Monday 11 June 2018

Mailed Mets

Courtesy of P-Town Tom.
OK. So this isn't the best photographic entry into Mookie's cardboard history, but any chance to start off a post with some Mookie cannot be ignored.
I guess I could have used this Mookie from this grouping of early 80s Mets instead. Maybe I was just leaning towards the first one being just slightly off-center.
There's always room in posts for any sort of 1998 Metal Universe. If you don't want a card that appears to feature a 100ft tall Carlos Baerga using Times Square as a batter's box, then what is wrong with you?
Sportflics! It was McDowell!
I had no idea that there was a Kevin Mitchell starting lineup card with him on the Mets until this showed up. And am thankful for it.
I'm using two cards I was completely unaware of to wrap up this post. I knew of the regular Donruss and the Baseball's Best version. I didn't know about the all-star version until it showed up in the mailer.

And there you have it! Thanks for all these goodies, and don't be surprised if an envelope with some 70's OPC Cubs heading to Peoria in the near future.

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  1. Glad there was something new to your collection in there!
    70's OPC Cubs? That would be sweet!