Saturday 10 June 2023

2023 Adventures in Repacks - Part 18: Saturday Surprises

 3 of these from the ol' Dollarama.

Each with 3 items each.

Repack #1:
At least I'll be ready for my next mailers to go out. There is also an extra card non-HOF added to that repack.
The HOFer comes out of Platinum, which forces you to turn the card over to confirm that it is Igor Larionov. This also sets the tone for there being way, way too many 21-22 flagship cards in this, with all the boring photo choices that went alongside it.
7 cards is better than 6, even if nothing in here is very exciting. I guess the Zubov is the most interesting here based on the set being somewhat uncommon in repack-land. But this first one was extremely bland on the whole.
Fewer cards, but maybe something more interesting in #2.
And it is more interesting, although not based on the official subjects of the card. Who's that stalking Olausson from behind the net? Gretzky cameo! SP Authentic base cards get duller and duller as the years go on. They might as well put any illusion of a base set and just put out a one-pack product. The HOFer isn't from an early 90s release either. YAY!

It is a good thing the HOF pack was interesting, because this wasn't.
The randomness of these Swedish packs might make them my favourite content of these. If not these, then the mask binder possibilities bump up the goalie pack.
That Sodertalje uniform that Petersson is sporting on the card is so great. Lightning bolts on a 50s jersey, an era not really known for fancying up a jersey beyond the logo on the front. Of these guys, Knutson and Jonsson did spend some time in the NHL, Knutsen remains the only Norwegian ever to play in the All-Star game, and is also the proud owner of one of the saner expressions on a hockey card.
3 goalie cards, and all are mask binder candidates. Even though I'm fairly certain that Khabibulin is the only one that isn't a dupe. 

The Swedish content makes this pack the big winner of the three overall, with Petersson being the most interesting overall card, edging out another Swede with the Olausson in second thanks to the cameo!

There you have it!

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