Sunday 28 April 2024

Expo Post 1: The Quest for 4000

 As I continue my climb to 4000 cards in the 2/14 collection, I figured out I'd add to the binders at the Expo. And here's the damage I did:

The bulk of cards I brought home were out of 2024 Heritage, whether part of the hobby box or in terms of singles to build the set, I was sure to add a couple singles to the pile. Nick Pivetta is part of the set, but he's hiding among the SPs. I'll probably limit myself to his set build card. 
But I did learn that Nolan Schanuel's middle name is Ryan. What more could you ask for a baseball player? Other than him being a pitcher versus a first baseman. Please let him pitch just one inning during a blowout. Please?
Here's a couple more Nolan appearances, moving his current count to 7. This might be my first Big League cards in the binders. 
While Pivetta is a SP in Heritage, he's on a base card in Series 1. With the Green Monster behind him, this is definitely going to be a Top 10 contender when I start my 2025 countdown.
A shared card is still a +1 for the collection.
Although I prefer solo cards.

Even better than a solo relic card - a card that incorporates the player's nickname in the design. Mind you, some of the entries in this set are bland. What good is a Priest card for Priest Holmes? At least McNair gets his nickname added. 

Hockey is always king at the Expo, and it comprises the bulk of my additions. 
Milan Hejduk had a one-card lead over Marian Gaborik for the overall lead in terms of cards in the collection, and he retained the lead 260-259 after these addition. Hejduk's card is a blue parallel, numbered to 850. Gaborik's is a HoloFX insert from 2007.
With 5 variations of his base card out of 2023-24 O-Pee-Chee, Nikolaj Ehlers was the big winner here. The purple version is /49. With Bedard as a chase card in this, I couldn't even find any retail to bust. So I'm content with this.
And here's a few more cards to put me at the 125 mark for his count. 

There you have it!

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