Saturday 23 June 2018

My First Series 2 Break

And likely my last of Series 2, as I'll be picking up several boxes of Stadium Club next week.
My first card out is Adam Eaton, and he's looking quite casual.
Photographically, most of the vertical base cards were fairly standard batting and throwing shots. But here's a nice card where the stadium is the real star.
But the horizontal versions in the pack were all incredibly well framed. I especially like the Caleb Joseph one, with the dejected player in the background realizing he was just an easy out.
Base Mets content!
Base Jays content!
Starting off the insert portion with a parallel, and another nicely framed horizontal card.
One more Jays card among the inserts. I just with this had more of a cardboard feel to it for a retro card than typical Topps glossiness.
And the rest. Nothing too memorable. Now to just wait for my SC boxes to show up.

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