Saturday 16 June 2018

PWE Chronicles: The Collector

I hooked The Collector up with some CFL and CHL cards for the Sports Card Tour, and this was the return PWE, which hit a whole bunch of my PCs.
My Vancouver Grizzlies collection is small, but I'll welcome any additions to my small container of Grizz cards, although I wonder why a Rewind set goes back one whole season.
The same problem appears with the Raptors entry in that subset. He's joined by Muggsy for the Raptors collection.
Canadians in the NBA is another small collection, although slightly larger than the Vancouver one.
The final basketball card in this is my 62nd card of Rip Hamilton, who remains in the lead for that portion of the collection. Drew Bledsoe is in 3rd place in football with 77 cards, and Hejduk leads the hockey (and overall) portion with 183 different cards.
I have to throwback to the Drew Bledsoe card in my previous scan to use my usual Bills! Bills! Bills! reference with this.
A couple Senators end this post. I'm guessing Mike Hoffman has played his last game for the Senators. Just a hunch.

And there you have a PWE. I'll probably hit you back with a Devilish PWE within a month.

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