Wednesday 17 August 2016

The Last of the Champ's

My final Champ's packs, as I start going for singles to finish the set. The last of the cards from the lower 180 should be at zistle and the side link by the end of the week.
And these were the packs!
Some nice damage to the empty spaces in the collection with this. I like that a pair of Kitchener Rangers alum were right beside each other in the pack with the Boedker and Skinner.
The Forsberg was the biggest surprise of these packs. The /25 silver parallels are tough pulls as it is. However, this was from the same LCS that I bought my box of Champ's from, which also had a silver parallel of Forsberg. Since UD doesn't include odds for the silver parallels on their packaging, I can't calculate the odds of that happening, but I'll assume the odds of pulling 8 percent of the print run are pretty long.
The always fun Traditions insert comes up in this pack.
And there's his tradition.
Two straight days with a Mark Stone card appearing in the post. It is joined with a short-printed non-hockey card (and who wouldn't want to pull a Samuel de Champlain?). Byfuglien is a gold back variation.
Back to back gold-back cards. A fish card. And a dupe of Abdelkader? I guess those are the chances you take with grabbing some random packs.

No hits from these, but definitely some interesting stuff here.

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  1. That Bull Trout is awesome! got you package the other day, thanks alot!