Wednesday 6 June 2018

New 2/14 Faces

A COMC package showing up always means a pile of new cards are on their way into my 2/14 collection. While there are some familiar faces in the most recent package, there's also a bunch of new names. Here they are:
Vintage! That's always a great way to start a post, as we go all the way back to 1954 with this Bowman card. Joe Koch was a 4th round pick of the Bears, but never played in the NFL. And check out that old Bears logo!
Here's the back of the card. The 36 completed passes is no longer the record, and it isn't even top 50 at this point. #1? 45, and it is held by 2/14 baby Drew Bledsoe.
This isn't as patriotic, but since this one was released 2 years after the previous release, so I don't feel as creepy adding this card as I did with the previous card. As an interesting bonus factoid, Aiello is currently playing at Wake Forest, the same school that Joe Koch attended.
With Upper Deck releasing a CHL set this season, that means there's another possibility for 2/14 folks to show up. McShane is draft eligible this year, and projections have him going from the late first round through the third.
Dumont-Bouchard moved from the QMJHL to the OHL this season, and had a cup of coffee with the Kitchener Rangers. He was performing pretty well before the injury bug bit him. This jersey is from his QMJHL days, and comes from a Drummondville Voltigeurs jersey.

Last, but definitely not least...
I never thought I'd be hunting down an autographed card of Jackie "The Jokeman" Martling. But here I am. I better end this post now before I have the overwhelming urge to shill some CDs or call 516-922-WINE.

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