Thursday 4 August 2016

2016 Adventures in Repacks: Part 30 - Target Flashback

I thought I'd be showing off some cards from my latest COMC shipment by now. But, Canada Post thought otherwise, and delivered my package to Parts Unknown. At least I only used COMC credit on that purchase. I'm still going to give it another week before contacting COMC about this.

So, time to dig into the past. When Target closed its doors in Canada, I pretty much bought out their repack stock for future posts. Now, about a year and a half later, here's one of them, a repack with 10 baseball packs.

These, to be precise:

1990 Donruss
2003 Fleer Greats of the Game
2007 UD Series 1 Rack Pack
2012 Topps Heritage
2012 Topps Series 2  * 3
2012 Topps Update
2013 Topps Heritage
2013 Topps Series 2

Let's flashback to 2012, and the various packs from the flagship sets.

Pack #1:
Eric Hinske - Starting off with a former Blue Jay and a nice sliding catch for their former Rookie of the Year.
Juan Francisco
Evan Longoria - They really liked sliding catches for this set. Or at least this pack.
Gordon Beckham - Seager is too far away to make this a turning two photo.
Mike Moutsakas
Tim Lincecum 1987 Mini - MINI!
Matt Kemp - Career Day
Ramon Santiago
Daric Barton - There were some really nice photos in this pack.
Gio Gonzalez
Rafael Furcal
Buster Posey

Pack #2:

Josh Beckett
Homer Bailey
Ryan Vogelsong
Jonny Venters
Andrew Bailey
Ryan Howard - Career Day
Yu Darvish - I assume this was a pretty big pull at the time.
Rafael Dolis - Probably the most spring training card of the set. That tree in the background doesn't look native to Illinois.
Joel Hanrahan
Andres Torres - A Met!
Clayton Kershaw
Don Kelly

Pack #3:

Ramon Hernandez
Carlos Santana
Matt Thornton
Tommy Hunter
Francisco Cervelli
Eric Surkamp
Carlos Gonzalez - Career Moments
Topps Pennant Ad - Yes. This is a Mets card.
Coco Crisp
Roger Bernadina - The most interesting card in this pack. Yup, this was pretty blah.
Jonathan Lucroy
Carlos Marmol
Kelly Johnson - But at least it ended with a Jays card.

And finally, the update pack.

John McDonald - Start of with a nice horizontal pack of a future Blue Jay.
Todd Frazier - Two cards, two nice photos.
Kevin Millwood
Adrian Beltre
Craig Stamen
Brad Lincoln - A Blue Jay!
Clay Rapada
Joey Votto Sparkle - Shiny Cancon!
Miguel Montero - Gold parallel 1519/2012
Fernando Rodney
Jose Veras
Matt Kemp

And there you go. More variety with tomorrow's post. In addition, I still have 7 or so more repacks to post at some later date. I should be through them all by 2018.

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