Monday 25 June 2018


The Group Break mailbag wraps up with the second post, and a new product from Panini - Luminance.
I grabbed a second team in this break, since there was a new 2/14 player to chase. Tanner Lee was a 6th round pick of the Jaguars, and this was his first appearance in NFL products. I like the full bleed fronts - I just wish the shading were a little lighter.
The backs of these cards. My only beef here is the small text.
As usual, parallels abound. I've been a Ronnie Harrison magnet so far this year, but that's a nice benefit to Wes, since he's a Crimson Tide alum tailer-made for that collection. Even better for that, this is a nice red parallel and numbered /10.
Unnumbered, these are the Luminance Gold parallels. Even though they really don't scan gold.
There are 4 packs per box in Luminance - 1 with a relic, the others with autographs. Here's another Ronnie Harrison on its way stateside.
Autograph #2, with Taven Bryan being a first round pick for the Jags. /75, this one is a blue parallel.
And here's my Jags chase card. While I can't imagine he'll get too much field time this season, an autograph is a nice way to make his debut in the 2/14 collection. This gold parallel is /99.
Bills! Bills! Bills! Here's their base representatives, with a four pack of rookies. I don't care much about his performance yet, but I'll have fun getting cards of someone who goes by the name Ray-Ray.
Blue parallel.
Sapphire parallel. These should look really nice with Carolina Panthers cards.
And your insert sets. If they'd used the look of the Dynamic cards for an all-horizontal base set, this would be a gorgeous look for the set.
And our latest quarterback of the future! With a top-10 pick, I have to hope he pans out. I figure either he's going to contend for rookie-of-the-year, or rival Nathan Peterman for INTs thrown in a half. Part of being a Bills fan is that there's never really a happy medium. But he does have a nice-looking auto - at least to start off the season. This Platinum blue parallel is /25.

There you have it! Back to repack-land next time.

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