Wednesday 7 June 2023


 Just a bunch of cards today that I picked up at COMC because the uniforms interested me.

These look so much more like rompers as opposed to basketball uniforms. They look a little less ridiculous with the longer shorts as throwbacks, but sometimes things are better left buried.
So of course I got a second one of these. The creepy 70's stache isn't helping. But at least the theme of the card, families with the NBA ties. The back does cover the Beach Boys family as well.
Vancouver Grizzlies! Brandon Clarke and Ja Morant were all over the 2019 Chronicles release, and you had plenty of options to choose from when it came to seeing them model the throwback uniforms.
If you're looking for Memphis Pros there aren't as many options. Sadly, the least expensive option with the clearest photo out of the 2006 release year was a card of the ill-fated Lorenzen Wright. 
I. Am. Tripping. Balls.
Sometimes, it wasn't the photo but the swatch used on the card. Pirates red? Sure thing! 
The orange Dolphins jerseys may not be fondly-remembered, but this does feature Ronnie Brown, Running Back, in one of his occasional trips to the quarterback spot. He went one for two as a passer in this MNF win against the Jets. Combine an alternate uniform with the Wildcat formation, and that's a sure purchase! And yes, the gold parallel was cheaper than the regular base card.
This colour can only be associated with a throwback uniform. The only way this swatch could have been nicer is if they had used a photo with the uniform being sported. Depressingly, there were available cards with the photo that used the usual colour swatch, and, as shown here, vice-versa. But I'll take oddness wherever I can find it.

There you have it!


  1. Those Bullets uniforms were something else on those 72-73 Topps Cards.

  2. Had to look up the Memphis Pros