Monday 19 June 2023

Blue Jays Miscellany

 Because posting Jays content is less depressing than posting Mets content.

This Total card had been on my wantlist for a bit. The price of one finally dropped on COMC to a level where I'd pull the trigger on it. Why was it there? The background is the reason - it shows the photo originates from one of the preseason games the Jays would play in Montreal at the Stade. There's a charm to seeing things again on a card that wouldn't appear outside of the legends portion of releases.
Fusion! Chronicles before Chronicles! Fagan would never reach the majors.
Random minor league card! And I suddenly have the craving for some Gatorade or Labatt's Blue. If I'm forced to choose, probably the former - I'm typing this portion of this post up at 7:30 in the morning. 
Topps liked this amazing photo so much, they re-used it for their 2021 Chrome Platinum release as well. 
I probably should have saved this patriotic entry for Canada Day, but would rather fill out this post. A national (or even state) flag seems like an odd choice for a "hometown" parallel, but in an attempt to reason it out just made me rationalize it as there being licensing issues for town flags/seals, or players from towns so small that they had nothing of that ilk.
I like trying to get cards from each of players multiple stints with their teams. While some like Tony Fernandez have their runs better known, Greg Myers, traded away early in 1992 to bring back a player for his own second stint with the team - Mark Eichhorn isn't.
One final card to bring the loudness before I get to the hits. Tapia was one-and-done in Toronto, but at least he had an inside-the-park grand slam along the way.

What do I miss most about Pro Debut? Oddball relics. While there's no evidence the player pictures (Shane Dawson) was the one that wore the jersey in question, these definitely bring an oddness to the collection. And since these special jerseys tend to be very busy, the chances of a one colour swatch are rather low. 
With these All-Star relics, it is nice to acquire a Jays hit with a colour swatch that one really doesn't see too much for the team. Even if it lacks the variety of the Promo Nights ones.
The best thing about this is that getting this auto wasn't too expensive of a proposition, so I added a second one to send off to an Oregon Ducks collector in a future mailer. And should he continue to get cards in future sets, I'll have a target for my dupes as well!
Hagen Danner is far more interesting prospect. He was drafted as a catcher, but has since switched over to pitching. He did play both positions prior to being drafted, and has since moved up to AAA this season. Looks like that paid off, even if the chances of being a two-way player are pretty much nil at this point. Even if he doesn't reach the show, this is enough to make it a pretty unique card. Now he just needs a pack-pullable card as a pitcher to match this.

There you have it!

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  1. Wow, you're totally right about lesser known Jays' second stints. I must've stopped watching baseball by then, didn't realize Myers came back in 2003 to be the starting catcher.