Wednesday 28 June 2023

Every Dawg - Part 2

 And now, the stuff in the post that wasn't football related.

It's mainly baseball in this portion, but there were a few hockey cards here. This is a 'police' type card from the mid 80's of Richard Adolfi, and you can kinda read some of the letters in the facsimile signature. Also - COOPERALLS! 

Senators miscellany. The Sidorkiewicz in the middle salutes his Polish heritage. 
Look Polish everybody! 
Here's a scanner bed worth of Blue Jays. The Topps Kids card is pretty nice, and they're always welcome, even if Gruber made a bit of an arse of himself a few years back. The Wanted is a pretty nice insert set, and considering I've only seen a handful of Big League packs/blasters in the wild, it isn't too surprising I missed it.
Here's a bunch more of those 'included in the magazine' cards. Only the Borders/Key were still connected.
And here's some minor league stuff to end this. Brett Cecil would go on to the Blue Jays, and Aumont is a nice little card for my CanCon collection. But Matt Whitney?
Ah! 2/14/88. He's a 2/14 guy. Or maybe not, since his other cards list his birthdate as 2/13. So, does this count? I do have other people in the collection whose listed birthday varies from card-to-card. But only the cards where it is listed as 2/14 (or not listed at all). Using that guide, I'm adding it to the binder, but not adding it to the official total. Can I explain that decision? 

Not really.

But there you have it!

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