Thursday 18 April 2024

2024 Adventures in Repacks - Part 11 - Not Surprising

 It looks like that the Surprise Bag era of the Dollarama repacks is gone, and these are the replacements:

So, a price increase up, but now there's four items per repack again. 
And these are the four repacked items. A couple new header designs as well. As usual, clockwise from the top left.
A Sens card in the first repacked pack? I'm happy with that. And a couple nice horizontal photos. That's perfectly fine. 
2/3 pointing photos. The low-camera on the Forsberg almost gives it a 3-D look.
Is the Superstar promised the one of the past or the one of the present? Either way, a Whalers appearance is always nice!
I'm not scanning everything in that Score pack. Still, there's some nice stuff. That Gretzky was actually the first card in the pack - always a sign something's going to be interesting. Kurri joins him for the HOF content. There's a couple fathers of guys currently in my PC - Jeff as the dad of current Senator Jakob, and Brent as the dad of 2/14er Brandon. And the Missing Link! 

That was so much fun, let's bust another!

Pretty similar repacked packs, just the unopened wax has changed.

That Frank Zamboni card remains one of my favourite oddball entries into any set of the junk wax era. Just so random. Brent Burns is always a fun player to find cards of. 
Even if it is just a base card, Auston Matthews making an appearance among repacked cards is pretty unexpected. Still, it is an entry from the dull 2021-22 release. With Evgeny Davydov in the first pack, and Evgenii Dadonov here, it looks like I hit the two most unexpectedly similar player names in Sens history. 
WOO-HOO! Sens card! And unlike the ones earlier in this repack, I can say for certain that I don't have this one already. The Zdeno portion of my Sens collection is so sparse I knew that when I saw the card. Which is really, really depressing when I think of the # of Sens cards in that collection.
And the finale. Again, I've got a pair of HOFers with one being on those Hull Heroes inserts that I recall being coveted at the time. And being UD at the time, there's a couple nice photos with the puck almost being the star on Brian Glynn's card, and an intense face-off photo on Smith. Face-off photos need to appear more frequently on hockey cards - an integral, but overlooked part of the game on cardboard.

If I land a new PC card, it's a good break! There you have it!


  1. Lots of big names here, and a neat Zamboni card. I agree, 2021-22 UD is boring. Matthews and Makar are nice ones though.