Sunday, 28 August 2016

2016 Adventures in Repacks: Part 34 - More Fleas!

As always, I'll start with a recap what these type of packs are. A brick of about 50 or so recent cards, mostly from mid-range sets, with a hit in the middle. $5 at the flea market.

2014 SPA - Patrick Roy - I grabbed this one for this nice looking card on the top.
2015 SPA - Rick Nash
2015 SPA - Matt Duchene
2015 SPA - Tyler Seguin
2015 SPA - Zach Parise
2015 SPA - Logan Couture - The Sharks cards look really nice with this design. Back-to-back years with nice base cards in SPA.
2015 SPA - Anthony DuClair
2013 Score - Buffalo Leaders
2013 UD - Ryan O'Byrne
2013 UD - Andrei Markov
2013 UD - Corey Crawford
2013 UD - Gustav Nyquist - 3 consecutive interesting horizontal photos. I didn't bust too much 2013 flagship, so getting these are nice.
2013 Showcase - Martin St. Louis
2015 SPA - Mike Hoffman - Sens content! Or Rangers alum content.
2015 SPA - Loui Eriksson
2014 Black Diamond - Dustin Brown
2013 UD - Sami Salo
2013 UD - Justin Faulk - Another nice flagship photo. I love how the puck is still lurking in the photo in the lower left.
2013 UD - Thomas Vanek
2013 UD - Evgeni Nabokov - If I don't have this in the mask binder, it will go in.
2013 Prizm - Martin St. Louis
2015 Showcase - Erik Karlsson - More Sens!
2012 SPA - Doug Gilmour
2011 Artifacts - Ryan Kesler
2014 Ultra - Sidney Crosby - Most of these seem to have at least one Crosby in the mix.
2015 Showcase - Kyle Okposo
2015 Showcase - Nick Foligno
2015 Showcase - Nazem Kadri - Rangers alum!
2015 Showcase - Johnny Gaudreau
2015 Showcase - Joe Pavelski
2015 Showcase - Justin Faulk
2015 Showcase - Rick Nash
2015 Showcase - Anze Kopitar
2015 Showcase - Evgeni Malkin
2015 Showcase - Steven Stamkos
2015 Showcase - Jonathan Toews
2015 Showcase - Jordan Eberle
2010 Elite - Aaron Johnson - The oldest card in the repack.
2015 UD Game Jersey - Tyler Toffoli - Here's the hit. Also nice to get a silver swatch, since that is the least frequent on the basic Kings jersey.
2014 Platinum - Frederik Andersen
2014 Ultra Gold Medallion - Karri Ramo - Some parallels in this repack. Nice. Won't be the last.
2014 Ultra - Mikael Granlund
2014 Ultra - Patrick Elias
2014 Ultra - Andrew Cogliano
2014 Platinum - Jonathan Drouin
2014 Platinum - Andre Burakovsky
2014 Platinum - Anthony DuClair - A pretty strong trio of rookies.
2013 Prizm - Ray Whitney
2013 SPA - Patric Hornqvist
2014 Ultra - Taylor Hall
2014 Ultra Gold Medallion - Mats Zuccarello - Parallel #2.
2014 Ultra - Brian Elliott
2014 Ultra - Cody Hodgson
2014 Ultra - Marek Zidlicky
2014 Ultra - Gabriel Landeskog
2014 Ultra - Ryan O'Reilly
2014 Ultra - Nicklas Backstrom
2014 Ultra Gold Medallion - Eric Staal - And #3.
2014 Ultra - Patrick Marleau - And the end.

Some parallels. Some nice photos. Some PC cards. An interesting hit. That's a pretty good $5.

Friday, 26 August 2016

Pack Sampler - 2016 Donruss

I'm leaning towards building this set for the 2016 season. Hopefully, some retail options will become available on this side of the border. Until then, I'll try a few hobby packs.
Here's one of the four packs I grabbed.
The first card from this set of the season was this one. I'm not the biggest fan of large borders, but for this set, it really works nicely since it is done up in the team colours. This year's cards are definitely inspired by some early 90s Donruss baseball releases. Since I don't hate 1990 as much as some do, I like it.
The colour extends to the back of the card.
The rest of the base cards from the first pack. These would look interesting in a 500 count box of cards with the changing borders. I really like some of the photo choices in these, especially the Riddick and Newsome.
Each pack would contain two inserts parallels. A pair of Texas cards were in this pack.
The final 100 cards are SPd rookies, and they fall at one per pack. At the rate, it is still within the range of building the set, although some luck would be nice for adding the big names. Fortunately, my first pack brought the #2 draft pick into my set.

Highlights from the rest of the packs.
As shown with the appearance of Ozzie Newsome, the base set includes legends. The borders do change with the uniform, so you do get a suitable border for this Elway.
Best photo among the base was this Dez Bryant. A TD photo but cropped nicely to give the stadium a co-starring role.
My only Bills card.
I did land a pair of numbered cards. Myles Jack's is a gaudy insert, while Henry is a stat line parallel, numbered to his rushing attempts.
Book value wise, this was my best pull from these packs, with this /10 black press proof of Mike Evans. It will very likely join my next COMC submissions.
But the best pull of the packs, or at least the most interesting? Fans of the Game makes its return, and I picked up this one among my packs. It isn't quite up with an oddball Ginter base card, but still pretty cool to get.

And there you have it!

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Exposing new Expos

Back to my COMC box with a handful of new Expos.
Opening up, this strange die-cut card from 1998 Skybox. The seat portion of this can be pulled down, to show the lower part of Vlad, although mine doesn't align with the top portion at all. The non-Vlad portion of the seat backs are die-cut away. This is your typically odd 90's insert, and a nice addition to my collection.
An Expos card that was on my Top 10 wanted for a bit dropped off, as who wouldn't want a card with Dustin Hermanson and some Tootsie Pops?
O-Pee-Chee! Draft picks of Canadian teams got extra cards in 1988's release. Nate never played a game for the Expos. He got traded to the Braves, and would finally see the bigs with the Red Sox.
Because I didn't have a Gary Lucas card in my Expos binder, and this one was cheap.
Because I didn't have a Wayne Krenchecki (whose last name tries to auto-correct to Kitchenware) in my Expos binder, and this was cheap.

And that's the exposé!

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

"If you can't stay young, you can at least stay immature."

So sayeth Red Green, and so sayeth I with this post, featuring some silly/funny/strange/cool names from football.
This might the example of the least surprising fact when I turned over the card. Born in Hawaii? I was definitely betting on that general area of the planet when I picked up this card.
Yo is merely a nickname, as his real first name was Llewellyn. I'd probably go for 'Yo' instead. If for no other reason than to make it easier on sports writers across the planet. And he really did play across the planet, as, as per wiki:

Murphy is the only player ever to play in the regular seasons of the CFL, NFL, XFL and NFL Europe, as well as the only player to suit up for the Super BowlGrey Cup and World Bowl championship games.
Jaquiski! Tartt!
And one good Tartt deserves another, even though the first card is so much greater, if for nothing else than the Samford Bulldogs logo.
And finally, Happy Feller! He certainly does look pleased with his lot in life. Again, it is a nickname, but Happy is so much better than simple James Patrick. 

And there you have it.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Random Rangers

Back to my COMC "To Be Posted" box, and a trio of cards heading for my Kitchener Rangers alum binder.
Technically, Jay McKee isn't an alum. Yet. That's only because he was named head coach this past off-season, and has yet to be behind the bench officially. Still, it is always nice to add new faces to the collection. I'll probably add an auto of Matthew Barnaby as well, since his former teammate will be along for the ride as an assistant.
Sometimes, when they don't have NHL cards, you have to get AHL cards. While Max did see some action for the Nordiques, that was back in the day where merely playing a single game in the NHL was not enough to get you a rookie card. So, there's this.

Plus, Middendorf is a fun name to say.
Some of my favourite cards are ones that bring players with a CHL link together. I've got three multi Ranger alum NHL cards so far (Roy, Richards, Robinson relic, Roy/Boedker relic and a Boedker/Landeskog auto) so this is now my third such card with a Derek Roy swatch on it. At least all three have him with different players.

So, an auto of an incoming coach, a minor league card and a dual relic. A nice mix of goodies.

Monday, 22 August 2016

2016 Adventures in Repacks: Part 33

Just a couple of Surprise Bags from the Dollarama to start the work week.

Repack #1:
And here's the promised content from the first one.
And as expected, the HOFer card is junk wax era. But I also get a card of Kelly Kisio looking like a 50-year old industrial arts teacher.
From this grouping, one might think there were no Calgary Flames cards outside of ones from 2013 Score and ones featuring Miikka Kiprusoff.
Half the cards in the 6 card mix were CHL, but when one of the NHL one features an appearance of Stanley, all is well. And at least Grant Marshall saw some NHL action.
And the Victory pack. The 2-14 card with the Gaborik was a dupe. As for the rookie card, Motin played 1 more game in the NHL than me. I seriously didn't think that Buffalo were still wearing their slug jerseys in order for them to appear on 2010 cards. So I also learned something from this pack.

Best card in this one for my collection: Jim Paek

Repack #2:
And away we go.
The typically great action shot on Miller saves this 1000-pt pack from being a strike-out.
And no set-build base card needs from this Victory pack.
No 70's cards this time in the 70s/80s, but a 1981 card is still pretty nice. And it is of someone who I've heard of. Bonus!
And the 2010s pack. While it is a nice mask binder card, I think this might be around the 8th or 9th time I've found one of these in a repack. I still do like the sea of white on the Staal, though.

Best card in this one for my collection: Peter McNab (but not better than the Paek).