Monday 15 August 2016

2016 Adventures in Repacks: Part 32 - The Dollarama Two-Step

Two straight days of repack posts? Why not? The Dollarama Two Step means I got one 15 card hanger, and one Surprise Bag. Starting with the former.

2013 Trilogy - Marian Gaborik - I bought this one since I thought I might need this card for my 2-14 collection. I didn't. Bummer.
1990 Score - Dirk Grhama
1991 UD - Tomas Sandstrom
1991 7th Inning Sketch - Corey Jones
2001 McDonald's Prizm - Ray Bourque - OK. This one took the edge off from the stike out on Gaborik. Easily the best card of the break.
1991 Pro Set - Bryan Trottier
2015 UD - Torey Krub
1993 UD - Maxim Golanov - His only North American card.
1990 Score - Grant Fuhr
2008 UD - Johan Franzen - As I said many times when busting 2013 Score, I love celebratory photos.
1991 OPC - Oilers Team Card
1990 OPC - Tim Bergland
1990 Topps - Bob Essensa

1990 Bowman - John MacLean - The 1991 Donruss as required by the hockey repack code.
2013 Score - Andrew MacDonald

And the contents of the Surprise Bag:
Clockwise from left:
The rookie is Phaneuf. The card is probably in the upper half of rookie cards pulled from these, with the best being an Ovechkin from the same set. Calle is the second 2/14 card in this break, and is also a dupe.
My first 70s card from the 70s pack! "Retired from active playing" is not the most frequent update on an OPC card. Aside from that, the Peeters is a pretty nice keeper as well.
Pretty standard content from the 6-card mix. Half early 90s, half recent UD.
And the Victory pack. Nothing new from the base, although the Sundin is a new insert for that.

Pretty basic break, although anything that would include that picture of Bourque's Cup lift would be really hard to hate on.

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  1. If you need a home for that Gaborik card, I'd be glad to adopt it. Anytime you get a 70s card in a repack should be considered a win.