips for the celebration shot.

And the inserts:
Lots of keepers here. A cut above might be a groan inducing name for a subset, but I can't hate against the actually look of the cards. Especially when one of them is a Jackie Robinson. Only 1 mini among the 4 packs? I guess I should have hung on to the packs to see if that ratio was typical. A classic Braves uniform highlights the Hank Aaron. And a nice shiny Kerry Wood. A nice photo choice for what would be his base card farewell.

And finally, Upper Deck First edition.
And wow, was it a bland one. Maybe I've busted too many baseball repacks (since every one seems to have one), but every card was a dupe. The only one that wasn't was the Yankee Stadium history card. So, that's what I highlight.
Especially since it is a guy named Moose.

5 packs down. 5 to go.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

2014 Adventures in Repacks: Part 58: Sunday Surprise Box

Since I haven't busted one of these in a while, why not grab one on my trip through Dollarama?

4 card related items for $2. Sound nice and cheap.

First up, and unscanned, is a 4 pack of hard toploaders. I have plenty of them, but always seem to look for them when I have goodies to send out. I'll likely forget about these as well when it is time for my next envelope.

The rest of the items were a 4 pack of goalie cards, a pack of 08-09 Victory, and an 8 card unthemed pack.

Let's do this in reverse volume.
The 8 pack was more interesting than usual. Although I had the O-Pee-Chee of Shayne Stevenson in my Kitchener Rangers alumni collection, I didn't have the Topps version. That Dave Gagner from Pro Set Platinum either has the best facial expression on a card, or the worst. I haven't quite decided. The card of the Gretzky brothers is interesting, and it was fun to flip to the back of the Rookie Checklist to see who lived up to the Star label and who didn't.
And it was a lot more of the latter than the former.  Who's the big name here? Simon? Zholtok? Smolinski? As best I can tell, his card in this set was the only NHL level one for Dan Ratushny.
Pretty standard pack of Victory. If I had to pick a favourite, it would be future Ottawa Senator David Legwand.
Here's the goalie pack. A couple dupes for my mask collection with Henrik and Olaf, but the other two are still new. In terms of mask competition, it will take a lot to knock off any appearance of Godzilla on the Kolzig mask, and these three won't do it. This was Dwayne's final O-Pee-Chee card, so that's a nice addition as well.

But there's more! The Dollarama also had little hanger packs of Teenymates. I thought I'd take the 1 in 15 odds and see if I could pull the Senators one.
Hey! I actually beat the odds!