Saturday 1 December 2018

2018 Adventures in Repacks - Part 37.3 - Unfamiliar Fleas

This repack fest ends with another flea market repack. This one was a little bit different than the usual. $2 for a 25 card repack in a team bag. No hit guaranteed, but it is still reasonably enough pricing-wise.
Here's the first visible card. A Heritage insert is a nice way to start.
Despite no hits being guaranteed, there's a pair of numbered cards to start off with the Shields being numbered /61. McAvoy is still doing the minor league thing up to this season. Mets content and a mini as well. I've already got my $2 in terms of being an interesting repack.
More Mets content! And more inserts as well. Despite the lack of the logo, the Billy Williams might be favourite in this grouping. Even moreso than the Dickey, which I probably have about a half-dozen of.
3 groupings, all with a Mets card. That's PC efficiency! The 2011 Ginter of Matt Cain was the visible card on the other side of the team bag.

I'm kinda upset that I stopped this at just 1 of these. That'll learn me. Open the repack before leaving, not after, and if it is worth it, go back and clean them out.