Thursday 15 June 2023

Good Idea - Bad Idea


Good Idea: Have an insert set that salutes some of the logos of the past.

Bad Idea: Only use current players on the cards. Oh, those wonderful glory days of Carson Wentz in Baltimore. 


  1. Somehow I had never seen these. I'm going to have to get the Baker Mayfield card with the Brownie logo.

    I think that I agree that this insert set should have used retired stars for the team though. It isn't as though retired players don't appear in the Donruss/Panini products.

  2. Yes and yes. Wouldn't a Unitas card be nice?

  3. Totally agree. Using some players from that logo's eras would have been so much cooler.

  4. What an awful design to feature vintage logos, too. Big swing & a miss.