Wednesday, 22 March 2017

One Card Only: Anonymity

Anonymity among baseball players can truly be achieved.
It is even easier when Javy Lopez appears on the front of your baseball card.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Trade w/ Condition Sensitive

Time to summarize another envelope to show up at Chez Buckstorecards.
Starting off with a Mets card from an interesting-themed insert set, especially one in a prospect/draft themed set. As the graphics indicate, it salutes those who were drafted in late rounds out of high school, but underwent "Draft Dividends" to move up after their NCAA stint. Justin is not the lowest (original) pick in this set, as Daulton Jefferies 1162-->37 takes that honour.
2/3 of Generation K in somewhat shiny form. Sounds good to me.
Jays content in mini form! That should get me ready for next week's actual GQ release. Even though there won't be minis in the 2017 release.
Time for a shift over to hockey with a new card for my mask binder, or a random addition to my gold parallels from 13-14 Score. Either or.
Surprise hobby pack!
The big two here are the non-numbered base cards on the top. A Senator and Kitchener Rangers alum are a great start. The Voracek continues to fill up my next serial-numbered insanity mail-out, currently at about 55 cards. Poor Backstrom.
And the big card. While it isn't a certified auto, it still is enough to reach the "Who cares if it isn't certified - it is Can F'N Neely!?!" Dang. An auto of one of my favourite players of my youth. What a killer way to wrap up a trade post. Thanks for Cam, and I'll try to be on the lookout for Sacramento Kings and Washington Redskins goodies at the Expo in May.

Monday, 20 March 2017

Newest 2/14 Faces

As always, my latest COMC shipment included additions to my 2/14 binder. Some faces were familiar, but I did add a pair of newcomers to the collection, both of whom are destined for the miscellaneous portion of the binder.
I'll start with the (likely) one who is still alive, figure skater Yuka Sato. She is a former world champion, and comes to the binder through her 2010 World of Sports card. She also appears in the 2009-10 Upper Deck Champions insert series, which makes it two people from that subset that would qualify for the 2/14 binder. The other was also a figure skater, Jojo Starbuck.
And proving I will try to raid any subset for additions to my collection, here's one from last year's Heritage News Flashbacks. Plus, that's the reason I called Sato as just likely the only one who is still alive. He could still be around at 104, just in hiding the past 42 years. It is feasible.

But I'd still be suspicious if this had an on-card autograph to go with it.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Probably my last of S1

I was probably going to be one-and-done with S1 after a jumbo hobby pack, but the Wally World I was in yesterday didn't have any OPC hangers, so I opted for this.
At least if I change my mind and decide to set build this, I won't need a second Tyler Clippard for my 2/14 collection.
Mets content! Like with Clippard, this was a dupe from my one pack of regular S1.
At least the Blue Jays content was both new cards.
Best photo in the pack is this Murphy, although the stadium in Milwaukee is the real star in the background.
How sad is it that the highlight in this was almost going through the card backs looking for the most interesting twitter handle?
My first of the rainbow parallels in 2017. Yay. Like with OPC, they're really unneeded when you have Chrome/Platinum.
The inserts probably save this for interest factor. The Silver Slugger are Walmart exclusives (cool to land a card that salutes a pitcher's hitting prowess!), but the more generic award winner ones are less-specific retail exclusives. I'm just happy that the Fire-ish Kipnis card uses five different images.

And there you have it.

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Too Much Variety?

So many cards for different binders left among the rest of the trade package from Dennis @ Too Many Manninghams. Here's a whole bunch of things from the mailer that aren't enough for an individual post per category, but might be too miscellaneous for a single post.
Although I knew that this one was on the way, it was still my favourite in the package. This autograph of 1/4 season Raptor Jason Thompson was a hit for the front of the Raptors binder, but it also was his only card as a Raptor. He spent last season in China. Or at least that's what his wiki article claims. As a bonus, we get a rare appearance of an auto not-signed using an ultra-fine tip.
One autograph deserves another!
"I'm gonna have a Piazza! I'm gonna have a Piazza!"
I usually balk at adding mask cards without a paint job on them, but do make an exception for iconic ones like Plante.
Bills! Bills! Bills! The big winner here is the Reed rookie in the upper corner.
And here's another Andre Reed card.
Or is it a Darick Holmes card?
Or is it a Jim Kelly? Actually, since Holmes is easily the member of this threesome that I have the fewest cards of, I'll call it his card. Since he technically does appear to be on the front of the card.

And I still have more to get to, but that's going to have to wait until I'm in the mood for a non-card post.

Friday, 17 March 2017

Set Building - The COMC way

Exactly as the title says, here are a bunch of cards in my COMC package that were solely there for the set build. I'll probably have an updated wantlist at the side later today with a couple new sets.
This puts the final nail into the coffin of the 2016 WWE Divas Revolution set build. This saluted their match at Summerslam 1994, although I probably like their post Wrestlemania 11 match even more.
I guess the chances of their Tokyo Dome match showing up in cardboard form was nil. Today, Bull Nakano may be the most incredible clickbait in terms of "you won't believe what she looks like now".
This was the only other set to get finished. After coming up 4 inserts short of Update in my case break of 13-14 Anthology, I had to put the final touches on it.
Last year's flagship 1&2 are still on my wantlist. Here's one from each series.
With the addition of Abreu and Liriano, my regular base set of GQ is complete, with about 7 SPs outstanding after Wilhelm and Rollins.
Cool stick bend on the Dumont for my 2010 French UD set. I'm about a dozen out from that.
Just like with GQ, there's about 7 cards left to go for the Victory set completion. Although that still has a mix of SPs and regular base.
5 cards left for 2011 Topps football after these arrived.
The OPC set build is probably the furthest out. But, if I can pick up some of the SPs for less than $1 of COMC credit, I might as well ad them to the box.

And that's over a third of yesterday's package, shown off in one post.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

One Card Only: Trash Talker

"Man, you're ugly. And I bet if I follow you home, someone ugly will open the door."

Thank you for that, Hollywood Henderson.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

2017 Adventures in Repacks - Part 7: The Dollarama Two Step

The Two-Step means a $1 15-card hanger pack and a $2 Surprise Bag.
2010 UD French - Joni Pitkanen - I grabbed this hoping that this French card would be one of my needs for the French YG-free set. It wasn't.
1991 Seventh Inning Sketch - Caley Hill - While these CHL cards are fun, the problem with these is when the player looks about 12 years old.
1991 UD - David Volek
1992 Score Canadian - Neil Wilkinson
1991 UD - Peter Stastny
2005 UD - Dan Hamuis - They don't really show up here in the photo (thankfully), but these are the mustard unis.
1990 Score - Randy Wood
1991 OPC - Phil Housley
2009 Ice - Chris Osgood
1997 Pacific - Kent Manderville
2007 Fleer Hot Prospects - Chris Pronger - 3 sets that I don't see much of in these repacks.
1992 UD - Steve Larmer
1998 Topps - Richard Matvichuk
1990 Bowman - Jacques Cloutier - The required 1990 Bowman
2013 OPC - Devin Setoguchi - And that ends this.

While nothing overly amazing in this, there was that run of 3 odd-for-repacks cards, and the mustard jersey appearance to at least make this interesting enough for the $1.

Time to dig into the Surprise Bag.
Those holders got some usage in a zistle-set builder trade that went out this past week, so this is automatically a good one.
And the promised rookie in the pack never played a game in the NHL. Not the best start.
But the other packs were better, with the 70s/80s one highlighted by an appearance of classic Nordiques blue.
I can't complain when the misc. card pack includes an appearance of the Medicine Hat Tigers jersey, the Canadiens standing on guard for the anthem (at least it appears so) and a Rink Collection parallel. The latter is definitely not something you see much of in repacks.

A rough start, but a strong finish. Several keepers is all I ask for from these, and I got those.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Too Many 2/14s?

There's no such thing as to many 2/14s, as I'm now 1556 cards deep into the collection, but it seems like a good title for the first of several posts that will show off cards from a recent trade from Too Many Manninghams.
Some 8x10 goodness starts the package off.
And one over-sized card deserves another. Fortunately, Dennis was kind enough to put both these in an appropriate binder page, so these can fit right into the binder as is.
And here's some more of Bledsoe, pushing his total to 41 cards.
Since I have so much Titans content of Steve McNair, it was nice that his three cards in here commemorate his time in Houston and Baltimore. Even though I guess that Oilers card is a Tennessee card as well. He's now at 49 cards.
David Garrard continues the QB theme so far in this post with a /100 Red Zone parallel. This is his 34th card.
But the 2/14 content wasn't all football, it wraps with a trio of Milan Hejduks in all their shiny glory.

And there you have aprox. 1/3 of the package that showed up last week. I won't go through it all back-to-back-to-back, but should finish the rest off in the next week or so.