Sunday 4 June 2023

Recapping Rangers

The most common theme with the cards remaining in my COMC to-be-posted box were that of Kitchener Rangers alum. So, in order to make it seem like I'm making a dent in it, that's what is time to show off this post.
Much of the stuff in this post is of the "cheap because of epack" variety. Except this. This one was inexpensive because Spaling's career was solid, but not really worthy of a major price hike. And with an on-card autograph and a photo of an alternate uniform, there's a couple nice bonuses here as well. 
While the French variations fall one-per-box with the regular breaks and also with the e-packs, the ability to pass them along over on COMC makes the prices drop and end up among the lowest on the site. I'll have to wait for this year's, though, as Kubalik will finally show up on an in-uniform Detroit card in this week's extended.

Just because it is unlikely that Ryan Murphy sees the NHL again (last year was in the KHL), that doesn't mean that I won't add cards of his that show up.

Why have a portion of your set dedicated to alternate jersey photos, only to not show the jersey in all its glory?

Fortunately, Landeskog rocking the reverse retro jersey did get a nice look on his Canvas card. While he did make a lot of appearances in 22-23, but didn't play a game due to injury. And he will also not be playing in 23-24. So I'm probably taking a year off when it comes to super-collecting his new stuff. There's plenty of room for older stuff, though!
His former teammate got an insert as well in Series 1. 

4 of the 5 new Riley Damiani cards in the collection are of the AHL variety, but with only 7 games to his credit with Dallas, I might be looking at another season's worth of those. 
A patriotic pair is nice way to end this, starting with a player yet to reach the NHL and whose only COMC content consists of 20-21 Team Canada cards, and a card of a Hall of Famer with plenty of available options available. Since his cards consisted entirely of Flyers cards, I took the opportunity to add my first National Team card of his, in all his unhelmeted glory. 

There you have it!

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