Saturday 20 April 2024

Your 2024 Heritage Blue Jays


While the Mets content has yet to show up from last weekend, featuring an autograph I can't wait to welcome to that team collection. But the Jays content has shown up, and let's check the content out.
Here's some of the more basic of the base. Nothing too interesting here other than a real love for putting yellow on the bottom of the cards, a very licensing-friendly photo on Kirk, and Davis Schneider squatting out his autograph.
The Jays got a grand total of one card among the SP portion of the set, which will be one of a handful to salute Jordan Hicks' partial season with Toronto. It's either this or Big League. Both of which feature the exact same photograph. 
This one received a little bit of attention earlier this week. Thanks to Hagen Danner himself sharing on Twitter that it isn't him on this card. 
Apparently he refused to autograph the card for this release. I can't blame him, especially for a card coming from an official release. I do already have one of his from Elite Extra Edition, so at least I wasn't relying on this.
This makes his cartoon factoid even more ridiculous. The photo is of Bradin Hagens, who was never in the Jays system and has been playing overseas the past few years.
Another error means I got a couple of these cards in with my stacks of Toronto cards. The back of the card is correct though.
Here's a pair of those MVP/Leader cards. 
These white border parallels are something I could probably do without. Don't they just defeat the purpose of having such a colorful set?
And I got one of the photo variations as well. The photo isn't exactly more unique in any way than the regular one, except that the facsimile signature is clearer up against the lighter uniform. But this was as close as I got to a hit in this.

And there you have it! For reasons other than welcoming that Alonso auto into my collection, I'm more looking forward to when the Mets content arrives, so I can make more direct comparisons on how the team looks between then and now.

There you have it!


  1. The red border variations look nice on Cardinals cards, of course. But the white ones do seem kind of pointless.