Thursday 18 August 2016

Two Sens-ational additions

While I did grab a couple boxes that were on sale last week at the LCS, I also got a couple of hits for my Sens PC. As well as some other PCs, but those will have to wait until they appear on other blog(s).
I'd been looking to add a Mark Stone autograph to my collection for a bit. He wasn't exactly a chase card at the time, but it has moved up the list of desired hits from the 12-13 products with a pair of 60+ point seasons behind him. Not bad for a 6th rounder! If I'm going to get a sticker-graph of his, it might as well be one from his rookie year.
Sure, it is a plain white swatch, but the die-cut window of his jersey number is a pretty nice addition to my Alfie collection. A pretty jumbo piece of the sweater as well. This becomes even nicer with the announcement yesterday that the #11 is bound for the rafters at the arena in December.

And there you go.

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