Thursday, 18 September 2014

Good Grief! More 2014-15 O-Pee-Chee breaking?!

Yup. More as I continue the set build of 2014-15's OPC set. For the first time since my original pack , I'm busting individual packs as opposed to something out of  boxes. This time, there were finally rack packs down at the old Wally World, and I grabbed 3 of them. They promised 32 cards per rack pack, with each containing 2 of the SPs, and 1 sticker.

The minis fell at a rate of 1 per 16 rack packs (I think, I've already tossed the wrappers), so finding two of them in the same pack was certainly a surprise when you see those odds. Mario is always a nice pull, especially when it comes at those odds.
Digging more into the packs, here were the promised 3 stickers. Not much variety in terms of colour choices in this, but a nice mix. I always enjoy legend cards, and the Kadri will be another addition to my Rangers alumni collection.
With 2 cards promised from the SP portion of the set, I expected one marquee rookie, and one marquee legend per pack. I got what I expected. For the rookies, with Teuvo being one of the hyped ones for 2014's releases, it is nice to knock that one off my list.  Modano is a nice name to see in the legend portion of the set, and Macinnis is another Rangers alum. Have I mentioned that I saw him score 5 goals in a single game? And that it remains the record for goals in a CHL game by a blueliner?

Pretty much every time I post one of his cards, you say?

I'm the Al Bundy of spectators.

Here were the retros. It is nice to grab a pair of mask close-ups for that binder.
Getting into the base cards, these were dupes, but dupes that will be heading off to TMM over the next envelope or two.
And here's a nice sampling of the rest of the base. I'll always be happy to add an Alfie to my collection. There are whispers that he might not be coming back to the Wings this season, meaning this will be his farewell base OPC release. Next up, we've got the more frequently Senators Heritage uniform. While a dupe of Tuukka would be nice in the masks binder, I'm much happier with the retro. It is nice to knock the MacKinnon off of my need list (currently at 234, assuming my zistle is correct). There's another mask card in Lehtonen that I might look for the retro of. Klinkhammer is the most spectacular name in these three packs. I thought Malkin would be another good name to disappear from my want list, but my spectacular record keeping neglected to tell me it would be a dupe. The Getzlaf was not a dupe, and is another decent name to drop off the list.  And Grant Clitsome might not have the best name in the group, but he still might have the most juvenile name in the NHL.

And, there goes my 7th 2014-15 O-Pee-Chee post so far this month. I promise not to post any more for at least a week.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

2014 Adventures in Repacks: Part 53 - Cube or Cards?

The "Cards or Cube" thing is quite simple. I pick up a repack of cards from a Walmart or Target, and decide if the cube itself, or the cards contained within are more interesting.

This one was picked up at Walmart, and promised 55 loose cards, 10 sticker packs, and 5 card packs (although I got 6). The only thing visible was a pair of 1990 Bowman cards, along with a hobby pack of 2011 Zenith.

I'll start with the loose cards, and go chronologically through this. The cards were grouped together by whichever set they originated in.
1990 Bowman - Steve Yzerman, Tom Barrasso

Two Bowmans, but that's all. If I was getting a 50 cards random repack from Target, there would be easily double digits worth of these. And the Barrasso could move into the masks binder. So, this still isn't too bad.

2008 UD Power Play - Mikael Samielsson, Kris Draper, Andreas Lilja, Nicklas Lidstrom, Pavel Datsyuk, Chris Osgood

Interesting set representation as these were sequential in the set, numbering 104-109.
2009 Coll. Choice - Luke Schenn, Nikolai Khabibulin, Dan Boyle, Brad Boyes, Jay Bouwmeester, Kris Versteeg

Collector's Choice hockey releases didn't really have the interesting photography from the mid 90s baseball sets. Just generic skating shots for the most part, but this Schenn jostling along the boards is interesting on the sliding scale.
2010 O-Pee-Chee - Andrei Markov, John Carlson, Alexandre Burrows, Mark Stuart, Trent Hunter, Tom Wandell

Bland selection of a very border-intensive set.
2010 Heroes and Prospects - Adam Henrique, Mats Zuccarello, Kyle Palmieri, Brandon Kozun

Much like the Power Play, these were sequential, 160-163. I always love coming across cards with minor league jerseys.
2011 All Goalies - Steve Mason, Anders Lindback, Roberto Luongo, Mark Dekanich, Jeff Frazee, Johan Hedberg

Hey! 5 out of 6 for the mask binder! Poor Jeff Frazee and his 'I just got called up' mask.
2011 Rookies/Traded - Robin Lehner, Chris Mueller, Erik Johnson, Jordan Eberle, Ray Emery, Brayden Schenn

I've got about a dozen of that Lehner. What's one more?
2012 OPC - Ryan Getzlaf, Ryan Malone, Fedor Tyutin, Evgeni Nabokov, Daniel Girardi, Shawn Horcoff (Retro)

A retro parallel is always a nice surprise in one of these.
2012 Upper Deck - Bryce Salvador, Sean Couturier, Tyler Seguin, Marian Hossa, Ryan Malone, Mike Green

UD is always going to be a highlight for photos and the ASG Hossa and the signing Seguin are both nice ones to see.
2013 Score - Ben Bishop, Troy Brouwer, Maxime Talbot, Chris Neil, Brenden Morrow, Evgeni Malkin, Jordie Benn

I have no idea how much of this stuff I busted last year. It was a lot, though. They really rivaled UD for spectacular photographic choices, perhaps even moreso with the price point.

So far, I'm pretty happy with the loose cards. Better than the stuff in the Fairfields, at least.

And now, the packs.
For the stickers, there were 5 packs each of 08-09 and 09-10. I'll just show off the nice shiny ones that seem more obnoxiously loud when scanned.

With one exception.
This shot of the Wrigley Winter Classic would be a fun sticker puzzle to complete.
Pack 1 - 1992 Parkhurst Series 2 - This is the only pack where I can't highlight all the cards. All the other packs were of the 5 or 6 card variety. But an interesting photo in the Foligno, a drawn card of Bob Kelly make this an interesting pack from the junk wax era.
Pack 2 - 1997 Pinnacle Certified - I could have scanned these, but these were so badly warped it was a challenge to keep them on the scanner together. I eventually gave up, and said "here's the Ray Bourque".
Pack 3 - 1998 UD Choice - Interesting photographs could still be found in this year's release - as shown by the casual photo of Bure at the end of the bench.
Pack 4 - 2007 Victory - Can I call that Modano an Ebay 1/1 sandblasted parallel?
Pack 5 - 2008 Choice - I think those gold parallels were found at a rate of 1 per box, with everything else being a silver parallel. Either way, not the most exciting of packs.

Pack 6 - 2011 Zenith - Mario is always a nice pull, but this was really boring.

So, let's see. Cube or cards. The cards from the packs were pretty boring, and the most interesting for me came from the 1992 Parkhurst. That's never good. But, that 1/4 Wrigley card was nice, and there were a lot of mask binder cards for both my pre 2005 and post 2005 binders. And I don't think I ever busted a pack of Pinn. Certified or Zenith, so it gave me that. I think I preferred the loose cards overall, even though those didn't get a lot of scans.

All the mask stuff gives the nod to the content, but it was close.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Relics Hunted (Courtesy of Fuji)

A nice little package showed up yesterday - a return package from yet another San Jose Sharks dump I sent off a while back. The collection of relics for some of my favourite teams got a great boost.
Here's my favourite of the bunch. I think this might be my first bat relic for a pitcher. Who wouldn't want a card that commemorates Al's tremendous batting ability. As best I recall, Al's batting style was pretty much a flailing style.
Continuing on, here are two more Mets that will be moving into their respective binder. Both of whom will be making their debut in the hits portion of it.
I thought that the Lind was dupe for me. But, no, this is the 2011 version, and it joins the framed 2010 and the framed 2012 in my collection. Adam got a full-sized relic last year, so my frankenset of Framed Lind relics is complete. One that I never recall making any effort to collect. And there's another always welcome Carlos Delgado hit.
I'd never heard of these Expos. Neither one appears to have reached the bigs, so that wasn't a surprise. But, they are still nice additions.
And to wrap it up, here are some cards on their way to my Raptors collection. All these players are part of the hit portion of that collection, but this will be my first relic for TJ Ford. That's nice, and I like how that card is laid out with the player's number being the window for the swatch. But, any appearance of the Junkyard Dog will pretty much automatically qualify it as my favourite card in the bunch. And it is.

So, thanks for the goodies! I'll be sure to scan the aisles at the Expo in November for an interesting Sharks hit or three.

Monday, 15 September 2014

2014 Adventures in Repacks: Part 52 - Generic 100 Card Hanger

Some of these promise vintage cards. Some promise rookies. Some promise Hall of Famers. This one didn't promise anything aside from showing off 4 cards in the window. And it might have been one of the dullest I've busted. I usually list everything in it, and split it into two separate posts. This one was bland enough for me to just do one post with everything. But there were still some interesting cards to show off. And I'll highlight them.

Here were the visible cards. The Utley was my reason for grabbing this repack. Chicle cards were hit and miss in 2010, but this one definitely was a hit.
Starting with the left side of the repack, here's a card of a guy who never made the bigs, but stayed around the minors and independent baseball for about 15 years. It is a shame he didn't make the bigs, since Buck McNabb would have been an awesome big league name.
I've expressed my love for the backs of the Ultra releases before. How do you make them even better? Throwbacks! There were more photos of him in 1992 sets that feature him doing something in the throwbacks other than delivering the game-winning bunt.
Favourite photo in the whole repack? This one. A catcher in classic road blues trying to throw out the runner is nice, but it really speaks as to how bland the photos were in this.
Oldest card was this 1982 semi-oddball.
But the winner of the oddball wars was this Drake's of Ben Oglivie. More Brewers road blues!
Overall, my favourite on this side was this comic card commemorating a no-hitter. I've already picked up one of these for my Expos collection, so I wasn't exactly surprised by how thin these are. But, could they have made the Braves fan in the audience look more like an unflattering yokel? I'm surprised there wasn't a propeller on that cap.
Speaking of Expos, this was the only one on the left side.
This was the only Met, but 1 card of each was enough to surpass the Blue Jays content in the whole repack.
Mets content on the right side equaled the content on the left.
But the Expos content was 2 cards. The hair on the Pascual Perez is so 1989/1990 in terms of hair that it is really all you can want from a generic headshot. A beautiful melding of the Jheri Curl and Mullet! You'd probably have to wring that haircut out for days. Pure sleaziness and pure awesome.
This man has no neck.
There was a minor league card, or at least close enough for government work to count in the opening half. But this one is purer minor leagues. A generic photo. A generic pose. You can just hear the photographer screaming "NEXT!" in the background. As best as I can tell, this is Eric Woods' only card at any level.
Ellis Burks spent 3 years in Cleveland. Yet cards of him in a Cleveland uniform still seem odd to me.
While I wasn't exactly as big a fan of the content of this repack as I am of most, this one made a great late comeback. It doesn't matter who the player is, a Sportflics card is always fun to find.
And it wraps up with a trio of Hall of Fame inserts.

Definitely not the best repack I've ever busted, but it did provide me with a couple pages worth of binder material. That's all I can ask for when I shell out $5.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

The Bills are 2 and 0!

But, experience has taught me that I should not get my expectations up with this team.

This might be my only punter/kicker-graph in my collection. Dustin got injured last season just before the start of the regular season, and missed all of 2013. He was released before the start of this season. So, he has played in exactly as many regular seasons as I have.

But, I'll take it for about $1.50 worth of credit earned on the COMC challenges.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

2014-15 O-Pee-Chee Blaster - Box #1

Regarding the title of this blog post, I've only purchased one blaster of the product. I'm not sure if I'll bust more, or stick to rack packs and singles the rest of the way home.
14 packs per box. The bonus pack was part of the 14, so there really wasn't a bonus pack inside. Maybe they just didn't update the template.

Leading off with some base that was in my wheelhouse.
A nice trio of Senators cards starts it off. They're even all still on the team as I type this! That's a good sign, I guess.
And stuff for the mask binder as well! Or at least the dupes.
Unlike being in every pack with hobby releases, in the retail, the retro parallels fall at 1 in every two packs. This was actually a pretty good run of retros.
If there wasn't a retro parallel in the pack, there would be one of the rookie or legend SPs. There is definitely an interesting mix among the latter. We've got the obligatory appearance of Gretzky, . Brian Leetch is a little less common in these type of subsets, but he certainly qualifies as a legend. Olaf Kolzig is a lot bigger surprise to find in these, but he has shown up in ITG sets recently, so he's still had some post-retirement card history. And he's a member of the 300 win club.

But Rob "Down Goes" Brown?

He hasn't had a card in any NHL release since the turn of the millennium.

And he shows up in this?


Who needs major names when I get a Rob Brown?

As for other inserts, here they are.
These fall at 1:7 rate in retail packs, so I should get, and got 2 from the blaster.
Stickers fall at 1:6, so I did a bit better than expected. The collation remains as ghastly as in the hobby packs, as these cards were numbered 94, 95 and 96. LeClair is another name who you really don't expect in a 100 card subset.

I struck out on minis, which came at a 1:32 rate.

But, I did get one more insert, one that was a slightly tougher pull from a retail product.
And by slightly tougher pull, I mean these fall at these odds:
Now this is obviously a sticker dump, as if the #29 on a stickergraph where Oduya is wearing #27 didn't make it obvious. But I'm not going to complain about hitting this one at very long odds. The odds in hobby packs are better, but at 1:192 it is still 1 in every 6 boxes.

This will probably end up in the next package I send to someone who likes his heroes in 2*3 form.

So, with this, I'm probably about half way to completing the non-SP base set, and 1/4 of the way through the SPs. With about 35 dupes.