Monday, 18 March 2019

2019 Adventures in Repacks - Part 10 - Hangin' around

When in doubt, post a repack.
With one of the visible cards, I also could have done this yesterday.
2017 UD - Auston Matthews - A good look at the St. Pats throwbacks. These would have been nice to post yesterday, especially after they sported them during a Sens beatown.
2017 UD - Paul Byron
2016 UD - Zack Kassian
1991 UD - World Junior Checklist
1991 Pro Set - Kelly Kisio
1993 Premier - Kirk Muller
1994 UD - Michal Sykora
1995 Ultra - Greg Adams
1991 Pro Set - Derek King
1992 Premier - Bob Essensa - Although a dupe, this is one of my favourite mask binder cards.
1991 Score - Ed Olczyk
1991 Pro Set - Phil Housley
1991 Stad. Club Charter - Ray Bourque
1992 Pinnacle - Craig Janney
1992 UD - Adam Creighton
1992 Classic - Bret Hedican - Even with the jersey logo airbrushed away, the stars allow for this to be a patriotic card.
1992 Premier - Todd Elik
1990 Bowman - Todd Krygier * 2 - Give me dupes, I might as well scan one of them.
1990 Bowman - Jimmy Carson
1998 Black Diamond - Dave Tanabe - USA! USA!
2002 Vanguard - Martin Brodeur - This is one of the odder cards I've acquired in repacks. It looks like a base card, but it has stamping from the 2003 Fall Expo in Toronto. Maybe I'll just send it to COMC and let them make heads or tail of it.
2007 Going for the Gold - Kris Letang - Patriotic cards go both way in this repack.
1990 Score - Joe Nieuwendyk
1990 Pro Set - Claude Loiselle
1991 Pinnacle - Dominic Roussel
1992 Stad. Club - Dave Babych
1991 Pinnacle - Peter Sidorkiewicz
1993 Stad. Club - Daren Puppa
1994 UD - Al MacInnis - Rangers alum!
1993 Parkhurst - Stephane Fiset
1993 Premier - Phil Housley
1991 Pro Set - Gary Suter
1996 Pinnacle - Al Iafrate - He spent parts of 2 seasons there, but I didn't remember his San Jose stint until seeing this card.
1993 Premier - Gerard Gallant
1993 Pro Set - Mark Tinordi
1995 Leaf - Ron Francis
\2011 BTP - Ilya Bryzgalov - Mask binder perfection.
2015 UD - Semyon Varlamov
2010 Victory - Scottie Upshall - Wrapping up the first side.
2010 UD - Milan Lucic - And starting the second one.
2017 Leafs Centennial - Garry Valk
2015 UD - Colin Wilson
1992 Premier - Dean Evason
1992 UD - Shawn Antoski
1993 Premier - Anatoli Semonov - A great face-off photo!
1996 Pinnacle - Doug Brown
1990 Pro Set - Canucks history
1994 Donruss - Shawn Antoski
1993 Stad. Club - Bob Rouse
1994 Donruss - Alexander Godynyuk
1991 Pro Set - Al MacInnis - My second MacInnis of the break.
1992 Stad. Club - Dave Gagner
1990 Pro Set - Jim Benning
1990 Score - Pat Verbeek
1996 Score - Ted Donato
1997 Donruss - Mike Peca
2007 Going for the Gold - Bryan Little * 2 - Give me dupes, I might as well scan one of them.
1999 UD Wayne Gretzky - Bryan Berard
1990 Bowman - Tony Hrkac
1990 Bowman - Dave Taylor
1990 Bowman - John Tonelli
1992 UD - Adam Creighton - Give me dupes, I might as well scan one of them, even if they aren't back-to-back.
1993 Stad. Club - Craig Janney - Thrill of victory, agony of defeat.
1991 Stad. Club Charter - Brett Hull
1991 Pro Set - Tom Fergus
1994 Parkhurst 1956-57 Missing Link - Ron Murphy
1993 Leaf - Brian Noonan - Gotta scan the back of a 1993 Leaf!
1993 Stad. Club - Tommy Soderstrom
1991 Pro Set - Mark Howe
1991 Score - Ed Olczyk
1992 OPC - Craig Simpson
1993 Premier - Wendel Clark
1991 Pro Set - Mike Gartner
1991 UD - Peter & Chris Ferraro
1992 Ultra - Bill Guerin
2018 MVP - Nice Hischier
2016 UD - Jacob Trouba

2018 Artifacts - Matt Murray - And it ends on the most recent card in the repack.

Sunday, 17 March 2019

One Card Only: Shamrock Power!

This seems like a perfect day to show off this autograph of Fit Finlay I picked up through COMC. Normally, I'd make a comment about his penmanship, but I'm damn sure that he'd be the type to hunt me down and potato me for doing just that should he come across this. In case that happens...Mr. Finlay...your handwriting is perfect.

And if you have a few minutes to kill, watch him and Steven Regal stiff the living bejeezers out of each other.
Yes. His penmanship is beyond reproach.

Saturday, 16 March 2019

Saturday Sampler

I've got a trio of packs to show off today. The first two are from the LCS, while the latter was marked down at Wally World.
Baseball stands alone in this threesome, so here are those. There were problems set wide for cards having dinged corners coming out of the pack, and those are visible on the Bregman and DeGrom. Dinged corners or not, that's still a nice Mets card for that PC, with it joined by David Wright's (regular) cardboard finale. The star-spangled parallel has a matte finish to it.
And here's the back of the card. I like that Wright had his final season stats, abbreviated as they were, on his.
No hits out of the Select, but a coupe of parallels. I didn't know this until he showed up at a game in Toronto wearing his jersey, but DeAndre Jordan's brother plays for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. The Thomas parallel is /249, and will likely be one of only a handful where he's pictured with Denver. I'm really surprised he's only played on 6 teams so far.
The Select backs.
My favourite basketball card may have come from the Excalibur as the first card out. Even though that might be the only photo Panini has of him on the Sonics, it still features a classic uniform.
I won't scan everything in the pack, but here's a sample of the base cards. Some nice photos, some nice legends. A good mix.
To end this post, my two promised Camo Crusades. Pinstriped Shaq? Yes, please!

There you have it!

Friday, 15 March 2019

Mets Miscellany

I'm staying with the mailbag theme of the past few days, but this time I'm raiding my COMC to-be-posted box. I actually may have posted this one before, but this does seem like the perfect card to post with St. Patrick's Day coming up. As to why I'm not waiting two days to post this - I've got an even better card lined up for that date.
Bobby Bonilla is still doing this. Sitting on his arse and getting paid by the Mets.
I've busted a lot of 2018 Chronicles, and had the Mets in a group case break. This might be the only Amed Rosario base card I didn't manage to land. But then I realized this was a retail exclusive, and added it to my inventory.
This isn't a COMC card. I just used my mailbox there to have it shipped to me for less of a wallet hit than getting shipped directly to me. Wright's swan song was saluted with the expected Topps Now card, and as a super collector of his I needed to add this one to the PC. A perfect card for a swan-song.
And the back of the card as well. Since that's pretty nice as well.

There you have it!

Thursday, 14 March 2019

Mailbag: Shiny Happy Padres

Another trip to the mailbag, and this time I'm pulling out some group break cards from a random of 2018 Leaf Flash. As the title indicates, the randomizer matched me up with the Padres in this one.
Edwards was the player I landed an autograph of that I was the least familiar with. But he was drafted in the late first round in something called the Competitive Balance Round. I do like that there's a bunting photo on the card, which you really don't see enough of, especially with autos.
Weathers is the son of former Toronto Blue Jays pitcher David Weathers, who pitched in 17 games for the team in 1991 and 1992. This was actually a redemption in the product, so I was waiting for this to show up to post the other cards. It only took about two weeks to arrive, so hey, good on Leaf.
Urias made his debut with the big club late last season, and was one of the two names in the mailer that I was most familiar with. He's already started making appearances in Topps sets with their early 2019 releases. A busy signature, but it is better that just the initials.
And here's the guy that you want to see come up when you land the Padres in one of these. While he's not the Jr. that everybody else is chasing, it is still a pretty good one to get. He's the #2 prospect in baseball, just behind the other Jr. Penmanship wise, much like Urias it is busy, but still a pretty nice looking one.

There you have it!

Wednesday, 13 March 2019


Day 2 of the mailbag will be showing off some cards from Upper Deck that showed up as they start fulfilling the redemption portion of 2018-19 Artifacts!
Here's the first 8, which were considered the base rookie redemptions. These weren't hits, just base cards which generally featured players that didn't qualify for a card at pringing.
And here are the cards that those redemptions resulted in. Naturally, my favourite here is the Batherson, and I give it bonus points for the alternate jersey.
Here's the back of the cards.
The only parallel of the bunch was this one, and this one lead to this:
The green foil looks pretty nice with the seafoam colour in the background.
Finally, the hit. In theory, this should be the 10th best rookie of the season.
Which this year means that Michael Rasmussen is in that position. He does wear jersey #27, which matches the signature and the listed number, but for some reason UD chose a photo where he seems to be sporting #21.

Even with the 10 cards that were in this mailing, I still have 6 still outstanding. Base-wise I still have Maxime Comtois, Brady Tkachuk, Maxime Lajoie and a second Warren Foegele on the way, along with a dual jersey relic and an emerald parallel of of Andrei Svechnikov.

But clearing out 10 redemption cards from that pile in one go is always good.

Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Mailbag: Wes' Grand Finale - Post #4

Back to the mailbag again, and post #4 of #5 from the farewell of Wes from the blogging/collecting world. I'll be ending with two hockey posts. I'll be starting off with some cards with a vintage feel to them.
I'll do these chronologically, and I'll start by heading all the way back to 1962 for these. The late Harry Howell is the big highlight of these. Vintage of a Hall of Famer? Yes, please!
Off to 1964 for these. A great vintage design for these beauties. I remember when Topps Archives would borrow from other sports for insert sets in their release. I'd love to see this look make an appearance.
Sort of cartoony with these 1968 cards. But it is appropriate.
Since there were cartoons on the back. These are definitely dated. Funny injuries! Players literally being owned!
The best thing about this group of 1972 cards is that I can add this Don Luce to my Kitchener Rangers alum collection. This traces back to the mid 60s, when they had an affiliation with the New York Rangers.
Dwight Bialowas looks exactly like everybody's high school's drug dealer. Or a serial killer.
More cartoons on the back of these, but the Rene Robert card is highlighted with an appearance from Peter Puck! Awesome!
Why does this jersey look airbrushed when Bob Murray's entire NHL playing career was in Chicago?
1983 really isn't vintage for me. But this does seem like a good post to highlight an early career card of Gretzky. This wouldn't be the type of photo I'd choose for a card of the great one during his heyday in Edmonton, at least you get a look at the classic helmet.
One 80's Gretzky deserves another!
OK. These aren't even close to Vintage, with the Howe from 2001 being the oldest. But, these are still some nice vintage photographs on the cards. And that's good enough to end the scans at this point.

I'll wrap up the final portion of this sometime over the next week. I've still got more mail to show off!