Sunday 24 June 2018

Classic(s) Bills

An envelope showed up last week, with some goodies from recent football group breaks. Both football breaks, and both 2018 products with Classics and Luminance. Classics was the first of the two - that's what I'll start with.
I've already highlighted the base in a previous post, so I'll get right to the inserts and parallels. These chrome (actually called Premium edition) parallels are only for selected cards in the base set. Usually, this is where I'd promise to clean my scanner, but this is just a photograph from a snowy day.
One more Premium parallel. But who is it?
Shady McCoy with a no-name parallel! It is hard to tell because it is placed right over the popcorn container, but this is numbered 4/5.
Here's a whole bunch more numbered parallels.
A couple of inserts. I like how the Jim Kelly photo choice seems perfect for a musically themed insert set, and that seems consistent throughout the rest of the set.
No autos this time around, but a couple relics are the other highlights off of this break. One Bills binder card, and one 2/14 binder card. Perfection.

And there you have it. More group break Bills, with some Jaguars to go alongside it up next.


  1. Great Bills cards! That Kelly Composers card make him actually look like he's singing!

  2. Nice relics! Those early 90's Bills teams were really fun to watch.